Glidden Paint {Review & Giveaway} Now closed

Glidden Paint {Review & Giveaway} Now closed Paint color: Glidden Polished Grey

For those of you have have followed along with my blog over the years, you know we did a lot of wall painting in our old home. Even though it was a brand new house when we bought it, the paint the builder used was not only not our favorite color :) but it looked really dry and was just not good quality. I couldn’t wait to paint over it!

We are happy to say we managed to paint every single room during our six and a half years there, sometimes more than once trying to get the right color. We started to paint the trim, too, but didn’t get through as many rooms as we had hoped before we moved.

Glidden Paint {Review & Giveaway} Now closedPaint color: Glidden Polished Grey

Even though it took us forever to make it around the entire house with our paint brush, it was well worth the effort. While I don’t really love the mess and sometimes tedious process of painting, I do love how it transforms a space. Not all paint is the same though. After painting dozens of rooms in our multiple house-owning experience, I am careful about what brands and quality we will use. If I am going to go to the trouble and expense of painting, I do not want the experience to be frustrating and I expect the result to be a beautiful finish.

Glidden Paint {Review & Giveaway} Now closedPaint color: Glidden Polished Limestone

We used Glidden Paint in many rooms that were highly trafficked or well-loved spaces, such as our family room, bedroom, bathrooms, laundry room and TV room. After several years of wear and tear in all of those spaces, we didn’t have to repaint the Glidden painted rooms even once and we were still very happy with the quality. The paint went on beautifully, needed minimal coats (1-2, depending on coverage needed) and lasted for years. It was easy to clean, too. Glidden Paint {Review & Giveaway} Now closed

Wall paint: Glidden Polished Grey, Ceiling paint: Glidden Wood Smoke

I love to be able to circle back on projects we did or things we bought over the years to let you all hear how things held up, and I’m happy to report that Glidden paint did not disappoint. I foresee painting more walls in our future home and have no hesitation about the quality or finish we will get with Glidden. The wall paint I use is called Glidden Duo, a paint and primer in one. I usually go with an eggshell finish, but in a less frequented space I love a flat finish.  If you want to check out reviews or add your own experience, you can find Glidden paint and ratings & reviews here. Or see their paint colors here. For inspiration and advice on painting, check out this helpful site: My Colortopia (including articles I have written!) GIVEAWAY! Want to try Glidden paint for yourself? Enter to win a $100 gift card to The Home Depot by leaving a comment below on what your next painting project will be! Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Glidden® Paint brand sponsored this post, but my opinions and experience are my own. PS. As I mentioned in my previous post, if any giant ads have appeared anywhere on my site this week covering up your screen, I apologize! It’s just as annoying to me as it is to you and we are working hard to have it removed! :)



  1. Anne Marie says

    My kitchen would be my next project – it is crying for fresh paint.

    • My next painting project will be the laundry room! Just removed some very ugly wallpaper and am now looking forward to painting and transforming that space. :)

    • Theresa Sipe says

      My next project is the master bedroom, bathroom and closet. None of these have been painted in 15 years.

  2. I moved into my house a year ago. We bought it for the pond in the yard, not for natural light in the house-because it has none. I have painted what I called “depression brown” in the entryway and the focal wall in the living room. We have so much more to do. I think the master bedroom is next. Right now it’s kind of dark green. It’s fine, but in a house with so little light, it needs to be much lighter in there. Followed closely by the dining room, kitchen and breakfast nook, and kids’ rooms.

  3. Lisa Brown says

    My next painting project is to repaint the cabinets in the kitchen: they look horrible from years of opening, closing, touching. Thanks for the chance!
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  4. I nominate our main bathroom in our Dutch colonial! We put up molding so that it resembles paneling, + then we painted everything else the palest of pale blues. Buzz kill! We need something that will make the paneling pop. Stay tuned.

  5. Our next paint project will be the entire downstairs! We are in a brand new home and everything needs to be painted!

  6. Unfortunately we had so much snow last winter somehow it leaked in thru the basement bathroom vent and now the ceiling and walls all need to be redone and painted! Sometimes it’s not the color that’s the problem but mother nature.

  7. Our bedroom is in need of a new paint job. Right now it is brown and drab, crying out for a new color. I love gray and can see painting the room Polished Grey with Wood Smoke ceiling as you did in you home. It’s a great look!

  8. We’ve been in our house for 12 years now and the kids’ bedrooms and living room are more than ready for a fresh coat of paint. The kids’ rooms have taken a real beating! The living room is ready for a refreshing bright color as we are ready to say goodbye to the dark color choice of 12 years past. Hope to win some paint to help us complete this fall project!

  9. I think our hallway and foyer is next in line. I’m wanting to paint it a nice light, airy gray since it doesn’t get any natural light. It’s a murky blue right now from the previous owner and full of patched up nail holes. Lol!

  10. Ms. Maggie says

    We will be giving the second island home some much needed color: we are doing the classic bottle to cedar green to our doors and to our new window trim. You take a ho-hum house and put in “color pops” and you have a home and not just a house. And until you get the base color right (ours right now has a bit of 80s pink in the beige- not all the way to bandaid or swine skin but close) this is salvation. Amen! And thank goodness the trim is chocolate… sometimes the previous owners get things right.

  11. My kitchen is my next painting project. It’s currently a pale yellow that desperately needs to be gone! Thinking white or your polished gray.

  12. I think our next painting project will be in our back hallway…it’s sort of a mud room type of area and I want to make it stand out a bit. Something fun like an eggplant color. :). We just redid the boys’ room and my oldest daughter’s room…so on to a common area!

  13. We will soon be moving our kids rooms around, with the boy going into the pink room and both girls going into the gray room and will need to be doing some painting! Would love to win the giveaway!

  14. Lauren Hackney says

    Next painting project… Our new bungalow!!

  15. Priscilla Smith says

    We have a bedroom that could use a fresh coat of paint. Right now it is a basic off white.
    I love seeing what you have done in your home. I have definitely been inspired!

  16. Kids’ bedrooms…though after 12 years, the family room and hallway are ready for fresh paint!

  17. The next painting project will be our living room…which of course means that the downstairs hallway and stairway will need to be painted…which then means the upstairs will need to be painted :-) I’ve been looking for the perfect gray and the polished gray color might just be perfect!

  18. Angela Hartley says

    I can not afford new kitchen cabinets and the ones I have are white. I do have stainless steel appliances though and thought I would paint the cabinets a dark grey and the kitchen a light/medium grey. I think that would look awsome. Thank you for the opportunity! I LOVE your blog!!

  19. My next paint project will be the guest bathroom. Now that my daughter is in college, I think I can do without the bright purple walls she chose.

  20. I love the grays used in the “insipred house” and would love to paint by basement guest room

  21. My next painting project will be the laundry room. We purchased a new front loading washer and dryer and the rest of the room just looks dingy!

  22. I am itching to paint our family room! After living here for nine years, it is still “builder beige” and needs to be updated and warmed up.

  23. My next project to paint is my sons bedroom. He’s six and still has nursery blue walls.

  24. i would like to repaint my family room.

  25. We are going to start painting all our wood trim?

  26. Kitchen! We finally replaced the ancient laminate counters with butcher block.
    Adding a tile backsplash and then painting the walls.

  27. My husband and I are moving into our very first home next week… We’ll be needing to repaint a burnt-orange dining room!

  28. We just bought our first house and the next room to paint is our bedroom! we could use the gift card for sure!

  29. My dining room! The previous owner was a bachelor in his 50’s, all the walls are a blah pale yellow/beige. I dream about a gorgeous blue and white formal dining room.

  30. We just moved into a new (10 year old) home in June. When we bought the house, the living room walls were painted yellow, orange and green! The basement family room had one thin coat of yellow paint over what we think was burgundy. It looked like a crime scene! All I could say is, “who does that”??? So far, I have painted the master bedroom, office, kitchen, living room and family room. My next project will be the basement bedrooms and bathroom.

  31. I am ready to freshen things up in the family room and nothing does it better or makes a bigger impact than paint….. I am excited to see what the future holds for you and the new home. Thank you for a chance to win.

  32. I don’t think there’s a room in our house that doesn’t need painting! Our living room has had the same color scheme for years and could really use an update or at least a fresh coat. We painted over our colorful kitchen walls a few years ago when a realtor told us potential buyers would prefer a plain color. My teenage daughter and son have both been so patient about having moved into rooms with colors that wouldn’t necessarily be their first choices. And the youngest two children are moving into an area of the house that has walls desperately in need of new paint. The possibilities are endless!

  33. I have several projects: Main bathroom, master bedroom, spare bedroom and hall. Would love to win – thanks!

  34. My dining room is a custom mix dark navy blue. It needs freshening up very bad.

  35. oh my goodness, I would LOVE to repaint my bedroom! The color I picked 5 years ago has got to go!

  36. My whole house! I just bought an old home that used to be a rental, and all the paint has got to go!

  37. Thank you for this giveaway! I’m looking forward to see the house you chose! Our next painting project will be our guest room. It has been the same color since we moved here 10 years ago and I’m weary of it!

  38. Our sunroom is the next big project on our list! We just finished building a giant window seat (more like a bed if you ask me :) and a floor to ceiling book shelf. But we still need to pick out a paint color!

  39. We are doing an entire laundry room overhaul in September and have several upcoming painting projects! Keeping fingers crossed! Thank you!

  40. We are renovating and we sure could use paint. The whole house, inside and out is getting done!

  41. I have to finish painting the baseboards in the living room after my husband refinishes the floor.
    Love your gorgeous grays!

  42. We have only THREE ROOMS left to paint in my 3100 sq ft house, but I’m dreading forking over the money for the paint after all the money we’ve spent so far. We’ve used Glidden quite a bit because it’s the most cost effective, so I would be THRILLED to receive this gift card to finish up our home!

  43. Kimberley Danzey says

    We have 4 more rooms to paint of our 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom and bonus area. We moved into our new built home about 3.5 years ago and I hated the builders flat paint that has a yellowish color. We used Glidden Polished Gray in the main areas and will be using it in the 2 upstairs kids bathrooms and 2 boys bedroom. I would love to win so I can buy more paint sooner so I can finish the last 4 rooms.

  44. Kristin Fish says

    Our half bathroom!

