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Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Backyard, My Seattle House

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak PeekThis deck project is in partnership with Trex and Lowe’s

Our backyard was a big selling point for us in buying our home three years ago, so we were so thrilled to finally be creating an inviting deck where we could gather with friends and family to really enjoy it! If you aren’t familiar with Trex, it’s a beautiful composite decking that (unlike wood) won’t crack, stain, or splinter. It’s also low maintenance, which was a huge deal for me. I prefer to enjoy my home and yard, not be slave to the maintenance of it.

Even as you begin to design the features of a new deck, start to visualize it in your head, and even see the dimensions all drawn out on paper, until you’re actually seeing it in person you may not realize what tremendous difference an improvement like this will make! A new deck becomes like an additional room, so it’s a great way to expand your livable space. It’s an investment that adds value to your home, but it also improves how you live in your home which is always a win for me with any project.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek
We started with an old cracked concrete patio. Not the worst situation in the world, of course, but definitely not the most inspiring. It was ready for a refresh.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

A really cool thing about our project is that we were able to leave the entire existing patio in place. I’m all about simplification in every way possible, so it was wonderful that the deck framing was able to be constructed right over it!

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Since my husband and I are definitely not skilled DIY’ers when it comes to construction, it was wonderful to be able to have a Lowe’s PSE (Project Specialist Exterior) build the deck.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

One of the things I usually dread about home improvement projects is the whole process of looking for quality contractors you can trust to take your vision and make it a reality. Being able to line up a qualified, skilled and experienced contractor for our deck through a Lowe’s was a HUGE plus for us! I highly recommend taking a look at (and benefitting from!) the Lowe’s scheduler service for your projects. It’s definitely worth it.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Our deck was built in the winter (thus the missing leaves on our Japanese Maple tree!). Every day I’d look out to see the progress (and of course dream about when it would be filled with furniture and flowers!).

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Our Trex deck color is called Saddle, which was an in stock option at Lowe’s. There are so many colors you can choose from! Even if you think you have an idea of what color you want before you begin, I still recommend you bring samples home first so you can see how natural surroundings impact your decision.

We found that the wood hue created a cozy, inviting, organic feel that really complemented our natural “Northwest” surroundings, too. When you consider your home’s location in the country, and even style features found in the neighborhood homes, you have the opportunity to bring together elements that will create a harmonious mood.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

We were especially excited about having black railings installed around our deck. While our deck isn’t high off the ground, we wanted to utilize railings to give the space a cozier feeling. I find railings bordering a deck establishes a backdrop that can make furniture placement easier, too.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Trex offers so many styles of railings and color combinations! Our railings are called Trex Enhance in Charcoal Black. I love the classic style. The black of course makes a nice statement and contrast with a white house, yet it allows the natural greenery around the yard to stay in focus.

The added architectural detail as well as the diagonal layout of our railings make the deck design feel so special.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Another detail I absolutely LOVE is the layout of the diagonal deck boards and the border around the perimeter, it makes it feel so custom and unique. I love how a diagonal design element creates a pleasing sense of movement for your eye.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek
Creating that movement and design interest is also the reason why we decided to lay our tile in a diagonal herringbone pattern in our kitchen!

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

As soon as the deck was complete the whole backyard felt like a new place! The railings and deck established such a wonderful outdoor gathering space, but I’ve also noticed that somehow the new deck made the yard feel like an even more inviting destination, too.

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

We are setting up the deck right now, so I cannot wait to show you the finished and furnished reveal (Lowe’s has some really great furnishings and decor pieces for your outdoor spaces. If you missed the look we’re going for, you can see our vision board and find sources for some the furniture we’ll have on the deck here).

