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Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Basement, My Home Office, My Seattle House, Offices

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Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

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Ahhhh! Finally! It’s time for a progress report on our brand new office and the after photos of our flooring. This space is so much quieter with a wall and a door! And it is so much prettier with our beautiful new flooring (Mohawk Concertina laminate flooring in Smokey Chestnut).

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)


If you missed the before photos and the whole story behind this space, you can find the BEFORE post HERE.

We still have our same furniture and our plans for this space will continue to unfold, but we can’t get over how much it has changed already! The new flooring really transformed the whole feel of our lower level, but I have to say this office space inspires US! We feel more relaxed, more creative and more organized. It’s even more fun to work now, so we couldn’t be happier.

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

I really love the matte finish and warm rustic tones of this flooring; it’s really lovely in person!

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

The flooring not only sets the tone for the room, but it is so durable and perfect for our family’s needs. We have a lot of activity in our house, so having flooring that can hold up to any and all activities makes sense long term, too. Someday our office may become a mudroom or a bedroom so we love the flexibility the flooring offers. The color and texture are perfect for camouflaging daily dirt and messes and give the space such a warm cozy and livable vibe.

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

If you want to read more about the process of selecting our flooring and the install, you can find the post about it here. See what it looks like finished in our adjoining family room here!

Our Home Office Progress (after the new flooring!)

We can’t wait to share more ideas for how we will set up our office and the adjoining rooms as they evolve. Thanks for following along!

 I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mohawk Flooring Blogger Campaign and received flooring to facilitate my review. The design project and opinions are my own.

Paint Color: Coventry Gray Benjamin Moore


  1. Deb

    Wow! As they say in baseball, good eye! Love that flooring…and your shoes! Lol

  2. Ruth Williams

    Love the refinished secretary and chest–beautiful job. I love the eclectic look, and the floor is gorgeous. As usual, you’ve done a beautiful job. One suggestion (I hate being ‘that’ person) . . . add some more nailhead trim to your bulletin boards. I’m rarely an advocate of ‘more is better,’ but I think your beautiful bulletin boards would look even better with a bit more highlight. (Thought just occurred to me . . . rather than nailhead on the face of the bulletin board, maybe a row of nailheads on that outer edge? Hmmmm . . . )

  3. Gail W.

    I like this flooring so much I will definitely take a look at Mohawk’s product when I finish off our basement, and thus us inspiring me to do do sooner rather than later !! Any concerns on using wood ( laminate) as opposed to tile in a basement re: moisture ( or flooding ) ??

    Have you put any blinds on your basement family room windows yet ?? Shutters ? Roman shades of beautiful fabric ? Matchstick blinds ?? :)

  4. Jennie Wilbourn

    The floors do look great! I’m interested in your desk & giant magnet board. From where did you get those?

  5. Valerie Preston

    Every room in your home is amazing. I am curious about the parson chair cover in your office. Can you please share where it’s from as I’ve been looking around forever. The only one I’ve been able to find is from restoration hardware but they’re extremely expensive and I need 6. Thank you kindly!

  6. Katie Blahowicz

    Beautiful! love the floors! Where did you get that chair cover from? thanks!

  7. melany

    looks absolutely stunning!

  8. Barbara

    Beautiful as usual. I was wondering if you could tell me the paint color for the chest under the bulletin/chalkboard.

  9. Kendra

    YOUR SHOES!!!! Where did you get them?? Love me some Rifle Co!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      They are actually in one of our shops along a couple of others, they are adorable! We love them. >

  10. Holly

    Beautiful! Love the paint color you chose for the walls too, what color is that?

  11. sandyc

    Beautiful job, Melissa, and again so inspirational for me as I hope to refloor my home later this year. What you’ve done (and what CentsationalGirl did before in a couple of homes) is show the look of “wood” floors in a real home with a real person’s furnishings. For me that’s so immensely helpful. I’m going from a miserable and old traditional mix of way too much 30-year-old carpet and a bit of newer pinky beige tile to a single flooring throughout (including the bathrooms because of their layout). Flooring catalogs show beautifully styled “rooms” with a bit of furniture in the background and then an expanse of flooring almost the size of the house. Impossible for me to visualize how that flooring is actually going to look in my real and much smaller home. It doesn’t matter what the “wood” flooring is (hardwood, laminate, wood-look tile, luxury vinyl plank which I’m doing, etc.), it’s the actual execution throughout a real house that’s so helpful to me (and, of course, the extra plus is that I feel so comfortable with your style and it’s so easy to substitute my furnishings for yours). Thanks so much for a new collection of inspiration pix to add to my Right Floor Choice file.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m so glad, Sandy! That is EXACTLY what I always hope for when I show my house and more modest makeovers or slow progress on rooms. Thank you for your comment, it means a lot to me.

