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Master Bedroom Makeover – New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Master Bedroom, My Seattle House

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Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

This post in partnership with Serena and Lily

We made big progress on our Master Bedroom Makeover! Our new bed, bedding, and rug arrived and I’m so in love with it all.  You’ll even get a peek at our new shutters in this post, but I’ll come back another day to share more details on them.

If you’re new here and just catching up, we moved in to our house in Seattle about two and a half years ago. When we moved in, the small bedroom designated as our master had yellow walls. As cheery as it was, I was excited to paint our room and make it more cozy.

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!
Framed art: Crane / Peacock

At first we choose a deep plum color that really made this little room feel like a cocoon. We LOVED it! Moving and remodeling is always such a long stressful process, was so nice to have a retreat that was safe and snug for the past two years.

But the time came where we were really make this space our own. We remodeled our kitchen top to bottom, knowing it would become the style setter for the rest of our home. I love when a house starts to come together and feel more cohesive as a whole. It’s always fun to see that happen!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

My mom was ready for me to give her sleigh bed back (the one we’ve used for the past few years). I’ve had this cane bed from Serena & Lily on my dream room board for a long time! I adore so many things about it. Besides the classic look and cane detail, it’s really the perfect scale for our little room (which is 12 x 14, I know some of you have asked the size!).

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

Our other bed was nice but it took up a lot more space visually, as it was curvy, bulky and dark. This one is much more streamlined with a straight headboard and footboard that fits in so nicely in the room. I also love that it is taller off the ground with daintier legs. It’s amazing how much more open it feels visually in the room now that we are able to see the rug nearly almost all the way under the bed.

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

The footboard is just high enough to keep our pup Lily from tumbling out of bed at night, but not so tall that Jack injures himself trying to take a flying leap over it. It’s really perfect!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

I love that the wood and cane and the white and blue reflect the direction we’re going with our home. As our home continues to come together, we’ll have a subtle, clean but fun, relaxed coastal edge to every room (which we love and also makes sense with our location facing Puget Sound. Puget Sound is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean, and part of the Salish Sea.).

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

Cane Bed / Rug / Standard Shams / Euro Shams / Linen Throw Blanket / Fringe Sheets / Chambray Tassel Pillow / Stitched Quilt / Shutters

The bedding is fun wonderful, I love the subtle details such as fun pattern on the shams, the fringe on the sheets, stitching on the quilt, and tassels on the throw. And the whimsical Dhurrie rug is perfect! It lends softness, pattern and pulls the home room together. Also, the sheets are so deep I could actually fit them around my huge mattress without a struggle!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!
We feel great about our progress! There are still a few more things we plan to update and would like get done at some point (we’re still deciding on our mirrored closet doors, for instance), but I think we are at a good stopping point for the time being.

This room feels so serene, comfortable and welcoming!

Want to be reminded where we started?

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

You’ll find more on our new paint color here.

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!
Framed art: Crane / Peacock

As you can see, we installed our new shutters! You can find details on them here.

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!

We’re so happy with the transformation of this room!

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!


 Cane Bed /  Standard Shams / Euro Shams / Linen Throw Blanket / Fringe Sheets / Chambray Tassel Pillow / Stitched Quilt / Rug / Shutters

Wall Color: Seagull Grey by Behr

Master Bedroom Makeover - New Bed, Rug & Bedding!


  1. Nadine

    Love the bird prints, where were they sourced from?

  2. Sandy

    I love the new bed. Sleigh beds are really pretty, but in this case your choice is perfect for opening up the space. The shutters really streamlined the room as well. I like the idea of mirrored closet doors. They are so 80’s as I have them in all of my rooms. At first I hated them and wanted to change them out. Over the years, they grew on me and I love them.
    Love all of the changes.

  3. Shona Dockter

    Is the blue in the rug a true blue, or is it more of a slate blue?

  4. Sallie

    BEAUTIFUL results all around!!

  5. Deb

    Looks great! Is there a dresser in there for clothing … Just curious.

  6. Deanna Rabe

    I love your room!

    My master is enormous (was added by previous owners) and that is almost more challenging to decorate than a smaller room!

  7. Faux Sho

    This turned out beautifully! I am in love with that flower vase and how to flower colors tie in with the blue! So pretty, love it!

  8. Pat

    Beautiful room! Love your style!!

  9. Jen

    What a beautiful space. Lovely choices.

  10. shala

    Nice work!! I like the room so much better now it feels finished, plus Serena & Lily are one of my favorite design boutiques.

