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My Son’s Bedroom + 5 Gallon Paint Giveaway

by | Aug 4, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, My Seattle House, My Son's Room, Paint Colors

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My Son's Bedroom + 5 Gallon Paint Giveaway

My teenage son’s bedroom

We’ve been busy bees around our house this summer with little projects going on everywhere. Maybe this summer has been like that for you, too. While we’ve relaxed, took a family vacation and plan to take even more time off this month, I’ll admit it’s been so nice to get some projects done, too! I’m excited that we made so much progress so we can enjoy our home even more this fall. Well, except for that we are still hoping to get started with our kitchen, so there’s that.

My Son's Bedroom + 5 Gallon Paint Giveaway
My son’s bedroom before (we removed the carpet and found wood floors before we moved in!)

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve been painting our way around the interior of our house and it looks and feels so good to see fresh wall paint. I’ll show you more of our son’s room once it’s finished, but I was really happy to see the color go up on his walls. It has the craziest textured plaster walls so I was actually a little nervous about how the paint would turn out. But I’m happy to say the color went on just fine and the color is perfect. We chose the color Night Sky Grey by Glidden.

My Son's Bedroom + 5 Gallon Paint Giveaway

In our old house we used Glidden Duo paint + primer for our walls, but the formula has now been replaced with a new and even better product called Diamond. Glidden Diamond is an acrylic paint and primer in one. It’s affordable, easy to roll on and you can get away with just one coat, although we always prefer two. It’s no VOC, so it’s low odor. We love it!

Diamond is especially awesome for kids’ rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other highly trafficked or rough and tumble spaces because you can wash it and even scrub it!

If you are in the mood to spruce up your house this summer or fall, I’m excited to share that Glidden is offering my readers the chance to win 5 gallons of Diamond paint for your next home improvement project!


Enter the giveaway with a comment on today’s post.

What room do you most want to paint?


  1. Kathy

    I love the color you chose for your son’s room!

    We moved into our home a year ago and the previous owner’s colors were crazy. The living room walls were green, orange and yellow. Some of the rooms looked like a crime scene with only one coat of light paint over a previous darker color. We quickly repainted every room just to maintain our sanity:) I am not happy with the color I chose for our guest bedroom/office and main bathroom. Having lived in the space for a year, I want to go with a richer, deeper color in a blue/gray palette.

  2. Linda Stoll

    The Nest … the lovely nook over the garage, all windows and skylights, whispering promise at the haven it will become …

  3. Carmen Gomez (Lilly)

    I was actually able to see this paint in scrubbing action when they introduced it at Home Depot. I was impressed, they pilled on crayons, markers, dirt, food you name it they put it on a tile painted with this paint in a satin or egg shell finish I don’t remember but it was quite matte not shinny. Then they scrubbed it hard with a Commet powder and a sponge which is pretty abrasive stuff and everything came off the tile except the paint itself and it did not dull up either. Yeah, impressive! Good stuff! I haven’t used it yet but next time i paint the walls this will be the to go product, the gallon is less than $30 I used to use their duo and I know it’s good quality paint. Now I sound like a PG representative, lol, I promise you I don’t work for them, I just wanted to back you up on the scrubby goodness.

    • Mrs. H

      Good to know!

  4. rekg

    love your blog. we are needing to repaint our home to get it ready to sell, as we must downsize – the paint would be a wonderful start!

  5. Stephanie Dewey

    My bathroom needs painted, desperately. It’s paneling, which has been painted before, but needs a fresh look!

  6. Kelly

    We moved into our home 2 years ago. Every room needed to be repainted. I had to choose paint colors for the whole house very quickly. I like all of our choices except the master bedroom and bath. I was going for a “spa” blue and ended up with more of a baby boy blue. We have lived with it so far, but I would love to repaint it!

  7. Heidi

    We really need to paint our stairwell and upstairs hallway and our 1/2 bath needs painting too! I am also dreaming of painting my kitchen cabinets white (they are currently a light maple wood).

  8. Shannon M

    We just bought our second home 2 months ago, a 1928 Four Square Craftsman. I have been stripping half a century old multiple layers of wallpaper for 6 weeks during nap times (I have a 4 month old, 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old who love to “help” a little too much if I try to do it when they’re awake lol) and just finished our sunroom. The bare walls are so beautiful to see after so much effort and time! I would love to win 5 gallons of paint! It would be perfect timing for next month too, as I would like to get the living room stripped and painted so we can really enjoy the wood burning fireplace this fall/winter.

  9. Cassie

    We really need to paint the man cave!

  10. Sheila

    I know his may sound crazy but I love to paint! I am always so happy when it’s all finished and you have a clean slate to work with. I want to paint my kitchen which has so much white in it now and I’m thinking an apple green would look charming. I love Glidden paint because it is very forgiving and you can’t make a mistake.

  11. Stacey

    I’m dying to paint my living room…. for memories of the coast in color

  12. Tara G.

    Where do I start?!? It’s like autumn in my new house…orange in the kitchen, red sunroom, and a whole lot of yellow in the 2 story great room/foyer.

  13. Sara

    I’ve been needing to strip the wallpaper in our front room forever. The gray that you used is just exactly what I’ve been thinking of for that room! Just beautiful.

  14. Suzanne Ludwic

    My daughter will be moving to a new home at the end of the month and my grandsons (ages 5 and 8) will have their own playroom! They are VERY excited and I would love to provide paint for the room so they can choose (with gentle guidance!) the color they want. I have always used Glidden paint with confidence. It seems goof proof and believe me, I should know!

  15. Dinelle

    There is a bed room that our daughter wanted painted red. She has been out of the house now & on her own. I have been talking about getting this room painted now for a couple of years.

  16. Samm

    First, can I say your son’s headboard is really a nice take on a male perspective…appropriate, great colour and texture….I too love to paint, our bedroom would be one I would like to tackle. Glidden has been one of first choices for years. You can count on the covering and ease of removing scuffs…So yes our bedroom could use a nice coat in soft bluish-grey…

  17. Martie

    Our whole house needs painted but I would love to start with the living room!

  18. Melissa

    I would like to paint our dining room since it is open to the entryway and one of the first rooms people see. Thanks for sharing the sneak peek of your son’s room. What size is this room?

  19. Laura

    I’d love to paint and get new lighting for my main floor powder room. It’s screaming for a little attention!
    Please post more pictures of your house/progress. Your one or two pictures per post is killing me! I need more :)

  20. Linda

    We are moving and I will have a whole home as my palette! I’m excited and terrified at the same time, so, your blog came at the right time! Thank you Holy Spirit, you always know what I need and lead me there!
    Great advice on the paint and I loved the color of your sons room! Great choice!
    Thank you so much! I will look forward to hearing more tips! I’m sure I will be soaking them up like a sponge! Blessings and peace!

  21. Leah | A Relaxed Gal

    I JIST moved into a new house an all the walls are white. I’d like to paint my great room. Thinking about going for a soft and neutral gray.

  22. Joanne

    I would love to paint our den and give it a fresh new look. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. Amber McKinney

    I would love to paint our bathroom. It’s small and the only room in the house without a window. The previous owners painted the bathroom a bright yellow which is dingy and outdated now. It desperately needs a fresh coat of paint!

  24. Nancy

    Master bath!!!

  25. BLBC

    It’s time to give my kitchen a sparkle with the dazzle of a new wall cover; Glidden’s Diamond would be the perfect accent to add to the “pretty-shiny” to the area.

  26. Anne Marie

    My master bath is in need of wall paper removal and paint. It is long overdue project.

  27. Cheryl

    Would love to upgrade the dark central hallway to a lovely creme. Oh how wonderful that would look against the refinished darker wood floors!

  28. JoAnn

    I’m planning a bedroom spruce up and painting is on the to do list.

  29. Sherry M

    I am in love with your new home. My furnishings are Mid Century Modern in a Minimalist 1950s house. I have chosen to make it more beachy and many of your fresh ideas would fit with my aesthetic. I have lived with the same slightly shell pink Living Room walls for over 10 years. I would love to paint it with a soft warm grey. As we live in the Western New York area with a long grey winters, color choice is important to not get depressing. I love the Benjamin Moore Glass slipper of my bedroom,, which is a restful blue green.

  30. Christie G

    We are looking to repaint our children’s bedrooms – moved to our home a year ago.

  31. Kay

    I am in love with your son’s bed. Does that sound a little crazy? HA! No, really. It looks like corduroy! I want to make corduroy pillows! We moved into our house in October, + already, I’m in the mood to change 2 rooms. Yikes! My husband, G.O., kind of hates when I do that! ;-)

  32. Christy

    I would love to paint our college sons bedroom/office. And our daughter would love to paint her room as well. Actually, my bedroom and bath could use a fresh coat as well.

  33. Mary Burchette (Bella Posto)

    My master bedroom is long overdue for a fresh coat of paint! I’ve put it off because it’s a good size room with cathedral ceilings. It’s a great space, but not exactly cozy. I want it to feel like a refuge, not just a place to sleep at the end of the day. ;)

  34. Deborah

    We just moved into our rental home on Saturday and I am in great need of painting the kitchen and living rooms. We will be here for at least a year as we save and choose our house to buy, but I still need a lovely visual space. 5 Gallons would be enough for all my spaces AND to be able to take to our new home as well!

  35. Patty

    We need to paint our hallway. Hadn’t been painted in about 10 years. Wow that is a long time.

  36. Diane Mayes

    I love the color in your son’s bedroom. Love your blog!

