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Shaking Up the House

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Decorating Inspiration, my house, My Kitchen

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Shaking Up the House

Remember the other day when I talked about what I do when I get in a slump around the house? Sometimes I just wander around wanting to do something different but I just don’t know what. I don’t want to spend money (or I do, but I don’t have any to spend, ha!). I don’t want to clean. But I DO want to feel like things are fresh and new. So when I get in one of those moods, I do something a little drastic. Well, not drastic, just DIFFERENT.

I went around the house last week and started moving things to new locations. Do you ever just get so used to seeing things where they are that you almost can’t picture them anywhere else? I sure can get in a rut sometimes! So, I made myself put some things away, brought out other things and tried some things in a new spot. I basically just tried to just set accessories up a little differently than they were before, to shake things up around the house.

Shaking Up the House

I even freshened up the coffee area a little bit. The coffee machine really fits best right where it is so I didn’t try it in a new location (although I did inch it over a bit towards the center below the open shelf). Awhile back I had bought some gorgeous hammered copper Moscow Mule mugs (remember when they were just thrown on my cluttered dining room table?) but I still hadn’t put them anywhere to enjoy seeing them. So, up on the shelf they went!

I also added this two tiered stand to hold sugar and a couple of striped towels.

Recently my parents downsized and I snagged a sketch they had from a trip we took to Budapest years ago. It has just been sitting around my house collecting dust ever since, so I cleaned it up and put it where I can see it.

Shaking Up the House

There were several stems of Eucalyptus still hanging in there from my spring front door basket so I filled a pitcher with the greenery. I love the wood tones, the copper and the greenery all together.

I pulled together a few pretty cookbooks that are normally on the other side of the kitchen and set everything else up a little differently than I usually do. My coffee mugs went into the drawer for a while, even though I love seeing them on the counter. I know they will be out again soon, but it was fun to shake things up even for a bit. That’s the thing, new arrangements can spark your creativity. Even if it ends up not being my favorite, it really does reenergize me to see things in a new place and live with different arrangements.

What could you shake up around your house this week?


Coffeemaker brand

Tiered wood stand

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs


  1. Jo

    I love to do this too, Melissa. I used to feel that certain things should just be where I originally placed them, they looked good and woe to the person who moved them an inch! lol. However I have since discovered that most of,y assesories can go room to room, because colors all harmonize and bringing out different throw pillows for the living room sofa, switching out where I tuck my flame less candles, and even removing items from tabletops and leaving one item instead of three or even leaving the table bare really does breath new life to our rooms. I find I do this seasonally. Now that it’s spring, I have fresh bouquets in my collection of crystal vases in our sitting rooms, entry and downstairs guest bath. Even tho we are moving soon, I am still loving the home I am in! ;-)

  2. Lynn Marie

    I do this too and it never fails that someone who is familiar to my home and been here countless times or even my husband will say, “is that new?” And it rarely is, just moved to a new location where we are not use to seeing it. Love your blog. ☺

  3. Seana Turner

    I think it looks terrific, Melissa! I do this thing… just need a change, especially when the seasons shift. I swap out decor on my shelves and repot my plants. This year I splurged and got new kitchen curtains for the spring/summer months. I’m loving them – it changes the whole space:)

  4. Diana

    When I am feeling blah or restless, I rearrange the furniture, accessories, décor. Perhaps just a new angle to the rug, adding a little stool or table borrowed from another room or swapping out decorative items, putting some away and bringing out others for display is all it takes to give the room a new perspective. And this is a good time for some deeper cleaning also. With polished furniture and sparkly windows, you have a whole new look! This has been “my therapy” my entire life. I am basically an introvert who loves being a homemaker but sometimes I get bored with what I have. I love to decorate but cannot always buy something new. These simple changes make a big difference on how I view my home. For me, it is the best attitude adjustment!!

    • Cherie

      That is just what I do. I love to rearrange the furniture and give everything a thorough clean… well actually I detest housework and would much rather be gardening buy hey ho, it needs doing so best to just get it done. The end result always makes me feel so much better too.

  5. Ruth Lutz

    Hi Melissa,
    I love the 2-Tiered wood and metal stand next to your cookbooks! Can you tell me where you purchased this lovely item?
    Warm regards,
    Ruth Lutz

  6. Jen @ Circle and Stone

    I know what you mean about being stuck in a rut! My problem is that I hate storing things that I don’t use. So, I donate them, and then a month later I rearrange and think “What did I do with that old pewter bowl? It would be perfect for this spot!” Oh well, I guess that is the hard part for me between decluttering and storing things that I might like elsewhere someday. Your kitchen coffee area looks great! I love the wooden/metal 2 tiered tray. Would you mind sharing where you got it, I have been looking for one for my kitchen. By the way, I am loving your book. I am finding that is is helping me in other ways besides loving my home, but also loving and taking time for myself as well!

  7. Gwen

    Nice! We did a LOT of shaking up this weekend, because it was finally time to restock our kitchen, dining room, and living room from the remodel. All in all, I’d say we got rid of about 1/3 of what we’d had. And I told hubby going in, not to expect everything to go back to the same kitchen cabinet it had been in before, and very little did, other than the glasses.

    Love the copper, and how you repurposed your parent’s Budapest photo. :)

  8. Chris

    I love the term “shaking things up” and am going to start using that term. When me husband sees me walking around the house just looking at my decor his comment is always, Oh, oh!” Because he knows it earns I’m going to start moving things around. From now on I’ll just reply, Yup…..time to shake things up! Love your ideas.

