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Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot – Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Decorating Inspiration, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms, My Backyard, My Seattle House, Simple Gatherings, Welcome + Gather

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Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

This post was sponsored by Aquascape®

When we started our side yard project at the start of this year, I imagined it being completed by spring so we could enjoy it all summer. Well, it didn’t get finished and we haven’t been able to enjoy it yet. I know I keep saying it is getting closer to completion, but now I’m holding out hope for mid-fall :). But the snail’s pace and frustration with that project didn’t really stop us from finding a way to enjoy another part of our yard.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

I love easy projects that can almost immediately transform your surroundings. In our last house we built a firepit on our pea gravel patio and it was one of those projects that instantly gave our yard more purpose and function. We hoped to build another firepit on our backyard patio at this house, but we decided for safety reasons we should put it further from the house. Since we didn’t have time to prepare a new gravel area for it this year, we decided we’d save that project for another time.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway
But I cannot tell you how THRILLED I was to discover a few weeks ago that there was an easy way to create more ambience in our backyard. This Fire Fountain by Aquascape is absolutely perfect for our patio! We didn’t have to wait for contractors, there was no mess and it took just a few minutes to set up! That’s what I’m talking about.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

The Fire Fountain established a beautiful focal point for our family to gather around and enjoy.

Create an Outdoor Gathering Spot - Patio Fire Fountain Giveaway

The soothing bubbles from the fountain mixed with the warm flicker of the flame is so comforting and relaxing, amazing for those chilly fall evenings!  At the end of the evening, you just extinguish the flame and unplug the fountain. Let it cool, cover it and it will be all ready for next time.

This is exactly what our space needed, and the perfect way to bring the family together.



If you can’t wait or want to find another model or check sizes, you can find details and ordering information from Aquascape (check out everything else they offer, too, including other types of fountains and ponds!) or you can find a great deal on the model I have here (mine is the medium size!).

The only two things you might want to have for the fountain is paraffin oil for the flame and decorative river rocks.

PS. Did you catch a glimpse of our freshly painted garden shed in this post? :-D


  1. Sara

    This is amazing, and as I near the end of my backyard revamp, I can’t think of anything better to tie it all together. BEAUTIFUL!!

    • Rita


    • Loredana Concoli

      I have a small patio. This fire fountain which looks elegant and simple to put together, would look great on my patio.

  2. Linda Dominick

    I love the water in the fire pit, and your chairs are amazing!

  3. Pam Moore

    I’ve never seen anything like this before. The fire with the sound is right up my alley. I’d love to win one!

  4. Julie

    Having an evening fire in the fall, with a glass of wine with my husband, is my favorite way to unwind after a day of work! Love this!

  5. Katie

    Can you roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the flame?

  6. Geri Rush

    The fire pit gives a great touch to any outdoor landscape and would be a great addition to the places and things we love to outdoors. Thank you for introducing me to it.

  7. Laurie McDermott

    I have never seen a fire pit with water incorporated with it. Very cool. I’m sure you will get plenty of use it this fall :)

  8. Kim

    There is nothing like time spent with family and friends around the fire! I would love the chance to have everyone over this fall and create more beautiful memories. Your blog inspires me…all the way to Michigan! Thank you!

  9. Alyssa

    Thank you for a great giveaway! We keep intending to diy a fire pit but now with a baby I don’t think it will happen, so I’d love to win! It looks so cute and ready for fall.

  10. Anne Marie

    Oh would I love to win one of these – thanks for the chance!

  11. mary blomquist

    Wow, just a few days ago I thought a fountain and fire pit would be a nice addition to our pool area. However, I thought I needed to choose between the two to avoid a cluttered look. This is fabulous!!!! ps. Shed looks great!

  12. Suzanne Ludwic

    I thought I was looking for something that didn’t exist until I saw this! What a great product and completely perfect for our patio. I would be thrilled to win this!

  13. Suzanne Ludwic

    How large is the one pictured?

  14. Virginia Reese

    That looks to be the perfect size for my patio !

  15. Susan Davis

    What a cool…hot…idea! Is crisp fall day included? We could use an autumn breeze here in the still hot South!

  16. Doreen

    This looks like a perfect size for our newly “reduced sized” patio!
    And the water feature is genius.

  17. Carole

    That would create great ambiance in my yard. I love that it’s so easy to get going instead of the hassle of starting a fire in our firepit.

  18. Judy Houle

    Quick, easy, and lovely. We have a small backyard and this would be perfect! Love it!

  19. Kelly Keitzer

    That looks Great!

  20. BLBC

    A fire, circled with chairs; perfect conversation started to gather friends, family and neighbors. Such a setting promises no one will be in a hurry to leave; a simple pleasure and one would be required to leave cell phones inside/on silent in order to embrace the social media of conversation.

  21. Jackie Waller

    The fountain is AMAZING!! I love the ambience it creates in the space. Way to go Aquascape!!

  22. Jessica

    This is beautiful! I would love to have a fire pit in our backyard.

  23. Bethany P

    This is beautiful & such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Lisa Hollingsworth

    This is exactly what I need to transform my outdoor space! A perfect addition with the approaching fall temperatures.

  25. Dinelle

    That looks so relaxing – I need one if these

  26. Kimberlee Klatt

    Beautiful, relaxing, perfect

  27. Toni Anne Potter

    WOW! I didn’t know that a water feature and a fire pit could be combined! Fantastic idea, I’d love to have that in our backyard, especially now that it’s getting cooler at night. Good luck everyone!

  28. Kathy

    What a perfect addition to an outdoor space!

  29. Chris

    This would fit perfectly in our backyard patio. Fall is a perfect time for family fires!

  30. Mary

    so simple and it adds so much atmosphere!

  31. Debra Smith Schramm

    I would love one of these. We’re demoing our deck and putting in a patio. This would be the perfect addition.

  32. jen smith

    Would love to have one of these on my back deck to enjoy the fall evenings with my husband and 4 legged baby girl.

  33. Chelcey

    What a gorgeous fire pit! I love the fire/water combo. We recently moved into a new home, and we are drawing up the plans for our backyard space. This piece would be a beautiful addition to the patio! Hello cool nights, hot cocoa, and Fire Fountain!!

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  34. Julie

    What a unique firepit. Love the look it adds to the patio. Outdoor living!!! Yay!

  35. Linda Stoll

    Just perfect for next year’s project outside!


  36. Deanna Titzler

    I really like the look of this. My husband has been wanting a fountain, while I’ve been pushing for a fire pit or bowl of some kind. Ths is the ideal solution! Please add me to the drawing.

  37. Susan Calamari

    We have a tiny backyard with close neighbors – this would allow us to enjoy the atmosphere of a fire pit ( with a bonus of water sounds) and be a good neighbor (no billowing smoke or odors.). Thanks for a great idea

  38. Sarah

    Wow! I have never seen anything like this before! Very cool!

  39. Miriam

    Water sounds with fire, who wouldn’t want this?

  40. Heather

    This would be perfect for our backyard! We have a stone patio with nothing on it. I hope to eventually (in a few years) have a fireplace built, but this would instantly give purpose to our patio–I’d just need to find a few cozy chairs to set around it.

  41. Denise

    Thank you for a great giveaway, Melissa! We close on our new house in a few weeks and this would be PERFECT in our new backyard!

  42. Lisa P.

    Looks fantastic! Would love to sit around it with friends!

  43. Peggy

    I’ve got my s’more supplies ready!

  44. Jen

    Love the water/fire combo – genius!! Would love to win one :)

  45. Martha Dexter


  46. Karenann

    Thank you for such a great giveaway opportunity! I just love the Fire Fountain. It would make such a nice addition to my backyard!

  47. Norma Rodriguez

    What a Beautiful idea. I love it . I have been wanting something like this for a long time. I want to place it in my backyard surrounded by 4 chairs. I love your blog . I receive an e mail daily when I get to work and you inspire me for the rest of the day. I wish I had chosen decoration as my career path since I love it so much. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas they inspire me to go home and think of new things to create.

  48. Teresa P

    The fire pit is beautiful. Great backyard space.

  49. Nikki

    What fun!? We’ve got the perfect spot for a fire pit/fountain at our family lake house. Just got Adirondack chairs for the patio this summer for my birthday. A fire pit would be the perfect addition. I’ve loved watching the progress on your home!

  50. Robin Y

    Fire and water. Two of my favorite ways to relax!


    I love the idea of a portable fire pit! Because we rent, we can’t create a permanent fire pit. This is perfect!

  52. Cari Morgan

    What an awesome, portable alternative to an open-flame fire pit! Way safer around the little ones – thank you!!

  53. Kathy

    Love this fire pit! I have been looking for something just like this to be able to enjoy the outdoors more. Thank you for the update on your yard, I was wondering about how it came out. Can’t wait to see the final product along with the painted brick! Love watching you transform this home into your own.

  54. Debbie

    I’ve been admiring these fountains since I first heard about them. We wanted to create a fire pit but my husband, a former DIYer, is slowly rehabilitating from surgery complications so I need something easy to assemble! We have a small backyard with a very nice patio and I think this would be the perfect solution. Your blog and home are so inspiring!