  37. Janice

    My teenage daughter’s room is next on my list to paint. I love the color you chose and can’t wait to see the entire room!

  38. Sue Hamer

    I would love to paint my daughter’s room. She has had a rough couple of years and it would be nice to see a fresh, cheery color in her room! Your
    son’s room looks great!

  39. Stephanie

    We just bought a house last week! We could use paint for every room… But specifically, our 4 kids rooms. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try to win paint;).

  40. Paige Frome

    I’m about to paint our master bedroom! It’s been the same color since the 90s and is ready for a redo. I’ve been enjoying your ‘best of’ the best’ series – thanks for lots of great ideas!

  41. Beth P

    My bedroom needs a major refresh. A new paint color would really make a huge improvement!

  42. Janice C

    I love the color you chose!! I want to paint our basement bedroom and bath. Thanks for the chance!!

  43. Kate

    Love it! I recentry painted our son’s room….such a good feeling to finally get it done this summer!

  44. NRoy

    We have just moved into a brand, new home with white walls everywhere! It desperately needs color, so the Glidden Diamond Paint giveaway would be greatly appreciated!

  45. Lisa H.

    The master bedroom really needs to be painted. It’s the only bedroom that hasn’t been painted since we moved in. I’m embarrassed to say that it’s still that horrible builders’ shade of peachy swine that I have never liked!

  46. Marguerite

    I want to paint my piano/dining room. It is cranberry & we have loved it but it is time for a change. I love being inspired by the Inspired Room & am so glad to learn about the best products for my jobs!

  47. Ashley Bowman

    I am absolutely dying to paint our main living room and entryway! We have lived in our house 2 years and it’s still the same dreary beige that the contractors came in and painted it before putting it on the market to sell. It has gorgeous natural light and high vaulted ceilings but lacking personality! I’m sure Glidden paint could spruce it up and make it feel homey!! And with it being so large that 5 gallons could go along way ?

  48. Chris

    Our master bedroom. It’s time to remove our 20 years of wallpaper and give it a fresh look. I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  49. Anne

    Hi Melissa, thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to paint my library/sitting room. Love your blog- you have great style.

  50. Gloria Kressin

    We just bought a vacation condo in the mountains and every room needs to be painted! Would love to win this giveaway!

  51. Bridey Church

    Our living/dining room is due for an overhaul!! With a large family, scrubbable sounds perfect.

  52. jean James

    We would love to be able to paint our living/family room! Thank you!

  53. Mary

    Love using paint to quickly change a room. Living room, entry and office are next on my list.

  54. Kim Hassell

    We are moving into our new home at the end of the month. Lots of rooms to paint but I think the family room is top of my list! But I reserve the right to change my mind a few times?

  55. Sandie

    I’m ready to paint the kitchen/dining room any day. Just have to choose a color! The master bedroom is ready for a new color, too!

  56. Mary barney

    It’s time for a change in he living room. I’m ready to go for a restful neutral color

  57. Bernadette

    Our bedroom. It is a very boring beige color still from when we moved in. Yuck. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Margaret Fraleigh

    We have plans to renovate our bathrooms. We also want to paint our living room. This past fall we completed the outside with a new roof, siding, doors and outdoor lights. It is now time to start on the inside.

  59. Ardith

    Melissa, this room already looks amazing, so looking forward to the total reveal. This could give the plum room a run for its money. Who am I kidding? The plum room rocks. Well, good thing is you can just walk back and forth between the two rooms anytime you want. They are both gorgeous. Cheers, Ardith

  60. BamaCarol

    We are wanting to redo the basement of our home and instead of the dark, heavy colors down there I am wanting to paint it the same light grey/blue that are now upstairs. I think that would go a long way to getting the darkness out of the basement and open it up so we would go down there more. It is about 2000 square feet of good usable space.

  61. alysa

    Just moved to a new state and new home for new job leaving behind a place we loved. 2 of our 3 kids are with us and one is going to be a senior in a new high school and he has been such a trooper. I would love to start by painting over the pink walls in his bedroom.

    I love you new home and the windows and sunlight you get in the living room. It has become such a happy space form the pictures.

  62. Amy R.

    His room looks great! I love that headboard! Can you share your source for that?

    Thanks for all the inspiration on your blog!

  63. francesca gunn

    The living room!! Oh my goodness. Right now its a sponge painted gold with part of it stenciled. Already picked out colors for the walls and trim but haven’t gotten to it yet.

  64. Ingrid

    Our bedroom needs to get painted, it’s been waiting for four years since we first purchased the house! I love the bed in your son’s room–perfect for a teenage boy!

  65. Jennette Quinn

    We are buying a new house, and need some color in the kids rooms.

  66. Peggy

    I really love the paint color in your son’s room! Does the grey color have blue under tones in it? I’d really love to use that color in my master bedroom!
    Thanks so much for sharing it Melissa!

  67. Marmel

    I have a little lake cottage that is in desperate need of a paint job. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. Kim valadez

    We have been in our little Cape Cod home for nine years and it is time to start painting. We need to do our living room and hallway! We are doing it ourselves, so quality paint is SO important. Because our house is smaller, low VOC is vital!

  69. Paula Nichols

    Our garage and exterior need painting desperately! Thanks for the opportunity! Love the gray color in your son’s room!

  70. sandyc

    I love the textured walls in your son’s room and I’m so glad you didn’t change them. They give an “authentic” look to the room that works very well with the warm and slightly Southwestern “manly” look you’ve created. If you hadn’t titled the post, I would have thought I was looking at a feature room from a design magazine.
    Good job!

  71. Julia

    I’ve been promising my 15 year old she could paint her room for over a year!

  72. Terry

    I am spending the month of August decluttering, and hope to start painting the interior of our house as soon as the weather cools. I’ll probably begin in the dining room, because there is primer on one half of one wall where we had some drywall replaced. Three years ago. Sigh.

  73. Donn

    My son and his family just purchased a home in need of some love and paint. Winning this paint would lighten the load on their budget. Thank you.

  74. Pam Johnson

    I would love to paint our kitchen. It flows into an entry way and family room, so it is hard to determine for painting purposes where one stops and the other starts.

  75. Marcelle

    I’m planning to paint our kitchen again. This paint sounds great for that!
    I love reading your posts, articles and books… Love your style! :)

  76. Trish

    My Master Bedroom is in dire need of an update…

    • Kathy

      Not only repaint, I want to remodel the downstairs, main bathroom in our house…

  77. Ginger

    My bedroom

  78. Ann

    We recently bought a house and the Master Bedroom and Bath need a new paint color. I really enjoy your approach to decorating and your blog!

  79. Jana @ Happy Wife Healthy Life

    I would absolutely love to paint our Master Bedroom! Right now it is a blue, almost turquoise color, that is a little too bright. I would love to do something more subdued and neutral!

  80. Danielle

    I can’t decide between our master bedroom, the yellow kitchen, or the ‘swine’ colored hallway. They all need to be repainted!

  81. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    This would be amazing! We close on our first home tomorrow! :) I love the no voc paints… I’d most want to paint my kitchen. Currently it’s a cranberry kind of color with beige trim and wainscoting… ready for fresh white :)


    My kitchen, dining room, living room, stairway and upstairs hallway are ALL one huge wall! I would repaint the whole thing! It needs it…

  83. Laura

    I’m going to paint the dining room/living room. They’re currently a horrid color called “shell white” (aka pink).

  84. karen

    Everything needs paint around here. Exterior , too. Oh how I LOVE that bed. I always am drawn to Corduroy, I love the texture from those “ribs”. As usual…great job their!

  85. Heidi Hochstetler

    Oh glory! Our master bedroom! It desperately needs help since our move…

  86. Kathy Amoroso

    I just bought my dream house after years of saving up. The kitchen, living and dining room is the most awful green you have ever seen… needs a new paint job stat!

  87. Susan Graton

    This color is perfect for the look I am trying to create in my bedroom. Absolutely love this room. Great job.

  88. Teresa

    I definitely need to freshen up my laundry room with a new color of paint!

  89. sallie sparks

    I so want to repaint my kitchen and the stairway leading to our second floor! It’s just UGH!

  90. Marla L

    We really need to paint alot of rooms!! Its been a while!

  91. Jennifer C.

    My living room!

  92. Leslie Browning

    The foyer!

  93. MarySue

    Is flat enamel your choice in all your rooms?

  94. Gwen Howard

    I would like to paint my kitchen and dining room. I’m already seeing the change in my mind. Just need some paint! ?
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  95. Robin Richards

    I am beginning our home remodel with the master bedroom. I need to paint before ordering new window treatments (which are currently held together with chip clips).
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  96. Melanie Marshall

    I look forward to painting my office–no time like now to freshen and update.

  97. Julie Bresette

    I definitely want to paint my living room and have started dreaming of colors.

  98. Diane

    I would like to get my living room painted first because it is the first room seen by visitors. Every room in the house could use a painting, though. It would help so much to have free paint to get started. Thanks.

  99. Sherri

    My Hallway to the bedrooms! It has nonscrubbable paint and it’s a mess!

  100. Kathy Smith

    I would love to repaint my entire house, but I would start with the master suite. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  101. Pam

    I am looking forward to painting our master bedroom and tiny en suite bathroom. They were both painted when we moved into the house (16 years ago this month!), and have never been repainted – other things have always gotten priority. I would love to give them a fresh look and a new color.

  102. Hope Burru

    I would love to use this paint for my bedroom and dining room.