  11. Jen Gallizzo

    Beautiful job! Love the navy and white pillows. So crisp and classic!

  12. Laura Fox

    So pretty! Those window treatments are perfection!

  13. Sherry

    I love it and I like that it does not look like a 12×14 room. Great job.

  14. Lizzy

    Same question as Nadine! Love the bird prints! I’d love to know where they are from ?

  15. Melinda


  16. Linda Grubbs

    Very nice job on your bedroom ! So calm and serene …. with a great coastal vibe. I think the new color makes the room appear larger!
    Love the rug and bedding… oh and the shutters, perfect!!

  17. Leslie Burka

    Leslie says
    April 6, 2018 10:23. Your bedroom is very airy and refreshing looking. It’s so wonderful how many blue options there are in decorating. There was a time that blue sheet patterns were not available. We changed out our high 4 poster bed this year because we wanted a different size. I was sad to have to pass it on but
    we also chose a cane bed. We are very happy with the cane.

  18. Sharon

    Wow! What a difference! Looks so serene, and I love the bed!

  19. Teddymom

    Love your new bed and bedding choices. They really do flow with the rest of your home. But the main takeaway from this post was …. Lily and Jack BOTH sleep with you??? And how is that white bedding gonna hold up to their shenanigans?

  20. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    Beautiful transformation, Melissa! The rug and shams are my favorite accessories with their light-hearted feel. The shutters are jaw-dropping gorgeous! And could not be more perfect!! Oh, how I wish I had seen this when we had a home of similar age and style. Figuring out what to do with high windows like these in our bedrooms drove me crazy (Ours were awning windows which was worse.) This is the perfect solution!

  21. Kell

    What color is the paint on the walls? Light grey?

    I love it with all the dark blue.

  22. kelly

    Very refreshing. Did you make your curtains? What is the fabric?

  23. Maria Newell

    Your bedroom looks so beautiful! I love the white shutters! Your room looked beautiful before too, but I can see how you wanted the room to flow with the coastal look of the rest of your home. Very Nice!!

  24. Patsy

    Love the look of the bedroom. Reiterating question from Kelly: did you make the curtains and what is the fabric? Thank you.

  25. Debra Parveen

    Adorable collection I am so happy to see these beautiful features and collections. Thank MELISSA for sharing have a good day.


  26. Cathy

    I’d like to know where you bought the glass door console. I’ve looked in your earlier postings and did not find any information. Could you please let me know? thanks.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I got it at Restoration Hardware a few years ago! It’s called the Hampton Glass Casement Sideboard and mine was in the color Antiqued Taupe.

  27. Jen

    Looks awesome! I always love a blue andwhite color combo. I would love to know where the curtains are from?!

  28. Vanessa

    So lovely! Also, you are such a great teacher! I love your walk-throughs of your rooms or re-designs because you imbed these fabulous gems like the thin legs of your new bedframe allow you to see under the bed farther and therefore give your room a more spacious feel. Makes sense but I would have had no idea! We live in a tiny space right now so that type of thing stands out. You are so good at describing and teaching. Thank you.

  29. Zoe Borrowdale

    Really lovely changes ! Something that interests me is why , in so many US blogs ,the bed head is placed by the window ? In the UK you would usually place the bed opposite the window so that you can see the view unless the room was too small to accommodate this

  30. Teresa

    Absolutely love the transformation. Where did you buy the curtains? Love your style!

  31. Carol Hake

    So beautiful! My bedroom is the almost identical layout; wide, short window above the bed. I love the way the soft curtains frame is so beautifully. I’m going to try this! Thank you!

  32. Jojo

    Love your transformation! So pretty and airy and cozy! Gorgeous fabrics and textures! You’ve done it again , Melissa! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Linda

    This is my inspiration bedroom! Can you share where you found the curtains?

  34. Christine

    Our new bedroom will also be 12 x 14, will you please share the size of your floor rug you use? And did you go with a Queen or king size bed? Thank you in advance for your answers :-)

  35. Daisy

    I absolutely LOVE your style and what you have created in a small space! Simply stunning!Thank you for sharing your home and ideas with us, it really helps me to get great inspiration of what is possible!

  36. Tess Ray

    Hi Melissa, May ask where you got the bookshelf cabinets? I love your new room color! Just beautiful!

  37. Jane

    Love this room! Where is your mirrored nightstand from? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I got mine at HomeGoods! I still see similar ones there from time to time! <3 Thank you!!!

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