  12. Melinda

    I’ve tried to find that exact flooring by brand and name and can’t find it. Is this color discontinued? I am in the Seattle/Everett area and have searched stores and even google

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hmmm, I hope it’s not discontinued, it’s such a great color. You might check a flooring liquidator type store? Or call Mohawk directly and see if they can find a source locally for it. If not perhaps they will have comparable options!

  13. Jo Jo

    Love your new flooring! Very beautiful and beach-y looking! Be still my heart! ???. Your office is lovely and cozy and wouldnt mind at all spending time in there working. Love your blue & white ( rattan?) stool! It’s those touches, Melissa….swoon! ???

  14. Diane

    Your floors look great. We recently added Balterio laminate floors in English Grey Chestnut in our rental house in the family and dining rooms (looks very similar to yours). It made such a huge difference and our prospective tenants loved it. We need to update the carpet upstairs and decided we’d do the master bedroom and hallway in the same laminate, leaving the kids bedrooms in carpet for now. We used the 12 mm thick planks and they were 7.5′ in length and then laid them in one thirds. I think we’ll do an even more random layout in the master bedroom. Would you share how your floors are laid out? Thanks!

  15. jay

    wow ! It is beautiful room..

  16. Carol

    Love the floor. Everything is so pretty. What is the wall color /brand?

  17. Maria Newell

    Hi Melissa,
    I thought this comment posted yesterday morning, but I guess it never went through . . . Anyway, I think your floors look absolutely beautiful in both rooms! I have very similar color and style flooring as you do, through out my kitchen, living room, master bedroom and my home office as well. But, my floors may be a couple shades lighter. I think you will find that you made a good choice, especially with pets. I LOVE the warm rustic feel of your floors and my floors as well. And they do camouflage some dirt and pet hair, of course, not saying that I don’t clean my floors! lol Enjoy!! :)

    NOTE: If anyone is interested in seeing another similar style flooring, you are welcome to go over to Melissa’s and view several posts showing my floors. Please look under my Name: Maria Newell.
    Thank you again Melissa for this site! :)

  18. Debbie - MountainMama

    Gorgeous!! You are so lucky to have a nice office space, that’s something lacking in my home. When I work from home it’s at the kitchen counter on my laptop.

  19. Adrienne

    I love the way your office turned out with the new flooring. Did you use laminate through your whole house? Upstairs and down? We will be replacing flooring in the near future and have considered hardwood. We have an older laminate in the kitchen and dining room and love it so I wonder about upgrading it in there and continuing through our entire single-story 60’s ranch-style home. Would love to hear what you’ve done through your living area upstairs.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Adrienne,

      We only put the laminate in the main rooms downstairs since the flooring needed updating. Our home already had lots of flooring changes (original wood, new tile, etc) so there was no affordable way to make them all the same without staring over everywhere or doing more work than we wanted to. So rather than change out what was already updated or original flooring, at least for now I’m just embracing flooring changes as old house quirkiness (and glad it’s at least all nice flooring). I am working on making the home feel like it flows together in other ways, though, because I do like a unified look. Ideally if it made sense I’d redo all the floors at once to be a cohesive material, so if you have the opportunity to do that, I’d say yes!

  20. Tracy Parrett

    Hi! I was wondering if you have a post on paint colors of your home? I love them!

    • Amy McDaniel

      Yes! I would love to know what color those walls are! ?

  21. Ivory

    I love what you did to your office. Well organized, neat, clean &everything seems handy. Thanks!

  22. Kathy

    Hello, I just saw this flooring post, and it looks beautiful! I was wondering if you considered luxury vinyl, since it’s in the basement? I’m going to pull carpet out of my basement family room, but thought I should do vinyl planks, just in case of any future water issues??? Your thoughts?
    Thank you

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