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Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

by | May 9, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

When we first found our house and started dreaming up ideas for the living room, we had a vision of incorporating a window bench on one side of the room. As we continued dreaming and planning, we started veering away from a built-in bench and leaning toward finding a free standing daybed that could serve as additional seating as well as a comfy spot for napping, reading and even function as a guest bed for our niece or nephew.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

If you are new to The Inspired Room, this room’s special feature and a focal point is the big windows that bring in beautiful light and offer a view to the backyard, the sky and Puget Sound beyond. In order to incorporate the view into the ambience of this space, we pulled our main conversation area away from the fireplace and located it more towards the center of the room.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

It’s not a tiny room, nor is it a huge space, it’s just right. Centering the smaller scale sofas in the room offers enough breathing room to move about easily, but also keeps the space feeling inviting, cozy and comfortable.

To arrange this room for now, we brought in the small wingback linen sofa (one we already had, at least for the time being) to face out the windows and pulled the leather sofa to face the center of the fireplace. This creates a nice balance for the conversation area and incorporates both focal points, the fireplace and the view. A chair angled by the fireplace toward the windows and new daybed rounds out the conversation area.

Bamboo blinds from Select Blinds will be hung above the windows (they won’t impede the view when they are raised), which will bring a finishing touch to the room and nice texture and definition to the windows. (To order blinds or shades, you can get the best possible deal using my referral link here).

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}
I love that the daybed is close enough to the furniture area to be included, but was able to sit just outside enough to feel like a you could relax there while other people chatted elsewhere in the room. It will also make the coziest spot next to the fireplace in the winter.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

We shopped around for a daybed in a style that would not look too much like a “bed” nor did we want a formal living room sofa. We needed something somewhat airy so it would not feel like a big barrier in the room and yet it needed enough weight to feel grounded in that corner.

When we found this rattan daybed, we felt it was just the right piece for this room. Rattan has a bit of that classic “island texture” we feel suits this space, plus it seems to fit in well with the architecture of this house and blends really nicely with our existing furniture, too. It’s open and airy yet solid and sturdy.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

We held our breath for weeks until it was delivered, hoping but of course wondering if it was going to be just as we imagined it would. Our backup plan was to put the daybed downstairs, but we were beyond pleased that it was absolutely perfect for our living room.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

The brass and glass tables we had in our old family room happened to tuck right next to the fireplace, providing an ideal spot for a plant habitat. Plants add so much to a room and I’m pretty sure they will be very happy here soaking in the sunshine.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

I moved the fiddleleaf to the other side of the fireplace as I think it might be just as happy in this corner during the summer.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

We used big Euro shams and pillows we already had and added a few new throw pillows to make it extra cozy, so it’s not only really cute but it’s an inviting place to hang out.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

Jack and Lily immediately claimed this as their spot, and of course, we can’t deny it is indeed the perfect place for them, too. We have extra sets of sheets and pillow cases to keep this bed easy to keep clean, too. The pups will enjoy many hours napping here and gazing out the window at the birds. And let’s be honest, so will we.

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

Our Rattan Daybed {Cozy Corner with a View}

As soon as we get this room painted (yep, still waiting…story of my life) we’ll show you other “updated” angles of the room. We have some adorable botanicals we can’t wait to hang. We have already ordered bamboo shades for this room and cannot wait to see how they will help “finish” this space for now (of course there are always more updates and layers to be added in time!). More details to come! Thanks for following along!


Rattan daybed

Twin mattress for daybed

Macrome white pillow

Navy pom-pom pillow (may be sold out)

Pinstriped pillow cover

Leaf pattern pillow cover

Striped twin sheets

Striped blanket

Blue and white rug

Leather pouf (similar)

Round rattan mirror

Coffee table (may be sold out)

Seagrass basket tray on coffee table

Blue and white painted striped vase

Brass tables as plant stands (may be sold out)

Gray wingback chair

Linen wingback settee

Set of 3 wood candlestick holders

Blue and white euro pillows with ties (may be sold out)

Blue and white knit square pillows (may be sold out)

Fireplace makeover details

Wall color: Swan White by Glidden


  1. Linda Stoll

    Ah, Melissa, the pooches say it all … comfort, peace, quiet.


