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9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed
House Beautiful

Hang a single painting

Hang a large basket

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed

Hang a statement mirror

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed
Design Sponge

Hang art on a shelf/ledge

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed
House Beautiful

Use small frames to create a gallery wall grid

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed
The Painted Hive

Hang large art in place of a headboard

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed
Jen Kay Home Tour via The Everygirl

Add something with dimension

9 Ways to Decorate Above a BedThe Everygirl / Alaina Danielle Home Tour

Fill the wall with art pieces

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed

Hang sconces with art in between

This month we’ll be periodically focusing on bedrooms as a part of our Best of the Best series. I hope you’ll enjoy the fresh inspiration for your sanctuary!

9 Ways to Decorate Above a Bed


  1. Christine

    Great ideas! I am so in love with the tobacco basket idea over the bed I may have to move mine from the dining room!

  2. Sheila

    I’m always wary of anything that could fall off the wall in an earthquake. I like hanging a quilt or other fabric or textile art over the bed – if it falls on me, at least it’s soft!

  3. Kay

    Interesting! I hung a large U.S. flag on the wall behind our bed, but it wasn’t quite right. So, I am on the hunt for something that IS right. I think I’ll opt for an art ledge, which is perfect for someone who changes her mind frequently.

  4. Linda

    I buy a new calendar every year anyway, so one year I bought one with art I really liked and when the year was over I framed 6 of the pictures that I loved in black frames and they hang over our bed. Each year when I buy a calendar I think about how I might use the art I love in them around my house.

  5. Rachel

    I love all these! I actually have a couple of these images pinned on Pinterest already! :) I am struggling with deciding whether or not we should move our bed in front of our window or leave it against the wall. I’d love to add something lovely above the bed and when a bed is in front of a window, you lose that opportunity. However, I loved your recent guest room update so much, and you had the bed in front of the window. In our space, moving the bed would allow for a better flow to the room. So I go back and forth. :)

  6. Barbara (WA)

    Looking forward to this series. I began my blog when I was determined to redecorate the Master Bedroom. The last pieces to do are table lamps and something hung above the bed. I purchased a piece of art for that spot but then decided I’d like to see it when I awake so it’s on the chest of drawers. Of course, a plank wall would be perfect but hubby’s list is too long as it is. ?

  7. Michelle Mortensen

    I am in California and I always consider the “earthquake factor”. Anything above the beds in my home has to be soft and somewhat light. Even with those restrictions, there are so many great, creative options to choose from!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  8. Patricia

    I agree with the the earthquake cautions. Where Michelle lives there is a real chance of an earthquake so maybe a list of seven Alternatives that will not knock you out or worse?

    • Carolyn

      I’m a Californian and wouldn’t put a bed right under a window, either. I have just the headboard and two wall lamps, but plan to hang a quilt on the opposite wall, where I can enjoy looking at it!

  9. Lily

    I have such a large and pretty headboard that I have chosen not to put anything on the wall above it. Less is more. I do have artwork on the wall to the side of the bed that compliments it, and I enjoy looking at it while I’m in bed having my morning coffee.

  10. Eclectic Hamilton

    Thank you for the great ideas and inspirations!


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