The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

Well, the time has come. Our white Pottery Barn sofa (found on Craiglist many years ago) finally bit the dust. It has happened. It’s served us well for years. I’ve sung it’s many praises but still told you all The Truth About White Slipcovers. I love you enough to always tell you the truth, so here we go with a new updated installment of the Truth About White Slipcovers.

Here are the main culprits in the demise of the white sofa.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

These sweet fluffy members of our family. When I first wrote the post The Truth About White Slipcovers, we only had our sweet doggie Winston (who passed away a year and a half ago). Then we added Jack. And then Lily. And then their “cousin” Bella.

Yet I loved my white slipcovers. I still do. I will always love them.

White slipcovers got us through the young boy years of our son and the years with an aging pup. They got us through puppyhood. And yet as you read in the original post on the white slipcovers, they weren’t exactly easy to deal with. Worth it to me, yes, but not all that easy.

But let me be clear that it wouldn’t have mattered if they were tan or dirt colored slipcovers, I wouldn’t want gross things on ANY color of sofa. At least with white I could wash and bleach them, but still. White is white.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

I know, I could’ve had a rule that dogs weren’t allowed on the furniture. And I did try to enforce that rule, I really did, but eventually I was outnumbered. If we had a brand new sofa of course I would’ve taken more drastic measures. But with this old one, I wasn’t as worried. Even the quilts I used to throw on to protect the sofa would end up thrown on the floor by the pups anyway, so it was almost futile (who knew pups would throw blankets off the sofa?).

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

Over time and as the numbers of animals in the house grew, the condition of the sofa was deteriorating. This summer they hit an all time low.

So when a dog (who prefers to remain anonymous) ate some grass and barfed on it a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t notice it for two days, I just gave up. Not the will to live, but the will to wash one more slipcover. Yes, I could clean the entire sofa so it wouldn’t smell, and I could bleach the slipcovers and make it all basically OK again, but the truth is, I don’t want to keep dealing with it. Winter is coming again and there will be mud.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}
The pups don’t necessarily mean to be destructive. They are all under three and a half  years old. They are energetic sweet dogs. They have fun. They ARE fun. Together they are really fun. They play outside and sometimes they run inside before we catch them. They run in the house and fly through the air with muddy feet and footprints end up right on the sofa because it is right inside the sliding door where they come in and out all day long.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

Which was fine for a long time. And in fact that’s why I wasn’t a stressed out dog mama. Because we had white slipcovers that could be washed and bleached. Really, they have been a wonderful solution to family and pets over the years. I even bought NEW slipcovers for it over the years and prolonged its life!

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

But like I said, BECAUSE we had white slipcovers and SO MANY PUPS, I was getting tired of washing them ALL THE TIME. So I quit washing them in rebellion and that was worse. Either they were filthy or or my sofa was naked all the time. Gah. I never could sit down. So it was time for a new solution. I like to have a clean house. I like to sit down on my own furniture.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

The sofa gave us many years of joy (and being that we had it in our old house and bought it off of Craigslist, it lasted a REALLY long time). But it is time for it to move on and let me LIVE again. And sit down again. I’ll miss the white slipcovers, I really will, but I’m excited for something new that won’t require quite so much of my effort! I mean, the pups will still bring in mud and they will still be crazy. Let’s not fool ourselves here. But my white slipcover days will be over, at least for now. Sadness.

The Truth About White Slipcovers {Part Two: Pet Edition}

**Update: See the couch I chose here!

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  1. This post really made me giggle – especially the muddy pup photo. :-) I give you credit for holding out as long as you did with washing white slipcovers! I’m looking forward to seeing what your new sofa will bring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you have decided. I love the current trend of white sofas, but when I embark into a dream that throughout my home I, too, could have lovely white furniture with a beachy vibe I am always brought into reality by my wardrobe. EVERY time I wear white pants I have something on them before mid-afternoon. Last week it was a dollop of mustard that stubbornly refused to release even with bleach. The week before that it was blood. (I am obviously an accident-prone messy eater.) The dog isn’t the problem at our house. Thanks for the reality check!

  3. Loved your post-we had similar experiences with our own Pottery Barn sofa. We recently purchased a Sactional from Lovesac. Modular pieces that you can reconfigure and the best part: the covers can be taken off and washed! Check them out on their website!

