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Cozy Fall Nesting – Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating | 13 comments

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

Hey, lovelies! Hope you are having a great week so far. Welcome back if you’ve been away on summer vacation! Today is officially “back to school day” here at our house and that means it’s time for me get into full FALL NESTING mode! One of my absolute favorite parts of fall is all the cozy scents wafting through the air.

So many of our best memories and moments in life can be connected to scents. The freshness in the air from a fall rainstorm, a walk in the forest, the crackling fire on a cozy night, a cup of steaming hot cider in my hands. It has always made sense :) to me to incorporate good scents into our daily life and home.

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

Quote from my NYT Bestselling Book: Love the Home You Have

One easy way I freshen the scent of our home every day (without burning candles or other more harmful products like chemical air fresheners or sprays) is by diffusing seasonal combinations of oils (I use Young Living essential oils for their quality and purity) so my house always smells inviting. I’m happy to share more details on the products we use anytime, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Part of my morning routine all year round begins with turning on our oil diffuser. It always helps set the mood for the day. I even look forward to it! I actually don’t feel like I can really get in my groove without selecting the right scents to inspire me to have quiet time, work or clean or whatever.

This simple daily ritual of selecting the oils and turning on my diffuser has even helped me to become a more focused and self-disciplined person, since I naturally have trouble with that (ha!). It’s right up there with bed-making when it comes to how I motivate myself to follow a daily routine and get myself started with my day.

I’ll be honest, I could hardly wait for fall to start so a week or two ago I made the transition to some more autumn-inspired scents. I was really into fresh clean fruity or floral scents all summer and now I’m head over heels for my current fave, a cozy fall nesting combo.

Everyone who has come to my house recently loves this combination, so I thought you might love it, too. You’ll find the recipe below and a graphic to pin to remind you to give it a try.

Happy nesting, friends.

Cozy Fall Nesting – A Natural Essential Oil Home Scent Recipe:

5 Drops Clove Essential Oil

5 Drops Orange Essential Oil

4 Drops Christmas Spirit Young Living Essential Oil (orange, cinnamon, spruce oils)

I simply add these oils to water in my Aria or Raindrop Diffuser from Young Living, turn on the diffuser and ENJOY!

Cozy Fall Nesting - Essential Oil Fall Home Scent

See more of my natural home scent recipes here and order your own essential oils and diffusers here!

What fall scents hold the most vivid memories for you? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. Karen

    I was just getting ready to place an YL order and will add these to it! I don’t diffuse much in the summer because I love the fresh air coming in the open windows, but as temps start to dip that will change. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  2. Sallie

    Apples and cinnamon!! Reminds me of visits to the apple orchard with my precious daddy (gone nearly 3 years now). Fall was his favorite time of year and has always been mine as well. I LOVE your fall nesting posts! (Well, let’s face it, I love all your posts…and books!)

  3. Jo Jo

    My very favorite scents regardless of the time of year are vanilla, lavender and sandalwood. However, I usually burn cinnamon vanilla or apple cinnamon or just sandlewood candles in the fall. My hubby really doesn’t like scented candles burning or even unscented candles burning ( sniff…since I love my candles!). Since I love the look of candle light, especially in the fall and winter, I’ve been purchasing battery operated frameless candles with realistic flame and I think I will get an essential oil infuser like yours and scent my home that way instead of lighting candles or using plug ins. Thanks, Melissa! ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love candlelight, too. And those battery operated candles are great, I especially love them on our porch! :)

  4. Kathy Cheek

    Spiced Pumpkin is my fave scent.

    I just noticed today that two pots on my front porch that have mums that made it through last winter and have been flowerless all summer, but healthy, are forming their buds….for fall, I can’t wait!

    I love your love for fall, Melissa! And for getting a good jump on the season that so many of us anticipate like no other season…

  5. Janna

    I have a question for you if I may ask of you…
    If you could suggest a kitchen tile look for your last home for me I would appreciate the advice (for fun). My kitchen looks very much like your last home, but would like tile on the kitchen floor only instead of wood. Thanks so much. I love your posts.

  6. darlene weir @fieldstonehill

    I love real apples and cinnamon cooking on the stove. BEST EVER. My favorite scent to diffuse lately is drops cinnamon, 6 drops StressAway, and 2 drops orange. YUMMMMMM

  7. Claudia

    I would have never thought of including the Christmas oil to this combo but I’m sure going to try it. Thanks.

  8. Steph

    I clicked on a link to your recipe for the anthropology volcano DIY recipe for essential oils and it brought me to this page. I was wondering if you still had the recipe for the volcano smell? This recipe sounds wonderful for the holidays so I will also give this one a try.



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