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{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your Entry

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Color, Decorating Inspiration, Entries/Mudrooms, spring decorating | 24 comments

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your Entry
Dreamy Whites

It’s spring!

1) Get creative with unique ways to show off spring blooms!

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your EntryBHG

2) Who wouldn’t love coming home to a cheery front door? (See my own springy front door makeover here.)

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your EntryLonny

3) Even a narrow space in the entry can be the perfect display area for bringing spring inside!

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your EntryCraftberry Bush

4) Tuck some sweet bud vases into an entry shelf for a happy pop of spring!

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your Entry

5) Use what you have around the house to punch up the spring colors in your entry!

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your EntryCentsational Girl

6) Gather up a collection of pretty glass in shades of blue and green for your entry table!

What’s your favorite way to bring spring to your home?

Over the next four to six weeks, I’ll be periodically sharing some spring inspired ideas for the home and garden with a Spring Fling series! Now, don’t hate me if it is snowing where you are (what’s up with that? ACK!) but the sun has been out here for days and it’s been WARM! I LOVE IT! I already went out and bought some flowers, trees and shrubs! I couldn’t help myself, I’m excited about spring and especially working on my yard!

{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your Entry

Please tell me you are having springtime weather and not still watching the snow fall!
{Spring Fling} 6 Ways to Bring Spring to Your Entry

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  1. Sallie

    A little rain, a little sleet, and little dusting of snow – all within 8 hours last night. We just need some falling leaves and we’d have it all! haha But the sun was out over the weekend. Where I live, we know not to put plants in until after Mother’s Day. So we wait. But there are hyacinth, daffodil, and crocus bulbs blooming all over, and the grass is GREEN! What a breath of resurrection! Praise the Lord! And your spring-y pictures are uplifting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jill

    We went from sunshine and 70 degrees yesterday afternoon to 30’s and snow this morning. Ugh! I’m ready for Spring to arrive with a vengeance. The poor little daffodils that I do have in my yard are probably shivering this morning. Loved seeing all the Springtime photos you shared. I can’t help but smile seeing all those happy colors.

  3. Emily

    Just when I get excited to start spring planting & decorating I hear it is raining today and 40 tomorrow. Why Spring? Why?

  4. Faith

    Thanks, Melissa. I needed this spring boost. Thought we were in the clear with 80s this weekend and now they are talking freeze warnings for this week. I’m so ready for spring…maybe I can at least have it in my house even with the heat still on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Donna@MoreThanHungry

    Hanging laundry on the line is one of life’s simple pleasures & I was able to do that this past week. Nothing like the smell of sheets & towels after that. Another favorite way to bring Spring into the house is just to open windows & let in a breeze. Finally! Thanks for the reminder to cut some forsythia branches to force. Great colors.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Open windows are my favorite!!! We’ve had our sliding door open for days and it is so refreshing!

  6. Stephanie

    We woke up to snow! Needless to say my mood is NOT very springy. But the pictures are beautiful!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      OH NO! That just doesn’t even seem fair at all. I guess you just go make hot chocolate and snuggle in for a little bit longer.

  7. Catherine

    I love your spring door color! I’m so glad you won!

  8. Ms. Mike

    Spring has been such a roller coaster of weather all over the country that no one knows what and when to plant anything. One thing my dear late mother-in-law taught me was spring isn’t here (in Mississippi) until the pecan tress bud and it’s not really winter until the last of their leaves fall, and the advice has never been wrong! So heeding her advice I haven’t bought the first spring flowers for my pots, but I have brought out lots of brighter colors for inside and while the weather is pretty crappy outside I fool myself inside! Love your blog today. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Wow, I don’t even know if we have pecan trees here but that would be a fun sign! By this point we are usually pretty safe, although I do remember snow on Easter one or two years and that was shocking! :-D

  9. Barbara (WA)

    Hasn’t it been fabulous lately?! I’ve been busily working in the garden but thankful for the greenhouse for the tender annuals that shouldn’t go out quite yet. I love the colors of the current version of the entry in your home!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It has been so lovely, I wish it would stay that way for a month so we could really get our energy up :-) I still wish I had a greenhouse! :-)

  10. Lisa

    I love Spring and am always excited to change up the decor to embrace those spring colors and warmer weather. Blues and yellows seem to be my springtime go to.

  11. Victoria

    I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado so spring isn’t here yet. Maybe by mid May! It snowed just last Sunday – 6 inches and is scheduled to snow again Thursday. Here in the Rockies we get spring mid May and June, flowers bloom and it is nice. Then summer in July/August and sometime September. Though it can snow in the higher elevations all year. Usually the last week of July is bloom time for the high mountains with fields covered with columbine and other wild flowers. In lower elevations it is June.
    I won’t plant anything outside till mid May or when my lilac bush starts to bud around Memorial Day. Otherwise I risk losing things to the snow.
    I still decorate for spring/easter in the hopes we will have a mild spring snow season – April is our snowiest month!

  12. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I live in Southern California where we have two seasons . . . Spring and Summer, year round.
    We’ve been enjoying temps in the low 70s. I’m loving the beautiful flowers and trees this time of year. I celebrate Spring with fresh-cut flowers!
    Have a great week Melissa!

  13. Glenda Childers

    I must use all of your ideas here … spring in the entry is the only spring we have right now … it snowed last night in Chicago.


  14. Jennifer

    I love all the spring color! I’ve been busy planting as well. It did turn cold and rainy yesterday, but our new palm trees seem fine today. Whew! That’s spring weather for you. Flip flops one day and Uggs the next!

  15. Cynthia @her lovely nest

    great post Melissa, thanks for sharing! while Fall is my true love, Spring is a close second! there’s just something so uplifting about bringing the clear blues and grass green colors into our home. can’t wait for my hydrangeas to bloom, I bring them inside by the armful.
    then come summer, I start jonesing for Fall again! :-)

  16. Le Living and Co.

    I love this post. I am currently in the (early stages) of becoming a homeowner. It’s proving to being quite the tedious experience so it’s nice to see pretty images of what will (could) be :) Great source of ideas!


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