  4. Hi Melissa, I love white slipcovers too. Your dogs (especially the one with the muddy paws) are at the same time, cute and quite horrifying-lol.

    Fun post. Have a great week,


  5. My favorite of the photos here is the one where the dog’s face is fitting perfectly in the wreath on the window!

  6. I cannot wait to see what you have chosen! I too have white slipped covered sofas and cannot even think about what other option I would choose. I know exactly what you mean about constantly washing them almost weekly thanks to our 2 golden retrievers! I do have two sets now which helps, but when I see how they look before each wash I cannot imagine how I would deal with anything else, but sometimes long for a change!

  7. I LOVE all these pics. I love the pups!!!

    Are you getting leather?

  8. This makes me happy! Not so much that your couch has seen better days, but your dogs are clearly very important to you. I have the same problem with mine- to the point that the youngest pup has removed (very systematically) all of the piping from around the edges of the cushions, and there have been a couple that have had to be flipped around to hide more serious damage. We’ve also had to go repair the structure no less than 6 times from the jumping. But for $150 on Craigslist 4 years ago, I can’t really complain. Eventually we will have to buy a new couch. But hopefully not until the pup (2 years old) is not acting QUITE so much like a puppy!

  9. Your pups are adorable – muddy paws and all! :) I have one white slipcovered sofa that isn’t used everyday and it’s held up pretty well. My little pup lives to snuggle on the furniture so I keep a supply of quilts handy to keep them clean.

  10. Melissa, I so appreciate your honesty about white slip covers! I love how they look too, but raising two sons (and, ahem, my husband) and golden retrivers, they never seemed like a viable option for me. I went back and read your earlier post about slip covers and thought you’re 5 points were so well spoken. I’ve always heard people say, “Oh no big deal…I just wash them!” But stripping and washing them does take a lot of effort and time! Years ago I debated between off white wide wale corduroy sofa or a neutral taupe and I have been very thankful I went with the taupe….though my feminine heart would have loved the off white! Can’t wait to see what you chose as a replacement…

  11. This post made me laugh! Your dogs are adorable! We have a white sofa in our bedroom to which I recently added a white throw. We have no pets, so the only potential disaster can occur if my husband decides to eat chip and salsa and/or pizza while sitting on it!

  12. Oh my, I could have written this. It would be three dirty, muddy boys and one really naughty dog though. I can’t say I would go with any sofa that wasn’t slipcovered (unless leather) since it has to be washable with my dirty crew. Maybe a dark gray? That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

  13. Can’t wait to see what you choose! Especially in the PNW, it’s a constant struggle. I don’t let our dogs on the furniture, but they still will rub up against the front and sides of the couch when they come in from the rain and it gets nasty fast. I’ve considered leather, something I could wipe off, but I don’t tend to find leather couches as warm and cozy. No easy solution…….unless you have one! Excited to hear!

  14. Can’t wait to see what you pick! After 14 years and 4 small children my tan sectional has HAD IT. Really yucky … I’m struggling to figure out what WILL work for my messy crew and can’t wait to see what you’ve chosen.

  15. Before we bought our new couch, I was sure I wanted white slipcovers. I had read your articles and admired your rooms. We ended up buying kind of a tweedy grey. I still pine for the white, however. Enjoyed your article.

  16. Gosh and I thought this problem was just me! I don’t have a white sofa ,ours is beige but with a Husky and a Maliti-poo we have dog hair EVERYWHERE! And not just in the spring/summer, all year long this guy sheds. I tried to keep them off the furniture but yeah, that doesn’t work. Just last night the Husky was on the sofa and when he got up he left his mark, lots of hair. At this point I just shrug and get the vacumm cleaner out. But I agree it is a lot of work. We have a leather sofa and it is a lot of work. We are also in the need of a new sofa due to the shedding, spilled drinks, muddy paws etc. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

    • Oh, Victoria, please do tell about the “lot of work” the leather is. I deal with dog hair, and I have my heart set on leather hoping to avoid that. But “lot of work” doesn’t sound promising. Please share.

