Gather: Winter Table Linens

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As we were discussing ways to add beauty, warmth and winter style to our home after the holidays, I mentioned layering your table with some winter linens. So to give us a little visual inspiration, today we rounded up some fun linens that we think would be lovely on a winter table! Enjoy!

Gather: Winter Table LinensGather is a round-up of design inspiration and gift ideas by Courtney Michaels, a contributor to The Inspired Room.

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Gather: Winter Table Linens


  1. Oooh! Thank you for reminding me that I have an awesome natural colored runner. I often forget to set out pretty linens anytime other than holidays – they add so much to the dining area!

  2. Ms Maggie says:

    I change the placemats on our main tables out at both homes during the winter as with every season; we love the one type at the top graphic #2- but we go for darker reds and greens with a bit of black in them. Holds the season without being over the top. The texture really plays off nicely with our everyday dishes from both places as well as the differing wooden tables- makes everything look richer and more elegant!

  3. I love #3 above with the green leaves and then, of course, #1 with the stripes. My current table runner, and old narrow 6-footer from Target in a sort of very small matchstick blind pattern and bamboo color is serving as a wall hanging in my LR where the vaulted ceiling ends at the opening to the foyer. Haven’t found a complete solution for that wall yet but hanging the table runner was an inspiration, though being vertically challenged, I can’t get it up the 3 more feet I need to. It’s plain but the color works quite well with my focal point large painting and the other painting in the same color family and the stand of green bamboo poles on the lower end of the wall, and I think I have something going. With a green/yellow, basically citron color scheme, my house here in sunny Arizona feels like spring all the time and I love it. However, it’s been very cold here, even freezing, for a couple of weeks now so cozy-ing up a winter home is not out of place.

  4. Cassandra Egan says:

    OOooooh! The Coral and Tusk! My mom and I were shopping in Calistoga and came across a window display with adorable little teepees and I fell in love with all their little whimsical treats. Wish I had unlimited funds!

  5. I have a soft spot for linens. Thanks for sharing!

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