  55. Eileen

    love it all… this is beautiful! so ready for fall!

  56. Renee A

    What a pretty, flexible solution to a backyard dilemma! The house we moved into several years ago has a pretty outdoor space, but without tearing out the existing patio and starting from scratch, I resigned myself to the a fire area would be impossible and put it out of my mind. Well…

  57. Julie

    We are coming close to an end (or so) to an addition/remodel. The slow progress of your projects and your super attitude continue to encourage me to keep looking toward the end result. And your blog the other day about more disorganization before the finished project was a very good reminder. Thank you for your enthusiasm and contagious joy. Oh, and I would love to win the fire pit!

  58. Lisa S.

    How very beautiful and relaxing. You both look like you are enjoying the quiet. Thanks for the opportunity!

  59. Brianna Santellan

    My friends just bought their first house and are currently expecting their first child. This would be a wonderful housewarming gift for them! Thank you for the opportunity to enter this.

  60. Sara Breeggemann

    We are moving this weekend. There are so many projects at our new house & I am taking inspiration from you on biding my time. This would be a perfect addition & way to give our backyard some coziness.

  61. Eileen

    I love the contrast of fire and water. The beautiful smooth stones add a rustic spa feel to the outdoor ambiance. This would be a lovely addition to our walk out basement.

  62. Donna Brown

    Thanks for sharing this firepit with your readers. I would love to have one in my yard. We’ve been trying to come up with an idea that would work for our situation without spending a boatload of money and modifying our house. This is it!

  63. Scarlette Chapman

    We’ve been wanting a fountain for our back yard, and the Fire Fountain would be perfect for our patio. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  64. Nikki Stewart

    Love the combination of the water with the fire!

  65. Jana Adams

    That’s a great idea! I love both the calming fountain sounds and the warmth of the fire! Would love to win one! Thank you!

  66. Lisa Moody

    Would love this to tie everything together in my almost completed patio re-do! Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. Karen Payton

    Win or no win, thank you for showing this Fire Fountain to me! It’s the perfect finishing touch to our staycation backyard here in beautiful (and autumnly awesome) Ontario, Canada! :)

  68. Karen Johnson

    Love it!

  69. Colleen DeBo

    When warm summer nights starts to slip away and fall begins to slow dance in with cool temperatures and falling leaves what a beautiful way to enjoy both seasons with water and fire.

  70. Shelley Krupa

    I have never seen one like this! Beautiful!!! Your backyard looks so cozy, also!

  71. SQ Price

    Oh wow, would love this. Thanks for the give away and a chance to win

  72. Debbie P.

    This would look great by our new pool!

  73. Bets

    The bubbling noise from the fountain would also be a great way to mask any unwanted sounds like traffic!

  74. Arthe' Lambert

    What a quick and easy way to get that peaceful, tranquil feeling that is so necessary in this crazy beautiful world!

  75. Janice

    Fantastic! The combination of the water bubbling and the fire crackling would be lovely!

  76. VikkiD

    I enjoy your website and your book is beautiful! This would be perfect in my daughter’s backyard. Thanks for the contest opportunity! ☺

  77. Shelley

    Fire Fountain looks like exactly what we could use to finish off our deck also. Thanks for sharing and offering a giveaway.

  78. Kristi Liebe

    Hooray! We have been looking all over the Internet and Pinterest for ideas on building a fire pit and building the gravel area. This looks like the perfect idea!!!! The fire flame looks perfect!!! We must be on the same wavelength. :-)

  79. Laura

    What a jewel of a fountain! It would be the perfect centerpiece for my yard. I can hear my family telling stories around the fountain and fire already.

  80. Kerri Sullivan

    We just bought a house and the yard needs sooooo much work. This would be a great place to start!

  81. Julie Dellasega

    This is beautiful! And would be wonderful on our deck. :) As far as your side yard…we all have those projects that take forever…just keep at it! I love the concept and am sure it will be beautiful when complete!

  82. Melissa Adams

    Oh my! I can just imagine the instant peace and relaxation my family would experience if the fire fountain were in our backyard. I would love ito surprise them!

  83. Diania Abernathy

    That looks so awesome….what a fun way to gather friends and family! And who doesn’t love the sound of water?! I’m going to for sure check into this further!

  84. Kimberly

    Love the fire but add water? Perfect! Love it!

  85. Jennifer

    That looks AMAZING! I am currently trying to make my backyard oasis (thanks end of summer sales!) and this would look perfect!

  86. Debby

    This is exactly what I was telling my husband we need! It would be perfect on the driveway we’re turning into our outdoor seating area. Love it!

  87. Diane

    This looks so inviting. Fall is my favorite time of the year, so cozy! I love this style!

  88. Tracie

    Wow, That is the prettiest fire/water ring I’ve seen! Nothing stirs evening conversations more than a fire, so who wouldn’t want one! It’s a lovely addition to your yard, Melissa. Hopefully you are checking off more to-dos as dones!

  89. Deborah Jordan

    I love the simplicity of the fountain/fire combo. I would love to win this!

  90. Kathy

    The fountain/fire table is great! We are putting in a pool and have been looking for one to go on the deck. This one has just the look I want. Thank you for the information and opportunity to possibly win one. It would be just the right accessory.

  91. Abby

    Love the fire and water combo!

  92. Sandra R

    What a beautiful focal point!

  93. Lisa

    How fun! We would love one for our backyard!

  94. Jean

    Beautiful :)

  95. Eugenia Snyder

    I never heard of a fire/water ring and I love it! We have a small patio area close to our house (so no fire pit) that this would be perfect for. What a terrific gathering place. I love the blankets on the chairs and the flowers on the upturned bucket. This is our first house so I’m loving following you and all you are doing at your gorgeous home. Good for you figuring out a way to enjoy things as you go!

  96. Sherri Hastings

    The fire pit is awesome!!! Looks so relaxing and safe!

  97. Stephanie Martenson

    How unique, I’ve never seen anything like it!

  98. Jana Thompson

    I have not seen anything like this. We filled in our 38 year old pool this spring and I am thinking how to landscape this area. This would be a perfect addition! Love your ideas and your blog.

  99. Anne Marie

    Love it! So easy!

  100. Robyn

    Fun fountain…..

  101. Carol

    Yes! I’ve been looking all over the local Summer clearance sections for something just like this! It would be a perfect solution for our small patio. Love it!

  102. Suzanne Cleary

    Absolutely love the combination of a water and fire feature! Have never seen that before and I am going to put that on my wish list to transform my back yard. Thank you for sharing.

  103. laura burghorn

    What a great family magnet!

  104. Shella Hinton

    Lovely! Perfect for Fall!

  105. Dianne Stavropoulos

    I love the fountain with the fire! And the size is perfect! Thank you for sharing this resource with us!

  106. Caz

    How fun ! I would love one for my backyard . I can just imagine sitting around it with hot chocolate and a cozy blanket over my knees .

  107. Sallie

    That does sound like the perfect solution for a small yard, which we have. I’ll have to check into that!

  108. Sarah

    That’s exactly what we need to fill in a hole in our backyard left by the previous owner’s removal of a fountain!

  109. Amanda K


  110. Taylor First

    Love this idea! Much better than trying to figure out how to convert my gas lantern into a fire pit!

  111. Kathleen

    It looks like it would be great for a small yard, too–and the water feature makes me feel better about safety!

  112. Cindy Childers

    That is stunning! It would love so pretty in our little garden. You have great taste Melissa. XX

  113. Leigh Ann F

    Water creates peace and tranquility….much needed after a long day of serving. Great idea!

  114. Elizabeth M.

    We moved into our farmhouse in the country a few years ago and there are to be completed. This would look awesome in the side yard where we took down a couple of trees last year! I have been trying to figure out what to do with that space!

  115. Luba Zygarewicz

    I live in So Louisiana, so from late October to mid March is a great time to be outdoors. The fire fountain would be such a treat to have as a place for gathering and connecting with God, nature, and others.
    Thank you.

  116. Erin Prohaska

    Love the cozy set up! Picturing fall fires, blankets and hot apple cider (possibly spiked)! :) A fire source was high on my wish list this year but the good looking ones do not come cheap. This would bexpect huge for our family…I can taste the stores just thinking about it. :) Thanks and love all you do!

    • Erin Prohaska

      Taste the smores, not stores…that would just be weird)! Looks like spell check (or my fast fingers got me) a couple times. Excuse me! :)

  117. Marvel Nofziger

    So cozy and the good part is that it doesn’t appear that it takes too much time to put together. It would be so much more pleasurable to be outside enjoying the yard and the skyline.

  118. Lacy

    I love the fountain. Do not get discouraged. I am envious of your gorgeous green grass. It is so dry here in Northwest Georgia.

  119. Debra

    This would be perfect. The sound of a fountain and the ambience from fire!

  120. patty

    Love your blog, and have been a faithful reader for years. Thank you for this opportunity! We are an older couple with a yard that needs so much! There’s no real place for us to sit outside and enjoy nature. It would be amazing to be able to sit outside after dinner and talk.