  2. Sandy

    The room is coming together so nicely. I love the last photo of the babes.

  3. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    I LOVE it! And everything you did to make your space feel like a garden room is perfection.
    The pups are too cute. What precious pictures. :) They look so happy and content. Hope they are good at sharing. Heehee!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Diane! They are bed hogs so we will be working on their sharing skills! :-D

  4. Barb

    I was just wondering where Jack was in all those photos, but then at the end, you didn’t disappoint! Just like the old house, with the dogs looking out the window. You realize that when Jack and Lily are in the pictures, you could have cardboard furniture and we wouldn’t notice! :)

  5. Christie

    The rattan daybed is perfect for the vibe you want and the era of the house! Those plants add a lot of beauty too. Fun to see the room come together.

  6. Linda Grubbs

    Perfect ! I love it. Your new home is coming together so nicely! Loved seeing Jack and Lillie too!

  7. Linda

    I love your daybed and absolutely love, love, love your dogs❣

  8. laney

    …perfectly perfect…to match the view..blessings…laney

  9. Louise

    I LOVE the blue and white pottery, so fresh, and the soft blue and white theme. Great room! Jack and Lily responsible for comedy, sitting there claiming their space. Wondering what kinds of funny business float past their view these days.

  10. Sue Wynne

    I love it, and love how you styled the mantle, too!

  11. Gwen Hostetler

    Love the daybed! Are all the plants you use in your home real?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, they are real plants! I love the garden feel they bring to this room. And they are pretty easy to take care of so far, so that’s a bonus as I haven’t been known for my green thumb! So far so good!

  12. Cheryl in Kansas

    Wow…this room is perfect….so inviting but then I am a blue and white girl from way back. So love the day bed idea…bet those fur babies think you did this just for them…they look happy and content! So happy for you that your new home is coming together so nicely…looking forward to the next reveal. Happy decorating!!!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m enjoying pulling it together and can’t wait to share more, thank you for following along Cheryl!

  13. Cathy

    What a beautiful view you have! I love daybeds; they’re so versatile!

  14. Lisa E

    It’s coming together so nicely. Like others, I especially love the pics with your dogs in them looking out the window.

  15. Amy

    Love the pic of the 2 pups looking out the window! Yes, they will be doing a lot of wildlife watching from that vantage point. We have a new puppy and I could see him just gnawing the top corners of the armrests. Hopefully your dogs have outgrown the chewing stage and can be trusted with the corners! Looking forward to seeing the room when painted. The views are amazing for sure!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Amy. Yes, we have another rattan piece in our house with chew marks :). Fond memories of their puppy-hood!

  16. Linda

    Melissa I was just thinking it has been awhile since I’ve seen Jack and Lily and boy are they going to love their new daybed! Your painted fireplace, new room arrangement and cozy daybed makes me want to curl up there with the pups and finish reading your wonderful new book!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Well thank you, Linda! Jack and Lily are sure loving the new spot and I’ll have to get them into more posts now that we are getting settled. They are adding such a cute touch to the new house, they are my favorite accessories. :-D

  17. Lynn Wolf

    What a gorgeous room and view!! It looks so inviting and comfortable. The perfect spot to relax and hang out. Jack and Lily are lucky dogs :)

  18. Suzanne

    This is such a beautiful room. All of the light it gets is wonderful. I also love all of your plants!

  19. Sara

    Very pretty!