  103. Joanne Prince

    Hi there…I definitely need to paint my living room/dining area. We purchased our 1967 brick rancher last Sept, and most of the main floor color is (dark baby p….) brown!! Sorry for that description but it’s true. Anyway, I would love to win the paint.

  104. Lana Manis

    My son’s bedroom is first on the list… but we also have plans to paint the living / dining / foyer in the very near future. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  105. NancyD

    Our dining room, needs brightening up!

  106. Dana Black

    We moved in our new home two years ago. One month ago my hubby says “ok, when are you going to make it ours?” Let the painting begin…. Starting with my gigantic garden/mud room. It’s currently green, as is my bedroom and the office. They are first on my list. The green has got to go. Then the rest of the house, I’m ready to roll… I works greatly appreciate 5 gallons of paint to get me going.

  107. Vicky

    Nothing says love like fresh paint. Remodeled our entire house last year. Ready to add some color now to the basic white master bedroom and bath.

  108. Kate W.

    Every single room! We just moved and need to paint every inch of our new home. This would help us get started!

  109. Marla

    What a great color for a boy’s room!
    Our kitchen and family room (open to one another) are the ‘heart’ of our home and so they get the most use and look the most ‘tired’ – if that’s possible to say about a room. Plus, we had a candle in the kitchen that revealed drywall nails due to soot residue (pricey well-known candle seller to begin with, one would think it wouldn’t have done that, even with the wick properly trimmed!).
    Melissa, I still (after all these years and so many moves) really enjoy seeing how you transform your latest house into your family’s home. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us through your continuous blog (even when things don’t go as planned ;)). You are an inspiration!

  110. Kathy

    My dining room is now painted an ugly hunter green with a wallpaper border and I’ve been soooooooo ready to repaint it. I bought some drapes on clearance a couple of months ago to hang in there and want to paint the walls a light color and chalk paint my dining room furniture to brighten everything up. I also use my dining room to do craft projects and paintings so I want to change the look to a little more casual look to incorporate it as a dining/craft room. I love your blog and your ideas and I’m so thankful for this opportunity to win some paint and get started!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  111. Kimberley Danzey

    Love your paint color. We have been painting our builder yellow paint to gray. We still have 3 rooms to paint. The room that I would love to do the most is the boy’s bathroom. They have destroyed the builder flat paint.

  112. Hallie Evans

    Full bathroom

  113. Joette

    I would love to paint my bedroom. It is the last place I see before collapsing into bed and hasn’t been painted in 10 years.
    Love your son’s room!

  114. Tracy Rizzo

    The room I most want to paint is my dining room. I hate the red that was here when we bought it. It’s dark and depressing.

  115. Caila Brown

    That color is so pretty! I’d love to paint my living room or my bedroom. Right now the living room is an icky shade of peach/beige (peige?), and it’s the hardest to decorate around — I think a nice, crisp white will do the trick. While my bedroom is solid, it could use some growing up in the form of navy walls.

  116. Tracy

    I’d love to try this paint. I’m starting with my dining room to paint over raspberry walls. Thanks for the chance and for your blog!

  117. Michelle

    Umm…my whole house needs to be painted, but I plan to start in my home office/craft room.

  118. Beverly Stopher

    I want paint my daughter’s old bedroom now that she is married and out of the house. It is currently a super bright pink called Tink Pink and this will now be the guest room.

  119. Angie J

    Love the color!!! We have been in our home for about 7 years now and we were blessed to be able to have it built. It took us almost 2 years to sell our home so to be able to still have this home we had to cut corners like not have the standard fire place, leave rooms unfinished and use the lowest grade of paint (big mistake on the paint)…so we have painted a few rooms over the years but have more rooms to go….Have a great day!

  120. Colette

    Paint, paint, glorious paint!!!

  121. SueinMtVernon

    I have three bedrooms that need a complete make-over and cannot wait to paint them!

  122. Kelly

    I want to paint ALL OF THEM!!! LOL My whole house needs to be painted. I keep thinking I will start with the powder room downstairs, because it is the smallest room, but it also has wallpaper that needs to be removed.

  123. Annette

    I most want to pain my bathroom.

  124. Beth

    I’ve been wanting to paint my mud room/laundry room. There is a nice white build in and I need a paint color on the walls to make it pop!

  125. Mary Stewart

    We’ve managed to paint most of the rooms in our house, we just have the family room left and it is huge! That five gallons of paint would finish it off!

  126. Taylor First

    Great color! I’m hoping to paint my master bedroom next!

  127. Suzanne

    our living room and dining room will be the next rooms we paint. Our house was built in the late 60’s. the den and kitchen were dark wood paneling. We have recently painted them and painted the dark wood kitchen cabinets. looks great so far and lightened up the rooms so much. I can’t wait to get started on the rest of the house

  128. Michele Dambach

    Looking to add some spice (and color) to our Master bedroom and bath! This would help out so much.

  129. Emily H

    We are in the middle of a reno, so we will be painting every room! My first priority is brightening up the dark kitchen!

  130. Rachel Z

    We just bought our first home so we’re hoping to paint the whole house!

  131. Kelli

    Our master bedroom desperately needs to be painted. It’s the only room in the house that we’ve never re-painted and we’ve been here 20 years!

  132. Missy

    We SO desperately need to paint our great room space: kitchen, eating, living and entry!

  133. Melinda Young

    I love the color of his room. It looks comfortable. I really want to paint our bedroom, however our hallway is needing to be finished first. It’s not an exciting space, but the hallway enters all our personal spaces and it will be great having it all connect together.

  134. Pamela LaMontagne

    There are several rooms that need painting. I would love to win the Glidden Diamond Paint.

  135. Lisa Rosen

    The room I most want to paint is a large bedroom at the top of my stairs! I allowed myself to be talked into painting that room a bright teal. My color preferences are very similar to yours so to say this doesn’t “fit” my home is an understatement!!!! It’s yet another box to check off my ‘ to-do’ list!!
    All the best to you and your family in your new home!
    Lisa in San Juan Capistrano

  136. Kristin Freeman

    It is time to repaint my “big room”, the place where I cook, eat and have my little office for writing. It would be lovely to be a winner of some new paint.

  137. Jacqueline M Morris

    Love it! Wow. I am in the process myself of repainting the house. I would love to win some paint.

  138. Kay

    Just moved in and I need to paint EVERY room!!

  139. sue

    So excited to find this paint! In the past, I have spent way too much money on a similar paint… with no VOC; primer inside; etc etc. Good paint, but very expensive!

  140. Catherine

    I want to repaint my living room which would then spur a total redesign for that room. :-)

  141. Deborah Nederhood

    My bedroom! It is the standard “rental white” :P

  142. Jamie

    I need to paint my garage/laundry area. 5 gallons would be great! Love what you’ve done so far!

  143. Amanda Chandler

    I want to paint my son’s bedroom. Hope I win!

  144. Dawn

    I love the color of your son’s room…soothing, but still masculine! I am hoping to repaint my foyer and stairway soon, so paint would be wonderful!

  145. Deb Hayes

    Time for a family room color change! Been living with Tuscan yellow for 10 years, and ready for a 180. BTW … Love your sons room color, and I’m not a blue person. It’s serene.

  146. Darla

    We need to paint our whole house! The bedrooms are fine but it’s time for everything else.

  147. Angie M

    We are thinking about painting the living room. We put up new curtains and paint would pull the look together.

  148. Laura

    I want to paint most of the rooms in my house but if I can pick just one, I pick the living room. My furniture, pictures & etc were moved from another home and I love them. However I was unable to paint before I moved in because I needed hip replacement surgery. I finally got it and now am able to paint again..

  149. Amy Crisp

    I need to paint our living room! :-)

  150. Gina

    We are in the midst of a whole home remodel. One floor is done but have a huge open kitchen, dining, and living area that needs to be repainted next!

  151. Andi

    I love the color you chose! I still need to get around to painting the exterior of my craft room. Someday…

  152. Elizabeth Gebs

    I would pait our family room, hall, and living room. They are all connected. It would take five gallons.

  153. Linda Torossian

    My 23 yr old aon hasn’t had his room painted in 6 yrs! It’s a dark green now and I was thinking of a gray like you used. He will be painting it on a weekend so I would love to try your color!

  154. Kim Schafrack

    I would love to repainted our master bedroom and bathroom!

  155. Sandy

    The guest room!!

  156. CA

    Our future painting projects: sun room, 4 bedrooms and the basement. (I’m going to be busy.)

  157. Tammy

    I want to paint my living room, kitchen, and stairs. In process of taking out wall on other side of stairs to open up the space. Love the white dove color you used, looks so light and fresh!

  158. Robbyn

    Family Room! I have chosen Glidden’s Wasabi Powder so this is perfect timing!!

  159. Lindsey

    We just bought a new house and are excited to put our own stamp on it with new paint across the board. The living/family/dining room space could definitely use some warmth!

  160. Robin Brock

    I need to paint our living room, and 2 of the bedrooms upstairs that my boys have moved out of!

  161. Mrs. H

    Almost every room in our house!

    When we moved in last year, every wall was painted a shade of latte or mocha. Those are nice colors, but not on *every* wall of the house. It is depressing.

    I have nearly finished painting our laundry room a cheerful chartreuse! I will be hanging vintage handkerchiefs as a valance in there.

    I am anxious to get the kitchen (navy or lapis blue)and dining room (light blue) walls painted.

