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Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Decorating Inspiration, HOME & GARDEN, Kitchens, Style Tips, Takeaway Tips

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Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

You all know by now of my love for kitchens. I want all of the kitchens. All of them. I still wish I had an entire house of kitchens. That hasn’t happened to me (yet…bwahah), but I do continue to stop and observe the kitchens that pass by on my Pinterest feed. I just love this white farmhouse country style kitchen, don’t you? Here are five takeaway tips to learn from this lovely space!

1. Texture

This kitchen is loaded with different textures, which every room needs! Sisal rugs, shiny marble countertops, rustic wood, woven baskets, and glass accents are all part of what give this kitchen a sense of warmth and life.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

2. Everyday Items On Display

Beautiful everyday items are out on display all over this kitchen. We’ve been talking about ‘everyday on display‘ on The Inspired Room for years. Displaying useful items as decorations is not only convenient and functional, it’s the key to making a room feel less “decorated” and more real. 

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

3. A Casual Dining Area

I love how the dining space is extension of the kitchen without any disconnect. I love how “unfussy” and casual the space is. The farmhouse table looks like the perfect spot for a sunny morning breakfast, a place for kids to do homework or play a family board game, but would also be a lovely place for a small dinner party.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

4. Natural Light

Natural light makes such a difference in the way a room feels. This room is flooded with light from the wall of pretty french doors, the window in the kitchen, and the adorable dutch door by the stove. The light colored walls and airy glass cabinets help disperse the light around the room, too.

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

5. No Upper Cabinets

Even without the usual upper cabinets, it’s clear to me that there is no lack of storage in this kitchen. The large island is full of cabinets and drawers, and the dining area has tons of space in those glass cabinets for pretty dishes on display. There are even baskets on top that probably hold pieces that are rarely used or seasonal items The wood dresser across from the table might hold placemats and other dining storage. Personally, I love the airy look and feel of no upper cabinets, and I have never once regretted removing most of the upper cabinets in my kitchen!

Farmhouse Country Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

What do you like about this kitchen?

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SourceFriday Kitchen. This was the closest source I could find, but I’m not positive that this is the original source. If you know the exact source I’d love to know! Thanks!


  1. Erin@IndigoHouse

    I am sitting having my morning cup of coffee and I wish it was in that kitchen! My only dining space is in my kitchen and even when we do some renovations down the road, it will probably remain that way. I think my favorite element is that dutch door. Or maybe the lovely tile. Or maybe all of it ; ) So bright, comfortable and charming.

  2. Maureen

    I have always said, if I ever win the lottery I will build my new house around my kitchen! This kitchen is so welcoming and bright! Living in a small space, keeping everyday items on display is a must, but even if I had a bigger space I would do the same!

  3. Melvina@MySpringValleyHome

    I love this kitchen. I want to renovate the my kitchen in the next year or so, but one thing I have done is remove my upper cabinets and now have shelving. I love it, I keep things I use daily on the shelves and they never get dusty. When I renovate my kitchen I will not have upper cabinets because I like the open airy feeling. I also like the glass cabinets, I never thought about something like that, but it would be perfect for all my sets of dishes (I can’t seem to stop buying them, I gotten a few sets from estate sales).

  4. Fara

    I LOVE the shutter on the dutch door. I went back and looked at it a dozen times. Such a great idea!

  5. Faith

    My most favorite by far is the dutch door. It seems to invite a neighbor over for morning coffee. Also love those log beam ceilings. Even though I have upper cabinets now (old kitchen in desperate need of a remodel…), I think I would agree with you. No upper cabinets seems restful to the eye. By nature a kitchen has a lot going on and not having them gives a break to the view of the room.

  6. Laura

    Beautiful! I love the Dutch door and all of the light. When I see these kitchens with the doors thrown open, I always wonder if there is some magical beautiful kitchen land where there are no mosquitos! If we leave any door open without a screen, the skeeters are going to carry us away! Maybe your all-kitchen house is located in the magical bug-free kitchen land?

    • Ruth

      Laura, I don’t know where this kitchen is, but Seattle/Western Washington is that magical beautiful kitchen land without much in the way of bugs (especially few mosquitoes). It’s not that there aren’t any, but they are very few. We are sooo lucky (unless you have a thing about spiders, those we have in droves).

      • Laura

        Thanks, Ruth. It’s good to know that there is such a mythical place! I remember visiting relatives in Seattle and there were slugs! Ewwww!! And I live in Texas, so spiders don’t really bother me that much. Enjoy your door-open, mosquito-less summer!

  7. helena

    Sooooo Beautiful Melissa! My favorite white kitchen: Yours! Loved it!
    Thank you.

  8. sandyc

    Invaluable post, Melissa! I too collect pictures of kitchens I love and evaluate the heck out of them, and since my goal is a French white country kitchen, your “5 Takeaway Tips” summary is perfect. I have to laugh a bit at #2 – Everyday Items on Display. With 3 cats who all, for complicated reasons, eat different canned food, and with a small floorspace for feeding them comfortably (eternally fearful Claire still demands her own room), I’m constantly battling unattractive “everyday items”. And #5 – No Upper Cabinets is pretty much out, although there is the lone cabinet to the right of the sink over the dishwasher which was quite depressing in its 1980s oak-ness, even with two windows over the corner sink on its left and a sliding glass patio door on its right. For the time being, I’ve removed the doors and am using it to store/display my 2 small dish collections which coordinate with a large painting I have in the very little breakfast area and which will provide the color accents once I get the kitchen cabinets repainted white. Since that’s way down the road now, I’m planning on painting the inside of the cabinet my favorite yellow green and I may just break down and paint the outside of the cabinet white or maybe paint the whole thing inside and out. In my 55+ community here in Sun City West, AZ no upper kitchen cabinets would probably never work for resale; however, since this is my forever home and since this cabinet is the one that would go if someone decides to enclose the patio and turn it into a den/TV room/Arizona room, loosing that cabinet probably wouldn’t really hurt resale. Where I smile is #3 Natural Light. With the corner sink south and west-facing windows (west onto the screened patio), the sliding door to the screened patio and the solar tube in the ceiling between the two large fluorescents, on sunny days which we mostly have, my small kitchen is pretty happy. Thanks so much for more inspiration.