  20. Barbara (WA)

    What a beautiful and inviting room – you are amazing! What I really love? Those huge windows and those darling pups. ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, Barbara, the windows are an amazing feature we are so grateful to have. And the pups make a wonderful addition to any room! :)

  21. Gretchen Mercer

    I want to move right into this room! It is so fresh and pretty down to every detail. Rattan is very appealing to me, especially when it’s mixed in with other kinds of furniture. I think it automatically gives the look of comfort and collected over time. The daybed was quite the find!
    Your sweet pups are like the icing on the cake in your pictures. We share with our furry children as well. Thanks for a warm smile this morning.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Gretchen! The mix of furniture is fun, I’m enjoying it as a part of my other things. You are right, it definitely adds a collected feeling which is nice! :) <3

  22. Sue Davies

    Love the day bed, all the pillows and the blue throughout. I also love all the plants as they bring in the green from that beautiful view outside your windows. You may have to fight the dogs for who gets to nap there!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Indeed, I’m sure it will be an ongoing battle but it’s fun to have a spot we all enjoy! :)

  23. Deanna Rabe

    Its just right, Melissa! I love rearranging furniture, and this arrangement, with your view is one I’d love to hang out in! Your family and guests will feel so at home!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Deanna. It is fun to finally land on an arrangement that is working! <3

  24. Rebecca Turner

    Oh, I love the “Island” direction this room is headed! To borrow an expression from the Brits, it’s “brilliant”!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! I think it’s going to come together well with that unexpected twist, thank you!

  25. Jo Jo

    Oh, Mellisa, you’ve done it again! Now I have to have a day bed in my living room. ? Actually our huge sectional already provides that, but your day bed is lovely and such a well thought out addition to your room! I love it! With those gorgeous expanse of Windows and equally ( to die for!) view, you’ve really made this room very light and airy and coastal/ island chic! Kudos! Can’t wait to see the rest! ❤️

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha, I’ve had many daybeds but never one in my living room. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome for feeling like you are on a retreat in your own home! Thank you, it’s coming along! Very slow and steady :). Thank you Jo Jo, your comments always brighten my day!

  26. Stephanie

    I love the pieces in this room, the daybed looks so cozy! The view out that window is just gorgeous! I’m not a fan of all the plants though, they just aren’t my personal style and makes it feel cluttered & overwhelmed to me. Haha, that could be because I’m not able to keep houseplants alive for long. But I do like the big one on the far left.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Ha! well, I LOVE garden rooms and have always enjoyed so many elements of British colonial tropical style like white walls, tropical plants and pieces from around the world. This room was the perfect place to bring those pieces together. I love that they clean the air, too. I pick easy to care for plants, though because like you, I haven’t been known for my green thumb. The big windows and light in the room makes it a perfect spot for them, though and so far they have been super easy to care for and we love them!

  27. Leanne

    I absolutely love it! What a cozy space!

  28. Meg | Hello Farmhouse

    I love love love daybeds in the living room! I’m trying to convince my husband that we need one in ours. Yours looks amazing in this space!

  29. Nancy Levesque

    This room looks amazing! What a view! Can you tell me where the console table is from? Thanks!

  30. Mar

    I’ve really enjoyed The Inspired Room. Read it through completely and keeping it for reference when
    needed. I have a couple of questions: First, where did you find your pantry labels? And, second, please tell me aboutI your coffee bar. My husband loves a cup of real coffee but I cannot stand the odor of a coffee pot on in my house all day. We bought a Kurig coffee maker, but he doesn’t think it tastes like a real brewed cup of coffee. How does the coffee taste compared to brewed coffee and where did you purchased it, as I would assume it is odorless. Many thanks.

  31. Airdrie Burns

    Love the room and LOVE your furry family – what is the breed?

  32. Corinna - ADesignerAtHome

    That daybed is seriously so dreamy! I love it! And I am loving all the plant life. I could drink a lot of tea in this space. ;)

  33. Jennifer Lewis

    Did you paint the base of the round coffee table? It looks darker than the top and the link to Birch Lane shows that the wood is all the same color. Just curious. Love the look.

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