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Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

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Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

My absolute favorite projects are the little updates I can do that will bring more joy to everyday experiences. I LOVE paying attention to small details in a home and improving experiences when I can.

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners
When I was remodeling, I thought about things like how my kitchen drawer pulls would feel (I want them to feel smooth and solid to the touch). I appreciate when drawers open smoothly (thus the remodel). I want my kitchen to be well organized so day-to-day routines feel less stressful. And my heart is happy when even the inside of a cabinet or drawer is pretty!

Don’t laugh, but I have to admit I got positively giddy recently about lining my kitchen drawers with paper. Y’all, is it weird to get so excited about drawer liners? If it is, I don’t even care. I have always been THRILLED with this kind of project!

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

I literally opened and closed the drawer a dozen times that day, just to experience the pretty pattern. It’s the little things. I mean, how often do you have to open your kitchen cabinets? All the time. Why not make them pretty inside, too?

When you have a brand new kitchen, the drawers should look just fine inside as they are. But, adding paper is still a good idea because it will protect the surface of the cabinet or drawer, it makes it super easy to wipe clean and of course, who wouldn’t be happier to see a favorite color or pattern?

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

I wanted to first line the drawer that holds our dishes as it gets a lot of use. I picked out a pretty subtle striped patterned paper from Chic Shelf Paper. It was so easy to install!

Fun fact, when you get paper from Chic Shelf Paper you have the option to order it custom sized so you don’t have to make any cuts. Nice, yes? Then you just stick the adhesive side down, pulling off the backing from the self-adhesive side a few inches at a time, keeping it smooth. My paper came with a little squeegee tool that made it so easy to keep the paper from getting wrinkled or bubbly.

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

Making Things Pretty: Drawer & Shelf Liners

Voila, now this is a very happy drawer. If you, too, want to have happy drawers this fall (or happy shelves or cabinets), Chic Shelf Paper is offering a special fall discount code for my readers HERE!

The drawer liner pattern I used is right here. It’s a charcoal gray subtle stripe, which I think is so pretty as a backdrop for all dishes.

What fall nesting projects have you been working on lately?

Chic Shelf Paper sent the drawer liner samples to try for this project and is a sponsor of The Inspired Room.

Shop my kitchen sources HERE (the blue dishes are from Ballard Designs).

I’m also obsessed with all of the dishes here.

Tomorrow I’ll have a post on pretty table settings, so stay tuned!


  1. Maria Newell

    So Cute! I like the idea of opening PRETTY drawers! I will have to check out “Chic Shelf Paper”.
    And your dishes are pretty too! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Tina Bower

    A fun idea for drawer or shelf liners are wrapping paper from a special gift. Then your drawers and shelves are pretty, and also hold a special memory.

  3. Jo Jo

    Oh, Melissa, I just had to LOL reading of your giddiness over putting shelf/ drawer paper because I’m the same way! You should have seen me when I did my pantry shelves! I postead my efforts & my giddiness over it on my FB Page and I’d be lying if I said just a few friends commented with “Seriously? You need a life. lol”. Haha! Well, I LOVE my life and I love organizing, putting down shelf & drawer paper and all things HOME! ?. As far as fall nesting…just recently cleaned out and lined my master bedroom bathroom vanity drawers. Made my day, no…my month! And, yes, I put it out there proudly on FB! ?

  4. franki

    I, too, like drawer liners!! I’ve been using wallpaper samples and change them out periodically. It’s what we do… :) franki

  5. Linda

    I prefer a plain paper liner rather than an adhesive one. I find them difficult to put down and messier if they have to be replaced. The pattern on your liners is simple and sweet. I like it!

  6. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    I can’t imagine a drawer without a liner…. and pretty is a plus. :) Your choice is so sweet. And your dishes are so lovely. Do you mind sharing their details? BTW… I had forgotten about this company. They have the cutest papers.

  7. Suzanne Riviere

    it’s those small items with their subtle at times, changes, that make the world go around on a daily basis. i laughed at first until i realized, ‘you get me’ and can’t wait to get something done with this very project. and, not to mention the choices made with drawer liners stand out just as much as any other decor one, because it reflects ourselves. good choices with yours.

  8. Cynthia

    I used Chic Shelf Paper to line my drawers and pantry shelves when we did our kitchen remodel last year – in fact, I have the same pattern you chose but mine is green stripes. Just curious, it looks like you had your paper cut a little shy of the full size of your drawers .., is that just an optical illusion or did you do that on purpose? If so, why? (Always trying to learn!)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      So fun! And oh how funny, I did notice that a couple of these pictures had a slight optical illusion! The liner actually fits perfectly all the way to the edges, but there is a darker strip of wood on the sides of my drawers that does make it look like the liner stops early! Ha! :)

  9. Jennifer

    Is the paper easy to remove should you change your mind or make a mistake?

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