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A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway Tips

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Kitchens, Style Tips, Takeaway Tips

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A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway TipsLee Ann Thornton in House Beautiful

I love analyzing photos of rooms to notice design ideas and find takeaway tips I can use in my own home. What makes a room memorable? Even if we can’t remodel a kitchen in the same way, the principles we take away can be applied to our own space in small ways to create a memorable room of our own.

A Memorable Kitchen: 4 Takeaway Tips

1. Mix Nature Inspired Colors

This kitchen has a beautiful color scheme. Shades of blue, green, white, gray and brown create a soothing color palette inspired by nature.

2. Pay Attention to Details

The details make this space captivating. The painted wood plank ceiling adds a layer of character. The barstools have great detail like nailhead trim, rattan backs and leather seats. A corbel was added to the island. Design details were repeated for impact, such as the curved open shelf detail on the display space and the curve of the opening into the next room, the double lanterns and double sinks. The island has a lot of detailed molding to give it presence in the room.

3. Focus on Statement Pieces

This room has statement pieces that make it memorable. Two interesting lanterns and the unique sea blue cabinet color of the island make it an unforgettable kitchen.

4. Add Texture and Warmth

Contrasting materials and layers of texture make this room inviting and interesting. The wood, leather, and rattan bar stools add texture and warmth in contrast to the smooth painted cabinets, marble counters and silver tone of the lanterns, sink, faucets and accessories. The dark wood floors, woven accessories, and planked ceiling add additional texture and interest.

Island Paint Color: Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe

What is your favorite design element of this kitchen?

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  1. Sallie

    I like the two different lattice treatments on the windows! (In addition to all those other lovely things you pointed out, of course!) Gorgeous room!

  2. Ms Maggie

    I like all the nature inspired colors but for a stronger appetite driving mood, I like to add a pop of color: red for the Seahurst home and orange for the Island home. This also helps know what goes where too!

    Boom you feel hungrier (not sure if that is a good idea though…).

    But the statement concept is wise: we got new light fixtures recently for both and it adds and adds to the overall feeling of the room. Next look will be to do new flooring in Seattle~ looking at cork tiles for ease of use and replacement.

  3. Kay

    First up — when I see a breathtaking room, I often try to analyze why I love it, so that I can emulate it in our own kitchen! Everything’s perfect in this room, but if I had to choose just one design element, I guess it’s that fabulous island.

  4. Barb

    The first “design element” I noticed was the puppy! So cute! And he adds texture.:)

  5. sandyc

    I do just what you do, Melissa, analyze pix that attract me and then save them away for future reference (ha ha). That’s how I found your blog in the first place and, in fact, yesterday spent time analyzing your kitchen before and after. Forget the half-banquette on the breakfast area wall. What I really need is a leggy movable countertop half peninsula in the area you had yours (the stove and sink side of your kitchen is a large version of mine) – something fairly narrow to hide the recycle bin and the trash can. And I think I came up with it, so thanks for your help.

    Love the general feel of the kitchen above. Being a lover of green, I’d change the blue out but the color as is would probably be my second choice.

    Agree about the puppy – a wonderful design element . When I re-locate it, I’ll send you the elegant dining room inspiration pix I found for feeding my 3 cats. It’s a good laugh even if not applicable to many.

  6. Irma

    Definitely the stools and wooden tray,plates and the basket. To me, the white seems rather cold and stark and these wooden items warm it up, along with the greenery, and give the room great texture.

  7. Patrice

    I agree with Kay, the island makes the room pop! Love the color, and it is definitely a dream kitchen. And yes, the puppy touch is brilliant!

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE

    I subscribe and look forward to your post!
    Do you have a large print for sale of you, “Love the home …….” from this blog?


    I do this all the time, I analyze what I love in a room, use to do this for my clients to get a good grasp on what they would need in their home to make them happy. My post I have up today is an example of this process and how it is helping me zero in on using more color in my family room. Even if we can’t afford to do what is in the images we can always get great take-aways as you have shown in this great post today!!

  10. Clever Girl Reviews

    I love warm colors in my kitchen. I’ve taken inspiration from two large oil paintings I have in my kitchen. Both are still lifes of pears. Being in the PNW, I find it really helps perk the place up to inject some warm color.

  11. Lisa

    I love the pops of green. I’m not even a green fan, but he color just adds another dimension of “nature”. What a beautiful kitchen…

  12. Phyllis

    I saw your dog, and I fell in love. ;)

  13. Barb

    Loved your comments about paying attention to details when decorating. I read the anthropologie decorating article and one thing really stayed with me. It was the part about having things in your home that no one else has. Every time my daughter in law visits she comments that I always find such great stuff in stores and she never can. Not sure why that is exactly except maybe I go for an overall feel in my home, rather than just shopping for what matches or is the most useful. When I bring something home , stand back and look at it and it just “works ” it’s the best feeling.

  14. Crystal

    I love to do this! What a beautiful kitchen to study too… What I love most about this room is how the color of the island brings the room to life and is echoed in the glass from the pendants and the vessels on the countertop. It makes the Calacatta marble even more stunning! The big takeway for me is sometimes the “brave” choice instead of the “safe” choice makes all the difference in the world!

  15. Kathryn

    Do houses really look like this, it’s as if it was made for only looks not living, nor for kids. Me and many women and men. Have a group and we go through sites of DIY, home make overs, and modern living. But none actually give off the real deal of life n what people with real lives, kids and no time for cleaning really live in. Is there any feed back u can give to us on how , n why u always all magazines do all the same fake looks. For the real life livers.

  16. Gloria Miranda

    Island colors make the kitchen more livable… I’m looking forward to another post of yours! I liked your ideas… :)

  17. Morgan

    These are all really good suggestions. It’s amazing what adding a little contrast in textures can do for your home, especially in the kitchen. Great job with this! Thanks so much for all the good info!

  18. Heather

    I definitely agree, texture and warmth are so important, especially when it comes to designing the room that has the most traffic and activity. The wood and leather accents make it that much cozier for family and guests. Thanks for sharing!


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