  162. Molly S.

    I like your son’s bed! We are in dire need of new paint in our family room.

  163. Christina W

    My sons bedroom!!

  164. Cheryl

    I love the color of your son’s room!!! I would love to paint this color in my family room, or son’s room, or dining room! So pretty!!!

  165. Teri

    Lets see, what to choose. So many rooms need refreshing…probably the family room as it gets the most use.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  166. Diane

    I want to paint so many rooms, especially the upstairs finished attic turned playroom soon to be turned homework and artwork space.

  167. Martha Dexter

    I am looking for a white paint to redo my dining room for the holidays.I really would love to win the diamond white paint,love your sons room,perfect for a teen. Thanx,M.Dexter

  168. Natalie

    I’m painting an entire house and would love to win free paint!

  169. Kelsey Ensz

    I actually want to paint the ceiling of our house. We’ve been here for 15 years and it’s time to freshen up! Since we have remodeled our ranch style home, we now have one continuous ceiling through the entire kitchen/dining/family and living spaces. 5 gal would go a long way!

  170. Colleen Boudreau

    I want to paint my bathroom.

  171. Lisa

    So many choices in the paint a room category at our house! Living room, family room and guest room are all in the pipeline, two of those rooms had been wallpapered, so the work involved is a little daunting, but the end is always worth it!

  172. Kathy Forsyth

    I’m in the process of removing wallpaper from my living room/dining room. I would love to get free paint as I am disabled and on a fixed income. I have pictures of the wall paper project in my blog.

  173. Becky

    My kitchen!

  174. Laura Frazier

    My husband and I live in Portland, OR and sold our home 1 year ago. We were originally thinking we would move out in the country just west of here but after trying to buy 2 homes and having them fall through, we’re reevaluating and looking at living close in-our kids love their schools, work and our church to be close by. We currently have an offer on a mid-century home close to all of the above and will find out Saturday evening if it is ours. It is a gracious home that says “come in and stay awhile.”
    I love to paint, especially trim-and would love to have some paint to begin to settle in and make this next home ours.

  175. Ana

    My Bathroom!!

  176. Donna Olander

    With our house on the market I’m getting excited about decorating and sprucing up our next home – wherever that may be. Love the color you chose.

  177. carol clark

    my sons room it needs a major up haul

  178. Dawn

    Oooh! I sure would use that 5 gallons of Glidden Diamond to freshen my living room and hall!

  179. Mary South

    We had a kitchen fire this spring and we need to repaint our main level which includes the kitchen, entry, living room, dining room and family room. 5 gallons of paint would come in handy! Love how your sons room turned out!


    Basement being finished slowly, but this would help us along the way.

  181. Lisa Moyer

    I want to paint or laundry room a Tiffany blue.

  182. Christine

    My dining room!

  183. Gillian

    I want to paint a bedroom, that was used as a large closet as the previous home owners. Green paint and green carpet…and lots of holes where the shelving was…please grant me the magic of paint :)

  184. Sherry

    Paint you can scrub? Count me in! Would use it to paint my grandson’s room.

  185. Andrea

    New house in September so several of the rooms need to be done!

  186. Mary Schleinschok

    I would paint my oldest daughter’s bedroom. She is off to college in two weeks (sniff, sniff) and it’s time to move her out and move my youngest (pre-teen) into that room and bedroom. Momma needs some help!!

  187. jan

    My kitchen needs painting

  188. Jaybird

    I would paint an accent wall in my dining room, to match the color of a new paint job in the kitchen :^)
    Blessings and thanks,

  189. Becca P

    Our master bedroom hasn’t had a lick of paint since we moved in 5 years ago. It needs major help!

  190. Jacquelyn Mosher

    I would love to paint our living room!

  191. Amanda G

    The family room! Everything is all patched and ready to go, and has been for over a year! Yikes

  192. Heather

    The living room in my house needs a desperate paint makeover :)

  193. Victoria Wessel

    After 27 years of marriage and 4 children we bought our first king size bed and frame, an upgrade from the full size we had. We plan to finish the master bedroom and bath a little at a time. Painting the room is a must. Five gallons would be a big help and I could put that money towards a rug , nightstands…

  194. Paula

    I love the color you choose for your son’s room. I really like the textured walls. I would love to repaint my living room area. I would love to paint my living room, kitchen and bathroom. Whew! What a list. But as is the case with most things, I am working with a very small budget. Winning this paint would get me to the finish. And that’s always a good place to be – FINISHED! Thanks,

  195. Angie

    Hmmm, 4 1/2 years after having moved in, the whole house should be repainted, but my son’s room will likely be the next to get worked on.
    I like what’s happening in your son’s room!

  196. Jennifer

    Thanks you for your blog. Decorating has not come naturally to me, so I am thankful for all I have learned from you over the past few months. My introduction to you was finding your book “Love the Home you Have” at my local bookstore. It was perfect for the season of life I am in.
    I would choose to paint my family room and up the stairs. It is beige and I would love to make it more white to work towards a more Scandinavian decor.
    Thanks again for sharing your “how to” ability in decorating!

  197. jill pritchett

    I desperately need to paint my foryer and stairway wslls. The kiddos have left their mark <3

  198. Kris Beck

    Hi Melissa, Love your blog. I would love to paint my master bedroom. We built our house while out of state and I had to do everything over the phone or via email with the builder. I chose a color I liked on paper but when I actually saw my new home for the first time (1 week before we moved in) I did not like the paint color I chose for the master bedroom so I would love to repaint so I can love my new room.

  199. Jennifer Baker

    We are currently in the process of painting our bedroom – a lovely gray, to cover the celery green ? walls the previous owners had chosen to live with. We would most love to move on to paint our living room and upstairs/hallway area from a ghastly country BLUE ?? to a soft, buttercream yellow. I truly don’t think the paint has been updated since 1987. ?? thank you so much for hosting this raffle!

  200. Gina

    What a gorgeous shade of blue! We have to paint our ceilings and I am dragging my heels because I hate heights and our ceilings are waaay oup there. (:

  201. Leilani

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would definitely put 5 gallons of pain to good use. Love that headboard, looks comfy.

  202. Therese

    I am in the middle of staining my kitchen cabinets so I really want to paint the kitchen. My laundry room (next to the kitchen) has raw plaster board and could use some paint as well. Can’t wait to see the color of your son’s room!

  203. Carly

    Can’t wait to see more of the room… I have lots of rooms to paint and would love some motivation (free paint) to get me moving!

  204. Denise

    I’d like to paint my laundry room, it’s the smallest room so I can do it on my own, all our other rooms are high ceilings so not something I can tackle alone.

  205. Kerri

    My daughter’s room

  206. Fonda Rush

    We want to start on the dining-room-become-library. We have bookshelves ready to go there, but first we must remove the baseboards, redo the floor and paint the walls. This would be a great room to start on!

  207. Joi

    How beautiful to paint kids’ spaces!

    I would love to paint my hallway, as it has been quite loved by the touch of toddler hands.

  208. phyllis henry

    Love the paint choice you made for your sons room. We’d love to paint our lower level walk out so that it looks less “basemen”t and more “master suite”! I am sure that 5 gallons will go a long way in transforming this space. Thank you.

  209. Joanne

    Which room? How about rooms? We’ve been in our new home for 4 months are looking to change the colors of most of the rooms. I’m so glad you gave the recommendation for the Diamond Glidden paint with the description. The paint gave your son’s room a beautiful finish.

  210. Megan Lacey

    Wow–I love that color! I’ve been waffling between colors for when we redo our living room in a couple weeks. This is the first room in a long list (we have an old farmhouse that needs a lot of love). We are starting with the living room because it will house my work space now that I work from home and needs the most TLC. I’m really excited to see how things go!

  211. Amy

    We need our whole house painted! Just bought a house in Portland OR. Super excited?

  212. Mandy M.

    My 13-year-old son’s room is in desperate need of painting! He moved into the room my oldest son occupied when he was little. It still has a moon painted on the wall and stars painted on the ceiling. My oldest son will be 21 in a couple of months! Obviously, it is a long-overdue project! Argh.

  213. Susan

    I would love to win the paint!

  214. Jane

    Well, we need to paint our guest bath. We live in a century old home and the bathroom pipes just crumbled. We took the room down to the studs and are slowly adding new plumbing, electric, etc. I would love to choose the paint color of a free gallon of paint. Hopefully it would make me believe we will get things back together soon! Thanks for the giveaway.

  215. Ashley B

    We are thinking about making a move soon! So I imagine where ever we end up, we will be painting many rooms in our future!

  216. Suzanne Longbrake

    Would love to paint my kitchen and family room for a more farmhouse feel.

  217. Phyllis

    I would love to paint our kitchen/family room area, the boys’ rooms, washroom…..

  218. Lucy Sanguinetti

    My master bedroom. We moved into this old, ranch style house 12 years ago with good intentions of “fixing it up”. Famous last words. Many years of medical problems with my daughter and with me have cause us to encounter mile high piles of medical bills. Add a terrible car accident to that with my daughter, and it just keeps adding up. Redecorating took a definite back burner to “need”. However, I removed dry, old ceder planks from my ceiling and it is still unfinished, and the water heater flooded half of my bedroom, which now has a concrete slab floor. My room needs help so badly! Please, please please!!!