  9. Lisa

    I just can’t take my eyes of that adorable little bread box!! Loving all the rugs all over too!!

  10. Tamela

    I love everything about this kitchen….especially the tile backsplash. The only thing that I would have to second guess would be the lack of upper cabinets. I have a tendency to design a home with the possibility of a future sell, so I think that the lack of upper cabinets could be a potential downfall to a buyer. But if a person is planning on living there for the rest of their lives….then no cabinets it is!….Still looks great!

  11. The Vintique Object

    What a wall of glass front cabinets!! Stunning. I also love the terracotta floors mixed with the white cabinets. It brings a kind of earthiness to the kitchen which contributes to that natural texture, comfortable feel. Lovely tiles and really cool wooden shutters too.

  12. Lisa

    I love EVERYTHING about this kitchen except the sisal rugs. Actually, I like the rugs, but feel they are impractical in a kitchen because as far as I know they can’t be cleaned. Maybe I am wrong. I would use MadMats instead. Thanls for posting it.

  13. Rose L

    There is much to like about this kitchen! First of all the floor plan is similar to my own kitchen floor plan sans the dinning area. My living room doorway is where that cute dutch door is and my laundry area (within the kitchen) is where they have their dinning area. I also have a cute little mud room where they have the open windows. I love the light in this room aided by all the windows of course which is also very reminiscent of my own kitchen. I also love the cabinetry with the doors inset as they were in days long gone vs the doors that close against the door frames that we see almost exclusively today. A much cleaner look IMHO because the hinges aren’t so noticeable. I also love the island and it’s placement because it will keep most people, pets and kids away from the hot cooking surfaces. I think I would add space for bar stools to tuck under the island since I don’t have room for a table and chairs. I have one additional wall that divides the kitchen from the mud room which I’m going to add lower cabinets to with glass front upper cabs. so I can display my extensive dish collection there. Thanks for posting these pretty pics…it makes it so much nicer to actually see that which you are planning in your head1

  14. Pat

    The thing I love most about this lovely kitchen is the glass fronted display cabinets because they and the stove backsplash are the only things that bring color to this all white room. I’m not a fan of all white! Another thing I like is the fact that the only stainless I see is the island surface. I also am not a fan of SS appliances! Some of the pictures make the ceiling beams appear natural, or white-washed, while others make them looked painted. I prefer natural, of course. But if you offered to give me this kitchen I’d take it in a heartbeat.

  15. Kay

    The cabs with glass doors are fan-tastic, + as are the green glass bottles arranged on top

  16. Nat

    I just love sisal rugs. I want to have lots of them in my house.

  17. Michelle

    Love, love the glass front cabinets lined up against the wall!

  18. Brindusa

    I’m so with you about loving kitchens! I have this huge folder on my computer, with photos of lovely, cozy rooms I see online… Lots of kitchens in there! I could spend hours looking at photos of kitchens… :-D

    It’s not the only thing I like about this particular kitchen, but what I really love best about it is the door – it’s just gorgeous!

  19. Nadia

    I know right. I don’t have upper cabinet at my kitchen too. They’re just, plain bothersome since i’m not quite a tall person. Btw, I love your cabinets! They’re fantastic! Happy week, Melissa.

  20. Genoveva

    This is my mother’s kitchen! Great family moments in that house (the rest is also wonderful).
    It was decorated by our own shop: Teklassic, in Madrid. So funny to read this post!
    Have a look at our website
    And additionally We are now distributors for Dash and Albert in Europe ;)
    Love reading you

  21. Nikki

    I absolutely LOVE this kitchen! And I can’t even begin to describe how in love I am with the door! The natural light is awesome!

  22. Meghan

    Somehow crisp and warm at the same time! A great blend of function and aesthetics. The word authentic come’s to mind, it looks like the heart of a home. Thanks so much for featuring this excellent kitchen!

  23. Nicki

    Love everything about this comfortable, laid-back, beautiful kitchen. Great inspiration!

  24. Lucy

    I love that kitchen! I was brought up with the country style all around me and that kitchen is a perfect example. For me the light is what makes it, but I love the break down you’ve given of what makes it such a special room. Thank you.

  25. Michelle

    Melissa, Ooooh pretty kitchen. Love looking at it. Funny you say you want a house full of kitchens. I am such a terrible cook, I always say, I didn’t even want a kitchen it came with the house. But I truly just love decorating them.
    That sad deck ( your words, not mine ), is now amazing. Wow of a job! And some privacy too. Awesome.

  26. Mindy

    Lovely kitchen. I love that it feels warm and light. Also love the use of the practical in a decorative way. Happy weekend :)

  27. Kathy

    Nice mx of traditional and modern elements. I like the tile floors and backsplash, cabinetry, floorplan, high beamed ceilings, massive stucco hood and fireplace, green doors and dutch door. But my favorite thing of all is the little cutouts in the cabinet under the sink. Afraid most of the details are not doable for my kitchen, but that one is.

    It is a little too white white for me, which jars a bit to my eye with he backsplash, and washes out some o the cool detail, like the beams and the massive fireplace. And I think that fireplace is crying out for a nice colorful painting or very large platter over it.

  28. Cayla

    Where can I buy this door?! Absolutely LOVE it!


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