  121. Hallie Evans

    That is so cool! I’d love to win one!!

  122. Lisa N

    What a wonderful combination! Thank you for the chance to wind one, it would be an amazing addition to our patio.

  123. Christine

    Ahhhhh this is what I’ve been looking for!!!

  124. Amy

    Yes, I need this! I’ve been wanting to add a fire pit to the backyard for a while now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. Lisa P Cole

    Fire AND water? Score! What a beautiful and relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors this Fall. I’ve been looking for something unique like this for a while, and this is perfect for our patio.

  126. Danielle

    That’s gorgeous!

  127. Bridey Church

    I would love one of these for our yard. On a side note, I used to work in a gift shop that sold glass oil candles that ran exclusively off of liquid paraffin. It is so much safer than other fuels like propane, etc.

  128. Julie

    This is so perfect! Bubbling water and a warm fire? Yes! This would be perfect for our little patio sitting area.

  129. Aly Lassig

    Soo cool! I’d love to have a great space to relax and focal point in our back yard!

  130. Sue Davies

    Love the Aqua Fire Fountain. Such a cool idea to have those two elements together to enjoy. I purchased one of the clean burn mini fire places like yours this summer and loved it, The size of this plus the water feature is even better,
    Sue in Fl.

  131. Lisa Cooper

    What a lovely focal point for a patio! It would look fantastic in my outdoor space!

  132. Rachel

    looove it. :)

  133. Lori S H

    What a cozy spot!!! Your freshly painted shed looks fantastic too!

  134. Wes

    Yes please!

  135. Jennifer Morrow

    This is a great looking fountain and so versatile! Your blog is one of the first things I check in the morning while enjoying my coffee and caching up on morning news. I enjoy all the beautiful things you put together! Thank you Melissa for bringing beautiful joy into our lives!

  136. Helene

    We would love to have one of these on our back patio!

  137. Susan

    What a beautiful way to add both fire and water to your outdoor space! I have just the spot…

  138. Jessica Mansfield

    That looks beautiful!

  139. Kelly Bearman

    Love this. What a great way to enjoy the fall weather.

  140. Suzan

    Love it!

  141. Jamie Bringhurst

    I love quick projects too! We are owner-building our home (insta: our_mapleton_farmhouse) & none of them are “quick” yet. But I can’t wait to get to the phase that is! This would be a beautiful addition to our backyard plans! Love all that you do — uber talented!


    The Fire Fountain looks AMAZING!

  143. Brandy Cason

    This would be great for my backyard! Love

  144. Lisa

    Simply Beautiful!

  145. Shanna Neilson

    Totally missed the shed until you mentined it. What a great idea!! We have an old metal firepit on wheels that we roll out away from the wooden deck. The aquascape would allow us to kee the fire close the existing seating. Very nice

  146. Cathy L

    This is so cool! Great feature!

  147. Melinda Young

    What a great idea. It looks like such a nice cozy area. Do you need to cover it when not using it?

  148. Kathryn

    There’s nothing like sitting by the fire in the Fall!

  149. Janet VanDonge

    My son is buying his first home and moving into it in October. This would be an AMAZING house warming gift for him!! It is definitely his style and he hopes to do a lot of entertaining on his patio.

  150. DeeDee

    Perfect for the fall gathering’s on the deck.

  151. Christine

    That is really beautiful, inviting and cozy! I can picture being around the fountain/fire having a lot of laughs with family and friends as well as quiet times relaxing with a book. The sound of the fountain, the look of the fire and ease of maintenance would have me enjoying my patio more than ever. Thanks for the chance :)

  152. Jourdan

    There’s nothing like sitting by the fire in the Fall, but a fire and waterfall together… LOVE!!!

  153. Jennifer

    This would look great in my back yard!!!

  154. Debra

    The weather here is just beginning to change. Perfect time for enjoying a fire fountain. Thanks for the chance to win.

  155. Amber Ashmore

    Super simple project with a big pay off! Score!!

  156. rachel

    Such a great alternative to building a fire pit!

  157. Susan in NH

    Love this fire accessory! And what a smart idea to use this “Fire Fountain” vs. an actual fire pit with all the drought and fire dangers we are seeing now. Very attractive. Even love the name of it! Thank you too for the chance to win one. Cheers!

  158. Paula Scheib

    This is so nice!

  159. Sharon Roberts

    What a wonderful combo — fire and water! Love that it is so easy to set up and easy to use. It would be great to use during the fall/winter months.

  160. Janet B.

    Beautiful, with a capital B!!

  161. Susan R

    Beautiful!! A fire fountain sounds like it would set the perfect fall ambiance.

  162. Linda

    The Fire Fountain is absolutely perfect. No contractors, no mess and just a few minutes to set up a water feature and a fire pit, perfect I say! You’re singing my song. I’d love to win this; thanks for the opportunity.

  163. Betsy

    Fire, water and friends to share the ambience! Sums up fall.

  164. Lynne

    Very cozy!

  165. Erica Player

    I hope I win! :) Love it!!!!

  166. Tracey

    I love the combo of fire and water! Thank you for hosting such a nice giveaway.

  167. BamaCarol

    How beautiful that Fire Fountain is! Thanks for the opportunity to win this; it would fit perfectly in our back yard.

  168. Anita

    Intriguing…. I’d love to see and hear it!

  169. Cherie W

    Beautiful and easy. Can’t beat that!

  170. Heather Dundore

    I would absolutely love to have a Fire Fountain!! What an ingenious idea!

  171. Lorri Devlin

    Aquascape…what an inspired name for a company that brings waterfront living to everyone!

  172. mary lou

    this would look lovely in my yard!!

  173. Jennifer Probst

    How nifty! We need one of these as we have two boys & a “real” fire just isn’t wise at this point ?

  174. Kristina kline

    Love this!!!

  175. Colleen Brindamour

    So cozy and soothing.

  176. JennB

    I love that fire fountain – it looks great in your yard!

  177. Debora Brown

    We have been looking for a fire pit for a couple of years for our patio. This would be perfect for spring/summer/fall!!!!

  178. Patty Jensen

    Oh my goodness, this is exactly what my backyard needs!! I love the name, Aquascape.

  179. Natalie

    What a great idea! Those would make any outdoor area feel cozy. Love!!

  180. Kim

    GREAT! LOVE this!

  181. Leslie

    The Fire Fountain might be the best idea ever. I love that it combines two earthly elements fire and water. The style and design would work in so many settings, from an urban rooftop deck to a beachfront cottage patio. The round shape is great and ensures no bumped knees! Thanks for sharing this great idea to get the family together!

  182. Gina


  183. Beth Ann

    The fire/water pit would go great on my covered patio!

  184. s matos

    My husband loves fire pits & fountains never seen it all together. Gorgeous!

  185. Kristin Freeman

    What a marvelous piece for the outdoor seating area…and what fun to sit on an Adirondack chair, comfy in winter clothes and enjoy the fire on a wintry, mountain valley Montana day.

  186. Missy

    I so want a fire feature for our back patio…love the mix of water & fire! Your space looks so welcoming and charming. I would love to chat there with you!

  187. Caitlin

    Your yard looks so comfortable and welcoming!

  188. Beth Curran

    That is SO COOL and just what I’ve been looking for! It it requires a contractor or too much work we don’t get around to doing it lol. Too busy! Thanks for sharing and I would be so incredibly excited to win it!

  189. Shannon

    Absolutely gorgeous

  190. Kelly

    I love it! Since my backyard is so small (townhouse courtyard), something like this would be perfect!

  191. Diane Mayes

    Would love 1 of these. So relaxing.

  192. Peggy

    My unfinished patio has been waiting for this post! You inspired my kitchen remodel 2 1/2 years yet out back yard has been at a standstill . I have been at a loss as to how to create ambiance. It’s sometimes chilly due to wind from the straits and I’ve always thought some sort of water element would be nice but very complicated. This Fire Fiuntain is perfect to complete our home projects- especially as the rest of the yard is in creative flux.

  193. Dana Barker

    Love love love your patio! The Aquascape fire pit is beautiful and, quite frankly, seems safer and, uh, like a no brainier ? Enjoy!

  194. Linda P.

    Always thought we didn’t need a fire pit since we live sort of in the country. But we are no longer allowed to burn when we want to, so this could be the answer for our outdoor ambiance!

  195. Shirley

    This is what we’ve been looking for! The idea of it not being propane is very appealing! We have a pond/stream area in the backyard that would certainly compliment the Fire Fountain. And…we have a retailer in our area. Thanks for a chance to win!

  196. Drew Webb

    This is perfect for me. It has fire and the water feature. Simple yet Beautiful.

  197. Leslie Banahan

    Beautiful combination of fire and water! I need this for my rather “blah” backyard!

  198. Jennifer K

    This is amazing and would be perfect for our forever home! One of my favorite things is when the outdoor space becomes an extension of the inside space. This would be great in our “outdoor living room” :)

  199. Jennifer Webb

    Cozy, chic, and the perfect ending to a day. I just love your style.

