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Inspired By: Pretty Office Inspiration Boards

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, Details, My Home Office | 17 comments

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Happy Friday! It’s Courtney here today with a little inspiration for…inspiration boards! Lately we’ve been working on plans for reorganizing and rearranging my mom’s office. With the new arrangement, we’re excited to have a nice open wall for a bulletin board, a big calendar, and some wall organization! I thought today I would round up a few of my favorite inspiration boards from around the web for you to be inspired by! Enjoy!

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Theme Builder Layout91 Magazine

Theme Builder LayoutThe City Sage

Theme Builder LayoutKate and Birdie

Do you have an inspiration board?


  1. Theme Builder Layout

    I don’t have an inspiration board, but I’ve always wanted one. Looks like I need to get on that sooner rather than later.

  2. Theme Builder Layout

    I used to have an inspiration board during the Oprah days! When pinterest came along, all those board were tossed away. The boards you’ve highlighted here are a delight!

    • Theme Builder Layout

      I enjoy Pinterest but I am bringing back the inspiration board. Nothing like the real deal, right?

  3. Theme Builder Layout

    This is perfect timing, since I’m trying to get an idea of what to put in my office once it’s painted. Thanks for sharing, this is quite helpful!

  4. Theme Builder Layout

    I JUST bought a couple cork boards for an inspiration board! I’m glad this post ran across my feed! Very cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Theme Builder Layout

    My inspiration “board” is actually not a board, but my camera! I never go anywhere without it….I can capture inspiration at great shops, in my friends homes, where ever! I then put my camera card in my digital picture frame and “GET INSPIRED”!

  6. Theme Builder Layout

    We do!! We are big fans of Inspiration boards!
    We use them personally for inspiration and we even used them
    when we redesigned our blog site and online shop! We think
    they both help focus our goals and also a little eye candy about what
    we dream — just makes us happy! It’s fun to see other people’s boards –
    they show that artsy little peek into the creative mind!
    Here’s a peek at Kristin’s board
    Chris Ann & Kristin

  7. Theme Builder Layout

    These are great inspiration boards, and just what I am looking to add to my office/craft room! Thanks for more creative ideas!

  8. Theme Builder Layout

    Such a great inspiration bunch – this is my kinda thing! xo

    Aliona |

  9. Theme Builder Layout

    i’m in the process of putting together my inspiration board! so fun and such a good exercise!

  10. Theme Builder Layout

    I made my own! I used ceiling tiles, glued them to a piece of masonite board, covered with a linen fabric and I used duct tape to attach it so I could take it off to wash it once a year or so!

  11. Theme Builder Layout

    I have an inspiration board! I took a large corkboard and stuck it in a pretty frame from the craft supply store. I don’t have a dedicated office yet, so I hung it on the wall outside my bedroom. I can see it every time I walk by and I am constantly rearranging it as I have different projects come up.

  12. Theme Builder Layout

    Oh I have been super busy fluffing my office space. Now I love sitting here and getting things done. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  13. Theme Builder Layout

    Ooohhhh! I love that first one!! They are all pretty – and far more organised and stylish than mine – but I can hope, right? ;) Time to start taking my craft room/office a bit more seriously!

  14. Theme Builder Layout

    No, I don’t really have an inspiration board on the wall. I have a huge folder on the computer (from before-Pinterest-days) where I save images that inspire me. There are lots of them! :-)

  15. Theme Builder Layout

    I ADORE inspiration boards! I have one hanging next to my desk and I rearrange in frequently. I use it as my vision board too so I can look toward my goals every day!


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