Trex Deck Building Progress and Sneak Peek

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the dogs think of this change, Jack was quite obsessed with the deck from the first day he could walk on it. If I can get a video of him on the deck, you’ll laugh! He loves taking a running leap off from the deck to the grass. He clearly thinks we designed this as his own personal playground. (Notice Lily way off in the yard, always sitting somewhere outside enjoying the sea breeze in her fur! She’s waiting for the furniture to be set up, she’s all about the comfort.).

Stay tuned for the big reveal, friends! I can’t wait to invite you over for our first virtual gathering on the deck right here on the blog.

Leave me a comment below to tell me what you’re bringing to the (virtual) deck reveal party at my house! I’ll give away a copy of my book Simple Gatherings to five commenters at random, or to whoever is offering to bring the tastiest dishes. ;-)

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Learn how to begin planning your own Trex deck and schedule Lowe’s Installation service here!
Decking and railing in this project was provided by Trex
Installation and furnishings provided by Lowe’s


  1. Theresa Cox

    Oh how much fun you will have decorating that “huge” beautiful new deck! And being a Marylander my entire life, I have perfected the “most amazing” crab dip you will ever taste and I’ll be happy to bring you my tasty dish to your deck party reveal ?

  2. Barb

    I love the stained look of the deck with the black railings. This will be so great to gather on in the summer and fall.

  3. Katie

    Wow! It is beautiful and so much more useful! I have a really yummy Chili Cheese Fritos and corn salad that I can bring to help celebrate!

  4. Melinda

    How much would the deck cost if you had to pay for it. Am looking to replace a wood deck in the future and would like an idea about budgeting.

    • Kim

      It’s honestly quite an expensive up-front cost. We had just simple 6 ft wide steps made down to our patio out of Trex and while I don’t recall the final cost of materials, it was far more than just regular wood. However, having had a regular pressure-treated wood deck for a long time at our old house, I would seriously consider this to replace it if we had stayed. It’s so nice under foot, no splinters, and best of all – low maintenance! I have heard it can get quite hot on bare feet, though, if in full sun? Maybe others can talk about that. Anyway, I’d consider it a major investment in your house – great for resale in my opinion, but most of all, great for everyday living if you can find a way to finance it!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Melinda! If you click the link from the post it takes you to a site where you can actually estimate costs for your space! It’s free to get an estimate from Lowe’s as well.

  5. Anne

    So beautiful! I wish I could join you. I’d bring champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate <3

  6. Rosanna

    Your deck is beautiful!!I am intrigued with composite decking,have been for awhile,and so appreciate your view and opinion on it.Of course,all things deck,patio,porch,pergola,etc instantly grabs my attention…probably because our backyard needs help and I’ve been dreaming up all kinds of ideas!??So when you have your party,I will bring cheesecake!I could do lemon,blueberry,strawberry….??Peach?

  7. Ann Blomgren

    I love how the pattern of the deck enhances the entire yard and is the focus of it all. Beautiful!ann

  8. Sissy

    Can’t wait to see everything in place – your style really speaks to me. And what a wonderful view from the deck!
    I’d love to bring a little taste of the south to your deck party. Benedictine spread is a local favorite for small sandwiches, and I make a Benedictine Dip that’s to die for. One of each?
    But seriously, enjoy every minute of your outdoor space – it’s gorgeous!

  9. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    What a pretty deck! I love that it’s lower to the ground. I’d bring s’mores :) the perfect deck dessert!

  10. Carolyn

    Your yard looks so lovely and inviting! I love the board layout of your deck. I am from Wisconsin so of course I would bring a cheese tray, paired with a wine from your neck of the woods :)

  11. Julie Maier

    I can’t wait until your deck has your finishing touches on it – it already looks so inviting! Now just imagine all of your virtual friends sitting on your deck (sun glasses on of course), sipping ice cold, fresh squeezed lemonade and nibbling on grilled chicken skewers dipped in sesame-peanut dip alongside some Asian chicken slaw. Aaawwww……summer on the deck!

  12. mcgrathinnola

    Oyster poboys, boiled crawfish, Barq’s rootbeer!! What time? Beautiful !