  200. Heather Pope

    I love the fire fountain!

  201. Adelyn Finley

    Man oh man this is SO lovely!

  202. Jennifer

    Thanks for your blog! I have learned so much from it as I decorate my own home. The fire pit is lovely and would be a perfect addition to our outdoor space!

  203. Marisa P

    Love it! Moving into our new home and have been looking for fire bowls and had not seen anything like this. Our yard is too small for a pool which has made me sad so this would fill my need for the water sounds and the fire!

  204. Judy Westmoreland

    My husband and I would love to win the Fire Fountain. I see in magazines how people make their patios an extension of their home. I have never been able to do this, due to money constraints. We would be able to make the fire fountain a focal point of our patio and go from there. I am so excited to see this new product. It looks fantastic!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  205. karen

    I love the combination of fire and water! Just moved into our new home and trying to make the outside look good but be functional too! The fire fountain is perfect!

  206. Mary

    That fire would be lovely to come home to after a long day of work. Love the combination of fire and water feature.

  207. Marian L

    As wonderful as always Melissa! I look forward to every one of your posts :) Thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely fire pit/water feature!

  208. Sherry M

    Love this instant focal point for fall gatherings. I am headed to my home town this week to join my siblings and will be bringing home my parent’s patio set as we prepare for an estate sale. It is a sad time for us as my father has had to go into Memory Care for Alzheimer’s. This Fire Fountain would be wonderful as a focal when I put the furniture to use on my bare patio and remember the many gatherings with family at my parent’s home. I am also following your plan for the dutch door which has me yearning for a place to put the same to use in my home.

  209. Alina Wyder

    So pretty! We have a new home, and we don’t have much purpose for our backyard yet. I love how this would provide a focal point!

  210. Tina

    Looks so cozy….the perfect combination of my two favorite features for the garden, water and fire!! Would love to have one in my backyard.

  211. D. Dallas

    Melissa, I follow you religiously, have all you books and think your style is amazing. I would love to win a patio water/fire pit. Like you, I need something easy. The you for the chance to win this amazing item.

  212. cindy b.

    so pretty! this would be a great addition to our backyard!

  213. Julie gonsalves

    I’ve been looking for something like this for years!

  214. Diana

    You have such a knack for transforming a space so quickly, easily and beautifully! LOVE your “after” pictures and your home.
    I would love to put that fire pit in my backyard and enjoy cool autumn evenings with my family.
    Thank you for sharing your home with us.

  215. Kathleen

    What a fantastic giveaway! Our hot summer days are still present, but by next month we’ll cool down enough to enjoy a fire on the patio!

  216. Jill

    What couled be easier than that? I have the perfect spot for this fire pit/water fountain.

  217. adrienne49plus

    How amazing! I’d never seen a combination fire pit and water fountain before. Would truly love to have one to share with friends and family.

  218. Colleen

    I NEED this! :)

  219. Linda B.

    I love the simplicity of this fountain and fire pit combo. Now that it’s FINALLY getting cooler where I live, the warmth of the fire pit is particularly appealing. Every time I sat in my garden during the long, hot summer I found myself wishing for an outdoor fountain. This looks like the garden fairies were listening to me. And simple to install too-perfect! I am a project-oriented person and this looks like I just may have found my next project! Thank you for sharing this!

  220. Teresa Cline

    So pretty! I’d love a firepit.

  221. Carol Elkins

    I love this!!! Who knew you could combine a water feature with a fire pit?!!

  222. Michelle Barnes

    Would love something like this! Really nice for cooler fall evenings.

  223. Carla Garcia

    I have been wanting to create my backyard into a Relaxing Retreat for all Seasons for My Family and I to enjoy. This Fire Pit/Water Fountain would be the perfect Addition to our Relaxing Retreat. Thank you for the Chance to Enter and Win.

  224. Colleen

    beauty and purpose in that fire pit!

  225. Bev House

    I have been brainstorming ideas for my back yard garden. I love, love, love this combination fire/fountain. I know exactly where I would place it. Thank you, Melissa, for this fabulous idea!

  226. Lisa S

    That has got to be the COOLEST thing ever!!! I need one of these!

  227. Darla

    Fun! Love it. Your grass is nice and green too :)


    This will be my first fall to experience widowhood. I would to have my lady friends, who have stood by my side, over for a gathering around this because fire pit. I could ‘serve’ them to show appreciation for their support of me. It is lovely.

  229. Dorelle Andersen

    Stunning ….looks so calm and soothing for fall nights

  230. Jenna Pitt

    We have plans to put a firepit in our backyard but haven’t had the financial ability to get to it yet. I would be thrilled to win one of these fantastic fire fountains! They are beautiful!!

  231. Sheila Smith

    Beautiful! Would love a fire place to enjoy Fall outside.

  232. Brandy E.

    What a pretty combination, love it. :)

    • Arla

      What a gorgeous way to spend an evening sitting outside enjoying family and friends….yes…this would definitely do it!!!

  233. Blair

    What a beautiful fire pit! It would be a welcome addition to my backyard, which needs help.

  234. Amy

    Ooh, I don’t need one, we have an actual fireplace, but I know lots of friends that would love getting this as a fabulous gift! Thanks!

  235. Kathleen Werner

    This is the first I’ve seen this project. I haven’t bought a fire pit for the same reason you mentioned about the safety concern. Thanks for entering me.

  236. Stacy

    What a beautiful combination of fire pit with a fountain. Hope to win!!!

  237. Jennifer

    I’d love to win this! I have the perfect spot in my backyard :)

  238. Corrie

    That looks so cozy! Might have to look into something like this for my backyard! Thanks for sharing.

  239. Martina

    Wow! I’ve never seen a firepit like that before!

  240. Katie S.

    Love love love your blog and books! Love this outdoor patio and fire pit! :) Wish my grass and yard looked the same… so much harder than it looks!

  241. Danica H

    I have the perfect place for THIS… rooftop deck!!! **crosses fingers**

  242. Kathy Harrison

    Love this new focal point. I can see you will have many days of enjoyment with family and friends.

  243. Emily

    This looks like a perfect patio fire feature. I love the contrast of the fire and water. No doubt you are enjoying yours!

  244. Lee Ann

    What a great combination of fire and water for the backyard! This would be perfect for our home!

  245. Arla

    This is fabulous! Would love to have it in my yard.

  246. Wendy

    That is very pretty. Thanks for the chance to win it :)!

  247. Barb Reid

    Love the combo of fire and water!?

  248. Heidi

    Quite possibly the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. I want one!

  249. Heather

    Our backyard is a wip and this would be a nice touch to add to it!

  250. Kevin

    Love the juxtaposition of the fire and water! If imagine he reflection off the water after dark would be amazing.

  251. Barb Reid

    Would love this for our deck! The combo of fire and water is perfect?

  252. Lori

    I’ve had a vision to create an outdoor patio space for myself and two teens to connect. It’s a been difficult year and my oldest is heading to college next year. I can see nights of great conversation around this. What a cozy and relaxing environment a fire pit creates. Fire and water – just beautiful!

  253. Amy

    This would be perfect for my patio!! I love it!

  254. Shirley

    So beautiful! Would love to win!

  255. Priya Ravindranath

    The Aquascape Fire Fountain is gorgeous! Perfect combination of a fire pit and relaxing sound of water! Would love to have this in our backyard! Thank you for sharing this with your readers!

  256. Matt Stringham

    I desperately want this!!! Just moved into a new house and my backyard needs alot of help!! Good luck all!

  257. Linda F.

    What a cool back yard focal point! I would love something like that on my boring patio!

  258. Donna

    Fire and water! Magical.

  259. Lee

    Love it! Talk about adding some wow to the backyard.

  260. Andi

    The fire pit looks beautiful! We are in the same boat. I wanted our back patio done by this summer, but now we are in fall and have yet to even start it! Someday, hopefully!

  261. Carol C.

    What a beautiful gathering spot! I’ve been pinning firepit ideas right and left, and the Fire Fountain looks like it would take away the blahs from our backyard. Right now, our yard is an empty canvas… only decorated by holes our dogs have dug up!

  262. Kristen

    I love your blog and your new house is looking so pretty!

  263. Diane

    This would be beautiful outside for the fall! pick me pick me! :-P

  264. Kristie Johnson

    This is a fabulous feature for the backyard! We have a blank concrete pad in our backyard and the fire water pit would be a wonderful addition.

  265. Julie

    Beautiful! I love the combo of fire and water-not something you see every day!

  266. Andy

    Love this! It instantly creates a cozy hangout spot!

  267. Pam Ballard

    This is amazing. Sure could use something like this outside in the backyard. Thanks for the chance.

  268. Phyllis Hermann

    This would be perfect for our patio! Thanks for sharing …

  269. Teresa

    What an awesome addition to the outdoor living spaces :) It would be perfect on our upstairs deck for those cool evenings.

  270. erin blankenship

    We just started looking for a new house – so this is perfect timing. I love sitting by the fire in the backyard!