  219. Jennifer Aldellizzi

    The “children’s game room”. Now it has grown into the old’s toys/computer room for my boys and their friends, oh, and my husband! It is a very opaque dark yellow. I definitely think it will need 2 coats to cover it. To boot, it has 80’s mauve shag carpet from the former owners. I have been dying to make this room into my 14 year olds new grown up bedroom. I’ve dreamt of Navy paint wit a Ralph Lauren feel to it. Oh to dream! It would be so fantastic!!! Thank you for this great contest. Something everyone can use is paint!!!

  220. Jane H>

    Your son’s room looks great so far….can’t wait to see the rest. Love his headboard and the chest….is that antique?

    I have lots of spaces I would love to paint….probably would start with the living room.

  221. Shari

    Your son’s room is very warm, who would not want to sleep there.!
    My bedroom needs painting BIG TIME builders beige. Have been in my home for 13 years and it has never been painted !

  222. Heather

    We just bought a house and will need to paint every room! It would be amazing to not have to buy it ALL. :) We have two rooms with 60’s wood paneling that are just begging for a fresh coat of white paint!

  223. Ann D.

    Love that color! The perfect blue gray.

  224. Barbara Bachus

    I am hoping to convince my husband to paint another room this fall and update the color. It is amazing what a can or two of paint can do to a room! I also wanted to let you know that I just received your latest book and I love it!

  225. Nicole Cranson

    I cannot wait to get to paint our dining room! It is top of the list (a very looooooooong list) right now :)

  226. Abby M Koltes

    I love this paint! I would use this paint for my laundry room as the ceiling is pealing and really needs an update.

  227. Kim

    Getting excited to move my office up outta the dreary basement. I’ve been looking at Glidden grey tones. PS love the transformation in your sons room

  228. Erica Hall

    Love the color you chose! Our whole house needs a refresh so my answer is ALL rooms. Thank you…:)

  229. Barb Campbell

    I’ve been a faithful fan of Marique Behr one coat paint. Would love to try this brand!!! Would paint my family and living room!!! SWEET❤️❤️❤️

  230. Elizabeth

    One of my goals this month is to finish cleaning out the basement. Then, I’ll be ready for paint!

  231. Rachel

    I love the color you chose for your son’s room and his bed– love it! I hope I win. I have 2.5 million projects on my nesting to do list! :)

  232. Suzanne Laird

    We just moved into a brand new house in March. So the entire house is what we want to paint next!

  233. Abby Lovett

    Beautiful color! I would love to win the paint giveaway!

  234. Angela K.

    We have an open concept house, with one room flowing into the other. Sometimes it is great. When painting, it is so NOT great! Start painting one room, and there is no good place to stop! I’d start with the main floor kitchen/living room (but that would also include the open stairway and upstairs hallway) because it is the most public area. I would probably include the guest bathroom and laundry room off the kitchen, as well. Honestly, we just need to paint the whole house.

  235. Amy

    I love the headboard SO much!! When we moved into our home it was 14 different colors! We repainted most of it wit in the first year of moving in. But the playroom/game room never got a pain’t job….and it needs it! It is on my list of things to do when the kids go back to school next week :)

  236. Angela Berghout

    I would paint my sunroom which is currently a bright lime green. It changes horribly at night when the lights are on and it’s not sunlight lighting the room. I love green but want something with a bit more mud to it. I’ve been dreaming of changing the paint color since about a month after I painted it the first time and that was nearly 7 years ago!

  237. Patty Ballard

    15 years after the last painting, we just finished our back room – the family room. Now we’re starting on an update to the living room – painting one wall adobe red as an accent color, and the kitchen is next for a new look! Would love to try Glidden’s Diamond in the kitchen and keep those walls clean – going from drab white with a touch of navy blue to shades of turquoise (think southwest colors).

  238. julie

    i would love to paint our family-living room and using only 1 coat/paint would be wonderful.
    i don’t like to use primer then paint

  239. Janna

    I would like to paint my girl’s bedroom (share).
    It is 50 years old and in disarray with cracks etc…
    Paint would bring life and change for these two
    gal pals. Thank you kindly.

  240. Mickey Newman

    We want to paint our living room/dining room

  241. Amanda D

    I’m desperate to paint our living room and dining room a crisp white. We just moved in to a new house and it’s the dreaded beige/pink combo.

  242. Amanda Ortega

    Love your color choice! Masculine but also sophisticated. Our house is pretty broken up so we don’t get a lot of light in any particular room. Would you recommend this color for a low light room?

    As far as painting goes here, we have really wanted to paint our girls room. It is a crazy bright muddy yellow from when we moved in and just haven’t had enough in the budget to buy the paint and tools to get it done. At this lower price tag(we have used Behr Premium in the past) I’m almost tempted to just buy 1 gallon at a time just to get something different up on those walls. The girls hardly ever hang out in there and I so badly want to make it their little comfy place to escape. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  243. Lucy

    My kitchen is in dire need of paint!!! Love your son’s bedroom!

  244. Tara

    We’re in the process of buying a 1970s house and I’m pretty sure the walls or ceilings haven’t been touched since the 1970s. 5 gallons of paint would be awesome.

  245. LisaV

    Would love to paint our dining room.

  246. Katie

    I need to paint my whole house! We just moved in and I hate the colors the previous owners picked!

  247. Missy Ashford

    Every room in our house that still has builder grade “swine” walls…family room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms…

  248. Jennifer

    Our formal dining room is used as a second living area and the color on the walls is a dark chocolate that I hate! I’d love to paint it to bring in some light!

  249. Holly R.

    Eric and I just bought our first house. It would be so nice to paint everything.

  250. Miriam

    Amazing how paint can change a rom’s and atmosphere, my dining room needs it!

  251. kel

    going for a kitchen reno this fall- paint needed!

  252. Beverly

    I just bought a new house and I am moving in this weekend and the house is in desperate need of some paint. The first room I wanted to paint was my son’s room as well and I love the color that you chose for your teen son’s room.

  253. Stephanie Thomas

    I love the coziness of the wall color and that headboard!

  254. Carla

    I would really love to paint my master bedroom to make it feel more like a retreat for my husband and me. Secondly, my kitchen could use a fresh coat of paint.

  255. Marlene

    That room feels so serene! Love the contrast with the darker wood. I’m trying to decide on a color for the smallest guest room in the world! Going for a femenine, romantic vibe.

  256. Mary Servantes

    My husband was unexpectedly laid off Monday (super cheap gasoline is a terrible thing) and we are in the midst of repairs and updating the kitchen. We are also thinking of making big changes to our 14 year old son’s bedroom to entice him to care for it more. Since I have unexpected labor (until he finds another job) I hope to get the ceilings finished where we changed the lights in the kitchen. Just another skim coat and then texture and we are ready to paint the ceiling! 5 gallons of paint would be a God-send!!

  257. Joanne Thompson

    I really want to paint our bedroom. It’s in dire need of work to be done first. I think the people who lived here before us put the wrong paint over previous oil paint because it has lifted in many places. It’s going to a lot of fixing before we get to paint stage. I’m really interested in the type of paint you’re using: the Diamond Paint + Primer. Sounds like it would work well in this room.

  258. BizzyMom

    Ohhhh, my dining, living and hall areas all need a fresh coat for the winter. ;) I soooo could use the 5 gallons. Love Glidden paint! It’s all I use.

  259. Deborah

    So timely! I literally just went to Home Depot the other day to grab some paint samples for pretty much my whole tired house!!! Completely time for some freshening up to say the least!!!!

  260. Kathy

    Bedroon or kitchen-toss the coin!!!

  261. Rachel Lacy

    Every roooooom! We moved in our farmhouse in October and I STILL haven’t repainted the rooms …. which are all “swine,” by the way!

  262. Allyson

    I am about to purchase a new home with a two story family room. It is currently a medium brown color, which isn’t for me. I would love to lighten up the room with Valspar paint!!

  263. Lisa

    I love the paint color! My office, my husband’s office, my son’s room, and our 2nd bath could all use a good coat of paint!

  264. Teresa Sword

    That sneak peek of your son’s room is fantastic!! I so need to paint my living and dining rooms, so would love to win some paint! Thanks for the opportunity!

  265. Lori O

    Love the blue. We are getting ready for a master bath remodel and adding wainscoting to the kids bathroom.

  266. Terry

    Love the paint color you have in your sons room! Oh, and that awesome headboard he has! Makes you want to lean back with a good book! I’m thinking Night Sky Grey would work wonders in our guest room that needs a huge facelift! And, maybe even the hall bathroom right around the corner from it! ?

  267. Michele

    My bedroom is overdue for a coat of paint.

  268. Alex Hicks

    We are planning on painting our guest bedroom soon and we love Glidden paint!

  269. Lisa

    OH my goodness-I’m in the “must paint all things mode”. We have two young kids that have destroyed our hallways and the playroom. I was just thinking of how badly I wanted fresh paint. There play area is a dull beige and I wish it were more exciting-love your navy color!

  270. Debbie

    Our bedroom DESPERATELY needs painted!

  271. Joy Dodge

    I’ve got a master bedroom remodel going on! And a baby on a way who needs a nursery… winning some great paint would be amazing!

  272. Gina

    Paint is the most affordable way to make a house your home. We would love to rip out the wallpaper in the bathroom and start fresh with a light gray paint!

  273. Erin

    We moved into our home and the paint is this white with undertones of pink. I hate it. I really need this. lol!!!!

  274. Kim

    I need to pain my living room so badly! We have lived in our home for a year and have hated the blue walls every second of it. I was just looking for paint recommendations that are good for scrubbing because I have 3 young children and our walls are a mess! I would love to win this paint!!!!