  45. My laundry room needs painting. I don’t know that I have ever used Glidden. After reading your thoughts, I will be trying it next time. :)

  46. Wendi Silvers says

    I used Benjamin Moore in my living and dining room. When I decided to paint my bedroom and den the same color Home Depot matched my BM color with Glidden. Wow. I like it so much better! Needed 2 coats, not 3 like I did with BM. And the price….almost half! Although I did wait for it to go on sale it , the regular price still beat the BM price. We are purchasing a new home and, of course, every room will need to be painted. A gift card from Glidden would certainly be welcomed!

  47. My next painting project will be my daughter’s bathroom! We are going with a neutral theme of black and white accessories but we still have not decided on a wall color. This would be a great giveaway to win to give my baby girl a beautiful new bathroom!

  48. Our master suite! After living here for 20 years, it still is covered in the floral wallpaper (ugh!) from the previous owner. I am so looking forward to one solid color on the walls!

  49. Our master bedroom! We have let it be the very last one to repaint and it should have been the first!!

  50. Tina Bower says

    I have 2 painting projects on the horizon. We moved to a new house and the guest bedrooms are horrible! They are dark and I can’t wait to get some lighter color on the walls to brighten them up!

  51. I will be working on some board and batten for my family room and I want to paint my kitchen cabinets. After that I will be decorating my office/craft/sewing room. Love Glidden paint!

  52. My daughters room! She is transitioning from little girl to tween/teen and wants a more “hip” look!
    We are traditionally a Sherwin Williams customer, but your review of Glidden has made us want to try their line of paint,

  53. My bedroom! I finally found a duvet that I love and will paint and finish decorating based on the colors in it. I’ve lived with boring white walls for way too long!

  54. Charisse Ballard says

    My kitchen & dining room definitely need a refresh! It’s open and basically one large space. I’ve been procrastinating because there’s a lot of crown molding/wood trim, 5 standard doors, & a set of French doors that all have to be sanded and painted as well.

  55. Kristie G. says

    I would love to paint my bedroom and master bath. Thanks for this giveaway!

  56. Joy Larink says

    I love how grey goes with every color. My woodwork is white, so white walls seem like too much. Grey is light, and compliments everything.

  57. I have two bathrooms that need repainting and have already picked out a Glidden color!

  58. I am hoping my next painting project will be our basement. We are turning it into a playroom / schoolroom, so I am hoping it will be done soon!

  59. I’m painting my daughter’s bedroom blue. Thanks for the nice giveaway

  60. Oh, I definitely want us to paint our master bathroom. My husband ‘surprised’ me and painted it when I was away a couple of years ago. He chose ‘glow in the dark yellow’ – it has got to go! I’ve been living with it too long (granted, not as long as you lived with Swine).

  61. Lynn Goose says

    I need to paint my kitchen/dining room . It’s a big room with 11′ ceilings. I appreciate the chance to get the paint with this giveaway.

  62. We just remodeled and moved into our ranch home. The family room is a former huge garage. I used a color I loved from our previous home but it’s just not working in this new huge space. Need some new paint!

  63. I’m painting my sons room now! Hoping to not have to do it again for many years!

  64. Erica Hall says

    Living room, kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, and the family room.

  65. I will be painting the master bedroom and bath.

  66. I have our master bedroom in sight for the next painting project. It’s still a butter yellow from when we moved into the house three years ago. I’m itching to give the room a dramatic dark tone.

  67. Definitely my kitchen. I painted it last year, but it was the wrong color. Here’s hoping I make the right choice next time.

  68. Jamie Roberts says

    How would these gray colors look with cheery trim? Would Newfoundland drool wash off easily?

  69. My master bath is the next on the “to paint” list – currently PINK! Gasp!
    Thank you!

  70. I would looovve to win cause of my minimal budget,I thought paint will pack the most punch.fingers crossed

  71. Carol Elkins says

    I need to paint our home office. We’ve been in the house for nine years and it’s the only room that we haven’t painted! It’s still ugly builder grade white – yuk!

  72. I would love to redo our dining room. I am tired of the chocolate coat that is on the wall.

  73. My daughter has taken the big step and moved out to her college dorm, so we I have the exciting task of redecorating two rooms. My son wants her big room and I want an office/guest room in his old room. Yes, the word “paint” came up repeatedly. Your blog is one that I respect and admire because I love your taste. When you stated the obvious about Glidden Paint being your choice then it seemed that I too had made mine. I am in the planning stages of this project as we speak. Funds are limited, and this gift of Glidden Paint would be welcomed.

  74. Yikes……..need to paint the whole house!!! Just trying to work up the strength to do it.

  75. Our list starts with our TV room…red…has to go…

  76. we have to remodel our whole house. our first project is our kitchen (using ideas from your remodel..thanks for the wonderful ideas) and would love to win glidden paint for our walls and ceilings.

  77. What possessed me to paint my bedroom a pumpkin orange a few years ago? I truly believe my insomnia is related to the intense orange wall color. I long for a calm, soooooooothing color; one that’s as soft as an exhale. Winning a $100 gift card for paint would be a dream!

  78. I will be painting the guest room formally my daughter’s bedroom. She and her dad had painted it a bright pink. It needs a softer color for guests to enjoy a hood night of sleep.

  79. Living room–gathering paint chips now to find the perfect grey–looking for a coastal farmhouse look:)

  80. Love that grey color that you used in the living room. I am looking for the perfect grey and will get a sample of that shade. Thanks

  81. Ali Altieri says

    We moved into our home 2-1/2 years ago…all the walks we yellowy beige and none of the trim was ever painted. I have been going room by room, but is been slow…I had my daughter when we moved in and I just had another baby boy. So needless to say, we are busy! My next focus is the living room, dining room and foyer…but the stairwell to the basement, which is the awful original 70’s yellow might be first- its all prepped and ready to go! If I win this gift card, I could probably get all the paint for all of my upcoming projects! BTW, you have a beautiful home!

  82. Our kitchen. It’s a deep red, almost maroon color. The previous owners painted it that color and I didn’t hate it at first, but now I’m over it. We’re going light gray this time around.

  83. Our next project (with much inspiration to you!!) is our guest bedroom. I’m on the hunt for an inviting color that will add just the perfect amount of sunshine to the room! Can’t wait to get started!

  84. Great post! I would love to paint our living room! We just bought an older home and the previous owner painted the room a shade of blue which just isn’t our style. Thanks for the recommendation! Definitely looking into Glidden.

    • We really, really need to paint our living room. Love the Glidden Polished Grey. Thanks for all of the inspiration you send our way!

  85. Our kitchen, which was painted a beautiful, bright navy, has not been touched by a fresh coat of paint in 14 years. My style and color palette have changed, and I am looking forward to updating it!

  86. We’ve been slowly moving through our house repainting during the fall and winter (spring and summer are spent on outside-the-house work). I’m currently tackling our kitchen cabinets, but after that, it will be our bedroom and the front room.

  87. Tarrah Owens says

    My master bathroom! It’s always the last place to get attention.

  88. I plan on painting my master bedroom and would love to win this.

  89. Liz Birkeland says

    Thanks for your helpful hints and information. My next project is my living room, dining room, entry and hallway. It’s time!

  90. Amy Joliet says

    We are remodeling a kids’ bathroom and that Polished Grey might be a great color!

  91. Love a fresh coat of paint.. Recently redid our hallway.. We always use Glidden! Quality paint, yet affordable!
    Our next project will involve painting a new bedroom for our boys.. Building another one cuz we’re busting at the seams. ;)

  92. Sheila Wilson says

    I want to paint both of my kids rooms.

  93. This would be great! I’m getting ready to paint our great room and master bedroom!

  94. Our dreary hallway. :(

  95. Paint is one way to change something in a semi non expensive way. I will be painting my kitchen and bathroom here soon. We have painted our mudroom with still some touch ups to be done. Painted all bedrooms before moving in our house, except one. That room will be the last to do,

  96. I would love to paint my son’s room next, it’s wood paneling a looks like a cave. I’ve been overruled on that though so I think the bathroom is up next. :)

  97. My next painting project will be my scrapbook room/sewing room… It’s a complete disaster and needs a HUGE DIY renovation.

  98. We are going to repaint our Dining and Living rooms, as soon as we can agree on a color!!

  99. I have used Glidden paint for years in at least five houses. Their Shell White in a semi-gloss is beautiful for wood trim. Several rooms here need paint, including the kitchen, music room, and a bathroom. Thanks for doing the giveaway and best wishes in your new home.

  100. We are doing a kitchen and living room remodel so I will be changing the paint in both rooms…AGAIN!

  101. I would paint my living room.

  102. I need to paint our master bedroom. Gladden Duo sounds like a paint that I would use! Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. Ellen Cole says

    We’re moving in the near future as well…so there will be lots of painting required!

  104. We’ll be painting my daughter’s bedroom one day. It’s a bright orange so I’m thinking we’ll want to try a paint and primer in one. We’ve used Glidden paints in the past but not the Glidden Duo.

  105. Debra Salowitz says

    Our family room is next on our list for repainting. It’s on the north side of the house and is swathed in 1980’s oak paneling (which my husband refuses to paint!!)…so I’ll be looking for something warm yet illuminating. Though I love the gray wall-ceiling combo in your post, it would probably suck all of light out of an already gloomy room…and clash with the yellow oak!

  106. Our “mister”, I mean “master” bedroom.

  107. This is a great post, thanks for your review! I’m never quite sure which paint to buy, this is so helpful!

    My next painting project is going to be the cabinets in my laundry area. They are GRUNGY and haven’t been touched as I’ve been super busy with a billion other projects since moving in this April.

    Perhaps when gardening season winds down I’ll have a bit more time for inside projects!

    Love your blog, good luck with your house hunt. Stressful time!

  108. My next paint project will be my kitchen. I have had the same old color for years now, and I’m ready to update my kitchen color!

  109. Christy C. says

    We have bought a new house which was a foreclosure. The whole house needs painting! :)

  110. We’ve lived in our house for over ten years and have yet to paint any of the main rooms. It’s driving me crazy! I would LOVE to paint the original to the 30’s house, wood paneling on the wall that houses the fireplace. Covering up that orange-y toned wood would go a long way towards making the living room someplace I want to be in. Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. We are planning on painting the entire first floor (!) of our home in preparation for putting it on the market.

  112. We’ll be painting the nursery for our first little one, arriving in January!! This would be so helpful!

  113. We moved into our home nearly 4 years ago. The only areas still unpainted (by us) are the entry, laundry, and hallways. I’d LOVE to paint them this fall, and change the color in the kitchen & dining rooms. I’ve used Behr from HD in the past, but would love to give Glidden a try.