  271. sophia buckley

    would love to win!

  272. karen

    Shazam!! That’s a win win!!!

  273. Heather

    That is so lovely! Perfect addition to a small patio space.

  274. Mandy M.

    The sound of the water and the warmth of the fire…instant relaxation!

  275. Kristin

    Due to DEQ issues, we can’t build the fire pit I want. This would be an excellent solution!

  276. Hollie Roy

    Just in time for Fall in Tn.. Would love to win one of these! ~hr

  277. tracy

    The combo of fire and water – so nice, and relaxing!! I love the river rocks too!

  278. Suzanne

    I haven’t seen anything like this before–I love it!

  279. Nancy

    This looks so cozy and inviting…a wonderful addition to enjoying the outdoors!

  280. Tracie

    What a cozy scene. I think there is nothing better than a family evening around the firepit in the fall. The crackling fire and the running water must make for a relaxing time!

  281. Shante Bigelow

    I love it! The flame is the perfect size for a young family, too. I love fire pits, but can’t get on board with the idea of RELAXING around a large fire while my little ones run around!This fountain/fire is just right! :-)

  282. Becca P

    This is lovely! And more little kid-friendly than a raging fire. Love it!

  283. Kay

    This would be perfect for us!

  284. Rana Durham

    wow this is gorgeous talk about major curb appeal. i love that i can relax with the family in elegant look. The features of running water and fire make it impressive.

  285. Tanya Peshovich

    What a cool fountain/fire pit! I’ve never seen a combo like that!!

  286. Kim Hunter

    Fire and water! How perfect.

  287. Carrie McNamara

    This would look wonderful in my back yard!

  288. Alyssa

    We are getting ready to have our patio installed this Fall and this would be perfect! Such an awesome combination – fire and water.

  289. Kathleen Furlong

    We just moved from Phoenix to Denver even though we are in our late 60s. Through a lot of work, we have done some landscaping and, we too, have a pea gravel side yard just waiting for this unique prize. The red Adirondackchairs are in a circle awaiting the fountain/firepit. Can’t wait.

  290. Shannon M

    It’s beautiful! We just moved a fence in our yard to incorporate a portion of our driveway into our backyard and need a space like you’ve created to move in right on that previous driveway space; you’ve created outdoor perfection right there for your family!

  291. Jodi Sue

    This is such a beautiful fireplace and fountain. I love it! Perfect for families with kiddos too!

  292. Andrea

    How pretty! The perfect addition to any backyard!

  293. Shal

    Gorgeous!!! Love it!

  294. carol clark

    just thinking on how this could brighten up my back yard its so pretty and the family coming over to have sweet tea and wow this is really nice

  295. Frances Novak

    Fire and water together! So cool. I would love to have one of these for my backyard.

  296. Barb

    This would be perfect for our Wisconsin fall! Love the ease and the look.

  297. Fonda

    Beautiful! Now if only I could get rid of the mosquitoes so we could enjoy our yard this September.

  298. Michelle Holland

    That would be awesome! I would love to win that for my home! It’s the perfect time of the year for it!
    Thanks Melissa!

  299. Stacy Gustin

    I have always wanted to create a fire pit in my backyard. This is a great idea and it is perfect for the small amount of space that I have.

    Thank you for the suggestion.


  300. Karen B.

    Love this fire fountain! It would be a great addition to our back patio!
    Thanks for your generosity to some lucky family.

  301. jennifer

    This would be great for the cool Midwest falls we have where I live!

  302. Katina

    Wow! That fire fountain is so cool! Thanks for offering this giveaway!!! I love your blog!

  303. Elizabeth

    This would be so lovely in our backyard. We haven’t done anything to the space since we moved in, and this would give it such an inviting touch.

  304. Amy

    That is gorgeous! Love the combination of water and fire all in one!!

    Thanks for sharing this great find, Melissa!

  305. Leigh Matzek

    Love the combo of fire & water. It would help make any backyard into the oasis that it deserves to be.

  306. Sara Jordan

    This firepit is beautiful! I love it and would love so awesome in our backyard. Definitely would make for fun family time!

  307. Shannon

    We are building a roof deck. This fire fountain might be just what we are looking for. Thank you for sharing it!

  308. Deb

    This would be perfect to enjoy beautiful Fall evenings in our small Kirkland yard!

  309. Janae Byler

    I LOVE this! What a lovely little patio you have! Your style as always is so inspiring to me!

  310. Gaynell

    This fire and fountain combination looks fantastic!! Thank you for sharing! I just finished reading your new book and have embarked on a major decluttering project with renewed energy and clear focus. It is a wonderful book!!

  311. Christy Kullman

    This firepit is beautiful and would fit perfectly into the spaced we just transitioned from playground to patio!

  312. Jan Steinwedel

    Just ending a remodel on inside, but nothing left over to update our deck! This would put the cherry on top! Thanks for sharing!

  313. Holly Rook

    That is a sharp looking firepit!

  314. Margaret Armour

    How lovely! This would be a great motivator for us to start a backyard makeover… And great timing because summers in Georgia are too hot to move, but fall is divine :)

  315. Amy from Ohio

    Love your books, love your blog! Your practical ideas are just what people need, including me!

  316. Stacie

    Water and fire together–how perfect!

  317. Maureen

    Lovely fire and water feature! Thanks for the giveaway!

  318. Liz

    What a sweet patio setup! Nothing like a crisp night and a fire. I’ve been looking for a fire pit just like this for my deck. I really love the fountain, too! So nice!

  319. Debra

    How cozy is that! Love it, and would love to have one in our beautiful backyard.
    Good luck everyone.

  320. Bev Hill

    So cool( and warm!). Love it!

  321. Charisse

    Amazing! This would make such a great addition to anyone’s patio/ deck. I would LOVE LOVE to have one myself!

  322. Livivua

    With winning this, outside for us in the winter will be more delightful than better.

  323. Sarah K-D

    I love this! Definitely gets me thinking about how to make my back patio more cozy/inviting!

  324. Nancy Preston

    Beautiful idea! Would love to have one for under our live oak tree.

  325. Bernie LaBruce

    I love the mix of the cooling water and the fire. I would enjoy coming home and sitting on the deck with the lovely fire/water feature by aquascape.

  326. Paisley

    I can just picture a cozy evening sitting by the fire with a glass a wine while listening to the fountain!

  327. Gail Ebeling

    This is a simple solution to getting fire and water in the yard with out all the mess of digging and contractors. It is simple and clever and moveable if your yard transforms.

  328. Karla Jacobson

    Pick me, pick me!!! Love your blog!

  329. Bridget

    This would be perfect for our yard!!

  330. P. Hennessy

    This Fire Fountain is so unique and beautiful. I would love one for my deck! Thank you for showcasing it in your yard.

  331. P. Hennessy

    This is unique and beautiful! Thank you for showcasing the Fire Fountain. I would love to win one!

  332. Karla Haugen

    Love the combo of fire and water. The sound of water is so relaxing and soothing after a long day! Love this!

  333. Catherine

    I love it and it would complete my backyard makeover!

  334. Lauren

    I saw this on Kylee’s instagram and instantly fell in love!

  335. Christina

    What a great idea. I don’t believe I have seen one that had both water and fire. I like the idea of being able to move the fire pit.

  336. LaNae

    This would be so cozy and inviting for our back yard!

  337. Elsie Anderson

    Would love to have one! And your backyard looks super cozy!

  338. Melissa

    What a relaxing piece! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


    WHAT is so funny, why was Lance laughing so much? haha :) I know the feeling of not being able to accomplish all the outside work you want to do in one summer. But imagine 5 summers from now, the transformation is going to be way huge, so keep on truckin’! The fire pit looks awesome. I want one!

  340. Karen Tauriainen

    I LOVE this idea. We have talked about building a fountain….or a firepit, but neither has materialized. This is the perfect marriage of both. The size is perfect, just enough to be a focal point, but not so much that it takes up your whole patio and scorches the guests!

  341. Barbara Bachus

    A perfect addition to any outdoor space! Thank you for the opportunity!

  342. Meg S

    What a perfect time of year for this! We are just beginning to get cool enough nights where this would feel absolutely wonderful. Love it!

  343. Tina

    That’s beautiful!

  344. Marie Bohlier

    I love the sound of bubbling water! What a beautiful fountain/fire pit!

    Thanks for so many great posts!

  345. Vee

    That look amazing. I love that its not a huge fire.

  346. darlene weir @fieldstonehill

    Usually fire pits look so frail, like the wind could blow them away. I LOVE how substantial this is!! Thanks for the chance to win. xoxo

  347. Ashley Faulkner

    Amazing! They combined the soothing feel of water and warmth playful feel of fire! Dying to gather around this!!!!

  348. Gayle

    That looks like a great way to add a firepit to a yard! Thanks for the giveaway.

  349. Sally

    I would love this outdoor fire fountain. What an awesome item for a family to enjoy.

  350. Anne P

    This would be perfect on our patio!!

  351. Jayne

    This is just the just we need to complete our side backyard! Love the clean look that welcomes you in to sit and enjoy the warmth of the fire!