  275. Kate C.

    Living room.

  276. Kirsten

    Our next painting project will be my husband’s home office, but after that I’m thinking kitchen!

  277. Miki Baxter

    I’m desperate to paint our living room and dining room which are connected – it’s one long stretch of boring white walls!!!

  278. Lisa W.

    My great room, entry hall and bedroom hallway all need a paint refresh. We were so fortunate to have all our grandkids spend their summer vacation with us and boy did the rooms in our small house take a beating.

  279. S J

    We’ve just relocated so hit the main rooms pretty hard with new paint. Next I have my eye on bathrooms & ceilings!

  280. Mary K.

    I’d start with my son’s room…maybe the same color as your son’s. Love it!

  281. Summer Burton

    I would love to paint my kitchen. It’s currently a dusty lemon meringue yellow and doesn’t have a window so I always feel like it’s kind of dingy and dark. I love to cook for my family and would like to enjoy the way it looks a little more! I’m thinking a light grey or blue tinted white!

  282. Linda Slepicka

    Great color for a boy’s room. I’d like to repaint my entire first floor but for now want to focus on just the family room. It’s a very large room with a vaulted tongue and groove ceiling and beams. I’d love to paint it a medium gray with the ceiling a lighter gray and the beams and other trim a dark gray. I’ve been collecting samples and would probably need 5 gallons of paint!

  283. Deborah malkmus

    Love the color of your son’s room. I very well might choose the same thing.

  284. Mary

    It’s hard to narrow down to a particular room – our whole first floor is a lovely shade of yellow. It’s been an OK color for awhile, but I need a fresh (i.e. white!) start!

  285. Carol Sawyer

    I want to paint over my old, tired, dark burgundy Family Room. I loved it when it was first done but it’s time to move on! My hallways and stairway also need a fresh makeover. They aren’t quite “swine” but almost! You can

  286. Krista

    Our family room is the first on the list. It has been over 10 years and it looks tired.

  287. Donna

    I would love to paint a way too dark bedroom & laundry room.

  288. Julianna F


  289. Lorri

    Ooh, we need paint! My son wants a Kelly green accent wall with soft gray on the other 3 walls.

  290. Jenw

    We have been in our house a little over a year and a half and I am so ready to paint everything!!! The doors, the walls, the trim! What a blessing this giveaway would be! Thanks for the chance!

  291. Wendi

    I just got done painting my son’s room with Glidden and loved it. Next up, my daughter’s room. Was going to do it while she was away as a jr. counselor at camp, but life happened unfortunately.

  292. bev miller

    I love your blog!! It is so refreshing and genuine!~!!

  293. Johnnie

    We just put our house on the market (yay). I could sure use some paint to really freshen it up.

  294. Julie

    I would just LOVE to paint my kitchen cupboards! We have the 80’s golden oak thing going on in our kitchen and since we can’t afford a remodel, I know it would do the kitchen wonders if the cupboards were painted white. Still working on the hubby………

  295. Renee Murphy

    I would love to paint my kitchen. A remodel is a ways away and I need to do something to make me love it a little while longer. Love your home.

  296. Karen

    I love the color for your domes room. I need 5 gallons to repainted our great room/ dining room/ foyer. It is currently not a terrible color I just need a change. It’s called Biltmore Beige. Kind of a yellow hue. I need guidance!

  297. Jill

    We moved into our house a year ago and so I want to paint all the rooms, but I’d start with the master because I really don’t like the blue that’s in there!

  298. Jennifer Atchley White

    Ohmygoodness – just at the right time. We will be buying paint very soon for our soon-to-be 3 daughter’s room. Her baby sister arrives in a few months and she is moving rooms. Gotta get this done before the new arrival! Great giveaway – thanks for the opportunity!

  299. marymary

    Sounds like a wonderful paint formula. Just about everything in our home could use some freshening up with new paint, but I’d probably start with the living room/kitchen area.

  300. Sarah Henke

    We are getting ready to rearrange our children’s rooms after finishing our basement and I would love to win paint for two bedrooms, one of which will be a nursery for our sixth child arriving soon!!

  301. Kristen

    So fun! Glad to know it works on texture…

  302. Stephanie

    Love the color you picked for his room. We are in the process of painting our whole house, cabinets, trim, ceilings and all! It’s a lot of work but I love seeing what a difference fresh paint makes! So far we finished our office and half the kitchen and it took us 3 months to get that far! Haha

  303. Susan Hillier

    I would love to paint my master bedroom and bath.
    Right now the walls match the carpet, so putting some pizzazz in my room is definitely in order!!

  304. Amanda

    That looks like a nice color. I look forward to seeing more of his room.

  305. Sally faddis

    I have always heard great reviews on this paint. Our small entrance, stairwell and upstairs have not been painted since the house was built 10 years ago so would love to refresh with paint.

  306. Laura S

    I’d like to repaint our bathrooms and basement! They need to be less beige and more toddler- proof :)

  307. Theresa Cook

    Thank you for the opportunity to win 5 gallons of paint! I need to paint our basement. We have only used another name brand and took note of Diamond Paint with primer, thank you.

  308. Susan Hatcher

    I need to paint several rooms…first being my bedroom. Thanks for chance to win. Your son’s room looks great.


    My combo living room, dining room & kitchen. It has been 8 years & I need a change! I have been dreaming of it for some time…wondering what to do. This would give me that kick in the b—!

  310. Jennifer Hayes

    I want to paint my boys room. He finally gets to take over his sisters room now that she is in the Air Force!

  311. Bonnie

    When I purchased my current home the color of the outside of the house was Pepto Bismal Pink. I kid you not! The kitchen was a raspberry pink with a black floral border. Needless to say painting was the first thing on my agenda. Fast forward 15 years and the entire interior needs repainting. Sure could use some Glidden paint. :)

  312. kerri

    Just moved into a new (to us) house and I’m dying to paint it all, but I think the next step is our bedroom!

  313. Beth B.

    I would love to paint our basement family room. After living here for 10 years, it is time to cover the fading “builders beige” with something warm and inviting. I also want to paint and update our guest room. A friend lived with us for 2 years and now I want to refresh that room in preparation for our daughter’s visit at Christmas.

  314. Connie Goss

    I would paint my laundry room

  315. Michelle

    A refresh is in order…I’d love to paint my family room and kitchen.

  316. Lorri Oglesby

    I would like to paint sewing room

  317. Andrea Ritcey

    I want to paint my bedroom.

  318. Karen Kunte

    The kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom all need painting. Need help with choosing colors!

  319. Kelly wetherholt

    Ooohhhh!!!! We just moved in and I have yellow walls every where!!!! ?Would love to try the Diamond Glidden!

  320. Denise

    We want to paint our great room and foyer, and the kitchen. Ours is an open plan house and all the walls run into each other, so if we paint one room we have to paint all three.

  321. Becky

    Would love to paint our guest bedroom to make it more welcoming!

  322. Melissa S

    I have been slowly redoing my living room since I was so inspired by your 2 books that I recently purchased on Amazon. The walls are grey and I am having my husband build a surround on our fireplace. I am eager to paint the surround a darker grey color and I have white, tan, dark blue and megenta colors in the room now. I have bought some new pieces to decorate with and I am pleased with the results this far. Now I have to paint my kitchen and all my base boards because you can see the new grey walls in the livingroom and the taupe and dirty white base boards I have in the kitchen is a bit odd and has too much dog slobber. Grey it will be for the walls and bright white new base boards. I need lots of paint and probably a ton more patience. Can I buy patience in a can too.

  323. Teddi Pettigrew

    This is a perfect post as I was looking for washable paint to use around my utility sink- seems there are always splashes on the walls. Thank you for this info!

  324. Linda P.

    No VOC and no PRIMING. What a combo!

  325. Lori

    Perfect timing! I’m creating a new guest room from my daughters old “bubble gum pink” bedroom. I need something soothing!!!

  326. Pamela Boatright

    The Stairwell and hall – I just finished scraping off 30+year old wallpaper and am ready to paint – after I do a bit of patching and scraping. Wallpaper hides a variety of problems, I found!

  327. Dorothea

    I most want to paint the master bath…it’s so small and currently painted a shade of taupe. I want to paint it a cheerful white!

  328. Sharon

    The room I most want to paint is my bedroom. Time for an update!

  329. Emily Holley

    We just bought a new home in March of this year and I need to paint both of my girls bedrooms. I am also trying to convince my husband to let me paint the kitchen cabinets.

  330. Krista

    I would love to redo my daughter’s room as a surprise!

  331. Jan

    I would paint our family room!

  332. Kathy

    WOW – I love this color, and have pinned several similar colors in trying to find a new paint color for my master bedroom. It’s so nice to actually see a bedroom painted with this shade. I fell in love with a similar shade of blue when seeing Lady Mary’s bedroom on Downton Abbey!

  333. Julie Perun

    Our hallway! I just did 2 coats of white, and it looks terrible. I’m going to need at least one more coat, and need a better quality paint to make it look good!

  334. Elizabeth S

    Our master bedroom!

  335. Jen

    Our bedroom! We’ve lived in our house for 6 years now and it hasn’t been painted yet!

  336. Judy

    Hi Melissa We just moved into our first house and it is a fixer upper. We fixed the walls and primed them all. So they are ready for paint. We need to paint the trim as well. I would start with the bathroom and family room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  337. Jill Reynolds

    Definitely would paint my son’s room. He took over the room when his sister went off to college. He is not loving the lavender walls & would love a change!