  17. Ahh, the curse of simultaneously adorable and dirt-causing puppies. The burdens we bear! :) Seriously though, those are some cute muddy puppies. I have a grey woven couch from Ikea, and it is suffering from mud and claws, but we’re not sure that it’s worth replacing if the abuse is going to continue. Bleachable slipcovers might do the trick!

    Enjoyed your post, as always :)


  18. I thoroughly enjoyed this Post. We have a white sofa….a white sofa…not slip covered! But we have NO pets and our children are grown. The sofa is a Henredon sofa we bought in 1968 and I have had it recovered twice. The last time was four years ago. That’s when I chose to recover it in a white heavy cotton fabric. It spot cleans beautifully. Hopefully it will last us many more years.
    Can’t wait to see what direction you go.

  19. I had the same sofa for 10 years and just decided the same thing – it was time to go. The crazy thing is that sofa was still perfectly comfy all all those years which made it so hard to give up. The slipcover though stained was clean thanks to bleach and the cushions and bones of the sofa were still great. I found a new home for it which made me feel good. Can’t wait to see your new sofa!

  20. Ha, I haven’t even read this post yet, but LOVE the title! Okay, back to the top…

  21. I really hope you opt for leather. I homeschool a large family. I went for leather about three years ago and I have been loving life ever since. So classy! A good leather sofa can be as warm as you want it to be with throws and pillows. And the wipe-clean factor CANNOT be beat. I think even when the kids are grown I will still be wanting leather. Can’t wait to come back and see the new choice!

  22. I’m shopping for a new sofa right now and can’t wait to see your idea choices … I’m seeking saddle brown leather.

  23. This is my favorite post you’ve ever done. I have dogs. I also have white Ikea sofas in my basement and red sofas upstairs. The red, though it is not slipcovered, has cotton upholstery which I have washed in the machine on occasion. As much as I love the look of the white sofas, the red (it’s a woven lotus blossom pattern) hides everything. I mean everything. I have had them for about thirteen years. I’m actually tired of them, but they still look good. I’d be afraid the dogs would scratch up leather as they pawed the cushions into proper dog nests.

  24. Such a sweet post! Ahhhhh, the trade-offs of living with animals. I have 3 cats and one, Little Bee, has taught another cat how to scratch my lovely, good quality couch. Pick, pick, pick — just to get my attention when I am literally 2 feet away. And it’s not like I’m not DOTING on those cats! Can’t wait to learn about your new couch!

  25. I just had to laugh…those pups (especially the pic of the dirt all over the face and feet). I sympathize. We have a very light grey Ikea sofa, and it’s been through a few “events” as well.

  26. Oh, Melissa, you fought the good fight. You’re so much more a dog-lover than I. Those pups would be at the farm so fast… LOL!

  27. What a great way to start my day and your post really made me smile. I also love how your dogs are so important to you. Over the years, I’ve had the same struggle keeping my couch clean and free from pet hair, vomit, mud, dirt, etc., etc., and I REFUSE to banish my beloved dog and cats from my sofa. The result has been, (after going through so many different sofas over the years), I’ve gone full-circle back to the slipcovered Ikea Ektorp sectional. This solution saves me from obsessing over the couch not being destroyed, and i know that even if i have to buy a new one once a year, i can do so without breaking the bank. Can’t wait to see what you have picked out for your home and your dogs are adorable.

  28. Oh my, I thought I was alone in being a tolerable cray cray doggy mom !!! Laughing at the pics because it is my life too !!!

  29. This post made me smile…we had white slip-covered sofas for so long….last year I gifted them all to my son and daughter in law with a house full of little children…they love them… now they get to wash and repeat….we have white leather now….something that works great with 11 grandchildren =)
    Can’t wait to hear what your choice is.
    Happy Day

  30. What great pictures of your adorable pups! I had white custom-made slipcovers on two upholstered chairs when my two kids (and one dog) were young, and I loved being able to take the slipcovers off and wash them. It was an ordeal, though–I agree. The kids are grown and gone, and now we have one dog and one grand-dog who visits a lot. Our current sofa is a gray and beige herringbone tweed fabric, which has held up very well with the dogs so far. And the leather ottomans we bought a few years ago, which the dogs used as a taking-off point to jump onto the sofa, became horribly scratched and dulled by their nails, so I would never buy a leather sofa if I had dogs. Yes, it can be wiped off, but the scratches can’t, no matter how much leather polish you use. I wish I could have white slipcovers again, and maybe someday I will. So can you please tell me where you got piped cotton slipcovers that fit that well? I had to have mine custom made–all I could find years ago were those horrible stretchy things. Anyway, best of luck! Can’t wait to see what you choose.