  352. Paula

    I am in LOVE! This is one of those things I didn’t know I *needed* until I saw it. I have longed for a fire pit since moving in here in 2008!! We love to sit outside in the cooler weather with a fire burning to keep us toasty warm. This combo fire pit/water fountain would be the icing on the cake.

  353. Theresa

    I love the combination of water and fire!! It would be great for our backyard!!

  354. Robin Walker

    This would be the perfect addition to our patio! Just right for our cool Michigan evenings.

  355. Cyndi

    You have inspired me to be patient while learning the vibe of my new house. It has been instrumental in helping get me think before buying just to fill space. Thank you!

  356. Clara

    How neat! This is the perfect way to enjoy your space without having to wait for a big project, and get out there and enjoy the outdoors! We don’t currently have a patio or anywhere to build a firepit, but this would be perfect for our deck – safe and inviting!

  357. Sally

    Perfect solution!

  358. Rebecca

    Looks so inviting and perfect for a cool Autumn evening!
    Would be a great addition to my backyard!!

  359. joy

    Love this fountain. your blog is an inspiration Thank You

  360. Margaret

    Nothing to build? Right out of the box? I’m in!

  361. Iris Dondlinger

    Love this. It is just what our back patio needs.

  362. Julie Bettwy

    So beautiful and cozy!

  363. Julie Fu

    Wonderful! Love the combination of fire AND water. It also manages to be modern, yet warm at the same time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  364. Cynthia

    This is so cool it would be perfect for my space. I would love to win it

  365. Jennifer C.

    Love this!

  366. Terri Ikeda

    This definitely needs to be in my backyard…so cozy!

  367. Sole Ravendo

    It would be awesome in our backyard for cool nights!

  368. Elysse

    This fireplace looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to add a fountain & this is a perfect compromise. Hope I win!

  369. Kal Buckles

    I think this would be perfect next to the pool that will soon be covered. I would still have the sound of water. I love it!

  370. Kisti Huffman

    Ohhhh, we need this! My husband spent many months making a new patio out of pavers. It looks so lovely, but nothing to go on it yet. Your spaces always look so inviting.

  371. Cori

    Wow! That’s so cool! I love your patio furniture, too! Your family looks so cozy out there! :)

  372. Mary Kay

    Oh how I would love this!!!!!! We are trying so hard to make our backyard a retreat and this would be awesome!!!!

  373. Cindy

    I love this and it would make a great focal point for our back deck that I have been trying to update.

  374. Hannah Smith

    This looks and sounds amazing!

  375. Melissa Spivey

    I would love this! Love the mixture of the water with fire. So unique!

  376. Sally

    Fire AND water? Amazing. This is cool.

  377. Rose

    This fire fountain is stunning, and perfect for cool desert nights in Phoenix. I love the red mums for that touch of autumn color.

  378. Mary

    Wow! A combo fountain and firepit!!! Perfect!!

  379. charityeth

    Ohhh, I really want one of these for my back yard. My two kids and I and our friends would have such a great time sitting around it and enjoying the time together!

  380. Jenn

    Serenity now! Would love to have this beauty in my Midwest yard that needs a major makeover! Can only imagine how cozy and relaxing it would be!!!

  381. Laura McGrew

    LOVE the combination of fire and water! Yes, please!!

  382. Cheryl Licht

    Oh wow, my husband has talked about wanting a water fire fountain for quite some time. Is be thrilled to win this for him!

  383. Tracey Stahlberg

    Would make great family fun!!!

  384. Kim Hassell

    Love this idea! Perfect foundation to build our new side yard patio around. Exactly what I was looking for!

  385. Cari F

    That’s amazing! I’d love one!!!

  386. Holly smith

    This water fire pit combo is amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️

  387. Sandy

    I would sooo love one for our back yard!

  388. Sandy

    I would love one for my back yard!!!

  389. angie

    Would love to ease into fall evenings with a fountain/fire pit! Lovely!

  390. Lisa

    This is perfect! Would love this in Scottsdale.

  391. Claire

    This is awesome! We love backyard fires, and to combine it with a soothing fountain sounds just perfect!!

  392. Jennifer H.

    Love this and would love to have one in our side yard!

  393. LuAnn Rosendale

    Perfect centerpiece for an evening patio party.

  394. Mary M.

    A wonderful addition to any yard. An opportunity to prolong evenings outside as the weather cools. Beautiful item!

  395. Lynn

    This is so beautiful! I love the idea of combining two soothing elements, fire and water, in one feature.

  396. Edwina

    Wow-what a great giveaway-thanks! We’ve been wanting to add something like this to our yard!

  397. Jennifer H.

    That is so beautiful. Perfect for Michigan fall nights.

  398. Mary McCoy

    What a gorgeous addition to my back yard this fire/water feature would be!!! I would love to win this. Thank you

  399. Tara Davis

    We just sold our house and moved to a Garden Home to be closer to our first grandchild. I was disappointed that we would lose our outdoor space and not be able to have our cherished gravel fire pit area. This is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!

  400. Leigh

    What an addition this would be to our back yard for my family and neighbors. This water and fire combination would bring such ambiance to Happy Hour on Friday nights all year long.

  401. Meghan

    This is really cool, I would love it!

  402. Julie

    What a wonderful idea – two great outdoor experiences wrapped up in one beautiful package!

  403. Lauren Van Winkle

    Love the modern look and ease of use!

  404. Jenn Reynolds

    This sounds so soothing. And like a good option for close to our house.

  405. Devon Block

    I couldn’t think of anything better for my backyard as we near the completion of our inside remodel and finally move into our home after 9 long months of working on the inside. I have never heard of a fire fountain and I don’t know why because this truly is a thing of magic!!

  406. Colleen H

    I love the water and fire! Great idea.

  407. Colleen

    Simply beautiful!

  408. Tiffany

    The yard looks amazing!! Would love the opportunity to spend fall nights like this if we won!

  409. Julianne

    Wow! We would love one of these to sit out by with our neighbors on summer nights!!

  410. Meg

    So beautiful! We just got married and bought a new home and would love this in our backyard!!

  411. Lisa

    Fire + Water = Perfect!

  412. JudyCinNC

    Perfect mixture of water and fire – I have never seen these before and yours looks so cozy. Hubbyy and I could do this. Thanks for having such an awesome giveaway.

  413. Laurie t

    This would be perfect on our back deck! We would use this all the Time!

  414. Mary Spring

    That would be perfect!!

  415. Eve

    How beautiful! I love the idea of the two elements in one unique focal point! I would love to win one for our backyard.

  416. Ashley Olsen

    Looks like a wonderful way to spend the evening!

  417. Leann Vandemark

    This would be awesome! I’ve always loved water features and fires in the back yard. I would be thrilled to win this.

  418. Debbie

    A beautiful addition to your backyard!

  419. Deborah

    That is so beautiful! I would love to win one….I’d love to have one!

  420. Pamela Price

    Cool!!! Thank you for the chance to win one.

  421. Dawn Vaculik

    This would be perfect on my deck. We have a fire pit that burns real wood further out on our property. But I’m wanting to transfor my upper deck as an extended living space and this would be perfect, to give it that cozy feel. ???

  422. Ally

    What a wonderful way to enjoy the cool fall evenings! Love the idea of combining the water with the fire pit – such a relaxing addition to your patio.

  423. Kay Quirk

    I have a perfect spot for this Gordon’s fountain, would be thrilled to be the winner. Thank you from Iowa!

  424. VJ

    What a neat idea!

  425. VJ

    What a neat idea! Our family loves spending time outdoors, too.

  426. Leyla

    Please enter my name for a chance to win!

  427. Jenny Zaganiacz

    Such a beautiful and welcoming space! i can imagine curling up here in the evenings after our son goes to bed with a glass of wine and sitting with my husband!

  428. Heather Bivins

    This is beautiful! I love the mix of fire with water-such a great idea!

  429. Jo Jo

    Fabulous idea! What a wonderful gathering spot for friends and family! I’d love this on my patio! ❤️

  430. Connie Saunders

    What could possibly be more perfect, fire and water! Oh, how I would love this!

    • Maria

      Love it! Would be perfect for family and friends gatherings!

  431. Meg

    This is exactly what we’re wanting in our new backyard! It’s perfect!!


  432. Juliette Morris Williams

    I really love this, and would love the chance to have one in my backyard!! It’s beautiful!!

  433. Courtney Peltz

    Beautiful-thank you for this opportunity! My family would love this and my husband would be excited to create a sitting area! Have a great day!

  434. Gina Meadows

    Love your blog! Would really love to win this Fire Fountain! Gina

  435. Rita Williams

    That would look wonderful in our backyard!

  436. Courtney Peltz

    Thanks for this opportunity ?

  437. Kelli

    Oh how I would love one of these! Such a perfect addition to any yard! We recently moved to Seattle and so I’ve been watching your renovations with renewed enthusiasm to start the process again ourselves! :)

  438. Elizabeth Burstedt

    I’ve been looking at fire-pits but this one is awesome! My five sons would love this on our patio!