  338. Sharon

    Oh my goodness — pick a room, any room!! But need the entry and and stairway painted most.

  339. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    I’d love to win 5 gallons of paint. I promised to paint a friend’s living room that hasn’t been painted for at least 20 years. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  340. Rebecca

    Oh man! I could totally use 5 gallons of paint. We just bought a 1970s colonial. Some of the bedrooms have been painted by the hallways and basement are absolutely filthy! *fingers crossed*

  341. Kimberly A White

    Looks great!
    My family room has been on my list to paint next!

  342. Brenda

    I would paint my bathroom.

  343. Patricia

    I want to paint our family room! It will be a big job but will be amazing!

  344. Jennifer D.

    I would love to paint our master bedroom.

  345. Ashley

    I painted my guest room awhile back — an icy blue that always just makes me feel … Blue. It’s a shadowy room, and I’d love to paint it a cozy mink gray to turn the tininess into an asset. :)

  346. Anna Starner

    I love the color you chose for your son’s room.
    I have to paint multiple rooms this fall. It is time to repaint the kitchen, dining room, and the family room.I am working on my studio one wall at a time. Stripping one wall of wallpaper at a time. I the would love to win.

  347. Lorien

    Hmmm…hard to decide! Between the living room and our bedroom there is need for some serious change. Everything in our house is white! I’m ready for some color. :)

  348. Ashley W.

    I would love to paint the master bedroom. It’s been 8 or 9 years. It could really use a refresh!

  349. Teresa

    I love your sons room. I have moved to a new home recently and could use the paint. I need to make the new place home. Its been hard for me and my 7 year old son. We are trying really hard. It is getting better! Love your blog.

  350. Laura

    We need to paint every room. This house has the paint from 15 years ago!! We have lived here almost 2 years, so it is past time for a paint makeover.

  351. Dessica Albertson

    My kitchen walls an cabinets.

  352. nannette

    I just painted bought quite a few gallons of the duo paint on clearance and it was great, i can’t wait to try the diamond

  353. Kim G.

    My master bedroom has not been painted in 15 years! It definitely needs an update!

  354. lalybelle

    We just had foundation repair and have brand new cracks – everywhere!I need to paint!I would LOVE to try the new Glidden Diamond paint!

  355. Luba Zygarewicz

    I am dying to repaint my daughter’s room, because a few years back we painted it a bright lime green color.
    so… this Diamond paint sounds like it would work well to prime and paint at one time Thanks!
    PS. I want to paint another bedroom too.

  356. Etta Linton

    I am about to buy a 2700 sq.ft. house, and ALL the walls need to be painted!

  357. Elisa H.

    My kitchen could use new paint in a BIG way. Our house was built in 1992 and our kitchen still has the fruit printed wallpaper that was put up before the kitchen cabinets were installed. Mauve and pine green is the color scheme. I prefer Boutique Beige or Navajo White! Thanks!

  358. Pam Good

    I would love to paint my husband’s den. Well, that, and the kitchen, and upstairs bathroom, and my home office. But, definitely his den!

  359. Leigh

    So fun, I can’t wait to see the rest of his room. I’m needing to paint 2 of my kids rooms, they’re changing rooms and needing to update to big kid colors for fresh designs.

  360. Julie

    I really need to paint my laundry room. It is the first room you walk in when you enter thru the garage. It is still painted the white glossy paint the builders painted it when we moved in 17 years ago!

  361. Beth Bunetic

    New house! Previous owners loved pink and coral! Need I say more? They all need paint! Oh, I forgot to mention the green trim?

  362. Monica

    What I’d love to have painted is our kitchen, which is connected to our dining room, which is connected to our living room, which is connected to our library/school room. I’m so sad that I can’t be the one to paint because of a sensitivity to paint, but maybe the no VOC would help?

  363. Madeleine Ward

    The master bedroom and bath,first or hall and stairways

  364. Jennifer Moffitt

    I have NEVER painted with a dark color before. We just moved into a new(not new build) home and I would love to paint our master bedroom navy :-)

  365. Kathy W.

    Great color choice for your son’s room! Love your sense of style. I’ve been putting off painting our sunroom. Other projects have taken precedence but it’s time to tackle it and make it the welcoming space I know it can be!

  366. Lynn

    This a great improvement for being able to wash and scrub if needed.. I definitely would see using it in my house in the area that is an entry way, it seems like I find myself always “wiping” a small section of the wall beside the door.. small dog paw prints always seem to show up there!

  367. Sharon Lambirth

    I most want to paint our dining area that has been some version of butter yellow since we moved here!

  368. Robin

    Painting around our house this summer too – some areas we never quite got to and others that we might have made better choices!

  369. Mary Jane Nelson

    Oh, that would be MY son’s room. The walls really need help and I’ve been putting that job off for awhile. Our son comes in mostly in the weekends now, but there was a time that he was much tougher on his bedroom. Now is the time to make a transition in that room, from room of a teen to room of an adult – guest room. I’m retired now , and having the paint would be great, because even paint becomes expensive. Thank’s for the opportunity to, at least, have my name in the pot, so to speak.

  370. Lee

    Wow, I was just talking to my business partner last week about how it was going to probably take 5 gallons of paint for us to paint our new workshop! Love the color you chose for your son’s room. I will definitely be giving this paint a try :)

  371. delores wieding

    Beautiful color, I’m planning to paint my office. I love the paint primer in one especially because I’m going from a dark green to a pale cream.

  372. Liz

    My kitchen cabinets!

  373. Angie Gray

    Love the color. We’re buying a 108 year old farmhouse and will surely need lots of paint!

  374. S Anne

    I would love to paint the main level of our home which is four main rooms an entry hall and stairway. It is currently painted a neutral, but turned out a little too dark and at times looks much to “orangey”! 5 gallons of paint would be a great start to tackling this project. Thank you for this opportunity!

  375. Desiree

    This is just what I need on my walls! Four farm boys have left our rental flat painted walls a mess! This 1940s block home also has plastered walls. I would paint this on every wall, but starting with the dining room! Thanks for sharing this, love your sons room!

  376. Christa S.

    Restoring a 110 year old farm house and this would be an great to start to the many gallons of paint we will need.

  377. Christina B

    I can’t decide whether I want to paint my bedroom or my master bath the most. I will just call the rooms a suite and paint them both.

  378. Laurie

    We’re also painting our way around the house. We just finished the bedrooms! Would love to win this scrubbable paint for the kitchen!

  379. Kate

    The girls rooms need a face lift. Something to show off their unique and individual styles!

  380. Michelle Wesner

    I would love to paint my living room and make it a nice cozy warm brown. Right now it is a light green which was painted by previous owners.

  381. Missy A.

    I have a lot of rooms to paint. First I really want to paint our living room. Then the kitchen and dining room.

  382. Michelle J.

    Our basement!

  383. Kim

    Definitely my laundry room and family room… both are in need of some updating and refreshing. :) Thanks for the inspiration. We just had a little boy 13 months ago and our story is similar to yours – we already have two older daughters (18 and 15)… yes, all three of our children have the same daddy. ;) HAHA! And no, my 18 year old is not the mommy (although we joke that Micah has three moms and one dad) :) Thanks for your blog. I enjoy your point of view, tips and musings.

  384. Cathy Oaten

    Small house & would love to do family room + 3 bedrooms!! Husband going through cancer treatments and it’s been hard to get to this “little” task done but my sister said she’d help! <3 <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Very informative and helpful! Beautiful style………

  385. Heather S

    Our main living room hands down :)

  386. Kristy

    Would love to paint our bedroom since it hasn’t had any fresh paint in about 20 years!

  387. TallulahJane

    Well, I would start with the bathroom and then move to the living room (this will be a bigger challenge)…

  388. Kristy

    I would love to paint our bedroom since it hasn’t had fresh paint for 20 years!

  389. Joelle

    I want to paint our bedroom. I’ve done the kids’ bedrooms over twice already, but our room never gets the love it needs!

  390. Melissa

    I need to paint the Master Bathroom desperately! THANKS for the inspiration and possibly the gallon of paint – much appreciated!

  391. Moriah

    I love your design style and your son’s room. Thanks for the giveaway! We moved a year ago and still need to tackle a very large, completely dark blue – walls, floor and ceiling – room that used to be a sound studio.

  392. Kim Maldonado

    My dining room.

  393. Rena

    When our house purchase is finalized, I want to reprint the dining room. The tomato red is nice, but it doesn’t fit with the rest of the style of the house (think 1930s). It currently has too bold of a statement while the rest of the house is all white!

  394. Lisa

    I would love to paint our laundry room.

  395. Shana

    I had an AC pan leak and damage the living room wall. So that’s first on the agenda. Also, the existing paint is builder’s grade matte finish. So when I try to clean marks from the wall, the paint comes off too!

  396. Megan S.

    I have also painted almost every wall in my house since moving in. Another story of rainbow colors. I painted the walls in my bedroom only to realize there is still a significant amount of the dark mauve color from the previous owners still peeking through and never had the will to go around with another coat because I don’t love the color I selected either. Ugh!

  397. Brenda Vincent

    We moved in 2 years ago and the whole interior had just been painted a neutral color, so my husband said we didn’t need to paint anything. I’m beyond ready! My kitchen, dining and hallway are all connected so, I’d have to paint all of them the same. I would be so happy to get a 5 gallon container of a great quality paint. Thanks!

  398. Carla Jordan

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  399. Jenna Z

    Our living room is looking a big dated (accent wall , anyone?!) so I’d love to freshen it up!