    • The ones I’ve had for the past year or so came from eBay! They were designed to fit the PB sofa, but WAY less money. They didn’t fit as well as the PB ones, but because of the pups we were OK with that given the price!

      • Good to know–thanks! I have a sofa upstairs that has faded from the sun, and I’ve been considering a slipcover. The dogs rarely go on that sofa, so maybe I can have the white I love again!

  31. Your post on the demise of the white slip cover reminds me of my longing for a resource on dog-friendly home design. I’m thinking of something that could be used by everyone from the person thinking about building a house from the ground up, to someone looking for the best fabric for a sofa (leather, ultrasuede, slip covers, Sunbrella?). I can’t believe this doesn’t exist, but I am often thinking of how could I make my house more effective and efficient at balancing “pet-friendly” and “I’m not the crazy dog lady”.

    Topics/chapters/pages could addresss: Mud rooms, home dog bathing tubs, fabrics, flooring, doggy-doors, landscape design, etc.

    Perhaps you could do this.

    • Sounds like a wonderful idea! We certainly have dealt with many of those issues. I will have a post at some point with all of the changes we’ve made to our house and home to better accommodate our pups without sacrificing our style. It’s been quite a feat to figure out but it’s getting better! :-)

  32. Thank you for this post. I had to giggle out loud and the pictures made my day. We have a house full furry family as well and it can be quite the challenge to keep it together. I cant wait to see what comes next!

  33. This post brightened my day…LOL! Lovely dogs. I too have a white sofa in my family room , but I have trained our two pets that the sofa is a “no pet zone” for them….they have their own “sofa bed” area. Thanks for sharing!

  34. Diliana Imandieva says

    sad times… but exciting as well… can’t wait to show us the new sofa decision!

  35. I feel your pain!! We have the white Ikea slipcovered sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman. I love them but got so tired of the constant upkeep that I recently went and picked up the grey slipcovers to use for fall and winter. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how much I am looking forward to the break! We have two doggies who do stay off the furniture but you still need that lint brush and vacuum for the hair that travels. I’m loving the grey and it goes beautifully with my coastal decor, pale grey walls and white woodwork. I can’t wait to hear what you are going with next!

  36. I recently purchased IKEA sofa and chair with white slipcovers. I love them, but yes….having two dogs myself, there is more work with the white. I shudder to think how dirty the old sofa really was….can’t wait to see what you purchase.

  37. I just told my hubby the same thing a few days ago regarding our white slipcovers and dogs/kids. I am either covering it up with old blankets so they stay somewhat clean or I am washing them a lot and it is getting old. Excited to see what you picked out! And those dogs are so adorable. We have a black golden doodle and a min schnauzer who can cause quite the ruckus when playing.

  38. Melissa!
    I’ve almost passed out several times during the reading of this post!
    This is my house!
    These are my dogs!
    Can! Not! Wait! To hear the solution!
    And when you mentioned “you’ve rebelled” and stopped washing the slipcovers and just let things GO!
    Well that’s what I’ve done the last two dinner parties!!!
    I rebelled and said NO!
    Not washing slipcovers!
    Mine look horrible right now!
    Lily squishing that sofa pillow is EXACTLY what Izzy does!
    All of the backs of my sofa cushions are squished!
    Love love love love love this post!!!!!

  39. Your post made me laugh especially the cute dog with mud all over his nose and paws. What a timely blog as we got a puppy in June and now have three dogs. Sometimes I say, “why did I get a third” but she is so darn cute and fun (as you mentioned). My puppy keeps chewing holes in the carpet. We are up to 7 holes now. Anyway, our sofa is old and smells like dog so I have ordered a leather sofa. People have told me that are great with pets. I can’t wait to see what you chose to replace your slip cover sofa. I’m hoping it’s leather so it reinforces that I made a good choice.

