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Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Cottage, Courtney, Home Tours, Style Tips, Takeaway Tips

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Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Hello and happy Friday! It’s Courtney here today. I found this sweet cottage in House and Garden designed by Caroline Holdaway, and there was so much I loved about it that I had to share it with you! First of all, it’s in England. I mean…would anyone be upset about having a vacation cottage in England?

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}

Even though I don’t have an English cottage of my own (darnit), there are so many lovely details in this home and inspiring elements that I can learn from its design.

Here are five takeaway tips I’ve gathered from observing this charming cottage:

1) A Soft Color Palette

I love this home’s fresh white backdrops with little touches of pastel. The simple color palette just feels calm to me, while still being interesting to look at.

2) Quirks and Charming Surprises

I’m inspired by all of the quirky details including mismatched dining chairs, imperfect wood benches with chipped paint and uneven legs, little teacups on ledges, and a wooden chair as a nightstand.

3) Balanced Simplicity

While these spaces are designed simply, they still include eye-catching elements like art, unique accessories, and plenty of texture. I like that balance! Not too overwhelming, but not too boring either.

4) Romantic Details

There is something pretty and romantic in every room, whether it’s a collection of floral plates, a stack of old books, a sweet grouping of roses in a vase, or taper candles ready to be lit.

5) A Timeless Design

The timeless design of this home will continue to be lovely for years to come!

What do you love about this cottage?

See the rest of the photos of this home here.

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Charming Cottage Tour {5 Takeaway Tips}


  1. Tonya @ Rustic & Woven

    I love absolutely everything about this cottage! Very calming to me as well, and so much charm in every corner. I think the texture and mix of wood tones strikes me the most. The whole place feels loved and collected…it feels like a home. :)

  2. Lynn Marie

    I LOVE this cottage! It is so cute I can hardly stand it. Thanks for sharing. So many great tips and I didn’t even notice the chair as a bedside table until you pointed it out.

  3. Paula

    Is there anything not to love about this cottage?! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Catherine

    I adore this cottage and would love to paint it! This would definitely be on my list of dream homes.

  5. Stephanie Pontius

    Awww! Love that place! Great find and great takeaway tips Courtney. Thanks for the perfect brain break from the work I sat down to do!

  6. Katherines Corner

    Oh my goodness, I am swept away by this cottage. I dream of a cottage by the sea. I knew straight away it was an English cottage. Being from England I can attest to the beauty inside so many unassuming cottages. I invite you to share at my Thursday blog hop ( you can link up and share through Saturday midnight) xo

  7. sharon /

    brilliant take aways! i mean, timeless and simplicity?!! yes, please!! and why fight the 8-layed bed dress up. one bedspread to the floor and pretty pillows — gorge!

  8. Julie Perun

    Love it! Want my own English/Irish/Scottish cottage to run off to! Maybe some day…
    Thanks for the inspiring pics!

  9. Linda Chechar | Homeagination

    I love all the natural and rough-hewn details and the quirky furnishings. Reminds me of a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds. I’m also totally in awe of the kitchen stove! Must. Have. It. Just hope the place has a sufficient heat source–can get awfully chilly there even in the summer. I speak from experience. :) Thanks for the tour!

  10. Susie

    Absolutely love all the archItectural details, the beams, doors , windows, stonework. It all works so well together.

  11. diane @smartmoneysimplelife

    I adore this type of cottage. It’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped back in time and life is naturally slower and simpler. For some reason this cottage reminds me of the one Kate Winslet’s character lived in, in The Holiday. Now I’ll have to go watch the movie again to see if I’m right! Lucky it’s Sunday!

  12. Kate R

    Lovely pics. Such a cute cottage. I live in the states now but I’m originally from the Cotswolds in the UK. I used to take these little cottages for granted as that is what that area is famous for. Now I really miss them!

  13. Rachel

    I absolutely love this x

  14. Gina

    Adorable! Looks just like the cottage in The Holiday!!


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