  114. Our next project will be every room in our home. We’ll be starting in the kitchen and great room and then moving on to the remaining spaces, including the trim! Thanks for the giveaway!

  115. Oh, how I wish my next project was a cute, fun room to look forward to! That will come, but for now, my very large garage had water damage this summer, has been repaired, and is now patiently awaiting me and a paintbrush!

  116. Pam Ballard says

    Having bought our home last January. I have so many projects waiting for me. I would love to try the paint.. Thanks for the chance.

  117. My next project is to repaint our dining room….right now they are hunter green with the old wallpaper border in jewel tones….I know….ugh! And also my bedroom and my daughter’s bedroom. She will be moviong out soon so I want to make it a guest room. I always use the Behr paint from Home Depot but like to try the Glidden. I love reading your blog and I’ve got some really good ideas from your book. :)

  118. Our living room!

  119. I’d love to paint our bathroom! It’s white but kinda old and dirty white and the trim is not a lovely shade of tan/yellow.

  120. I have so many projects I could use this Glidden paint to complete! We are looking to move soon and would love to make the next house a perfect representation of our personalities. Fresh, beautiful paint would be the perfect start to achieving that!

  121. Laura Hinckley Burghorn says

    The last baby has left the nest! My next project is her room and adjoining bath into a guest room and bath!

  122. Diane Peterson says

    My bedroom!!!!!! It is so dark and unfriendly that you don’t even want to go to sleep in there. I want to freshen it, bring the sunshine in, and have it be light and inviting!

  123. Our great room is desperately in need of painting! It is dark military green and is so depressing, I would be overjoyed to freshen it up with Glidden Polished Gray paint.

  124. I’m currently in several painting project of a bathroom and ceiling. Down the road I hope to be able to paint our living room and my son’s bedroom. The walls in all these rooms have many dents and dings from our 3 kids and were painted with a lower quaulity paint.

  125. I want to paint the living room.

  126. My bathroom is the next room to get painted. It is very outdated with pink speckled tile and desperately needs a new look!

  127. I would love to paint the inside of my walk in closet a cheerful color!

  128. Very soon I will be repainting the eves on our home, considering a change in color and excited about the whole new look we could have. I am also planning to paint some antique furniture and bring new life into these once forgotten pieces.

  129. My upcoming paint project is the large master closet. I am doing it myself so will take me several weekends but will be fresh and clean when I am done.

  130. I’d love to repaint my bedroom with some good quality paint—the current paint job has not held up well at all. :(

  131. I am hoping to have a room painted in our home (living room). I would love the Red Delicious color to be used.

  132. Porch and bedroom! They are some bad colors in need of some good paint! :)

  133. Umm…the whole house? I have to start somewhere though, so the downstairs bathroom or my son’s room.

  134. After recently moving into a condo, my next project will be repainting all of it room by room. The previous owner has every room painted what I call “baby puke brown” and it’s horrible. I love the colors you used and may just have to copy them in my new space!

  135. Our bedroom needs a new coat of paint!

  136. Patty Reynolds says

    We need to paint the outside of our home!

  137. Just moved into a new house and my sons bedroom is peach. According to him it has got to go, would love to repaint. Love your blog.

  138. I would love to paint our entire home. All the walls are a dingy, yellow off white. Since we are renting at the moment, I can’t paint the walls. Instead, I am refinishing our bedside tables and next up is refinishing the top of our $25 pedestal dining table thrift store find.

  139. Every room needs paint, updating and refreshing! I can use the paint to get rid of bad builder flat painted white walls. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

  140. Diane Walters says

    Where to begin…so much to do but I think I’ll start in the kitchen.

  141. I would like to paint our master bedroom. I would love to have a calming bedroom and I think a nice neutral color would be great for it.

  142. I would repaint my sunroom. We had rented for 18 years of our marriage and I was so tired of “Navajo White” that I wanted color. A little too hastily I decided to paint it Lime Rickey and quickly realized I had made a mistake. But with lots of other painting and improvements to do it has remained as green as it sounds. Ha ha!

  143. Lynn Pridgen says

    I would love to win a gift card for paint. Something in my house is always needs paint. Currently, one of our projects is working in our son’s house before he gets married in December.

  144. Oh I have so many areas to paint! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  145. Nancy Hrba says

    I would paint my kitchen and give it a new look.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  146. We built a treehouse that still needs painting!

  147. We’re moving into a new house next week and plan on painting all of the walls!

  148. We have several rooms to paint, including living room, bath, kitchen, and family room. This Home Depot gift card would definitely be a help.


  149. I would love to paint the whole house, but since it’s a rental that’s out of the question. I do plan on painting our dresser set though, and finding some unique nobs for it–I think that will really help personalize our bedroom!

  150. Marissa Wade says

    We moved into our home about 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve managed to get most rooms but still have some big rooms to do. I plan to tackle our master bedroom, master bath, guest bathroom and dining room. I think those rooms will be fun. What I don’t look forward to is painting all our trim in the house. It was all done in a off white or beige color and it just looks dingy.

  151. Debi Blades says

    My next paint job is our living room. We built our house ourselves many years ago paying cash as we went along. Yes, it took us several years but we have a house that is ours and we are very proud of it. Our living room has a beautiful wood stained finish ( which we are going to keep), but our walls are beige and a dark burgundy red. It is time to repaint. We want to lighten the room up. We just finished painting our entire kitchen, including trim and cabinets. Now we want to lighten and update our living room.

  152. We are looking to repaint the main inside living areas of our house – living room, family room, kitchen, hall, bathroom.

  153. I’m dying to repaint my kid’s rooms – they are icky drywall putty color. Each of my kids has such different personalities… but with three rooms, I don’t know where to start and I’m afraid to commit to one color. I need to do it before school starts though. Thanks for your encouraging blog and beautiful ideas!

  154. A small guest bath that just bothers me… too beige!!! I really want to change it!

  155. Silvia Fugate says

    We are in the process of purchasing a new home and our first paint project will be this winter as we repaint the kitchen cabinets.

  156. I would re-paint the basement. I had the idea to paint the walls above the wainscoting an emerald green to make the place pub-like, but now we use it as a rec room and its all a bit too much. We’ve decided on a sage green with a nice grey undertone, but I haven’t gotten around to buying paint or getting started yet.

  157. We just moved a couple months ago and so the painting has begun. I’m hoping the next room to be painted will be the Family Room where we spend most of our time. I’d love to try Glidden.

  158. Susan Hillier says

    When we moved back into our home almost two years ago (long story) we had all of the interior walls painted the same color. They are all a light creamy taupe. I would love to play with more color now that I feel settled.
    I would love to win!!!!!

  159. My next painting project is my living room, which unfortunately also means I will have to paint the dining room, hallway and ceilings. Well worth it in the end, but ugh!

  160. Sharon Landers says

    Our next paint project will be our den, and possibly repaint the livingroom. Den comes first, though, because it’s an off white and is the same paint that was there when we bought the house 10 years ago. Love your website!

  161. After raising four kids and now that precious grand babies have arrived, we are removing our tiny beach cottage from the rental market and making it our own for the family to enjoy anytime! We are so anxious to re-paint the interior of this beloved little cottage that we all love so much!

  162. Kimberly Clem says

    Our next home project is the master bath, which is in desperate need of a complete redo. I am inspired by the Glidden Polished Grey color you used!

  163. Our family room and kitchen are next up on the list to be painted. It’s been almost 10 years and I’m ready to lighten them up a bit! Thank you for the chance!

  164. I am planning to start on my studio/home office. It is in bad need of reorganizing and filling nail holes! Something airy and light as the room gets lots of light during the day.

  165. We just purchased a new home a few months ago. I would love to get my office painted. It’s the rest of the walls in the house. I envision light gray walls with the furniture a darker shade of gray with pops of light teal as the accent colors. I can’t wait to have a place where I can be creative and organized :) Thanks for this opportunity! Liz

  166. We just moved into a new home and everything needs to be painted. I kid you not. So, I will take any help that I can get. :)

  167. After 13 years, it’s time to repaint the entire interior of my house. I love the sea glass colors. My red den will be gone; I tired of the red quickly. I’m wondering what color will look fabulous with the gray paisley curtains in the red den.

  168. In the last couple of years I have been trying to find that ONE color to go throughout my home. I try for a while, fail, give up, and then start trying again. I am in the trying phase right now. I found a possible option and just painted my upstairs hallway wall yesterday. I’m going to live with it for a few days to see how it feels. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  169. I want to repainted our master bedroom?

  170. Master Bedroom ?

  171. Peggy Millette says

    Love all the shades of gray with next painting project would be a soothing color in the bedroom.

  172. Kim Leister says

    When my daughter was in college on one of her breaks she painted her bedroom pink. I’m planning on painting it something more neutral, like a pale gray, in the near future. This has become her baby son’s room when he is at my house and a guest room when needed. I love the soothing cleanness of pale gray.

  173. My next painting project will be a real challenge – I am painting the kitchen/dining area, along with the open stairway that leads to the basement. We have “inherited” one rather large black Lab and need a paint that will stand up up to to this rambunctious (and lovable) dog.

  174. Erin Ellis says

    My next project will be painting my master bedroom. I want something soothing and pretty. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  175. Cindy Baker says

    My next painting project will be my granddaughter’s bedroom. She wants to change the colors in her room to turquoise and white, and the walls are a light blue right now. That simply won’t do! That $100 gift card to Home Depot would be awesome and it would help me make my 9 year old granddaughter’s dream come true!

  176. Hm…probably the livingroom. I don’t object to the color, but it has marks on it and where I scrubbed the marks, the sheen of the paint changed. I’m hoping to put down luxury vinyl plank wood-look floors instead of the carpet, so naturally, that’d be the perfect time to freshen the paint.

  177. The master bath and bedroom will be next.

  178. Definitely the master bedroom. The house is about 20 years old and the master bedroom is still painted that original pale peachy ick that many builders use. I’ve been in the house for about 11 years and it’s the last major painting project on the list! Thanks for giving us a chance to win!

  179. The livingroom…already know which Glidden colors. Love the polished grey with wood smoke…Can’t wait to get rid of the dingy gold we have lived with for too many years!

  180. I’m redoing my den/office so I’m currently painting a “90’s oak” desk. I’m using chalk paint. One coat so far and I think I’m going to love it!

