How to Create a Magical Garden

How to Create a Magical GardenBHG

1. A Welcoming Entrance

Whether it’s a pretty arbor, a charming gate, or even a simple strand of lights overhead, creating an entrance sets the stage for a beautiful oasis to begin.

How to Create a Magical GardenBHG

2. Paths to Wander

There are few things more charming in a garden than sweet winding paths to walk through and explore.

How to Create a Magical GardenBHG

3. Destinations

It’s always lovely when a garden has little ‘destinations’ along the way, isn’t it? I love gardens with a sweet bench to sit and relax or a small table and chairs to stop for conversation.

How to Create a Magical GardenThe Wood Grain Cottage

4. Texture

The most interesting gardens have a wide variety of textures and materials throughout. Combining interesting shapes and textures creates drama and an eye-catching contrast!

How to Create a Magical GardenBHG

5. Ambience

Accents and layers of light provide a warm magical glow and help to illuminate paths.


  1. I LOVE creating my own garden. It is the main reason I’m saving to buy my own house, otherwise I’d prefer renting.

  2. Such a fabulous garden, I love everything. Great tips.

  3. I love these gardens. It’s my dream to have a garden that looks like this…but my green thumb just isn’t quite advanced enough. Someday…

  4. “Paths to Wander” so lovely and filled with beauty! My dream garden would have paths to wander and pause, and seats upon which to meditate, and different “rooms” to visit as the path meandered. But, in reality…I will be super thrilled to have a garden again and I will be happy even if it is small. You know, sometimes the best things in life come in small packages. I’ve been to some small gardens that were delightful garden rooms. Oh that would be fun too!! Thanks for sending me off on a little day dreaming, Melissa! Hope you’re enjoying your lovely garden with the pupsters.

  5. Such lovely pictures and inspiration! THANK YOU so much for including our garden! Such a great surprise! :-D

  6. Wonderful tip…I plan to pin this ….hoping to create a new garden soon.

  7. Beautiful garden images! Love the variety of colors and textures. Great points- it’s nice to remember the basic principles that make a garden extraordinary.

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