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Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas

by | Jan 23, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, small houses

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Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
A corner desk can double as a nightstand and a bed can have storage below! – House Beautiful

I enjoy the challenge of finding small space solutions. It’s tricky sometimes, but actually kind of fun to figure out how to be organized in a cozier house. Today I have a round up of some great small space solutions and clever furniture pieces that can help you maximize the space you have! Enjoy!

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
This gateleg table can fold into a smaller console table and set flat against a wall.

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
Two small tables can be more versatile than one big coffee table. – House Beautiful

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
The chaise on this sofa lifts up for storage! Great use of space.

Small Space Solutions: Furniture IdeasThis Hemnes Daybed with 3 drawers can fit into a variety of small spaces. 

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
This small scale armoire creates a tidy office space in any room of the house! – The Dormy House

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
For small bedrooms, select furniture with compact profiles and a bed that offers storage! I love this storage bed with baskets.

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
I have this practical Drop-Leaf Pedestal Dining Table in our living room. It’s great for a small dining space or even between a sofa and chair. There’s also a super cute velvet curved bench that can go with it!

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
When space is limited, go up! This office work tower really makes good use of vertical space.

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
Find desks or tables that have pull out extenders for those times when you need a little extra work space. // Campaign Desk with Pull Out Trays

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
No space for a guest room? A sleeper sofa can turn your main living area into a guest room as needed!

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
Rolling carts with extra shelves make the most of even small spaces. Don’t you love this zinc cart on casters?

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
The Norden Gateleg Table from Ikea can fold up and tuck away when not in use (photo source unknown). See how it folds out and down, below!

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas
Norden Gateleg Table  – Small Space Dining Idea from Ikea

Shop more small space furniture by scrolling below!

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas

Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas

Do you live in a small house or have an extra cozy room you are trying to furnish or organize? 

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Small Space Solutions: Furniture Ideas


  1. Candice from Georgetown, Ontario

    Great post. I’m always looking for double duty furniture.

  2. Sallie

    Our cozy nest is 1300 square feet of hygge! Most things do at least double-duty. We have a storage bed, and we try to make good use of wall space for storage all around the house. You’ve got some great furniture ideas here!

    • susan maclean

      We have always lived in small spaces, and for years used a book called “Compact Living” as our bible…. lots of our furniture does a double up, and we have lots of stuff with cupboards and drawers so that we can put things away. I enjoy living small….. less heating bills, cheaper to paint, carpet, and cold-proof. Yay for small!
      I love that metal trolley, and you may remember that you have a narrow console table on wheels which I envy so much!

  3. Rose

    My husband & I lived in a 900 square foot home years ago – we now live in 1800+ I wish sometimes I still lived in the 900 square foot home.
    It was so cozy and sweet. We said the same thing – when purchasing something like carpet we could get the best because it was not going to cost so much money.
    But the place we live in now the FR is a little small – and Pottery barn has sectionals that will fit the space perfectly.
    Next year. Maybe ??

  4. Taste of France

    I had a gateleg table with four (nice, wooden) folding chairs that fit inside. And a drawer. It was SO useful when I had a small apartment.

  5. sandyc

    Great practical and pretty pieces for small spaces. My home is 1350 sf with a totally open foyer/DR/LR floorplan (new concept in the mid 1980s) modeled with a traditional furniture layout which most residents use. I ditched that layout to take advantage of the 8′-wide picture window on a beautiful greenbelt with grass and trees (in Arizona yet) and it’s been so much fun thinking outside the box. Among the tricks I used, I turned the dining area off the foyer into my open office but my computer desk (which holds my monitor only) is an Elfa desktop (24×54) in driftwood attached to 4 platinum tubular legs (Elfa offers the legs in different finishes, file cabinets or wire basket configurations). Don’t entertain much but I can easily move the monitor, pull the desk out a bit and serve dinner for four. (Four dining chairs from before get stored in a closet.) Plan for this year is to ditch the queen bed in the guest BR for no bed or some fold-up or slim type and turn the room into a coordinated reading/kitty viewing/work/exercise/storage room. Some good inspiration here.