  400. Cynthia Diaz

    I would love to paint my family room. It has not been painted since we moved in 13 years ago. It has a two story ceiling so the 5 gallons would come as a Godsend. Love the way this bedroom came out! I’m going to try it in my son’s bedroom as well!

  401. Amy

    In systematically painting every surface in our house…finally made my way through the the top two floors and now I need to paint the basement!

  402. Jen Lee

    The color you painted your son’s room is great, and I love the southwest rug. The room looks timeless and masculine without being too boyish. Personally, I really want to paint my living room! It has tons of trim in ugly walnut wood color – thick crown molding, wainscoting and window trim, and tan walls that need new life. It looks dated and makes me unhappy but I am too overwhelmed to try to paint it because there is so much to paint. The Glidden Diamond paint sounds like it would work well because of its good coverage.

  403. Cynthia Cross

    If I win the paint, I am going to paint my bedroom this color. It’s gorgeous

  404. Cindy

    Just when I think I have finally decided on a color for my bedroom, some blogger uses an amazing color on the walls of her son’s bedroom, and I have to rethink my color choices all over again. :)

  405. Julia Molewyk

    I would love to paint our great room that is the room you see when you first walk in the front door. I love the color of your son’s room.
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  406. Brittany Waller

    I’d love to paint my master bedroom finally. I’ve been in this house six years and it seems that it’s the room that’s always on the bottom of the list. A new coat of paint in a great color could bring a lot of life to the small space.

  407. Diane

    We are buying a house just down the road and I’ve got paint swatches all over the house. We will start with the living room and kitchen but every wall and surface will likely be touched by a brush.

  408. elishia bakle

    The interior of the house is all a pale blue! I really need to update it. I have been struggling with what overall color will be best. What goes best overall I want someone a little darker?

  409. lisa m

    What a beautiful color, Night Sky Grey! I’d love to paint my daughter’s room. She has grown much older and needs a repaint of a sky blue color with a sun painted on. Time to move on to an adult color such as this. Thank You

  410. Ann

    I would most like to paint my living room/hallway. We have lived in the same house for 27 years, and never changed the wallpaper that the previous owners put up. After graduating three homeschoolers, I have time now to think about giving our home a much-needed facelift. I am terribly tired of earth tones and brown trim, and would love to lighten and/or brighten things up!

  411. Donna

    My living room needs an update ?

  412. Barbara

    Oh my goodness! Do this many people really need paint too? My walls are textured like your sons’ room and I really need to do my LR and kitchen. The Glidden paint sounds great! Count me in!

  413. Laura

    The room I most want to paint is my new bedroom in my soon to be newly constructed upstairs. After 5 months of a horrible lending experience, more months of arbitration with the sellers of my home (they didn’t disclose a lot of water in the basement, they covered a 60amp electrical panel with a 100 amp cover and they left me a dead animal in my dryer vent, amongst other things), dealing with a contractor who injured himself on the second day and trusses that we’re back ordered 6 weeks, and my daughter being hospitalized with a bacterial infection this spring that put her on oxygen, it would be very nice to paint my room with some amazing paint. As with most things with kids, her room cane first, and mine is last. :) 2016 has certainly been a challenge.

  414. Shelly

    Our entire house is head to toe a flat beige. I don’t so much mind the neutral color, but with 3 kids, it’s always dirty and the flatness makes it hard to clean. Gimme all the paint!

  415. Megan

    My great room! It’s is currently a yellowish tan color. I would love to completely change the feel of my home to a cooler, calming grey tone. Between dogs, teens and granbabies scrub-ability is essential!!!

  416. Leigh

    When we moved into our house 6 years ago, I chose a color very similar to this for my son. He just turned into a teenager this year and the color is still working. I installed hardwood floors into his room last year and now the paint looks even better. That color with the brown wood is amazing. Of course, your choice of linen and accessories looks way nicer than my son’s room! My son’s room is tiny, so he’s in a lift bed with a sofa under it to give him some room to lounge.

  417. Rana Durham

    The room i want to paint the most is my bATHroom because its in need of paint job badly. i want it to have lively look that is not drab.

  418. Branna

    I’d love to paint the living room/kitchen area. We’ve been in our house 2 years now, and the entire main floor is yellow. It’s a pretty yellow, and the paint job was really nice when we moved in so we stuck with it. But is a LOT of yellow. I’m quite ready for a change!

  419. joan drewlo

    Deciding to paint a room is a big decision. What color?? I admire people who can find the perfect wall color the FIRST time. We decided we wanted a nice, slightly dark, green color on our Great Room (22′ x 15′)and walls.. I auditioned several greens and painted small areas to see how they looked in daylight and evening. My husband kindly reminded me there is no “do-over” as this was the 2nd try for a great color. We decided on a nice green So.. off to the paint store we went ! You probably have guessed, we really don’t care for it (OK, I really don’t like it). I describe the color as “icky pea soup green”. It has been 7 years and finally we both agree it is time to have a lighter color.

  420. Susan

    This is the first post I’ve ever done…. We’ve been renovating our house for 14 years now. I hope we just have another couple to go. We completely gutted it and worked on it as we could in our spare time. Anyway, there are a couple of rooms I’d like to change the paint on, a spare bedroom and the ceilings since they look dirty because of the wood stoves. I guess we’ll get there some day. LOL. :)

  421. Jane Clardy

    Thanks so much for sharing this Glidden Diamond paint. I have never used it, but plan to give it a try on my next project!

  422. Mary

    I want to paint two bathrooms and the laundry room!! The paint sounds so easy. LOVE reading about your home projects in your new house.

  423. Jenn

    Right now we’re trying to decide on the next room to paint as we finish up a building project. It would have to be either the kitchen or the entry.

  424. Lydia Torres

    Master bedroom and bathroom are in need of updating in the worst way.

  425. Martha

    Our living room is tops on the to-be-painted list!

  426. Amy Elder

    Every wall in my downstairs after removing all the chair rail.

  427. Cindy A.

    I *need* to win this giveaway! Our living room and hallways are way overdue for an update. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful prize!

  428. Shanna

    Almost every room, but if I have to pick one, its the entry/family room. It really needs a paint job!

  429. Sandi Allen

    My Boys Bathroom and their bedrooms need to be painted!

  430. Cynthia

    The living room!

  431. Mills

    We’re painting the entire house also, room by room. So far we’ve done the family room and our younger sons bedroom: 3 down, only 11 more to go (that includes 2 hallways). While paint is a relatively cheap way to redo a room, at $30 a gallon, that’s still a dent in an invisible budget :~). I’d love to use the paint to do our older son’s room, the stairwell leading up to it and the hallway (his brother’s room is at the other end).

  432. Mills

    whoops, I can count, really, just forgot to add the front room/den~

  433. Karen Jeanne

    The upstairs bathroom and our family room are the next rooms that need painted in our new house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  434. Jennifer

    The powder room! It’s covered with a cattail/duck motif wallpaper. The cattails look like pieces of poop on a stick!

  435. Pamela Peters

    My darling husband has been diligently painting our home room by room. However the man works 12 hr days so it’s a slow process. Our entire home was done in shades of yellow varying from the Dijon mustard color, nicotine stain color and of course the yield sign yellow. So our bedroom would be next in line for a refreshing light color…

  436. stacye hixson

    I desperately need to paint my living room/foyer/hall. Hope I win!

  437. Suzanne

    Guest bedroom.

  438. Gwen Howard

    I would love to win the paint. Definitely have some projects in mind. Thanks for the opportunity.

  439. Paula

    I would most like to repaint our main entry/living room/hallway. We painted it a dark tan when we bought the house 8 years ago because everyone told us to do a neutral color. With this being our first house, I didn’t know to check out things like lighting, and our main areas now appear very dark and shadowy. I’d love a redo in something lighter, and more complimentary to the style I’ve discovered is mine.

  440. Kim

    Who couldn’t use more paint!!! I always have a project in the making!!

  441. Jennai

    Don’t know if this is still valid, but I’ll give it a shot. Both of our bathrooms are in dire need of a new paint job. I’d love to win this so it would give us the incentive to do this!

  442. Vanessa

    Our kitchen needs new paint. And, with Melissa’s inspiration I’m thinking of painting our kitchen cabinets too!

  443. Kari

    Darn! I missed this one somehow. And I was just looking around our living room thinking how fabulous it could be with a fresh coat of paint a few shades lighter. Love the grey of your sons room. Glad to see that Spiderman, Star Wars, and Captain America wall art and memorabilia could be heading to the curb in a few years. (Well, Cap can stay, but the rest can ship out!)

  444. Suzanne Croft

    On July 1st, I moved into a 1922 Portland OR cottage. When the ancient carpet in the hall and bedrooms were removed, I expected to find oak floors to match the rest of the house. Instead, there were paint splattered fir floors. These floors had not been covered when the walls had been spray painted years ago. Kitchen cabinet doors had also been spray painted on the floors. Add to that footprints of workmen and a large dog and you have a hot mess! I don’t have the budget to refinish or replace these floors, so I’ll be painting them to blend in with the existing oak flooring. I’d love to give this new paint a try!

  445. Dawn DeMulling

    I most want to paint my bedroom. It is a sage green I do not love anymore. We need to repair the plaster walls, and add new curtains. There is nothing better than a new coat of paint to wake up a room.

  446. Shirley

    Would LOVE new paint in our entry and Living Room/Dining Room.

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