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Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, DIY, My Backyard, my house, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

If you’d like to make a DIY firepit AND have it ready to fire up this weekend for a fun Fall family night, read on, friends. 

The supplies for this firepit were provided to me by Lowe’s.



EASY. If we can do it, anyone can.


You can buy a firepit kit from Lowe’s which has everything you need to build a similar firepit (but shorter and without the black metal bowl and cover). We originally were going to just use that kit but decided we wanted ours to be taller and wanted the metal fireplace bowl as an insert. So, we added additional stones (a total of 44 stones) from the Allen & Roth Bertram collection for our project. If you want a bowl like we have, you’ll want to select a metal firepit bowl with a lip, grate and cover, such as this model. Lowe’s employees will be extremely helpful in showing you just what we need for your project.


It’s a quick project once you are set to go, maybe as little as 15 minutes to build the firepit if you have the supplies and your surface is ready. I couldn’t believe how fast it went together.


1. Start with a level, fireproof base for your firepit. We used our pea gravel patio but you could use your cement patio, brick, stones, or other non-flammable surface.

2. Form a circle for your first row (make sure to double check the circle against size of your metal firepit bowl).

3. Use a level to make sure each row is level before starting on the next row.

4. Make four rows (or less, if you prefer), staggering each stone for for stability — you will not need any mortar.

5. Set your firepit bowl on top, overlapping the lip onto the stone.

6. Step back and admire your DIY skill and then invite the family out for S’mores! That’s what we plan to do this weekend!

Here is a video we watched for inspiration and instruction prior to making our own firepit!

Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

We are so excited to be creating an inviting outdoor area for our family and friends in our small “new construction” backyard. Our backyard was not all that welcoming to begin with so anything would be an improvement. But we didn’t want to go to the trouble to install the pea gravel patio and then STILL never go out there to use it.

As with most projects I do around my home, I took the time to really think through what we would need to do in order to create a functional and usable backyard on a budget.

Yes, I sometimes have bigger dreams than my pocket book, but I do have fun with the challenge of figuring out an affordable way to get the look I want within my own skill level and budget.

In addition to the firepit materials, Lowe’s provided an outdoor heater (perfect for entertaining on these chilly fall nights) and an awesome Weber BBQ so we can grill up some steaks! Note: my husband put together the BBQ for me, but there was a defective screw for one of the handles handle, thus a handle is missing from the BBQ in the photo, until we can replace it. We also got some beautiful plants at Lowe’s to line our pea gravel patio, which you will see in future posts.

Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

As you’ll see in upcoming posts, we not only created this pea gravel area for the firepit and BBQ, but we are also going to lay our own flagstone patio in a newly leveled out upper level connected area with a table for eating. In the far back corner of the yard behind the BBQ, we will be building our own garden boxes to grow vegetables! I’m so excited about that!

We also have plans for privacy screens and lots more plants so it won’t look so barren around here! Baby steps, but we hope the end result will be a charming yard we love.

We will share more of this backyard makeover project as things develop (including more DIY details on the pea gravel and flagstone walkway and patios).

We are so pleased with how far we have come in creating this outdoor room we can enjoy with our family!

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Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}

Checkout the after photos of the backyard here!

Big thanks to Lowe’s for providing the firepit materials, the Weber BBQ , an outdoor heater and some plants for this backyard makeover. You’ll see more of how things come together in future posts!

Easy DIY Firepit {Progress on the Fall Backyard Makeover Project!}


  1. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

    Love your pit and your plans. I look forward to the flagstone patio post. I have some flagstone now I need some inspiration. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. Lisa

    It looks great Melissa!! I love the metal bowl insert, it’s so easy to clean out. Enjoy having your family in your “outside room” this weekend!!

  3. Faith

    What a great fall project! Nothing beats sitting around a fire on a crisp, cool fall evening, hot chocolate steaming in a mug, marshmallow on a stick. Pure joy!

  4. Mya

    Wow, this looks great! The before and after picture really shows how big of a difference it made; the whole space seems so much more inviting. I also love the pea gravel area instead of grass; so much easier to maintain! Great job!

  5. Dana@chocolateandsunshine

    You are going to love having a backyard hang-out for any type of weather! I have been wanting to do this for so long in my back yard which is basically a gathering spot for all of the deer coming in from the woods. I was considering installing the pea gravel patio in the yard. I am looking forward to the diy on that, too, as I wondered how deep you had to dig for the base. I have a firepit on my deck and we used it for a party over the week-end. It made the party. Thanks.

  6. Jennifer

    What a great project – definitely passing along to my husband! Thank you guys for this fun and easy project.

  7. Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

    I think I need this in my under-used backyard. What fun it would be to cozy up to the fire on a crisp Autumn night and make s’mores. My kids would love it!

  8. Lisa

    I just love that! What a cool project and the end result is hang time in the backyard with family and S’Mores…

  9. Tanya

    I really love this! It makes me want to make one in my back yard.

  10. tara

    wow. what a great project!
    we’re doing our own fire pit, too….can’t wait to roast marshmallows!

  11. teresa

    I will be pinning this to use this winter…we plan on building a fire pit for the cabin…thanks for sharing…this will be perfect.
    Happy Day

  12. Maureen

    Where do I get the removable fire pit bowl. Already bought the one from Lowes with NO bowl. Can’t find someone who sells the 30″ bowl

  13. Dyann

    about how much does all this cost??

  14. Diane G.

    My son and his fiancé built a wonderful, decorative paver patio in June…in time to be married outside on it in July! They did everything from excavation to design to installation. (It was quite a feat…especially considering the torrential rain they had to contend with…)
    This morning, the first hint of Fall is in the air in Houston, TX. This fireput would be the perfect touch and IS NOT labor intensive!! Will forward to them…

  15. Mike Wade

    Where did you get the double Adirondack chair?

  16. Marina

    You said you used 44 stones? How wide is your firepit, the metal insert we are getting is 29.5 in wide.

  17. Ivory

    Fabulous, I love it! Thanks for sharing. Happy 2021


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