A Sense of Humor for the Home

A Sense of Humor for the Home

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A Sense of Humor for the Home

Hello there, it’s Courtney! So, I have a thing for funny animals. I love them in real life (except for sloths, never sloths), but I also love them in patterns and decor for the home. I also love them when they wear sweaters. Am I weird? Yes. But do I feel a little better about my weirdness when I see that Anthropologie, West Elm, Rifle Paper Co, and World Market understand me and incorporate animals into their products? Yes I do.

I love that my mom always has always decorated with a few quirky animals in her home. It makes everything a little less serious. My mom and I are similar. We laugh a lot and see the humor in life whenever possible. We’ve been known to text each other funny looking animals or post random animal videos on our Facebook on occasion. We know it will make us laugh so hard that the only appropriate response will be the cry laughing emoji. So, it makes sense that we would reflect that humor a bit in our decorating style. You just can’t take everything so seriously.

A Sense of Humor for the Home

Like that weird little deer head you’ve probably seen on the wall in my mom’s office. I sit in that corner all the time to work, and it just wouldn’t be the same without that guy above my chair. Like my mom said when we decided to buy him one day, “if it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right”. :)

In what ways do you add lighthearted fun or humor to your decor?

A Sense of Humor for the Home

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  1. Have you ever seen wild woolies? They are a boiled wool type birdhouse of various designs which include animals. I have two, one outside and my favorite, an adorable owl, inside hanging in my family room. Check them out, I think you’ll be a fan ?

  2. I think I am right there with you! I bought these fun plates from West Elm last year with owls wearing top hats and monocles. It made for a fun table with lots of fun comments. You can check it out here if you would like: http://celebrateanddecorate.com/a-dapper-owl-holiday-tablescape/

  3. Animal printed stuff is always great, it adds a sense of fun to the room.
    Great post!

  4. Great post! Makes me realize I need to add a few more fun and whimsical items in my home :)

  5. That ottoman is adorable! We love adding whimsy to our products too, makes a home such a personal and wonderful space.

  6. We have a giraffe “butler” in our foyer. It was purchased for my daughter’s jungle theme room years ago…and I could never quite part with him. He was on his was out to my husband’s office and just sort of stayed in the foyer and now is something people always comment on. ?. (And our style is a lot more Ballard/pottery Barn so it’s an anomaly for sure!)

  7. Christina Coffman says

    I like peacocks. I have shades of teal and aqua throughout my home. I recently purchased (my very first ever) lamp from Kirklands. The base is a distressed silver peacock with a pale satin shade in aqua. I was nervous about the lamp at first, I wasn’t sure I could live with an animal lamp but, it was the first lamp that made gasp in awe so I got it and I’ve been happy with it ever since.

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