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Be Still My Heart — A Coastal Inspired Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

by | Jun 16, 2011 | Coastal, Decorating Inspiration, Kitchens, Style Tips, Takeaway Tips

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Be Still My Heart -- A Coastal Inspired Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

Be Still My Heart -- A Coastal Inspired Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

photo credit: Hiya Papaya

5 Coastal Inspired Kitchen Decorating Tips!

This kitchen is TO DIE FOR. I posted a link to an amazing House Tour featured by House of Turquoise the other day, but MAKE SURE you go back to see the FABULOUS kitchen and all the amazing photos!

Be Still My Heart -- A Coastal Inspired Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

I had trouble keeping my eyes in my head and my heart from exploding from inspiration when I saw it. It has a recycled glass counter that I just ADORE. I’m not a fan of granite, so THIS kitchen counter made my heart do a few flip flops! You have to see the up close photo of the counter at House of Turquoise.. Amazingly beautiful.

Oh, and the  farmhouse sink! AH! Love it.

I’m sorry to keep posting about such a fabulous house. I know it is almost too much eye candy for one week. MAKE IT STOP! Maybe we’ll have to find an ugly house to look at after this. You know, to balance things out a bit.

Remember my White Kitchen 5 Take Away Tips post?

Even if you think this kitchen is too beautiful for your budget, you can find inspiration for affordable ‘take aways’ to try in your own home!

This would not be THE INSPIRED ROOM if it wasn’t for my absolute delight in finding inspiration in beautiful things! I  have a very old post on “Learning The Art of Design through Observation” you might enjoy looking at!

So let’s think about this room, shall we?

Be Still My Heart -- A Coastal Inspired Kitchen {5 Take Away Tips}

5 Take Away Tips


The wonderful beachy shades of blues and greens in this kitchen really set the mood.


Even if you cannot have a recycled glass counter top, you could add pretty glass bottles to your window sills or shelves bring the beauty of colored glass to your kitchen!


The mixture of a bench and three different types of chairs add to the more relaxed vibe of the eating area.


I believe I’m seeing three different fabrics on the roman shades. They all look lovely together and the fact that they don’t match make the room all the more interesting and fun. Remember, things need to “go,” not “match.”


You might not be able to include all the wonderful materials found in this kitchen, but you can find ways to add in some of the same basic elements in different ways to give a similar ambience. A beautiful wood table or sideboard from a yard sale or even beautiful wood bowls or accessories can be a texture substitute for the amazing floor, for instance.

What else do you see in this kitchen you could be inspired by (on a DIY budget)?

Be sure to visit House of Turquoise to see the whole kitchen tour (including the amazing recycled glass counters!) and the rest of the House Tour!

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  1. Jess

    Love it!!! Great colors and that counter is amazing!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Paula

    WOW!! Even the ceilings are gorgeous… I need to take a break so my brain can process all the details!

  3. Franki Parde

    This kitchen is “hot” on the blogosphere! Between Sally Wheat’s and this one…I don’t know…. franki

  4. Pretty Inspirational

    I also loved this kitchen on House of Turquoise and the pics immediately made it into my files! I’m also not a fan of granite (unless honed and natural looking) and love the recycled glass countertops. The ceiling treatment above the table is so cool. Love your tips and your blog! -Melissa

  5. Ban Clothing

    The tile in the first photo is to die for. I would love to use a pop of colour like that in a backsplash. Too bad I am safe and would probably use white subway.

  6. Irene

    I love the floors. They remind me of sand. LOL! Just so beautiful.

  7. Estela

    What a gorgeous kitchen!! I’m really loving the blog posts with the “take away tips” :)

  8. Karen

    Your take away tips is the best part of this. When we see overwhelmingly breathtaking rooms we so often think, “I could never afford that” but there is so much one can do using some of the look-alike items from the room. You are the best at showing us the way. Thank you!

  9. Andrea . Charcoal and Crayons

    I have been enjoying this house tour since you mentioned it the other day… LOVE the light blue colour! Thanks for the awesome tips too!

  10. Karon

    What an amazing kitchen – and that countertop is so unique and beautiful! White cabinets and wood floors always give a kitchen such warmth and character…can’t wait to see more!

  11. Ila

    So crisp and clean feel to the energy of the room! I Like the colours of Blues and whites in almost any room!
    Thank you for sharing this…..

  12. Leslie

    I can’t express how much I adore this dream home tour!

  13. Cassie

    my heart swoons at the sight of anything turquoise!! Love it!

  14. Kristen

    It’s an amazing house. So beautiful!!

  15. Erin

    Melissa, These are some awesome tips! I’m pumped you loved the recycled glass counter…I’d never seen anything so cool! Thanks again for the link-love and sharing the tour with your readers! I’ll be sad when this week is over!

  16. Heidi

    I’m loving the ceiling treatments!! Plank in the kitchen and wallpaper in the breakfast nook– inspired. Lots of yummy details but I think the piece de resistance is the glass countertop. :)

  17. susan

    Cant thank you enough for the “take aways” and all the pre-October (30days,when I fell in love here) links. I sooo enjoyed the posts. And especially the reaffirming “I can do what I want and it’s gonna be ok cuz it’s *my* life & home”. That I dont have to have a named style. That “eclectic vintage with some antiques here&there, and repurposed thrift is ok cuz it’s about me” is good enough. :) especially since stoopidphone isnt displaying pix very well anymore. (sigh) it was nice to read what makes me tick makes you tick,too. Someday i’ll be reconnected puter-wise&can see all the pretties,but for now? Reading was nice. Thank you :)

  18. Robin

    I just saw this house today in real life! I was taking my local Parade of Homes tour today and what do you know, this was the very last house on the list! I walked in and thought, wow, that wallpaper looks familiar. Where have I seen that before? Then I looked up and saw that amazing turquoise chandelier and thought, hey, I just saw that on a blog! It was awesome seeing it in person! That countertop truly was gorgeous–it was like it had little diamonds embedded in it. And you can’t tell so much, but that dining room table was HUGE!

    The floor plan was so open and beautiful–they had both doors on either side of that fireplace open, as well as the door in the kitchen, and with the beautiful breeze coming through, it almost felt like an outside room. All of the light fixtures were absolutely gorgeous and very unique. The upstairs craft room was gorgeous and creativity-inspiring, and I loved the the little kid’s reading nooks they had everywhere. So fun, so amazing!

    • Melissa

      Oh, I am super duper jealous. What a FUN tour that must be!!! Thanks for leaving a comment about it so I could enjoy it all a little more through your experience, I’m happy that you got to go in real life, what a TREAT!!!!

  19. selina

    The chair mix is perfect. I have all the same white timber chairs, however they are different yet compliment the huge raw boat wood dining table. Great idea, I go for the eclectic style! Beautiful flooring.


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