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Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Decorating Inspiration, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

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As I’ve mentioned, our living room has been undergoing a little “in-between” makeover. I want our house to be as cozy and functional as possible for the holidays so I still have a few things I wanted to finish up. Our living room has been completely rearranged since last year, so it’s taken me some time to pull it back together again.

Today I’m excited to show you how I’ve styled and used one of my favorite furniture pieces, the Aiden Console Table by World Market. We’ve used it at least three different ways in two homes. It’s such a versatile piece.

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

One of my missing “pieces” was a sofa table for behind our sectional. So my wheels started turning! Where could I find the right piece?

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Anything I had or could find to try was far too short. But I didn’t want to invest a ton of time or money in something custom since I didn’t even know how long we’d have this particular sectional in this room.

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Aiden Console Table

The one piece I kept coming back to was our Aiden Console Table from World Market. It was too short for the sectional, but otherwise it really was perfect in almost every other way.

It was the right height for the sofa, perfect depth for behind it and the right shape to fit against the wall. Hmmm…..

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Honestly this console table has been the perfect solution over and over again for so many purposes in this house and our last house. It’s just a great piece! It’s even most recently been a sofa table behind our leather couch (as you can see in the first photo), so that’s what sparked my grand idea. It was a design epiphany of sorts.

If ONE cart worked well as a sofa table, why not get another cart to make one long enough for the sectional? So with that little nugget of an idea, I measured and then was off to World Market with a gift card to get myself another cart. Best news, it was 40% off!

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

I was super excited to get home and give it a try. And voila, I’m happy to report that two carts together do in fact make the perfect long sofa table behind our sectional!

You can actually hardly see it now that it’s tucked in behind the sofa, but when you do walk around to look at the side or see the top, it’s attractive from all angles!

I didn’t feel the need to fasten them together or make any modifications at all (KEEPING THINGS SIMPLE FOR THE WIN!). I just set them side by side and they instantly became a long sofa table. Who knew it could be this easy?

You can see a couple of the other ways I’ve styled my World Market Aiden console table over the years, below.

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

It was perfect as a display table in our narrow dining space. And it was so fun decorating it for the holidays!

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

We also used it in various rooms as a serving cart for drinks or dessert.

And of course, the console table has served as a sofa table, which is what sparked the idea to double it for our sectional!

If you invest in flexible pieces, you’ll find all sorts of ways to use them for years to come.

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

And now we can say that two are even better than one, yes?

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Now we have a perfect spot for lamps, decor, books or snacks.

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Our Long Sofa Table: One Piece, Three Ways

Do you have any flexible pieces that have served you well over the years?

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  1. Libbi

    Where is that lovely velvet sofa from!? It looks sooo cozy!

    • Liz

      Yes, please share!

  2. Liz (in OK)

    Just curious – are you using the shelves as a storage place for out of season items or as a place to stash extra throws?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      You could definitely use that space! I haven’t set it up yet but it will be a wonderful spot to stash away some seasonal items.

  3. Kay

    Genius! I like World Market! My multipurpose piece of furniture is a 1920’s postal sorter. I bought it in 1989, where it was a handy display piece for my retail store at the time. Later, we brought it into the house. It’s held our TV in the living room + is now a display piece in our dining room. Fun!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      That sounds amazing, Kay! What a fun piece! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment.

  4. Linda Grubbs

    Brilliant! It looks good and functions so well! As always, love your ideas!
    (Love that Jack too!)

  5. Jo Jo

    Love that you shopped your home first and determined that your original table was so versatile that getting another as an addendum to the first! Smart cookie, you are! Off the top of my head one of the thing s that I have that we repurpose are two counter height height chairs. We have 6 for our counter height dining table and use two more for our kitchen island as well, but we have two extra that, when they are not being used as extra seating for guests at the table, we use as end tables next to our high King size bed in our master. They are the same cherry wood and perfect height! ?

  6. Sandra Manno

    Yes I’d love to know where that beautiful sofa is from. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  7. Michelle Johnson

    I just love <3 that table, it has a real heavy machinery/rustic look to it. I have never heard of World Market, I will definitely have to take a trip to see what other marvelous accessories I can find.

  8. Sheila

    My multipurpose piece of furniture is a bench. I bought 3 identical wood benches from Room & Board when they were on close-out. One sits behind a loveseat and helps divide the TV/seating are from the dining side of my open family room. It’s near the back door so it’s also a spot to sit down and tie shoes or drop off incoming packages. Three baskets underneath hold running gear, shopping bags, my purse, etc.
    The other benches are used for extra seating and audio-equip hiding in the living room and an end of the bed bench in the bedroom, again with baskets underneath to hold extra linens and towels. Every time I’ve moved them around for parties or holiday decorating, I’m amazed at how versatile they are.

  9. Claudia Phillips

    I absolutely love all your photos, but the use of the console tables behind the sectional is brilliant! You have such a great eye for decor.

  10. Rachel

    Very Clever solution! I love the look of the books stacked at the back. Nicely done!

  11. Jacquelynn Hollman

    Love the mirror & baskets!! Could you please share where to find them?

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