  13. Debbie Keith

    Hi, Melissa! This is just beautiful! I’m really so excited to be following this transformation as hubby and I are saving up right now to undertake a very similar project. We purchased our (hopefully) “forever home” in January and the deck desperately needs to be updated. All this information has been both so helpful and wonderfully inspiring!! I absolutely adore all your choices for designing this space. Again, thanks so much for sharing this with us. Oh, I’d love to bring no-bake lemon and blueberry cheesecake if that’s alright. :)

  14. ruby

    o, melissa! so inspiring! we’ll be munching on almond baked brie with granny smith apples as you show us each piece of furniture and every flower pot. details, girl, love the details! i’ll be searching your other posts, where you may explain your choice of materials. if not a post yet, do tell. :)

  15. Vivian

    Beautiful deck!! I would be out there every chance I get. It’s going to be amazing with your decorating skills! I have one question about the deck, is it hot to walk on without shoes? We are thinking of going this route too, but we haven’t done any research yet. I would like to bring a homemade angel food cake with a fresh strawberry sauce.

  16. Jocelyn Zinni-LEONETTI

    I had a Trex deck built 23 years ago. Best house decision we ever made. Your deck is beautiful. I love the black railings!

  17. Holly

    For some reason I feel like making potato salad, so that’s what I would bring to your deck party. It’s beautiful, can’t wait to see the final result.

  18. Cheryl

    I’ll be bringing a refreshing, traditional Taco-macaroni salad! My family loves the cold, hearty taste of macaroni with some spice to it. I’ll put the fresh jalapeños on the side to be added as you will. Enjoy!!

  19. Shirley

    What a gorgeous outdoor living area, and how smart you are to go with the low (almost no) maintenance composite decking. Lowe’s was clever to partner with you and your design taste in excellence. Barbecued ribs and salads, salads, salads for the non-meat types….

  20. Heather Strohl

    Gorgeous! We are planning to add a patio/deck to our house in the future too. I can’t wait to see your final reveal. I’ll definitely be looking to you for some inspiration!

  21. Tiffany

    It’s so pretty! We bought a small fixer upper and the owners painted the beautiful deck a color I don’t love. I am so inspired by the black railing!

  22. Sherry

    Loving your deck, especially the diagonal placement of the deck boards. Looking forward to seeing it all “decked” out! I’m thinking maybe halved avacodos stuffed with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes and of course bacon, drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette.

  23. Melinda

    Love! It turned out great! I am excited see how the staircase to the basement turned out with incorporating the 2 together. Was that tricky?

  24. Tracy Leiker

    I love your new deck! I would bring my famous crustless crab quiche along with champagne to the party. I have a small Doodle named Mia if she could come for a play date. Excited about your book, would love to read.

  25. Donnamae

    What a gorgeous deck. I love the color. We are going to redo our wooden deck with Trex, very soon. You’ve got me rethinking the white railings I’ve been thinking about. I’ll be bringing Dick’s Salad to the virtual reveal. It’s wonderful by itself…or a great compliment to hamburgers, or brats…a Wisconsin favorite! The secret ingredients are garlic summer sausage and Colby cheese! See you there! ;)

  26. Tracie

    Our front porch has Trex decking and I would never do anything else again! Thanks for the virtual invitation — I’ll bring strawberry scones. It’s berry season in Minnesota!

  27. Trex

    Your TrexTransformation is stunning! We are certain you will spend many more hours enjoying your outdoor space than before.

  28. Marilyn Holeman

    Hi Melissa, You’ll definitely want some potted plants on your deck. I think Hydrangea would be lovely. Would you like pink or blue? Enjoyyour new deck!

  29. Barb Zahler

    It does change the entire look and feeling of the back yard. Beautiful!