  181. I’ve been waiting to paint the living room and dining room for a while now and that means the ceilings too! They are way over due for a refreshing update.

  182. May daughter and son-in-law just bought a new home. They will take possession of it in about a month and she wants to go in and repaint “all” the walls before they move it. This would be such a help to them!

  183. We recently moved into our home. Our next painting project is the laundry room — a sunny yellow!

  184. Lorie Underwood says

    Time for the Master Bedroom to not feel like a dark dingy cave.

  185. My toddler’s fingerprints are EVERYWHERE! LOL. I would love to paint the walls in our common areas!

  186. Christine Meldrum says

    I need to paint three bathrooms!

  187. mary friederichsen says

    Next project will again be the master bedroom and bathroom! having a hard time deciding which direction to go this time! Our master bath I had done in a bright yellow after coming back from a trip to Italy and visiting a small island near Venice……the town used bright colors on their houses so that the men could find their homes when returning from fishing and the fog would be so dense that the only way to find the right one was with the distinict bright color! The color made me feel happy in the morning and i did a tone on tone strip on the lower portion of the wall, very subtle but still there in the right light. the only problem was my husband isnt really crazy about the bright yellow…….and I am ready for a change after 10 years! lol
    thank you for the chance at the giveaway!

  188. We just purchased a new home and every interior walls needs a new coat of paint – next up is the dining room and family room!

  189. Melanie Gamlin says

    I would love to paint our bedroom. It needs a fresh coat of paint.

  190. Actually, the entire house is in need of painting again. The color scheme I have now is a little dark for me. This time I am going with lighter, more pastel colors.

  191. My guest bedroom is ready for a change from “builder beige” to Sunlit Meadow!

  192. Sharifa Abdul-Wahid says

    I’d like to paint our laundry room/mudroom next! It’s the same “icky tan” that was here when we moved in 8 years ago! I’ve cleaned walls, added colorful framed prints, and we even purchased candy apple red washer and dryer, but it is still in need of help!

  193. We are definitely painting our master bedroom next.

  194. I want to lighten my bedroom walls with a brighter color!

  195. Just had a new tile floor laid in a bathroom and Glidden Polished Grey would be perfect on the walls.

  196. Painting my dresser!

  197. I want to paint my kitchen/dining/living room. It’s all one level and open, so it takes a LOT of paint – and time and patience! :)

  198. I plan on painting my 15 year old daughter’s new bedroom. As the youngest of four she has always been the one moved around and never really having her “own” room. As of this fall, she is the only child left at home and she will finally have a space to call her own.

  199. Currently painting the guest bedroom and doing a full wall with a birch tree stencil!

  200. I live in an apt and we are able to paint – would love to do my bathroom first and then go from their…would like to try Glidden.

  201. My 16 year old daughter would love to paint her room at our new house! She wants gray and yellow! How fun to win this and let her paint to her hearts content!

  202. Paula Scheib says

    Interior doors

  203. My 13 year old has been waiting patiently for her room to be painted. We are finally settling down in a home and painting her room is next on my list. She loves NC State, so the “polished grey” may be our choice.

  204. I desperately need to paint my master bedroom. Would love to try Glidden Duo! Thank you for the giveaway!

  205. Sheran Steading says

    We definitely need to paint our den and downstairs hallway. Thanks for the advice on Glidden.

  206. My next project is our master bedroom. We just finished our kitchen and living room which we did in a beautiful gray with bright white trim. Still so undecided on a color for the bedroom though!!! Want to stick to the pretty ocean/ island hues…

  207. I want to paint my bathroom, it’s pale gray now and needs to be beige to go better with the counters! Thanks for the giveaway!

  208. I would absolutely love to finish painting my bedroom. Right now I only have one wall painted for a modern look, but I would love to paint the whole thing some day!

  209. Used Unpolished Limestone in my living/dining room combo. Loved it. Looking forward to using polished Grey on master bath

  210. ellen casper says

    My next painting project is my master bedroom since we just remodeled our master bathroom

  211. Cindi Berry says

    I have just begun following your blog and have purchased your book. ( pre-ordered next one too) I’m struggling to decide on my kitchen cabinet paint color and viewing your homes and colors is very inspirational. It seems this is my hardest choice so far.
    Thanks for your site. God Bless. Can’t wait to see your future home projects!

  212. Where to start? My entire house needs paint inside and out. With four boys home full time, the walls are a wreck. Plus we still haven’t put our own touch on everything since buying our house four years ago. Let’s not even talk about the exterior……

  213. We’re in the middle of painting so many rooms/spaces! My next space will be our mudroom/laundry room, and I’d love to see how the Glidden paint holds up in there! I love how paint really does transform a room. It feels like a brand new house…without the hassles of moving. I’m sure you know what I mean Melissa…;)
    I’m going to share pics when it’s all finished…so excited!

  214. My next project is my office. I spend at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week in there. It also doubles as my creative space so I want to walk in and feel inspired.

  215. My next paint project will be our new home! We’re searching for a house in Colorado, where we’ve just moved, and I’m anticipating many paint-makeovers in the rooms once we get a place!

  216. Our next painting project will be a basement bathroom and our stairs!

  217. My dining room…though I just painted it a year ago, the “cool gray” I used (Sherwin WilIiams) is just not right! Love the polished gray you have shown! I also want to paint our kitchen island! Think the polished gray would be so cool…would love a try with Glidden paints!

  218. Well… let’s see…I can’t decide which room! It’s a toss up between the guest room, both bath rooms, the master bedroom, the stair well, and the two common rooms down stairs!!! However, I painted part of the master and master bath a soft mint and trying to decide on a white to go with it. So probably that for major projects. And working on a book case this week. So much painting!!! Don’t you just love moving!

  219. Painting my kitchen! It’s time! Took curtains DOWN for good and want to paint an ever-so-light-blue. Very excited!

  220. We are closing on our first house this week and I’d love to be able to repaint really anything! The whole house is sort of brown and needs to be re-painted anyway (it’s not a new house).

  221. Lindy Arnette says

    My laundry room is my next painting project. I painted it a high gloss red/orange about eight years ago so it’s definitely overdue for an update. Especially since you see the laundry room as you come in the front door. I would love to see how the Glidden paint would cover it. Hoping I get the opportunity to become the next best Glidden believer!!

  222. Marian Caldwell says

    We just purchased a house and we are so excited to begin repaint. Our first project is to definitely repaint our breakfast nook. The present color is a faux treatment of orange and peach (eek!) and we want to paint it a soft gray/green color. The house has a combination of gold, beige and burgundy colors in the rooms and we would like to introduce shades of grays with paint and accessories to bring it up to date.

  223. Melissa Osigian says

    Before we moved into our current house a little over a year ago, we removed the popcorn ceilings ourselves and then had a contractor texture the ceilings. It would be a blessing to paint the ceilings throughout the house to finish that project. :)

  224. Next room for me would have to be my living room! I am tired of the color and ready to do something classic and soothing like a gorgeous grey. Love Glidden paints they are amazing!!!!

    xo, Tanya

  225. Embarrassed to admit but we have never painted our bedroom. We have always worked on areas that others would see. So now finally we are getting ready to make our room our paradise/refuge. So this would be the room we will be painting next. Thank you for the chance to enter! Fingers crossed!!!

  226. The entire inside of my house needs painting.

  227. My kitchen, my laundry room, my den…in that order. I made the mistake of painting all the rooms in my fixer upper right when we moved in and hated the color but didn’t have the energy to fix it. Now, after three years, I am slowly but surely re-painting. Ugh! But I do love the newly painted spaces and can’t wait to finish painting the remaining spaces!
    Can’t wait to see your new home! The suspense is killing me! *smile*

  228. Next of many painting projects is the bathroom. Fingers crossed!

  229. I eventually want to repaint my entire house, but the first room will be the family room since that is where we spend most of our time. I love the colors you chose for your house.

  230. We just recently moved into a new-to-us old house, so there are lots of painting projects to vie for next painting project. I think a small bookshelf that I have will be my first painting project, though, then the front porch.

  231. We have lived in our house many years and have “transfer beige”. The color you paint when you think you will be moving in less than 5 years, but we didn’t. So this winter I am going to start on the first floor. I love your polished limestone. $100 would certainly help get me started.

  232. My kitchen needs help desperately. It needs painting! I want to paint it a very light sky blue that will be more neutral than the purple blue that we have. I love Glidden paint. We have used it in other rooms and it wears like iron. Fingers and toes crossed!! Thanks for the giveaway Melissa and Glidden.

  233. I really want to paint the combo living/dining/entry… a big undertaking and long overdue.

  234. Diane Amick says

    Last spring my hubby resurfaced our LR dark brick fireplace with a 12″ X 24″ porcelain tile that has a very light grayish streaked effect (raised hearth and all). This LR has chair rail molding with grasscloth below and the FP wall is pretty much fireplace with huge sliders on either side that go to the pool patio. This fall/winter I plan to paint the above molding wall a medium dark gray to make the fireplace really pop against the darker wall. There is very little wall space due to the large sliders, and with all the light in the room from all of the windows I don’t think the darker paint color will darken it up too much. Can’t wait for the cooler weather so I can open up the house and get painting! Only problem area will be painting around the 7 beams that intersect ceiling to wall…uuuh haaa

  235. I am planning on painting my bedroom. Way overdue. It is a bright yellow……not a good color for my sleep apnea.

  236. My bedroom! I think Polished Gray would work beautifully.

  237. Mary Stewart says

    My family room is the last and biggest room left to do in my house! It’s gonna take a ton of paint, some really tall ladders and a 6 man crew to do it! Don’t even want to think about the ceiling….UGGGGGGGH!

  238. Mary Ellen Peregolise says

    i would love to paint our open space living room/dining room!

  239. Michelle Sams says

    With both my children now in preschool, this is the 1st time I have 4 glorious hours, 3 days a week to “myself”. I’m tackling the house that hasn’t been updated to our tastes since our move about 7 years ago! 1st order of business will be the hallway down to the lower level (start off slow, right?), but rooms to be done are: master bathroom, guest bathroom, lower level, (maybe) kids’ room.

  240. My bathroom walls needs new paint. I’m not quite sure what color yet.

  241. Roxanne Sandager says

    We have lived in our present home for 17 years. After 10 years of moss green and rust it is time to freshen up the main floor and a couple of bedrooms. Hoping to get started this fall.