  9. Meghan

    How funny! I went through the same thing over the weekend. I was just about to leave the house to go spend money when I realized it would be a poor choice. So instead, I cleaned (really good) to work out some frustrations and then redesigned our Sunroom. The changes certainly lifted my spirits :) I love the copper mugs on the shelf by the way!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Same, I sometimes catch myself making a “poor choice” haha and then redirect my energy to better use! :)

  10. Maria Newell

    Hi Melissa! I simply LOVE your new shelf display! It’s warm, inviting and refreshing! I like how you repurposed the eucalyptus and greenery. The white pitcher with the different shades of green look so pretty!! I like how you are incorporating copper into your home. I actually sold 2 very old copper mugs and a very old little copper pitcher at my yard sale this past fall. Now, I’m regretting it. But I don’t think copper would show as well as it does in your home. If you remember me from “Home Love Stories”, I have blue tile in my kitchen and oak cabinets. I love the fact that you have a white canvas of tile in your kitchen and neutral colors on your walls. I think your able to make so many great and refreshing new looks with with your home! I am starting to reinvent the dining area in my kitchen in which my walls are more neutral. I already have some ideas without breaking the bank. The new look of your shelf display has given me some new ideas! Once again, Thank you for your Inspiration!

  11. Jennifer @ guildencrantz

    Ahh, it looks so fresh and lovely! Man, I am overdue for a freshening up.

    I adore that honey pot! Do you have a source?


  12. teresa

    My whole house needs a good shake up! I need to start moving things around….thanks =)
    Have a wonderful day

  13. Melinda

    Love to shake it up! Great inspiration! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you purchase the wood blinds?

  14. Cherie

    I love to do exactly that. I have just moved my overwintering geraniums (pelargoniums) from the kitchen windowsill to the warm and sheltered part of my garden. The windows got a good clean and the kitchen somehow looks so much bigger. That made me want to scrub down all the surfaces and tiles. The kitchen looks and smells all fresh and clean now.

  15. Deanna

    I call it “shopping the house!” I just love to move things around to freshen up the place!

  16. Bonnie

    I love checking out your site to see what you’ve come up with next. Even small changes make a difference. I wanted to lighten things up from the darker colors of winter, so I changed out my throw pillows on the sofa with a lime green. Brought a ceramic fish from the bathroom that was a couple of shades of pink, it went on the entertainment unit, and then I bought a simple planter in neon pink for one of my plants that sits on the coffee table. I really felt that spring had sprung. . . .

  17. Paula

    I love to do this as well. Just did it to our formal living room, never used, a pass through to family room and kitchen. Didn’t spend a dime, but it looks completely different and refreshed! Now, starting to do the same to the family room and kitchen. May spend a little bit of money, we shall see!

  18. Loran | Old World Kitchen

    I love switching things up a bit. You’re right, not even adding anything new, but just changing around things you already have can make a space seem so much fresher. I love those copper mugs! Saw some just like that at Pier 1 at Christmastime and was so tempted ;-) Love those cutting boards/bread boards on your counter too!

  19. dawn@joyfulscribblings

    I still need to put my Easter decorations away. I’m ready to break out my collection of shells for the summer months even though it’s still a few months away. I have those same copper mugs and love them! I’m thinking mine may need to be displayed in a new place where they can really shine. I recently received your book and can’t wait to dive in!

  20. Mindy

    This is EXACTLY what I do when I’m antsy, not loving the house, or feeling like I want to buy something new. Works every time.

  21. Sweet Auburn Life

    I also do this! Sometimes it’s the kick in the jacksie I need to get going around the house, it kind of spurs me on. Love this new arrangment, particularly the sketch just leaning agsinst the wall, looks great. Would love to visit Budapest!!

  22. Chairforce

    I love to rearrange the furniture and give everything and this gives a different look. I also prefer different theme according to season….Thanks for giving more creative ideas.

  23. Ewa Skoczek

    I am always looking to freshen up the decor which I feel is already nicely curated. This could be just a change in the color of flowers that I usually buy for the home or just shifting the location of the cushions.
    Most importantly for me is to avoid clutter & to create stories using a color theme displaying everything in odd numbers.

  24. tana

    Where did you get the terrific two-iered metal and wood stand? It is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks.

  25. JennyD

    I’ve also been doing this in my house the last couple of weeks. I rearranged the sunporch, deck, and patio area; I switched the living room and family room curtains (they work so much better in their new spaces); I repurposed a very long swag curtain over the sunporch windows (so long it covered all nine windows!). I swapped out my hot cocoa station for a tea one. I didn’t let myself shop for anything new but I did do a bit of shopping at my local thrift store where I found a “new” shower curtain, plus a pretty wicker pitcher and some pretty silk flowers to arrange inside it…AND a very nice Vera Bradley purse and wallet for all of $3.00 (I’ve been wanting one forever and couldn’t believe it when I spotted it – and I just love the print!).
    I find it very refreshing to read in your blog that you also shop your house…and I love seeing all of these comments from like-minded women. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  26. Elisabeth

    I absolutely love this coffee station … I’ve been trying to convince my parents to do something similar in their kitchen, as their addiction to caffeine definitely deserves its own space. I thought you might be interested to know that the print you found in your parents’ home (how cool!) is actually of the Old Bridge (or Alte Brucke) in Heidelberg, Germany!!

  27. lynne

    Where did you purchase the light above your coffee station?


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