  30. Karkene

    Love the colors! We also are planning to use a composite and black railings for a small porch and steps at our back door. The idea of not sanding and sealing and repeated upkeep, sold me! Yours looks lovely in your setting, is it just me or does the deck appear much larger than just the concrete pad?
    Can’t wait to see your furnishings! Hope you enjoy it for MANY years!!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you! It’s a little bit larger on one side, by maybe a foot. But it’s amazing how much more spacious it feels!

  31. Deanna Rabe

    I love it!

    I’ll bring a fruit salad made with strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries topped with a mixture of cream cheese, whipping cream and honey! Its fab!

  32. Kim

    Your Trex Deck looks beautiful! During our years living in New Mexico, a friend taught me to make fresh salsa and guacamole like her grandmother made. Perfect for a deck party on a warm summer day!

  33. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’m over halfway through Make Room for What You Love and would really enjoy reading Simple Gatherings.
    Enjoy your beautiful new deck!

  34. Elizabeth

    I’m halfway through Love the Home You Have and would really enjoy reading Simple Gatherings. Enjoy your beautiful new deck!

  35. Nancy West

    I will be bringing a Strawberry Pretzel dessert?

  36. Susan

    It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to see it all “decked” out! ? I would bring my new favorite summer salad. It’s a Quinoa, Black Bean and Mango salad. Perfect for a party, and gluten and dairy free. ?

  37. Rita Williams

    Love the deck! I would bring my signature 7 layer dip and my avocado bacon pasta salad. Enjoy your deck!

  38. Dawn

    Love the diagonal pattern and the black railings really make it! I’ll be bringing the deviled eggs! Can’t wait to see the finished coziness I know you’re sure to have… :)

  39. Lynn W

    Wow!!! The deck is gorgeous. Love the color choice, layout and railings. What a great addition to a wonderful yard :)
    I’m from the Southwest, so naturally I will bring some tortilla chips and guacamole!!

  40. Melissa

    I enjoy reading your blogs and have found that I have been loving the tiny home that I have with inspirations from your snapshots of how you use your spaces. For a virtual gathering, I would bring some potted herbs for your new deck :).

  41. Maureen

    Looks beautiful! We are getting ready to re-do our deck, this has been most helpful.
    For your summer dining enjoyment, I’ll bring along strawberry shortcakes with fresh Hood strawberries!

  42. Betsy

    I love the look of your deck! I would be bring my tangy pepper-pecan baked brie. It is always a crowd pleaser…

  43. Susan Hartsuff

    Love the new deck. Can’t beat maintenance free. I would bring a refreshing fresh fruit platter with a yummy strawberry fruit dip.

  44. Cheri Bogasky

    We have a trex deck and it was well worth the money very nice.

  45. Laura

    I love that Trex has those special fasteners for the deck screws to go into so there aren’t any screw heads along the surface! Genius! It’s beautiful – can’t wait to see it after it’s furnished and decorated.

  46. Sheila Osman

    We are replacing our deck this summer and hope to use Timbertek which is made by Trex. Lowe’s gave us the highest quote of the several places we went ?. We did find a local lumber yard that can supply us at a much lower price. I’m wanting the color Pecan just for the classic color and it seems to go great with our house color. Thanks for keeping us inspired!

  47. Lauren

    This is cause for a celebration! I’ll bring the booze :) Prosecco with a splash of Elderflower syrup and fresh raspberries as garnish. Swanky ladies need swanky drinks. Cheers!

  48. Terri

    I love the deck! I hope to add something similar over our existing patio soon. I’ll bring a keto appetizer, sausage and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms to the party!

  49. JoJo

    I’ll be bringing a tasty tomatoe, cheese asparagus quiche to your deck reveal celebration! How’s that, Melissa?!? ?. We, too, had our builder create our back covered porch using Trex and we LOVE it! It’s a grey color to go with our siding! So easy care and it still looks brand new after only two years and very heavy use! It’s our 3 season living room area as it is right off our living room patio doors and 3 steps down to our patio. Your deck looks awesome from what you’ve shown so far! Can’t wait for the reveal!