  242. Jessica Brubaker says

    Our next painting project is our living room and hallway. The living room is as yet lacking a final coat after moving here 4 years ago (primer counts as paint, right?). And as for our hallway, we picked a beautiful medium blue-grey that we loved, but sadly it turned out to be just too dark in such a small area.

  243. What a timely give-away. We are moving into our new-to-us house in just over a week, and while there are plenty of rooms to paint — can we say B E I G E!!! — I would love to start with the kitchen. I think it should be some kind of yellow. The gift certificate for paint would be so welcomed. Thank you for the oppotunity to win!!!

  244. I’m about to try to repaint a dresser for my son’s room. Woo!

  245. I have a plain wooden shoe cabinet in our entryway that is dying to be a glossy white!
    XO, Jaclyn

  246. Karl Casey says

    We just re-arraigned the living room. When the ladder book cases were moved, they left behind marks on the wall in addition to the five years of wear and tear, time to paint! ‘Polished Grey’ would update and make the room look uber fantastic!

  247. My downstairs bathroom gets a lot of use and is in desperate need of a touchup!

  248. A leak in our master shower is leading to a bathroom renovation – and we have a baby on the way…due on Halloween! So, our next painting project will be our master bath and bedroom. We have Glidden in some other rooms of our house, and you are correct, the paint holds up beautifully. It would be nice to have a gift certificate to help off-set all the costs we have on us this fall. And, it will be nice to have an adult sanctuary in the house since our new arrival will likely overtake most spaces with the things he needs, Who knew that these bundles of joy required so much bulky equipment! Thank you.

  249. My next project will be painting my kitchen cabinets.

  250. My kids bedrooms need repainting.

  251. Gail McMurray says

    My next paint project will be my bathroom, dreading this.

  252. That particular gray has inspired me! Bedroom or kitchen – both need it!

  253. I need to tackle the living room next! Thanks!

  254. After 15 years, we just took down the hideous wallpaper that the previous owners had up for 30+years in our hallway and landing. As it turns out both needed to have new sheetrock put up and there was way to much damage removing many layers of wall paper.. So next, we will be painting our new walls, once we save up. We are thinking Gray :)

  255. I really like those grays! My next painting job is our garage. I love painting so I’m excited to get started!


  257. Next up: Our living/family room is desperate (desperate!) for an update. Thank you!

  258. My kids’ bathroom is my next project.

  259. Glad to know you really liked the Glidden paint, Melissa. Years ago we thought that because it was sold at discount stores it was discount quality and stuck with BM. I hope to be able to try it out in that bathroom I’m dreaming of painting coral and white. :) Can’t wait to get a peek at your new abode. [hugs]

  260. My next paint project will be to paint the foyer and hallway–after we remove the wallpaper.

  261. We’re moving into our first home and that pea green in the master bedroom has GOT to go!

  262. My next painting project will either be the kitchen if we ever get it to that point or the homeschool room. Either way I’ll be excited to get paint on the walls!!

  263. The walls in the new baby’s room! :)

  264. I would definitely paint my living room. We have been here for 34 years and I’ve been wanting to remove the 50+ year old wall paper and paint my living room.

  265. Jenna Sagen says

    We are currently restoring and repainting all of our original trim! It is such a tedious but rewarding task!

  266. I am currently repainting entire house. Next room is the family room over the garage (FROG.) I would love to win free paint to contribute to my project!

  267. Either the master bedroom or my spare bedroom.

  268. My main floor bathroom is ‘speaking’ to me and telling me it needs to be aqua blue. And when a room speaks, you listen. :)

  269. Bev miller says

    My sons house

  270. throuthehaze says

    The bathroom is our next painting project.

  271. Stacie Weaver says

    I am DESPERATE to paint my master bathroom! It came to us painted a horrible haunted-house purple!

  272. Our whole first floor needs a fresh coat of paint – living room, dining room, kitchen, office. It all flows together so I’m looking for a cohesive color that reflects light well in all four spaces!

  273. I really need to paint my master bedroom! It’s currently three different colors and has been that way for 4 years!! Holy moly. It’s time to get those walls fresh and clean and make the room something enjoyable to be in.

  274. sooo time to re-do the master bedroom!

  275. I would start in the kitchen,,,apple green glidden paint PLEASE !!!!!! TY

  276. Jan Brooks says

    My 80 something parents really need their bathrooms and bedroom painted. My sister and I would LOVE to do this for them!!!! What a gift it would be. Thanks!, Jan

  277. Renee Talan says

    The kiddos went back to school today! I’m ready to do the office and the guest bath :)

  278. My 16 year old wants to paint her bedroom- we are both done with the bright green! Loving the Grey you featured!

  279. We will be painting our master bathroom. It’s in need of paint and some wall repair so we’re saving up!

  280. My living room is yelling for a cool, light gray to cover its walls!

  281. We just bought and moved into a home built in 1975 in original condition with lots of dark paneling. We want to bring it into the next century and think that painting some of the paneling will brighten up the rooms. We can live with the green bathroom fixtures and mosaic tile floors, for example, as they are all in great shape, but need to find the right paint colors that can pull it all together.
    Thank You for your inspiration…

  282. While we have several rooms that desperately need to be painted, I think the next room we will paint is one of the bedrooms that I will be using as a create room now that our sons are grown and moved out. I painted it, very badly, with what I called UCLA Bruin blue or could have been North Carolina Tar Heel blue, but having done some graduate work at UCLA, I call it Bruin blue. That son now hates blue paint. I guess that tells you how poorly I paint but since it really needs refreshing, my husband will paint it next time. We like a Glidden color that is something like Linen White that is nice and creamy and should go well with the yellow and white buffalo check fabric I have for drapes I hope to sew in that room when all of our sons’ junk is removed and my sewing machine is set up. It will also be a room with a daybed and trundle for visits from our grandsons.

  283. Heather Kempka says

    We bought our first ever home together after being married for ten years. We move in two weeks! The home is a blank canvas with white walls begging for some personality. First room we plan on tackling is the living room/kitchen and painting our cabinets a nice creamy white – cant wait to get started!!

  284. We are getting ready to move and will be painting the whole house!!

  285. my husband doesn’t know it yet, but i am going to paint our interior doors black. i can’t wait.

  286. I would love to paint my sewing studio. It is a very dark brick red and even with lots of lighting is too dark for sewing. A buttercream color would brighten it up and look very rich.

  287. Wish we’d had a good experience with Glidden. We used it in one room and after a hot day we moved a box from against the wall and it peeled the paint off.

  288. I have been in my current home for a year. It too was painted by the builder and not in a color that I like. It is time to start the painting process. I am going to take your suggestion and use eggshell. I have always used satin in the past but am told that eggshell does not show the imperfections in the walls as much and is easy to wash down. With a dog that likes to lay against the wall, I spend a lot of time washing the walls. TIME to PAINT!!!

  289. I have 9 samples painted in my hallway (many of them Glidden)!

  290. My next painting project is my family room/kitchen. It’s orange – yikes! I need this win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  291. My next painting project is the downstairs bedroom that has not been painted for ten years. I would love to give Glidden a try. I love the gray in your home.

  292. Shelley in cali says

    Our newly wedded daughter’s room is being turned into a guest room. Paint chips all over the bed to try and figure out a color! Such a helpful post!

  293. My next project is painting the exterior on our first house! We close today!!

  294. Christine Wilcockson says

    My next paint project is my master bedroom. Its been 10 years already since we built our dream home (where does the time go?) and I love the colors in your home!

  295. We have just started the process to become foster parents. I would love to give the guest room a new coat of paint to make it feel more homey for any new little ones who might be coming to stay with us.

  296. I can’t wait to repaint my living room! (Thanks for the chance to win!)

  297. Getting ready to strip and refinish the woodwork in our master bedroom…then new paint!!

  298. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!! ☺ (My ? really is sorry for ruining the walls in the laundry room) Would be awesome to win!!

  299. Erin Gonzalez says

    My employer recently sold our company and most of us are being laid off, but I get to hang around for the next year and transition my 16 years of work and knowledge to the new employer before I, too, am laid off. To ward off depression I started painting our kitchen cabinets. We loved your kitchen so much we’re using the same colors you used in your kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration! After that I plan to repaint my office and give it a facelift to begin anew as a student, freelancer, teacher, or whatever else comes my way. I’m hoping that my office refresh will give me the boost I need to tackle this new life.

  300. Painting our two story light green foyer is long over due!

  301. Master Bath….finally!!!!
    And our front door needs a new pop of color!!!

  302. Vanessa Callaghan says

    The next room I plan to paint will be the unfinished storage room in the basement that we are currently finishing and converting into a wine cellar.

  303. Viola stuckey says

    We are painting our back deck, and excited to have a fresh facelift on the space. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  304. Hi! I absolutely love your style and all the colors you choose! We are about to start refinishing and painting my grandmothers old side tables. Not a huge project like a whole room!

  305. Since my MIL “winters” in AZ over half of the year, we have made the decision to move into her home to help take care of the house (yikes). The house was built in 1973, and definitely in need of some updating, and I’m also hoping to add a few personal touches to help make it feel like home to me. A little painting will go far for this project! :)

  306. Denise Ferguson says

    I will be painting my den ceiling next. Thank you!

  307. Summer Brown says

    I would love to paint my daughter’s room….she claims that she is ‘sooooo over pink’.

  308. you mentioned repainting rooms to get the color right…that will probably be my next project. I painted a living room wall yellow when we moved in, and now I go back and forth on loving/hating it. I think eventually it will get repainted to a different shade along with the spare bedroom possibly.

  309. Rhonda Grisham says

    My next painting project will definitely be my kitchen! I soo want to brighten it up and I think new paint will do the trick.

  310. I currently have an all beige house. I know I am a bit behind the times, but we have recently decided to go grey. Our first room we plan on painting is the breakfast room in a dark grey and then go lighter in the rest of the house. It will be a job, but I am excited for the change. Thanks for the chance to win.

  311. My husband and I have been wanting to paint our sitting room ever since it was repainted 3 years ago! :)

  312. My next project will be painting our master bedroom wall!

  313. Karen salamone says

    Can’t wait to try gladdin paint for my next room makeover

  314. I used Glidden in our previous house, a very pretty shade of light green in the dining room. I currently have a powder room I would like to change the color in, probably to a silvery grey. Thanks for the opportunity.

