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New Backyard Garden Areas!

Do you love working outside in the spring as much as I do? You’ve probably heard me say this, but I have so much fun creating special little areas within our yard that I can enjoy in spring and summer. It’s more manageable for me to focus on progress in small areas, as well as being so therapeutic!

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Today I am happy to show you two cute new spots in my yard!

When we added the new concrete steps and patio area, we ended up with an empty little niche next to our stairs (and I promise, the whole entire side yard makeover and back of house project we’ve been working on will be FINISHED and REVEALED with BEFORE and AFTERS in the upcoming weeks!).

New Backyard Garden Areas!
While it’s a tiny area, I knew it could be a really useful spot if it had a designated purpose. I was really intrigued with using the space for some sort of potting area for our cooking herbs. It even has a faucet for watering plants!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

When I saw this darling ÄPPLARÖ / KLASEN cart at IKEA, I knew it was exactly what I was envisioning for this space. The cart is also perfect for holding pots and supplies, too. And the little white “greenhouse” is absolutely adorable, isn’t it?

New Backyard Garden Areas!
Pink and White Pot / Plant Pot with Saucer / Watering Can / String Lights

Our cart will also be doubling as a serving cart for backyard entertaining! With the wheels we can easily roll it over to use by the BBQ, so it’s really going to be handy.

I love that this cart inspired helped us to turn an awkward, unused little area into a practical and cute destination.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

The second area I’ve been having fun with lately is a neglected spot I had been looking forward to working on for awhile. This plant stand with an outdoor bench and shelving from IKEA (the bench has a removable lid so you can use it for storage!) was just the inspiration I needed to get started on a new garden to enjoy!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

Our yard in general has so many established plants, but there are a few spots that I knew could be filled in a bit more. This particular spot is where a larger tree had been cut down at some point, so it was begging for something new to fill the space. I can’t wait to see it fill out with our new plants!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

This little area is now affectionately called Lily’s garden since she LOVES to sit out here and take in all the sights and scents. We used scented plants like lavender, lemon verbena, and honeysuckle so it really smells like a dream!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

The new bench and trellis with the shelf make this both a focal point and a functional space. It’s been great to have a spot out here to keep a few supplies and tools.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

One of my favorite things to plant in a garden is “steppable” plants that creep around stepping stones. I am pretty excited to finally have some flagstones! It will be fun to watch plants grow and fill in around them.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

Pillow / Watering Can / White Metal PotWhite Ceramic Pot

I am also obsessed with all the white pots and accessories from IKEA, and the blue and white pillows, too. They just look so fresh and pretty in the garden, don’t they? I love them so much I might use them to pot some indoor plants, too.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

New Backyard Garden Areas!

Isn’t this outdoor hanging pot the sweetest? You could use it for a bouquet or plant, but I think even empty it looks super cute.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

Much better, yes?

New Backyard Garden Areas!
Lily is so happy we made this garden for her! She’s out here all the time.

New Backyard Garden Areas!

And in case you’re wondering, Jack loves playing nearby, too. :)

Stay tuned, I have lots more outdoor projects and spaces to show you, including the BIG side yard and backyard REVEAL coming right up!

I am a Brand Ambassadör for IKEA U.S. This is a sponsored post.

UPDATE 2019:

Come see my side patio updates here! >> Spring in Our Outdoor Oasis: A Patio Refresh 

New Backyard Garden Areas!


  1. Vanessa

    I love those hanging pots from IKEA! I have three all inside hanging by windows as my windowsills are pretty narrow for house plants. Love it outdoors, too!

  2. Lucie

    I love how you use the space! The plant stand fits just right in that place! Wonderful!

  3. Eileen

    Love your gardens…must admit enjoyed seeing Lily and Jack just as much! The picture of Jack made me laugh out loud…he radiates pure joy. Just got your book on organizing, Melissa. Hope to put it to good use.
    Blessings to you and your family, human and doodle!!

  4. Cherie

    Looks amazing! I love the bench! I may have to order one!

  5. Laura Fox

    So so pretty! Lily and Jack look overjoyed! Love the happy pups!

  6. Deanna Rabe

    I’ve had my eye on a few things from Ikea, I need to make a trip there soon! Your outdoor spaces are looking great! That Lily is too cute!

  7. Lisa

    I love this! So pretty! ??

  8. Jo Jo

    Such sweet garden spaces you’ve created! Love Lily’s garden spot and I just adore Jacks “ laughing” face! Both so adorable! ❤️

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Good to see you, Jo Jo! Hope you are doing well! Thank you for the comment, I’m so enjoying spending time outside again and I think you can tell the dogs are, too! :)

  9. Shelly

    Looks really nice Melissa, very good job. I have been trimming shrubs and laying mulch like crazy. After 20 years my builder grade shrubs are almost gone, thank goodness, a lot of blank beds right now but hope to get new plants installed in the fall. I had 3 new maples planted several months ago so water, water, water. They were balled and burlapped and I have to make sure they get water every couple of days. I just don’t want to have to water anything else right now except some tomato plants, ha! Good luck with the rest of your project. Thanks

  10. KristinHenderson

    Hi I love this post! You’ve created some charming areas and inspired me to do the same! One off topic question—do you get burned out spots in the grass from the dogs? I have a doodle too and struggle with this. ?

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