  439. Melissa Friend

    This combines two of my favorite things! Would love to win!

  440. Lawanda McGrath

    I would absolutely love love love to win this fountain! ???. Sitting around a fire pit is one of my family’s favorite pastimes.

  441. Jill Martin

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  442. Cati N

    What an amazing idea! My son and I would use this all the time and I have a feeling we’d both find the fire and water enthralling.

  443. Tammy M

    This is really cool and would be a great addition to my contemporary mountain home. I could envision this on my outdoor space. Beautiful.

  444. Jeanine Fairchild

    Would look great on the new deck we built!

  445. Kimberly

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  446. Debby

    We started many house updates this year……the only one still in the works is our outdoor space!! We live in the Pacific Northwest also, and are currently racing with Mother Nature!! This would be a perfect addition to our patio ?

  447. Rebecca Lear

    Ahhhh….a new addition to my wish list! Beautiful!

  448. Christa S.

    This would be a great addition to the backyard, however, my daughter’s best friend closed on her first home yesterday and it would make an even better housewarming gift. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  449. Amy Cordy

    How perfect! ?

  450. Jess

    looks like it captures the essence of fall in the PNW…with the rocks and the water!

  451. Becca B

    Fountain AND fire? what a terrific combination. Love the opportunity to win one.

  452. jan credo

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  453. Connie Walsh

    How perfect! After 41 years in our old house, we moved into a one level to make it easier for us to to do laundry, etc. We were hoping to install a firepit and now that I see this, it seems like this is what would work so well for us! No upkeep and still there is ambience. Love it! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  454. Cathy

    I have never thought about how nice it would be to hear a fountain while seeing and feeling the glow from a fire:)

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    I think our new patio needs one of these!! Your patio is the perfect gathering area.

  463. Pat

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  468. Pam Cates

    I LOVE it! Easy peasey too! I’d love one for our covered patio area. When we cover our pool for the fall & winter, we need another reason to go back outside. (Your shed looks great with the new paint job too.)

  469. BettyAnne

    Perfect for my deck!!

  470. Michelle

    Hubby and I are in love with this! Had to give up our fire pit in our new house and the Fire Fountain would be perfect!

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  472. Jen

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  473. Stephanie

    Wow! Ambience is the truth. I love how that has transformed your space into a cozy little retreat! That would be absolutely amazing for our backyard space. Currently I have an au naturel burn pile courtesy of our apple tree that didn’t make it this year. Ha!

  474. edith lawson

    Oh, how I would love to win this! So pretty in your yard.

  475. Brenda Martin

    Love the design, and it is something I have been looking for to enhance our backyard deck!

  476. Stanna Rysdam

    Love the water and fire together. I live where I do not have much water and always worry about a fire pit but this would be my answer.

  477. Mandy Campbell

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    This is amazing. I am working on designing my yard and a fire pit and sitting area is a must. What a great way to gather with friends.

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  480. paige

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    That fire fountain is lovely of course, but those chairs look super cozy too!

  486. Judy

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  489. ~ Jess

    Wow, that is so cool – I love the combination of the water with the fire! It makes it so much more interesting.

  490. Tara G.

    This would be the perfect addition to our new house’s backyard! Yours looks so cozy!

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  497. Lou Clifton

    What a lovely area to sit by a water and fire feature, with a blanket and cup of hot tea in the morning watching sun come up would be beautiful. I spend too many morning rushing instead of enjoying the quite moments like sitting by a fire.

  498. Bobbie R

    Wow, this is so cool! Would love this for my patio.

  499. Joy Lim

    Me! Me! Pick Me! :)

  500. Angela

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  501. Libby Cooper

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    I love the ambience of a backyard fire……adding the water feature makes it even more interesting.

  503. Rebecca

    I love a show stopping piece that doesn’t require a contractor!

  504. LynnTtish

    Take me away, Calgon!! What a wonderful product.

  505. Jeanne

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  508. Anne B

    This is a very unique fire pit! Water and fire elements in one amazing item! I love it!! We’ve been wanting a first pit in our yard but haven’t found just the right one. Maybe THID is it!! Here’s hoping for a WIN :-)

  509. Rita

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  510. Carmelle

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    Love this! What a great idea for a small yard or deck. Sure would look great on my deck!

  513. Melissa

    Please please pick me. It was a long day dealing with 7 kids & the dishwasher is dead. I need a place to hide away from people & dishes. Ok, I’d probably let people enjoy it too but definitely no dishes.

  514. Jen H

    Wow it is so nice! Would looove one, and my kids would too! It looks very chic too!

  515. Anne S.

    This would be the perfect spot for our family to gather!

  516. Karina C.

    I love it. The Fire Fountain will look perfect in my backyard :)

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    Very awesome! I love the ambiance of both a fountain and a firepit. I’ve so been wanting a fountain for our house.

  518. Valarie Sanford

    I don’t really need one but I have a friend who could really use it as she has a lot of back yard parties. thank you for the opportunity!

  519. Jennifer O

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  520. LeAnna B

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  533. Cynthia Arakawa

    My son just got married!! I know he and his bride would love to have one of these to have lit when they are entertaining friends and family!
    I would be the best mother-in-law if I showed up with this!!
    Please pick me!!

  534. Jan

    LOVE this outdoor fire fountain.

  535. Sarah Henke

    What a neat gathering place!

  536. Summer

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  537. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    We’ve been talking about adding a feature like this to the backyard. This one is so elegant; I love it. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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  540. Kerry

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  542. Katie G.

    So cool! Love the fire pit and your cozy patio.

  543. Annie boyd

    We would LOVE to add this to our backyard!!! Our family already lived to hang out by our fire pit, but it is really worn out and needs to be replaced. Choose us, please!!

  544. Barb

    I love the firepit! No wood to gather, it has a clean more modern look and the water/rock feature gives such a soothing appearance which is what I think firepits are meant to do!

  545. Stacie

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  546. Viola Stuckey

    What a great addition to any patio or court yard. Enjoy!

  547. Nicole

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  548. Celeste Diaz-Consul

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  550. Jaclyn Lorimer

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    XO, Jaclyn

  551. Martha

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  554. Sky

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  559. LA

    I would love one of these! We just purchased our first home, a small ranch, and this would be icing on the cake!

  560. Meredith Lauter

    Love the combination of water and fire – all the elements. Just add family and good friends for a total package. Marshmallows would also be fun . . . !

  561. Suzanne

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  564. Kirsten D.

    This would be perfect for our backyard, this would be the push to put in the small patio that we want.

  565. Kylie Hampton

    I love the concept of the Fire Fountain! It’s convenient in that you don’t have to continually chop & add wood to the flame to keep it going. I love everything about it!

  566. Lisa

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  567. Jane

    So unique. Love the clean lines. Such a fun giveaway!

  568. Rania Qura

    This would be perfect for my new home in Atlanta! Just moved here and am ready for the summer heat to wind down and for the fall and outdoors to be taken advantage of. Coming down from VA we love the outdoors in the fall time, bonfires, and backyard parties are my favorite!

  569. Maryann

    Love sitting outside with my husband and my 3 children on a crisp fall day outside around a fire. Talking about our day, laughing, singing and cuddling. This would be perfect.
    Good luck to us :-)


    After many years of saving, I just had a stone patio put in my backyard. One of these would be the focal point. Time to save again.

  571. Debbie carr

    Oh how I would love to have this for our North Carolina fall nights!

  572. Debbie K

    Truly nothing more relaxing than both a cozy fire AND a bubbling fountain! This is brilliant! Love the ease and simplicity of the design.

  573. Tricia

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  574. Debbie K

    There is nothing more relaxing than a cozy fire AND bubbling fountain. I LOVE the ease and simplicity of the design. Brilliant!

  575. Mary Gooch

    I love the look and feel of the Fire Fountain, it is so cozy. I would love to have one for my patio and enjoy it with my two grand dogs, a golden doodle ( Tucker ) and his sister a labradoodle( Scarlet ).

  576. franki

    WHOA…talk about a two-fer…FIRE & WATER!! This would be just too perfect for our lake home…sign me up!! Thanks for the opportunity!! franki [email protected]

  577. Karen Graham

    We love to sit outside and watch football. We would really use this alot!

  578. Toni

    Oh my! How cool is that! I would love to win this to make a unique focal point in my backyard! Lovely in yours as well! Great find!

  579. Holly Buckingham


  580. Anna Starner

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  581. Jennifer

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  582. Rose Schrock

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  583. Aeriol Liera

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  585. Aimee

    Beautiful! What is more relaxing than the warmth of a fire? The sound of water, that’s what! Thanks for sharing!

  586. Lacey Williams

    This would be an absolute dream for our back deck! The peaceful sounds of water and relaxing flames. So perfect for fall evenings.

  587. julia b

    This is dreamy! I’ve never seen one before but can imagine my family and friends gathering around in the evenings. Thank you!