  40. That action picture of Jack, fur flying, playing with Lily on the sofa is one of my favorites!

  41. We are in exactly the same position! I purchased our PB sofa for $400 from their outlet over 13 years ago. Like you I bought extra slipcovers on Ebay over the years but now only have white. With two young rambunctious boys and an 80 lb Lab, I am sooo ready for a change! I too thought they were a great option for years but now I’m just tired of washing them. Just yesterday I texted my sister a muddy paw print on the slipcover I had just washed and replaced the day before! Ugh! I’m looking into something once again slip covered but maybe a washable flax linen or something similar. Anything to better hide the dirty footprints of our boys and dog! I know leather would probably make more sense but it just feels cold to me here in New England. Very curious to see what you choose!

  42. Just like you, I have tried to keep my poodles of my couch also. My little one loves to curl up on my pillows. Luckily for me, though, I don’t have the mud. :)

  43. This is my life with dogs!

  44. HAAHAHAHAHA!!! Melissa! I just LOVE your doggies :) and the woes of white furniture – how I understand! I’ve resorted to throwing old white sheets over one of the lounges, which I just throw out when it gets gross. So lazy, I know.
    Love this post and all the hilarious piccys of your fur-babies!!

  45. Karen on Bainbridge Is says

    One word…. Leather. Any trace of dog can be eliminated
    with a wipe

  46. Honestly? Your post, photos and stories filled my heart with joy ~ yay for life, as messy as it can be! Thank you for your sweet appreciation of your dogs & your sons, have fun finding a new couch!

  47. Lori Carroll says

    What a great blog entry you posted today….I can thoroughly understand the sofa/dog thing. I have to say you really did get many years with that sofa. It was helpfully to hear how the “white” slipcovers held up. The dogs are so cute, looks like a lot of fun with them. Are they Wheaten Terriers?

  48. sandra kay hayes says

    This was the best post!! Those puppies are just the cutest ever!! RIP white slipcovers!!! Can’t wait to see what you replace them with. It is amazing that they lasted so long!! I love your home!!

  49. Brenda Buggia says

    So, tell me… where did you get the white slip covers? I am where you were/are and have two dogs under 3 years. I really AM patiently (NOT) teaching them to stay off the furniture. (they are doing amazingly well) Your slipcover fits so nice, looks like the size/style of mine. Can you tell me where you got it? Otherwise I’ll have to make one…. sigh. Haven’t found anything I’d want to buy.

    Thank you so much if you can help.

  50. This is by far the best post you’ve ever done! I just got my first white slip covered PB sofa…..with no dogs and I wash the covers the first of the month! True be told I flip the cushions two weeks in! I love it so far….thanks for all the sofa info over the years!

  51. PS My Dear sweet Jack would never cause any trouble!

  52. I think that pup in the sixth picture may have done it. What a naughty pup.

    But what a great fur-mum you have been to tolerate all that washing and too much fun! Lovely post, although you have got me worried as I just bought a $4,000+ sofa a few months ago and am looking forward to getting a dog or two as soon as I can. There will have to be some strict by-laws.

  53. This was a hilarious post, Melissa, and the “black-and” white pup was priceless.

    I, on the other hand, benefit tremendously with white slipcovers as I have three white feline fuzzballs. As long as no one SITS on the couch, no one ever knows they’ve been there. .

  54. I am very curious as to what you will do. Our two year old golden retriever is driving me crazy -this one gets on the couch and likes to’ dig’ under the coffee table.

  55. Thank you for sharing! We have an active son and 2 year old puppy – and I’ve for some reason insisted on white furniture for years. Steam cleaning (I own a Bissell) and slip covers make a difference. It’s refreshing to see the “Truth” – behind all your wonderful photos. We can all relate.

  56. My spouse is a fanatic for white. We have a white faux leather sofa, white carpet, white bed coverlet.

    We have three dogs. If it weren’t for oxy clean, my portable bissell spot cleaner and white rags, I’d be crazy by now.