  315. Would love to win some desperately needed paint! :) We are closing on our new home one Friday and while we will eventually repaint every room, the first project will be the two-story foyer … And I think I just might use Glidden Polished Grey! ;)

  316. Jennifer C. says

    I can’t wait to paint my screened in porch!

  317. Kim Flados says

    My next project is a big one for us. Painting our cabinets to make them look fresh and new.

  318. My closet is crying out for a bold color.

  319. Our next project is a challenge for whatever paint we use… We’re halfway into painting our kitchen, walls and cabinets, and we need a smooth, glossy to semi-glossy finish in a strong white for the walls and a bold turquoise for the cabinets. The walls are lumpy and damaged and the cabinets are already painted in a strange faux wood grain and off white combo that seems to repel being painted over.
    If Glidden could fix all that I’d be thrilled!

  320. Our Media Room is up next for paining.

  321. Dying to paint my bedroom grey and do a beach theme- hoping it will cure the case of homesickness I have. Missing CA and stuck in TX :/

  322. I was just thinking today that our mudroom needs a paint refresh. It’s so high-traffic and it shows!!

  323. Kathilyn Builta says

    My next painting project is my husband’s bland bathroom. (He swears it is fine, but nope, gotta get a fresh coat of paint in there soon!)

  324. My next project is my kitchen. It needs a complete overhaul and I’m going to do as much diy as possible, which means painting cabinets and walls.

  325. Our soon to be next paint project will be freshening up our curb appeal by painting the trim on our brick house ?

  326. We are moving into a new house next week so I will be painting, well, everything!

  327. Ashley Cook says

    We are building a new house so I would love to have some paint to do our sons new bedroom!

  328. My Fall painting project will be the ceilings in our home. I have done three rooms this summer and hope to finish them all off this fall. I would love to try the Glidden paint.

  329. My daughter’s closet, the last in the house to be painted beautiful pure white!

  330. Rebecca M. says

    We are closing in 2 days! So excited about our new home adventures and finding your blog. We will be painting the entire interior after the dated popcorn ceilings are removed and we lay new tile. Afterwards, we will paint the exterior. Everything is brown. Yucky brown. We live by the lake and want to bring that florida lakeside feeling into our home.

  331. i really need to paint my living room. With vaulted ceilings, it’s a bit intimidating!

  332. Susan Kolton Kohenak says

    I just moved into a 15 year old house that has never been painted since it was built. I need to paint everything.

  333. what wouldn’t I paint?? First thing would be my upstairs hallway.

  334. My master bedroom and bathroom will be the next painted. They need some help! Ready for a change!

  335. I would love to paint my kitchen cabinets.!!

  336. It will be our family room. It’s been a Tuscan yellow far too long! I’m going a warm cream.

  337. Love Glidden paint! I did my living room in Polisged Grey and I love it! My next painting project is the laundry room.

  338. Juli Simpson says

    I am ready to re paint my sewing room. It is a chore with all the dressers and cabinets for storage and racks hanging on the walls to keep many items close at hand, but is needed so desperately. Also, I will need to interrupt my sewing (both for myself and others) while we accomplish this task. I have already gone through all the storage and wittled things down and I have the empty boxes ready to pack things up. After all this is done we need to move onto the living room.

  339. The kitchen and adjoining family room will be the next project here!

  340. Love the greys! Also the painted ceiling, not something I’ve tried yet. Hmmm!

  341. Sue Malizia says

    Need to repaint my guest bedroom and bathroom…I’m liking your color palette and ideas!

  342. I need a new washer so will definitely paint the laundry room before the new machine arrives.

  343. Susan Sportsman says

    I would love to win a gift card to Home Depot for Glidden paints. I have several pieces of furniture I would like to paint. My old pine china cabinet and a small entry table would look so refreshed and pretty with a fresh coat of paint.

  344. Stacye Hixson says

    My kitchen cabinets are screaming for an update! They are from the 70’s and they want to move into the 2000’s.

  345. My next painting project is going to be painting the livingroom. The walls are plain white with nothing on them.

  346. Jennifer O. says

    I’d love to repaint my bedroom!

  347. I’m fixing up a small summer home in the mountains. Most of the walls are covered with 70’s wood paneling. I can’t wait to update and transform them with paint!

  348. Connie Daniel says

    My next project is our bathroom. The ceiling needs scraping cb the humidity has caused it to peel. I have a linen closet in there that has been painted with oil based paint so that needs redoing as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  349. My next painting project will be upcycling my old furniture.

  350. I was born in a drab colorless world and I yearn for color to this day. My next painting project will be to bring warmth and happiness through new color in my dark, dark living room.

  351. Definitely the laundry room!

  352. Theresa Van Eck says

    My next painting project will be my bedroom. So excited to make this personal space my very own style!

  353. My son moved out and now I have a room for my crafts and textiles. I want my workshop to be cheerful and inspirational with happy colors. I’m not limiting myself to one color for the walls, but planning on using three colors for the walls and backs of the built-ins. My possible choices include pale yellows, soft corals, and peachy tones. I’m aiming for soft and joyful, and I want to smile when I walk in the room thinking about my works in progress.

  354. My next painting project is my bedroom! We haven’t touched it and we moved in two years ago! I want to do a calming gray— but gray can be tricky to get right!

  355. I need to repaint every room in my house after being here 15 yrs. I love knowing which paint you recommend, Melissa, i.e. Glidden. I admire your work and blog and trust your experience!! Can’t wait to see your new home!

  356. Diane Westbrook says

    I, along with all of your followers are waiting….waiting…waiting to see your new house and all the wonderful things that you will do to make it your home! I asked about your paint colors a long time ago and still have not done any painting…it is time to get started! I love the colors that you chose and hope to soon get my bedroom and bath painted…Thanks to you and Home Depot for the wonderful giveaway of Glidden paint…I am excited for any one who wins it!!!

  357. Hmm. We really need to paint the exterior of our home, and I think my husband would really like to change the color in the bathroom–and then there’s the spot in the master bedroom that he was “touching up” and put the entirely wrong color on. It nows has a lovely painting over it! :-)

  358. I’m in your situation (I moved into a new house and do not like the builder’s color choice…Every room is painted deep taupe!), so I have plans to repaint every room. My first project though, will be to paint the kitchen & adjoining family room, since that’s where I spend the majority of my time! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  359. Heidi Hochstetler says

    We just purchased a fixer upper much closer to all our life activities, schools, and faith community. We have our work cut out for us since all but two rooms were painted a dark blue from top to bottom (including trim, doors, window areas, and vents. So… we’ll likely work on the family room and foyer next (inspired by one of your pictures!). Here’s to brightening up this very blue, dark house!

  360. I can’t wait to repaint my living room! My kids have put a ton of crayon marks on the wall and it’s ready for a new color

  361. I actually just finished helping a friend paint their master bedroom! Now it’s my turn! I just started redoing my room before I start school and I want to change it up to match. It’s been the same color since I moved in 6 years ago, and it wasn’t my first choice. I’d love to be able to finish before school in September. Thanks for this opportunity and I love your blog! :)

  362. I’m dying to repaint our hallway, my mother and me tried to tackle that job quite unsuccessfully the first time!

  363. Susan wilky says

    I’m in the midst of deciding on colors for my bedroom, living room and hallway. Painting is like therapy!

  364. I will be painting our kitchen and living room.

  365. Two wooden rockers on my porch

  366. We were rookies when we bought a townhouse in DC area and the one we chose is NOT working for me. Looks like we can’t afford to move at this time. It needs refreshing top to bottom to help my mental health. I need happier on-trend colors/combos.

  367. Must paint my mother’s front entry hall. It’s naked and cold after I removed the old, water-stained wallpaper.

  368. Lea Ogborn says

    My next projects are to paint the walls in our laundry rooms and to paint our upstairs bathroom cabinets. Eek, I’ve never painted cabinets before!?

  369. I have to repaint the stripes I painted in my living room over 15 years ago and sure could use some good paint. Fingers crossed!

  370. I have several pieces of wooden furniture that friends and family have given me that I’m looking forward to painting now that I have some free mornings!

  371. Have always returned to your site to look at your kitchen for inspiration… time and time again! I am “slowly” trying to update my kitchen, and it is a long “work in progress”… but your blog inspires me to keep on track!

  372. My next project would be our home office/project room…just finished a mood board for the husband to get him on board…but paint is first. Second is the girls bedroom…from dreary dark green to a vintage dusty pink (THAT should be a ton of work! But want to use a paint that will get the job done and last)

  373. Rebecca Davidson says

    We are buying a new house & will be painting it from top to bottom. I’ve never used Glidden paint but I’m thrilled to read your review. I’m definitely going to buy enough to paint our 1st room so I can make my own raving review of its quality! If it is as good as you say it is, I’ll definitely use it for the rest of the house.

  374. I’m closing on a fixer upper in the next few weeks. It has good bones but has not been updated since the 70’s. First on foremost on my list of to do’s is paint my son’s new bedroom.

  375. Esther Riehl says

    My daughters room, it never got painted and is in need of a whole new makeover!!

  376. I just finished painting our office/craft/guest room with Behr. Our next project is the living room and I have been curious about Glidden. I might have to try that out! I have my samples mixed in Behr right now, Have you noticed a big difference in colors mixed in Behr vs. Glidden?

  377. Thank you for always inspiring me to love the home I have and make it mine!

  378. We just bought a new house where the previous home owners had interesting choices in color. So, our next painting project would be…our entire house :)

  379. HI my next project is actually painting the small hall bath and the shades of grey you chose are very inspirational

  380. I live with the stiffness and soreness of fibromyalgia, but this fall I’m planning to paint an old hoosier cupboard I bought several years ago. Either brown or a nice sage green. I love Home Depot. :)

  381. Considering my dining room and living room ceiling meet in the middle and are two different colors, I would love to finish painting our living room!

  382. My next painting project will be the foyer and hallway leading to the bedrooms.

  383. Basement reno needs paint. I think a soothing gray would be good. Thanks for the giveaway!

  384. Tina McNamara says

    We are finishing up a remodel in our living room right now but next up on the list is my youngest daughters bedroom. It is painted royal blue, lime green & purple. It matched her bedspread at the time. Now that she’s grown and gone (new empty nesters). I want to paint it a light blue or yellow and make it my guest room. Thanks for the give-a-way!