  588. Kelly

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  589. LisaV

    Have not seen a fire pit combined with the water before. Absolutely lovely! Thank you

  590. Kathy

    We’ve been toying with the idea of a water feature for our patio. I love that this one incorporates fire and water! Thank you

  591. Colleen

    Me want!! haha! Thanks!

  592. Kellie

    This is such a neat outdoor item! We’ve recently moved and still trying to make our house feel like a home. I found your blog in the midst of our move and have enjoyed seeing the process of your new home taking shape too!

  593. Kathleen bruns

    Just what my patio needs! Love it!

  594. Carol G

    We just put in a gravel patio and are debating about fire pits. This would solve the dilemma !

  595. Lisa Urabe

    Love it! Wish the water pot was a hot tub for soaking my feet! Have yet to find one of those on the market.

  596. Candace

    We are building a new deck and this would be perfect!!!!

  597. Janet Worthy

    What a brilliant idea! And I’m thinking it would be gorgeous in my backyard!!!

  598. Amy Richey

    Definitely worth gathering around on a cool Fall evening! Great way to enjoy the coziness of Autumn.

  599. Susan Hahaj

    What a great idea to combine water and fire! It’s perfect! I would so love this in my backyard!

  600. Carrie

    So fun!

  601. Dana

    I love this! I’ve never seen one before, but I have the perfect spot to put it if I’m lucky enough to win!

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  607. Sandy at RE

    I would love to win one of these Melissa!

  608. Kim


  609. LisaD

    So cool! Thanks for the chance to win one! Fingers crossed….

  610. Diane Campbell

    I can’t tell you how much I would love this! I had planned to get a paver patio done this summer off my deck with a fire pit and water feature but due to a daughter’s wedding, a waterline break, new roof (and porch posts in order to be able to do roof), and an upcoming new furnace and air conditioning and repairing a leak in tub, it is on hold til next summer! Thanks for sharing!

  611. Misty Patel

    Absolutely wonderful! The flicker of the flame and the sound of water; a perfect pairing! I would love to win this.

  612. Melissa Ferguson

    Those are beautiful. If I’m not the winner, it will go on my wish list.

  613. Dana Hupert

    I love the fire and water combination, and the fact that it can be close to the house! What a wonderful addition to your patio!

  614. Rene

    This would be a great addition to the backyard.

  615. Carolyn

    What a great idea for a fire pit! Would be great here in the hudson valley of New York where
    the evenings are already getting chilly. Can’t wait to see your reveal of the side yard
    and how your exterior paint job has turned out!

  616. Lisa

    Beautiful! Would love to win this!

  617. Susan

    Oh my word – so fun!! Water and fire together – I would never had thought! It would be fabulous at our new beach home :-)

  618. KC Herman

    The ease with which this could be set-up and used by our elderly neighbors would greatly diminish our worries of them having to carry wood across their uneven yard and the hassle of starting and tending to a fire. Peace of mind and a beautiful addition to their yard; I can’t think of a nicer way to let them know how much we enjoy spending time with them.

  619. Donna Todd

    So inviting for a cool fall evening! Would love to win one of these.

  620. Ashley

    I’ve been dreaming of a fire pit in my backyard. :-)

  621. Lynn Mathers

    What a great fire pit/water feature! Just the perfect size for our backyard.

  622. Teri

    You’ve read my mind! I’ve been wanting a fire pit for our family gatherings for a long time. This one would be perfect. Thanks for the giveaway! I love following along with the progress you’re making on your home and yard.

  623. Andrea

    This looks so fun!

  624. Binny Jandu

    This firepit is fantastic! I love the cool water and hot fire to sit by on cooler summer/fall nights. The colour of this unit would go great in my backyard with our grey sectional…I can see it now! ;)
    Thanks for sharing your renos and new products always. I really enjoy reading your emails and blog posts!

  625. Louise Thomas

    Love being out doors but feel the cold too much in the evenings this would definitely take the chill away and looks great ?

  626. Ashley

    Stunning space!

  627. shelia race

    WE just bought a new house with a boring backyard space that needs some help. We’ve always had a place for a bonfire at our current home and will really, really miss it. This would be perfect to get us into the yard and give me something to decorate around. Thank you!

  628. Sandra

    Yes, please!

  629. Michele

    I would enjoy relaxing around that.

  630. Penny Morgan

    Wow, love the idea of the water and fire together. It also looks low maintenance (leaves in the fountain, etc).

  631. Kathy

    Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! It would be lovely on our back deck, adding warmth and ambience to our gatherings!

  632. Polly

    So cool! We’re getting ready to move into a place that actually offers outdoor space and this is a great way to make it more cozy!

  633. Rose

    Looks both cozy and soothing…nice!

  634. Elana

    We use our backyard year round in the PNW so this is perfect!

  635. joywilliams

    I have just the perfect spot for this!!! Oh how it would cozy up our space!!! We host many outdoor gatherings and this would be the ICING ON THE CAKE!! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!! Love everything about the Inspired Room and hoping to have Fire Fountain to add warmth and cozy to our back patio!!!


  636. kathy

    Beautiful! I would love love love this for my patio. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  637. Gail

    This would be perfect for us, we live in a tiny, heavily populated with wooden houses island. So no wood burning fire pit for us!

  638. Heather A Jones

    Love this! We’ve been looking for ideas to improve our backyard and make it our little oasis! The fire fountain would be a great addition to our yard!

  639. Claire R. Wiltz

    This fire pit is the safest and most beautiful for our deck. The small one would be perfect!

  640. Lee

    Very cool – I’ve never seen this one in my search for the perfect fire pit for our back yard. love the size, the fact that it is round makes it more conducive to conversations.

  641. SarahRS


  642. Billie

    What a beautiful addition to any backyard. Thanks for sharing.

  643. Palak

    What a cool idea – fountain/fire pit combo!

  644. Amy

    Oh! We’ve been redoing our deck, and this would be a wonderful addition! A fire pit is the only thing missing!

  645. Holly

    How cool! Would love to win this!

  646. Susan

    Love your blog and where you live. Great area. Have wanted fire and a water feature for a long time. Thanks for the chance.

  647. Tracy


  648. Rebecca Cousineau

    How lovely! I especially like that it is a water feature and firepit, would look amazing on my patio!

  649. Stacey

    I’ve always wanted a fire pit and a water feature for our backyard. I never dreamed that the two could be combined! Would LOVE to have this!

  650. Debra

    So pretty. I can imagine the warmth and the soothing bubbling of the fountain on a chilly evening. Would look perfect on my patio. Thanks for the opportunity.

  651. Vanessa Rodriguez

    This is awesome…my girls would love it :)

  652. Suzanne

    What a clever and easy idea to add warmth, water, ambiance, and a focal point to the backyard. I love it!

  653. Cristi Blackwell

    Our 30th wedding anniversary is coming up. This would be a great surprise for the hubby, and treat for us both.

  654. Barbara Long

    What a beautiful outdoor patio fire pit. I’m just purchasing my first home on my own as a single middle-aged woman. My new backyard landscape is like a big patio with trees, shrubs, and plants. It would look gorgeous with a patio fire pit. I’d be honored and thankful if I won it! Thank you for your consideration.

  655. Krissy

    I love it! This would be perfect for my small yard!

  656. Patti E

    I am amazed at how perfect this is!

  657. Annette

    Oh how I’ve been wanting one of these for my patio.

  658. Gretchen

    This is a wonderful anchor to promote family and friend time.

  659. Katy

    My family would love this!

  660. Kathleen

    this would be perfect at our beach place. It’s a very small yard, close to trees and other homes. I wonder if this gives off heat?

  661. Krystle

    This is exactly what my new patio needs!

  662. Debbi

    It’s beautiful ~ what a great design! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  663. Hayley Peterson

    That would be perfect for the outdoor gathering area we are saving up for!

  664. Lisa Rigsby

    Looking for ways to spruce up the backyard and create a peaceful gathering place for family and friends. This would sure do the trick! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  665. Lou

    Oh, my mom has been talking about those for the second summer in a row :)

  666. Tiffany

    The combination of water + fire is so soothing! Perfect for a cozy fall evening.

  667. Beverly

    I would love one of these in my backyard!

  668. Bunny

    That is exactly what we need on our deck!

  669. Debbie

    We often host outdoor Bible studies. This would be perfect!

  670. Kelly

    We have a large rustic fire pit that we use for large family gatherings but this would be just perfect on our porch for those cozy nights when it’s just the two us. Cozy fire equals romance.

  671. Shana

    Love this! Perfect for my small patio!

  672. ellen ross

    OMG the things I would do to get this!!! This is totally what we need!

  673. Kymberly Gaster

    What a beautiful home you are creating! I am doing the same thing for my family right now. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  674. Jill

    Exactly what I need in my Corner of Zen once the old shed comes down! I think I’ll ask Santa for this, just in case I don’t win the drawing. Mama needs her own little piece of heaven :)

  675. Sara

    This is an interesting concept!

  676. Susan

    LOVE it! You find the most interesting “stuff.”

  677. Jennifer H.

    That looks so peaceful and a great way to spend time with friends.

  678. Becky