  57. Gina (itgirl) C. says

    i love this story…i am considering slip covers and my other first choice is leather and my other first choice is a tufted velvety sofa…i dont have dogs, but i do have kids 11 & 12 yrs old (same dirt as dogs, lol) so im looking forward to knowing your choice

  58. lisa bivona says

    this post made me laugh. I have to put things on my sofa, (don’t have slip covers) to keep my doggie down. So I try. and doggie, finds a way to camp out on the sofa. They always do.

  59. Loved this post! I have two cats and the results are exactly the same. I just washed and bleached the slipscovers a month ago and saw today that they need it again! Can’t wait to see what you choose and I am already thinking about whether to get a different sofa.

  60. I’m with everyone else on this post…it cracked me up! The best picture, hands down, is the puppy with the muddy face. I used to have a brown microfiber couch that seems like a magnet for dog funk…and my dog isn’t allowed on furniture! My new couch is leather and I couldn’t be happier. I was planning to put a white slipcovered couch in my basement once it’s finished. Maybe I’ll rethink that?!

  61. I love the look of white slipcovers. I may take the step of having some one day. At least my dogs are outside dogs so I would just have to contend with the teenagers. Not the cleanest of people!

  62. What a great post–gave me a smile today for sure! And the pictures are the cutest! We have a leather couch and up until about a month ago our dog was allowed on the furniture. But she really was making quite a mess of it with lots of scratches and dirt that I had to put a stop to it. She is still out of sorts over it but she’ll get used to it. I on the other hand miss the cuddles!

  63. Oh my ! that was hysterical, your furry kids love to play and enjoy the furniture as do mine. I have a white slipcovered sofa and large chair from Ikea only 2 years old might I add. I have stains that won’t bleach out and have rips. Ikea has inexpensive slipcover replacements especially the white option. it was only about $50. They have other colors to pick from as well but they are more expensive. I’ve even tried spraying it with stain guard, but that didnt’t seem to work. I love, love the white look but with a 4 year old and 2 year old human kids and one 5 year old doggie one it’s not going to well. I’m a laid back parent and I dont’ keep them from eating or drinking in the living room or family room, hence the stains etc. I’m not giving up yet.

  64. Oh.My.Gosh. Finally someone with a dilemma like mine! Our yellow lab Bo prefers the overstuffed leather chair for lounging, while the King Charles Cavalier JR prefers the top of the sofa so he can see out to the street. Needless to say our 10 year old leather furniture is scratched, ripped and horrible looking. I’ve considered slip covers but know I would be washing them constantly so have wrapped the cushions in throws for now. Yes, I’ve tried to train them not to lay on the furniture but…. they are family, right?

  65. Melissa, you just made it instant-smile day! love the story and all the pictures of the pups. that shot of them wrestling on the sofa is magic.

  66. Thank you for the giggle. We just lost our 13 year old golden doodle in January and your article and photos brought back memories. I can relate to the wonderful, goofy mess that is a home with a dog and kids.

  67. Very cute post and pups! We had labs for 14 years and had hair everywhere! I can’t believe you had white anything ever! :) You fought the good fight!

  68. Rosemary says

    I follow you first because of your family’s love for these dogs…and it shows your charm, and wit and love of dogs in ALL your photos!!!! Just delightful! And truly picks my spirits up!! Your photos of Jack, and his buddies, and your narrations, and how they live in your beautiful home….just add a sparkle to us all!

  69. I too have white pottery barn slip covered furniture. Shout, Tide, OxyClean’s new detergent, bleach.. I have a tan Chihuahua, and a black mutt. The black mutt fur has been a challenge. I found putting the couch and chair base slip covers on to be better than yoga! I love my fur babies. I’ve made messes on the furniture too. I agree with your point. I know my furniture is clean. Other colors are just hiding the dirt.. Mine were resale website purchases too. Love the look.. and it is worth the effort to me.

  70. Having pets and a white sofa is not easy but your post shows that it still can work. Nice!

  71. Jeannette Tollstrup says

    Loved your blog post, The Truth About White Slipcovers (Pet Edition). As a Sheltie owner (yes, he often sleeps on my PB slipcovered couch) I laughed and laughed at your Golden Doodle “adventures”. I’m still going to keep mine for awhile. Great job and love your Inspired Room tips as well.

  72. Darlene Hockin says

    Where do you buy white slipcovers from? I have been wanting some forever but can’t find white ones…only off white.

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