  385. all my interior doors…just need to get ‘motivated’…painting is def not my ‘favorite’ thing to do but like you, when I do it, I want it to ‘last’ and look good…:)

  386. Rolanda Taylor Enroth says

    We just returned to the U.S. after spending five and a half years in Central America.
    We’re buying a new house in Florida and you know the colors developers use: builders white! lol
    As you know, your taste can change over the years. While in Central America we used bright but not traditionally Caribbean colors. Now, we’re going for casual elegance. For us, that means modern neutrals such as gray, with accents of aqua and orange.
    Yes, we’re painting 9 rooms!
    It would be a wonderful homecoming to win that $100.00 gift card!

  387. KitsyKeelSmith says

    I would love to try Gliddon paint on my basement living room. It is very dark down there with only one small window, so it would be fun to find just the right color to lighten things up a bit (a lot.)

  388. My front door!

  389. Land’s sakes~ Our ceilings need painted something fierce around here!

  390. Our whole downtairs which is one giant room including entry way, living room, dining room and kitchen! Would love to change from yellow to a nice light grey!

  391. Our youngest son just bought his
    first home. He is adding a wall
    between his kitchen and laundry
    area. Also, his bathroom and extra
    bedroom need painting!
    Thanks, Cindi

  392. Nicole Sender says

    Wow, could I use this gift card!! I plan on painting my kitchen. It will not be an easy task.

  393. My poor little wall papered foyer, the last frontier. It would be done by now,except for that two story high ceiling thing…..scrawy

  394. Next up on our to-paint list are two bathrooms. We’ve got a few things to repair in there, and then we’ll be ready to hit the walls and ceiling with brushes and rollers!

  395. I’ve painted a few rooms but I still have the builder’s flat paint in many areas and it marks incredibly easily. After an A/C disaster that had water cascading down my wall and dripping from the ceiling, I’m ready to paint that area with higher quality paint!

  396. Rebekah Smith says

    My next painting projects are our living areas (living room, dining room, kitchen, hall) and my son’s room. I almost bought Glidden when I just painted my dauggter’s room. I wish I would have as I wasn’t happy with the paint I ended up buying.

  397. our next project to paint has to be the downstairs family room in the home we just bought. dark wood built-ins (not the pretty kind) and grass-green paint on the walls. yikes!

  398. My next project is to paint my bedroom! And I want to paint it that exact shade of gray you use :)

  399. The wall betw my kitchen & dining room needs a pop of color or something. I started adding chevron stripes last fall at the top of the wall and the black paint bled through the stencil. The wall isn’t a smooth surface, it’s lightly textured, so now I know.

  400. My kitchen really needs to be freshened up first. Then on to the living room.

  401. Since we moved in to our 58year old home 11 months ago we also have every room to paint since we bought the home from the original owners. Need I say more??!! We are in a long process for sure. So what room is next to be painted….??? Let’s see… it the kitchen I work in every day, or the breeze way that greets us first every day when we return home. Or shall it be our son’s room which really needs to be boyafied!!!!!! (Is that a word???) Both bathrooms are miserable excuses for relaxation, I really hate using the one that the plumbing for the toilet actual works. It needs a major overhaul, including taking down that cabinet on the opposite wall that you must be careful not to hit your head on when you rise from the thrown. Oh, let’s not discuss the full bath decked out in 50’s blue tile, two layers of glorious floral wallpaper, and blue floral glass globe lights hanging above each sink. And trim, yes the home needs new trim to be cut, nailed in and painted after we remove that tall rubber trim that graces the kitchen and both baths. So I am not sure what paint project will scream the loudest and get painted next, maybe what ever room I am in with said paint brush is in my hand at the time I have a few moments and I have had enough of that room. Story to be continued………..

  402. I have never painted my living room because I like the color, but I am thinking I want to try a gray.

  403. Hi ~ right at this moment I am picking colors for my master bedroom and master bathroom. :)

  404. I love your choice of colors & follow your blog daily. I also refer customers to take a look. “The Inspired Room” is such an appropriate title! Thank you!

  405. We are preparing our house to be sold so bedrooms are currently being painted. However, we need inspiration for our new home and this article was perfect for that!

  406. Oh, the basement is the big project on my list! It’s been ignored for too long!

  407. Dining room – I am slowly painting our entire house. I need to cover up some very “lovely” faux paint in there!!!

  408. Actually, right now I am in the middle of a couple of painting projects. I am painting my living room, and have the paint color picked out for the bathroom that we are also in the middle of re-doing.

  409. I love your gray colors. I’m looking for a nice gray for my bedroom, which is up next on the “to paint” list!

  410. We just had our living room and foyer painted (high ceilings) and I am ready to tackle the half bath now- farewell builder’s beige.

  411. I have several rooms that could use some sprucing up. My husband always says to go ahead since paint is cheaper than therapy! :)

  412. I would love to win this! We will be paneling our master bedroom in the VERY near future and I will need to repaint it all! About 7 years ago we were told we would be moving for my husband’s job so we painted the master bedroom and bathroom a beigey yellow. Well of course then we didn’t end up moving and I’ve hated this paint color for years. Why have I lived with it?? I don’t know. All I know is this is the year. It’s going.

  413. my next paint project is our master bathroom! this would be such a huge help

  414. My next painting project will be two antique bedroom sets. They are in rough shape (peeling veneer, water damage, etc.) but I’m going to try to salvage them. Wish me luck!

  415. I am going to be painting my bedroom and bedroom floor!!!

  416. Katherine Dunn says

    Talk about paint projects! We are restoring a 1944 Colonial brick home and an 1801 farmhouse. We have tons of rooms to paint. We would love to win this gift card. Blessings!

  417. Your home is lovely! Oh gosh… what don’t I want to paint? I feel like I have so many little side projects but the big one would be painting my girls’ room. We recently moved and I would love for them to once again have a beautiful space.

  418. Love your color choices and looks like the paint quality is perfect!

  419. My next painting project is my bedroom. I just need to find the time and energy to get it done!

  420. Susan Hatcher says

    My bedroom and bath will be next to be painted. But have several others needing it done. I don’t paint…so will have to hire it done. Thanks.

  421. Good to know that the Glidden did well over time. Fall gets me in the mood to paint!

  422. I discovered Glidden High Endurance in eggshell 2 years ago makes an affordable alternative to chalk paint(less than $10 a quart & it goes a long way!). No sanding or priming-this stuff sticks to just about anything. It distresses beautifully! My table I painted 2 years ago looks just as amazing as it did when I finished it. Haven’t tried it on my walls YET..but with a kitchen & laundry room redo in the works this giveaway would be a perfect opportunity to try it out. Here’s to hoping mine turns out as dreamy as yours!

  423. My son’s room is my next painting project! He just started college and I’m lucky that for now he wants to live at home, I’d really like to give him a more “grown up” in his room, paint is key! Thanks!

  424. Mandy Wren says

    Laundry Room! Have never used Glidden before but after reading your review, I’m interested to try it out! Thanks so much!!

  425. Kera Barenaba says

    After two years we’re finally painting our master bathroom! It has been an ongoing debate what color, but we have finally agreed on The One color!

  426. Jean Elliott says

    I am going to be painting my kitchen cabinets in my new condo. Would love to win this prize!

  427. I will be painting my foyer and up our staircase. Not looking forward to it.

  428. My next painting project is our basement play room :)


  429. I recently found out I’m pregnant, so my boyfriend will be painting a nursery now that we are moving into a new apartment that can accommodate our growing family. We’ve wanted this for a long time and we can’t wait to become parents! We’re thinking a neutral color so we can continue to grow our family in the future, but I think once we know the gender it might be hard to stick with this plan. We both have a tendency to go overboard and get too excited!

  430. Painting a few rooms in an old California victorian. The construction year is estimated between 1892-1920 ish. So as you can imagine the walls and moulding are fascinating and have great personality. I love them but covering them with paint will be interesting and I know I am going to need that high quality Glidden Paint! The Laundry room with be a light but sunny yellow. The Bathroom will be a light tuscany-type orange. What a great giveaway! Thank you for doing this! Fingers crossed!

  431. Painting my apartment ceilings. I’d love to try a barely pink white. Hopefully it will make the rooms glow. The problem is finding a white with just a drop of pink without looking dingy. Living room, kitchen, hallway and the master bedroom also need inspirational wall color. Any suggestions on a white color would be most appreciated. Wish me luck!

  432. We have lived in our home for 20 years and are in the process of repainting every room. Next up is my husband’s office which is currently a deep burgundy. I can’t wait to lighten this room up! Home Depot is alway our first stop for all of our home projects.

  433. The next room on the hit list: the laundry room. It is utilitarian in nature and could use some life. I do spend a good bit of time in there, after all. :)

  434. Ali Celestino says

    We just purchased our home a year ago and are remodeling and we will be painting the bathroom, and the kitchen after the remodel.

  435. Mary Jean Collett says

    We live in an older home and remodeling the bathroom is our next project. The pictures have given me a few ideas and the giveaway would be the perfect way to get the job rolling! Thank you for the promotion.

  436. I would love to paint my living room. It’s too drab.

  437. Our next paint project is our family room! Slowly trying to rid our house of all the brown blah from the previous owners!

  438. Thanks for the giveaway! I love those shades of gray. My next painting project is my living room, currently a terrible beige. Very soon, it’ll be a beautiful gray.

  439. My next painting project is part of a basement fix-up.

  440. Next project is painting kitchen walls! (just had all the old 30+ year old wallpaper removed)

  441. I would like to paint my living room.

  442. I would love to repaint my laundry room.

  443. Kitchen-will be doing a remodel soon.

  444. We would like to redo our living room and our kitchen dining room. These are the rooms we live in. T&I love our home. Something fresh & new, this is our last home and we would like paint that is durable & classy. Thank you!

  445. Julia Molewyk says

    My daughter really wants to paint her room, so I think that is our next painting project. Thanks for the Glidden recommendation and chance to win.

  446. My downstairs powder room is in desperate need of a makeover!!!

  447. Emily McKenna says

    We moved into our home 6 years ago; at that time we had three kiddos under five and I’d like to think that’s the reason we have yet to finish painting! Our next project is a basement den/craft/storage/guest room space that will require some creative thinking.

  448. My daughter’s bedroom may be our next project. We are going through her room and changing it from a girl’s room to a teenager’s room. She is requesting gray to go with her love of teal accents.

  449. I want to paint my studio-office. It needs a facelift for sure.

  450. I would like to paint my kitchen – again!

  451. I really need to finish a dresser that I started sanding a while ago. My daughter is using the dresser even though I did not finish it.

