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A Cute & Organized ‘Laundry Room’ in a Closet!

by | May 7, 2018 | Courtney, Decorating Inspiration, Laundry Rooms, Organization, Rental

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A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

Ever since she moved in to her new place last year, my daughter Courtney and I had been talking about how cute and organized her laundry area could be with a few accessories. While her laundry “room” is actually just a small closet with louvered doors, she’s very lucky to have her own washer and dryer IN her apartment!

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

One day we got inspired to take action, so we headed off to Homegoods and got the goods for a little makeover! In addition to a few items we already had, we found a couple of new art canvases, a rug, a rack for the wall and shoe pockets for organizing products.

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

We set everything up, hung the art, organized the space and the makeover was complete before dinner time. Easy peasy!

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

I’m a big believer in simplifying everything as much as possible so you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed. If you have larger rooms, break bigger projects down into smaller tasks you can complete. You’ll feel empowered by progress and inspired by the momentum!

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!
I remember having my laundry room in a closet in two of our houses when my kids were small. It seemed like the only way to keep it tidy would be to do laundry every day. And WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANT TO DO LAUNDRY EVERY DAY? Not me (or so I thought). I did everything I could possibly do to avoid doing laundry. I could stuff dirty laundry in that closet like a BOSS. Until one day I realized that actually doing the laundry wasn’t nearly as frustrating as NOT doing the laundry. :)

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!

Do you have a small space you could organize and beautify this week?

You might have seen a peek at this laundry space in my brand new book Simple Organizing. Simple Organizing is about making the most of the space you have, whether you live in an apartment or a house! You can make every area of your home prettier, tidier and more functional.

Click here to get your copy of Simple Organizing!

Take a tour of Courtney’s new place (move in tour!) and follow her Instagram for more updates.

A Cute & Organized 'Laundry Room' in a Closet!


  1. Deanna Rabe

    That’s a great laundry space!

  2. anna E

    Wow, Lovely!

  3. beck

    I wish I had kept up with my laundry when my kids where younger…it would have made my life so much easier and less stressful! Now that I am an “empty nester” I basically do two loads every other day but I have found that having a “clean” laundry room is a must have! Wash, dry, fold (watching tv), put up (during commercials…lol!) every other day! And my number one secret to making laundry much easier to manage…NO LAUNDRY BASKETS IN BEDROOMS AND BATHS AND ALL WHITE TOWELS/DISH CLOTHES/WASH CLOTHES. Dirty laundry goes straight to the laundry room and I have a place for darks and whites. Occasionally I will have a “light” load but most can be washed with darks or whites (i.e. bleach) Also, having a hanging rod between the two upper cabinets makes it super easy to hang anything that needs to be on a hanger or needs a little “air dry.”

  4. Ebru

    it look perfectly chic :)

  5. Alda ellis

    Just lovely…yes, I too Discovered that a load or two every day is much easier than being overwhelmed once a week. I throw a load in while I’m getting dressed and start the day off like I have already accomplished something. Laundry powder in a clear glass jar with a tea cup scoop is pretty too! Great post and you have your daughter off to a great start.

  6. Melinda

    This is adorable! I love how color coordinated it is too, so inviting!!
    We had a laundry in the closet for 12 years, it worked well being near all the bedrooms, but it was a challenge sorting in the hallway while still using the hallway. It was comical. 5 people create a lot of laundry. :)
    This space looks amazing!!

  7. Maria

    This is super inspiring! I have almost an identical laundry closet as Courtney. Thanks so much for sharing these simple ideas — feeling motivated! :-)

  8. Nicole

    Beautiful room, can you give the info. on where to get that laundry basket/hamper?

  9. Melissa

    This makes you want to do the laundry. ? I love the hamper. Was that a Home Goods find ?

  10. Christa Stephens

    Holy cow – gorgeous transformation! Where on earth did you find that large tray? I’m in LOVE.

  11. Lori

    This is so neat! But where is the laundry detergent?)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks! The detergent is the brown container in the basket on the washer and dryer :)

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