  6. Sharon

    I have a small home with a little wee office that I am always struggling to keep tidy and uncluttered. I think I just have too much furniture in there and none of it does double duty. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, I agree! Too many pieces can make a small room feel even more cluttered. It is so helpful to streamline as much as possible in a small space. I hope you find just the right solutions for your room!

  7. Jo Jo

    We recently built a new home and downsized. Tho we could have made one of our two semi- often used guest bedrooms into an office, we chose to purchase a beautiful cherry wood highboy with fold- down top with desk space, 3 drawers (one that is a file drawer.) We placed it on our living room and it not only serves as a great decor piece adding height on that side of the room, it holds a lovely lamp that lights the area beautifully and a pretty plant, it functions fantastically as our home office spot when needed. We just pull over one of our dining room chairs over for a seat. Looks and works great!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I just love picturing your new home and how much love and great ideas you put into it! :-D Thanks for sharing, Jo Jo!

  8. Jo Jo

    We also have a very tiny first floor guest bedroom so we purchased a queen size bed that has two large deep drawers in the frame for storage as there really is no room for a dresser. There is a large closet tho, but having those large drawers really makes this tiny room,work for guests!

  9. Carla Bethany

    I’m in the process of thinking about my guest room. I wanted a guest room/home office. I tried many ways, but I think if I found some small furniture that would allow a desk in the closet it would work. Great ideas.

    Carla Bethany

  10. Patricia

    We just moved this month into our downsize home. One of our solutions was the Hennes bed you showed. It’s a daybed but pulls out to two twins but still has storage in the drawers underneath for bed pillows. This time I got smart and had my handyman put it together. He did it a lot faster and with no swearing. Last time I had bits left over, it was rather wobbly and the air was quite blue.
    We’re using a small dresser as nightstand in our bedroom and it works great. I had to consider all the space saving tricks I had for our rather small bedrooms.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Haha! That is so smart to use a handyman. Putting together furniture is never a fun experience at our house :).

    • Kim B.

      Oh I just love your description of the air being “quite blue” after your Ikea attempt! Perfectly put!

  11. Jill

    I enjoy reading your wonderful ideas for decorating & organizing! A lot of us empty nesters are downsizing, and rethinking how we want to change our living spaces to smaller, but still comfortable options so when our family members come home for visits, we still have those spaces for them that feels like “home”. Having organized spaces and smart storage solutions is a must! Thank you for sharing some lovely ideas! I am looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen! ?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You are so welcome, Jill. Thanks for your comment. I am super excited to show you our kitchen! :-D

  12. Denise Jarman

    I have a very small bedroom with space for only one bedside table. My built in wardrobe only has hanging space and I desperately need drawer space. I have thought of getting a narrow tall bookcase which could just fit between the wardrobe and door and using it for folded t shirts, pyjamas etc. My wardrobe is jam packed with all my clothing hanging up. Is there a better way? How would I stop the clothes on the open shelves from getting dusty? I love all your ideas and you always inspire me to make my little house a home!

  13. Megan @ Adventure & Home

    I love that tuck away table from IKEA! I think that would be the perfect workspace for my SO when he’s working on his HAM radio hobby! We live in a very small house, so these are definitely helpful for us. I can’t wait to build a custom bed frame for our room so we have a place to put extra sheets, blankets, and seasonal clothing to take some of the stress off our small closets! Such a great round up. :D

  14. Kim B.

    I have the Norden Gateleg table from Ikea in our extra bedroom/office (in a birch finish). I use it for my crafting and sewing. The deep drawers are handy, and it’s absolutely essential that I can fold the leaves down so that it takes up next-to-no ‘horizontal’ space when necessary.

  15. Carol Landeis

    Melissa ~
    I continue to be inspired by your enthusiasm to make your house your home. I am recalling your office space in your former home, and I always loved the draperies in that room. I have an area where that window covering would be perfect. I would appreciate your help.
    Carol L.

  16. Suzi (The Pillow Studio)

    Thinking about doing a big downsize (just as most people we know are upsizing)… I think it can work if you put a little extra thought into it. Thanks for these great options.

  17. Marilyn

    Some nice ideas here, Melissa. Thanks for sharing them!

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