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Mirrored Closet Doors

Happy Monday, friends! When I shared my master bedroom makeover a couple of weeks ago I had quite a few questions about whether or not we still had our mirrored closet doors! Yep, we sure do!

I snapped a couple of cell phone pics for you last night so you could see that they are still here (and Lily wanted to say hi).

I’ve considered changing the doors out and will probably do that at some point. But for now I like that they expand the size of the space and reflect more light, especially since it’s such a small room. And it’s really nice to have a full length mirror when you’re getting ready in the morning!

Mirrored Closet Doors
Changing these doors just hasn’t been a top priority project. Plus I have a potential future project that might require me moving them, anyway, so I’m kind of holding out until I know for sure what I’m doing. :) Fortunately the frames are white so they fit in O.K. for now.

I do think one set is enough in this space, however, and we have a second set on the other side of the room. If I was going to change even just one set, I’d change out this far side to quiet the room a bit and so you don’t see yourself walking into the room all the time (and so it doesn’t reflect the room back down the hall!).

Hope that clears up the mystery of the mirrored doors!

Do you have projects around your house that are like #175,645 on your list, but you still believe you’ll get to them, ha!?

Bedroom makeover and sources: Master Bedroom post
Framed art: Crane / Peacock


  1. Maggie

    Hi Melissa!

    First of all, your house is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    How did you hang the baskets in your bedroom? I have a very large one to hang over my bed and am not sure the best way to go about it.

      • Carolyn

        I like how you often do things the simplest possible way!

  2. Peggy

    Your house is always beautiful even when you have future projects in mind. I always appreciate that you’re content and enjoying the process and not sweeping in and overhauling everything immediately. Love this serene bedroom!

  3. Sandy

    Oh definitely yes to the project list! Actually I like the doors a lot. I have mirrored doors in all my bedrooms and they were on my list a well. I waited so long until they grew on me.

  4. Barb V.

    It’s so nice to see Lily again. And on your white bedspread! You’re a good Dog Mom!

  5. Deanna Rabe

    The mirrored doors do add to the light in the room, but two sets would be too much for me, too! and the view they reflect makes a huge difference.

    Can’t wait to see what you might be up to that would affect this area of the room!

    Have a great week, Melissa!

  6. Lisa H.

    I like those mirrored closet doors. And I love seeing Lily. She is a super model.

  7. Liz (in OK)

    Would a frosted cling (a non-sticky contact paper) placed on the doors help in keeping it light, but softening the look? It would be a temp solution until you do change out things.

    • Christine

      Ooooooo interesting idea!

  8. Katy Beacher

    Thank you for sharing your home and for sharing Lily,too.

  9. Joanna

    Lily is so cute. What is the breed?

  10. kddomingue

    Many designers seem to have an absolute aversion to mirrored closet doors and ceiling fans and will yank them out of a room before you can say “No!” . I’m not a designer. And I live in the deep, hot, humid South. You can take my ceiling fans out of my house over my dead body! I don’t CARE if they’re not fashionable. They keep my house cool. You can also take my mirrored closet doors out of this house over my dead body. I have a full set in my front bedroom that are opposite a pair of windows and it’s amazing how much more open, bright and spacious that room seems since we installed them almost 20 years ago. I’m doing some remodeling in my workroom and when I get to the closet side of the room I plan on installing bifold mirrored doors on that closet. Placement of mirrored doors is important however. You wouldn’t want them in a spot where they will reflect a super cluttered spot thereby doubling it, lol!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      LOL, I know that’s the biggest drawback with the mirrors, gotta be careful what you’re doubling hahah. I’m with you on the fans, too, we had several in our old house and I have to say I LOVED THEM! And we don’t even live in a hot climate!

  11. Pam

    Hi Melissa, your home is lovely and your Lily is adorable! I’ve seen lots of creative things that people have done with those mirrored closet doors making them look like French doors with strips of wood glued right onto the glass! I have them in our small room and wouldn’t take them out but I might try the French door idea! Thanks for sharing! Pam

  12. Lora Klaus

    I was so excited to see the lamps you used in your bedroom!! Recently I have (tried?) to refresh our bedroom, and I came upon two lamps at Burlington Coat Factory that look identical to the ones here! They were knock offs of the Pottery Barn lamps I have always wanted but they were only $28 a piece! I took them home and set them on my dining room table before bringing them upstairs. I was so excited by my find! At that moment my husband came home and as soon as he saw them, he said “Wow, hun, I don’t know, those remind me of the lamps my mom had in our house back in the seventies”? But! Today I am validated because if Melissa Micheals has these lamps, there might be hope for my decorating skills yet!! I press on in pursuit of home decor?

  13. Lora Klaus

    I love the lamps in your bedroom! Recently I have (tried:) to refresh our master bedroom. I was at Burlington Coat Factory and I was so excited to find two lamps almost identical to the ones pictured in your bedroom photo that reminded me of Pottery Barn knock offs that is loved back a few years ago. They were only $28 each! I bought them and took them home. When my husband came home he took one look and said “ Wow, hun, those are some crazy 70’s lamps”? But! Today I am validated! If Melissa Micheals has my same taste in lamps, there is hope for me!!:)

  14. liz

    My favorite photos have the dogs in them!

  15. Carolyn

    We have mirrored closet doors in “my” room here at my daughter’s house. We commented on getting rid of them before they even bought the house, but here they still are. Yes, they’re dated, but handy, room-expanding and light-giving, as you say. I wish these didn’t have gold-colored frames, but oh, well. I think they’ve actually helped improve my body image, dressing in front of them every day — no small feat at my age. Plus, they’re entertaining when my 14 month old grandson wanders in and laughs delightedly at the baby in the mirror!

  16. Cate McCartney

    Your room is beautiful and so tastefully decorated. We recently installed very large floor to ceiling mirror doors on a closet we created out of an alcove in our master bedroom. I love them. The room appears to have doubled in size and is ever so much brighter. I respect the opinions of professional decorators but I also respect my own taste and say yah!!! for mirrored closet doors.

  17. Alissa Andrews

    Where did you get the birch tree/branch?? Thanks!

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