Veggie Panini Recipe

Veggie Panini Recipe

This delicious recipe and sweet illustration is by my oldest daughter Kylee, who is definitely the best chef in our little family. She always makes us yummy and creative meals when she comes over…which you know, we’re never mad about. This combination is particularly delicious. Kylee admits that she wouldn’t exactly consider herself an ‘eggplant fanatic,’ but this is nevertheless one of her favorite recipes! And goat cheese is great on pretty much anything, isn’t it? We love it! Let us know if you try it! 

Check out these other recipes by Kylee (with more cute illustrations!). Click the illustrations or the links below:

Veggie Panini Recipe

Veggie Panini Recipe


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  1. We are having a family reunion in June- and I was planning on having a panini bar…this will be perfect.
    How do you always read my mind? =)

  2. Sounds yummy and healthy!

  3. OMG – delicious! I want one now!

  4. Adorable illustration! Seems like a very tasty recipe!

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  5. I love goat cheese. This would be a wonderful summer sandwich. I love your daughter’s illustrations. So fun!

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