  50. Joan Moore

    I love your deck, such a wonderful addition to your home. Can’t wait to see it furnished. I will be bringing a freezer of “homemade butterfinger ice cream” for everyone to enjoy on your new deck!!!!??

  51. Sarah

    Bodacious Broccoli salad! I could make a whole meal of it, and I don’t particularly love broccoli! Enjoy the new deck!

  52. Ivy T

    Love the layout of the Trex decking. We have Trex on our deck & love it. If I had to change one thing, it would be to choose lighter color deck boards. Ours get too hot to walk on them with bare feet.
    I will bring fresh fruit to the party & peonies from my garden.

  53. Cris Peacock

    Just beautiful! You’ll love your new deck! We put that same fence around the back of our yard – it’s perfect! Blends right in with the foliage. I’ll be bringing purple sweet potato pies for the get-together :)

  54. Nikki

    Looks great…can’t wait to see the final reveal. I’d love to update our deck; thank you for sharing the link to Lowe’s.

  55. Irene

    I love love love your deck!!! Perfect.

  56. Julie

    The deck looks fantastic. I really like the details on the black railing and the contrast it brings to the yard and house. Nice choices! This is not a typical picnic food…but my go to potluck dish is my Mom’s garlic sesame pepper noodles. I’m decades from college, but right before I moved away I sat with her trying to figure out the recipe-as of course she just said “a little of this a little of that”. It goes fast every time. :)
    Looking forward to seeing the final reveal!

  57. Vikki

    I love your new deck! I would love to do this at our place also and am going to show this post to my hubby for persuasion. Coming all the way from Australia for your get together I would have to bring a Pavlova!

  58. Anne B

    love the deck. can’t wait for the virtual party. I’ll be bringing an Ambrosia Berry Salad. it’s a great summer salad with fresh whipped cream, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, & blueberries.

  59. Mandy

    What a great space and gorgeous deck! I’m bringing Texas caviar and although I have been know to eat it with a spoon, I will bring tortilla chips to dip!

  60. Megan

    Great deck! It really makes me want to update our cement patio. I will bring some ceviche with avocados and hot sauce for the virtual party and some pupsicles for Jack and Lily!

  61. Sallie

    Looks FANTASTIC!! Can’t wait to see it decorated!

  62. Michelle

    Hi Melissa! Your deck looks like the perfect place for a summer get together with friends and family. I’ll bring luscious lemon bars to the party.

  63. Ann

    Your deck and yard are gorgeous!!! Thank you for inviting us to share the launch! I will bring my key lime pie, everybody’s favorite! :)

  64. Sherry sanders

    I will bring a platter of fire and ice heirloom tomatoes with bruschetta

  65. Missy Robinson

    I’ll bring fresh cilantro buttered corn – yummo!

  66. Linda

    I’m bringing a traditional Greek Salad, all fresh and organic, hummus and pita bread.
    I may even bring a bottle of a chilled crisp white Greek wine. Is that okay?

  67. Linda

    We may need a dessert … soft and chewy gingerbread cookies, a light and refreshing coconut lime cookie, or a summer stone fruit gratin.
    I do love a party, even a virtual one ;)

  68. Diane

    Oh Melissa, I’m thrilled for you to finally have such a wonderful outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing. The precision with which your deck was built is amazing. And I’m in love with the black railings. What a fantastic space! (I have the book… but will still play… I’ll bring a platter of fruits and fruit kabobs… so refreshing.)

  69. Johnnie

    I’ll bring fresh salsa & chips, because I am not organized enough to make anything else.

  70. Cherri

    My new fave salad: Grape tomatoes, Edamame, Fresh cut corn, grilled chicken and a little balsamic dressing. YUM!

  71. Jo

    We are also planning on building a Trex deck…what size are your posts and how many have the lights in the cap?

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