  452. Nitasha manchanda says

    Gorgeous post – thanks for giveaway

  453. I’d like to paint my daughter’s room.

  454. Polly Sallas says

    Sweet friend going thru a horrible divorce needs LOTS of painting done to sell the family home.

  455. Sue Gietzen says

    After 21 years we are doing the whole house. Just retired and need a change.

  456. Our next paint project is to paint the dining room a grey color

  457. Our next paint project is definitely the master bed and bath!

  458. getting ready to tackle the kitchen: cabinets, windows, doors, trim, ceiling and walls.

  459. We have been slowly painting our house that we’ve been in for three years. I still need to paint some interior doors black, and then need to paint our upstairs bathrooms. Thank you for the giveaway!

  460. I would love to paint my bathroon

  461. Christina W. says

    We just moved into a new house and had most of the rooms painted, except for the kitchen. I am regretting that decision. So…I would paint kitchen. I love the gray you picked too, polished gray.

  462. My son’s bedroom needs some white paint to freshen things up!

  463. Becky Handshew says

    My bedroom! Since buying our house 5 years ago, the basement, living room and bathroom have all received a splash of colour. My daughter’s room has been painted twice! It’s time to put myself first and makeover our bedroom.

  464. There are so many areas we still need to paint. Our upstairs bathroom is probably next. I can’t stand the ugly wallpaper anymore.

  465. Maybe the laundry room but wondering if it’s worth it. A lot of hassle to move the washer and dryer. :-)

  466. I have been a painting fool all year (we’re doing the entire exterior now). The next project will be interior doors. This sounds like the perfect paint since doors are handled over and over again. Thanks for the giveaway. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  467. I think my next painting project will be the living room. It’s been a nice cream (Belvedere Cream) for 7 years now and I think I want to go to white. Of course, that plan also involves slipcovering a chair and putting down new floors. If you give a wife a paintbrush, she’ll want… :)

  468. Next project? How about an entire house! We’re currently building our first home and while I may keep some rooms the standard color the builder will paint them, I am definitely going to be tackling most of a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house! I could definitely use a little help on some paint and I am loving these colors by Glidden.

  469. Beth Brown says

    We have a lot of painting projects coming up – first we will tackle the hall and bath and then we will move to the livingroom!

  470. Paige Lord says

    pick me! have all five kids in school for two of my weekdays, there are projects everywhere, rooms begging to be painted!

  471. I would love to paint the kitchen/dining room in our parsonage, but it’s just not in the budget right now.

  472. We moved into an 85 year old farmhouse two years ago. We have painted/remodeled the lower level and now need to move up the stairs. There is not an inch that hasn’t needed paint!!

  473. I would love to paint our master bath!

  474. I have several rooms in my house that need to be repainted, but the first one I’d like to do would be my bedroom and half-bath.

  475. my next paint project will be my foyer and stairwell…cause after 7 years of 2 children and a crazy dog it needs it!

  476. Melissa L. says

    Our painting project will be my daughter’s room. We plan on painting it purple for her, and I’m hoping it won’t take too long to finish. Thanks for the great post and giveaway!

  477. Jamie Lockard says

    Love the Glidden wood smoke color. My next project is actually at my Mom’s house…we need to do the downstairs bathroom and the two upstairs bedrooms.

  478. I’d love to paint the 2nd floor hallway; our sons bedrooms, 2 closets, a bathroom and the door to the 3rd floor are all off that hallway, so it gets plenty of traffic. And after having painted a mural on all the walls and part of the ceiling (never again – I now know my talent does NOT lie there…), it could use a crisp, clean antique white, in our 220+ year-old farmhouse.

  479. I would love to paint the eat-in area of our kitchen. First I need courage to strip off the wallpaper!

  480. Kitchen and laundry room ,which you can see from kitchen. Need color to lighten it all up.Thanks

  481. My next painting project will be either the bathroom or the huge finished attic/upstairs playroom.

  482. I can’t wait to repaint our master bedroom and bathroom (right now it is the builder Swine color, as you call it:)

  483. remove the dining room wall paper and paint it instead. Can’t wait :-)

  484. I would love to tackle my laundry room,that is the first room you step into from the garage.and it would be nice to have a nice welcome:) home.

  485. My next painting project will be to transform my master bedroom!

  486. I’ve painted the upstairs of our home and now the basement is crying out for some much needed attention! And I LOVE The Glidden Duo paint! I painted over darker paint and only had to use one coat… And it looks amazing! I made my sons double check the walls because I thought it was to good to be true! Made me giddy and saved me so much time! And Heron Gray is s beautiful color!?
    Thanks for the opportunity…and sharing your gifts and talents!

  487. White paint for all the trim in our new house!

  488. Gina H Tucker says

    Paint project in my house? Bathrooms!
    Let the contest/painting begin.
    Thanks for the inspiration,

  489. I will be painting…EVERYTHING! We are under contract for my dream home and I can’t wait to move in and get started :D

  490. Kim Henrichs says

    The kitchen is my next project. It is long overdue!!

  491. I just bought a sample of Glidden last night at Home Depot! I will be using it to paint my daughter’s bedroom. I have multiple other projects around the house. I need to finish a hallway and 2 bathrooms. And then I plan to tackle the laundry room walls and cabinets. Painting is like laundry, it never ends. (:

  492. Aimee Norton says

    will repaint my daughter’s bathroom a beautiful gray color to go with her frozen themed bedroom. hopefully will transition well into a possible guest room bathroom when we demolish and redo the whole upstairs…eventually :

  493. I would love to paint my bedroom. It is a very dull off -white now and I would love to brighten it up.

  494. My next project will be our hallway! I just discovered Glidden this year, and it is awesome!

  495. Where to start? The whole interior and exterior of our house needs painting! I’d like to get the nursery done next though!

  496. We will be painting our garage door.

  497. Cynthia Abelow says

    I am getting ready to paint the hall bathroom that is still sporting the dingy beige trim and beadboard it has had since we moved in 8 years ago.

  498. This is great, painting can be a real hassle and messy, but the result, the finished product is well worth it.

  499. Our 30 year anniversary of being in our home falls this very week! In May I painted the paneled wall behind the fireplace but the rest of the living room has not seen a paintbrush since the former owner painted it to sell. My goal this fall: paint all the way around the living room and down the hall to pull it up to match my restyled decor! Go Glidden!

  500. What is it about the end of summer and the need to spruce up everything ? I also caught the pale grey bug and slowly turned beige white to gray. So now my attention is being pulled to the downstairs little bathroom. It is a pale light blue and I think it needs a freshening up coat of different. It also is small and manageable so here we go!!!!!! blue tape ready.

  501. All the “not quite white but not cream either” builder beige-y woodwork and doors! Trim is going a crisp white and the doors are going black – I’m so danged excited! Thanks for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  502. We desperately need to paint our bedroom (dull whitish walls) and our living room (pale shortbread yellow–I’m ready to move on!)

  503. We lost everything in a fire in January, and after a lot of drama and confusion were able to move into a house that a friend owns. The people who rented it before us TRASHED it, so we have painted every room upstairs, and our next project is the basement. I HATE painting, but I LOVE the finished result!!

  504. We just bought a new house and I can’t wait to start painting. Good quality paint is worth the added expense.

  505. The room over the garage is my next big job. Painted floor, walls and ceiling!

  506. Thank you for the review! Our next project is painting the entry way. With 5 kids I need a paint that is going to last for years and stand up to a lot of traffic. I have never used this brand of paint before and might just give it a try for this large space!

  507. Benny Sequeira says

    My craft/guest room would be the next project.

  508. The Inspired Room is hands-down my favorite blog! I love your book “Love the Home You Have” and encourage anyone that has not read it to do so. Can’t wait to see the new home and what you do with it! We had our house built in 1993 and I have repainted every room in the house (multiple times!) except for the master bedroom, but I plan to very soon. I would love to win the $100 Home Depot gift card!

  509. Laura Robinson says

    My next project is my living room!

  510. My living room and dining room are my next paint projects.

  511. I need to paint my living room.

  512. Barbara Dahlstedt says

    My next project is the master bath. I have been thinking a soft gray to highlight a curved wall in the room behind the tub.

  513. My next painting project will be my bedroom

  514. We moved into our house about a year and a half ago, and I still have the Master Bedroom to paint! It has very high ceilings which is probably why I have put it off for so long. But not a day goes by that I don’t dream of fresh paint. I have had new carpeting installed and fresh draperies custom made for the room, which includes an en suite bathroom – and nothing matches the paint on the walls!

  515. Susan Christy says

    I want to paint my laundry room and I’ve picked the color – Glidden’s Orange Slice.

  516. My next project should be my son’s room. It has not been painted in about 12 years!!

  517. I have also *almost* painted all of the rooms AND lovely orange/wood trim in our house. The last project to tackle is our upstairs loft….I held off because it’s full of tedious trim!

  518. My master bedroom needs some new paint desperately!

  519. We’re closing on our new home on September 15th, so our upcoming painting projects are ENDLESS! I’m itching to get started!

  520. I currently have over 6 swatches on my kitchen wall. I’m struggling to find the “perfect” color and I’ve been debating between something light vs something a little more bold. decisions. decisions!

  521. My next project would be our guest bathroom! And then OUR bathrooom!

  522. My next project is definitely my living room and kitchen! They are looking pretty rough.

  523. I’m going to paint cabinetry in guest bathroom.

  524. We are converting a spare bedroom into a playroom for our kids. The first step is new paint, and we want the kids to have input because they are the ones who will spend their time in there.

  525. oh my I have to paint the outside of our home

  526. Cynthia Diaz says

    I have two daughters in college. Their rooms have been sitting empty for a few years now, unless they come for an occasional visit. I would love to give them a fresh new look with paint among one of the changes.

  527. My living room is my next painting project.

  528. My next project is a nursery for our new baby!

  529. I need to paint my teenage daughter’s room to update the electric lime green paint we painted when she was a toddler. My baby is growing up. She wants gray.

  530. Teresa Cline says

    I’m planning to paint two doors in our entryway.

  531. i want to paint my livin room and dining room. I love the polished grey.

  532. I’m happy it’s Sept! Now that school has begun I’m going to paint the big ” family” bathroom. It has great bones but needs a little facelift!

  533. Brandi Young says

    My next paint project will be my living room and hallway. I’m going to open the wall in the living room and expose the original fireplace and plan to paint when that project is finished.

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