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Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

by | May 3, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

Want to spark joy in your home? Bring more personality to your decorating style with statement decor pieces that don’t break the bank.

This post is sponsored by featuring Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home Collection.

This is one of my secrets to elevating style on a budget. Less can be more if you focus on decorative elements that are anything but ho-hum and boring!

Often all we need to make a visual impact in a room is one key statement piece! When I’m shopping for my home, I am always so excited to find decorative pieces that are not only affordable, but that are fresh, fun and unique. So much of what I find out there when I’m shopping doesn’t spark joy at all for me because it’s either too expensive or too ordinary.

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

Recently I was THRILLED to discover a fantastic art piece while shopping at Walmart (yes!). Who would have thought? This art is was exactly what I have been looking for! It’s a part of the new Flower Home Collection by Drew Barrymore.

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

I was delighted to find this new collection as it has so many fun, whimsical and affordable items I loved. I think Drew and I might be kindreds when it comes to a desire to create a space that has a unique personality.

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

I hung my new art in my small guest room. This room is more often used as my own personal getaway, so the tropical style of this piece was PERFECT!

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

As an entrepreneur and author, this room is where I go when I need to escape. It’s where I write books or get a little R & R every day, without actually leaving my home. Rather than feeling like my home is a place I need to escape from, I love to bring a touch of a tropical island or coastal “getaway” style to my home.

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

This room sparks so much joy for me, as does my new artwork.

Not only do I love the whimsical personality of this piece in my guest room, but I love that it’s large enough in scale that it makes a statement.

Whether you have a big room or a small room, focusing on fewer but larger scale items or pieces with bolder personality can turn less into more and boring into dramatic.

Here is a selection of other items from the Flower Home Collection that sparked SO MUCH joy for me while shopping at Walmart! (Find direct links to shop each item below!). Cute, right? I want them ALL.

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style

1.Night Birds Champagne Framed Art (two color options)

2. Teal Glass Pendant Light

3. Velvet Throw Pillow (several pretty color options!)

4. Chevron Pom Decorative Throw

5. Vintage Palm Decorative Vase

6. Guatemalan Green Vase

7.Grecian Blue Floor Vase

8. Antique Brass Arch Floor Lamp with Rattan Shade

9. Tufted Chaise Lounge (multiple colors)

10. Herb Wood Frame (set of 4)

11. Hand Woven Macrame 3 Piece Basket Set

12. Round Blue Stripe Jute Area Rug

Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style
Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style
Spark Joy with Your Decorating Style makes shopping for your home so easy! You’ll find a fantastic selection of quality home decor items, many of them come with free 2-day shipping on orders over $35—and there are no membership fees required. If live nearby, you can also shop online and pick up your items in store.

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Thank you all SO MUCH for your insights, kindness and creative budget-friendly ideas for what I could do with my fireplace (should I ever decide to make more changes!). And thank you for all the support for keeping it as it is, too!

It can be rather risky asking the internet for opinions on something as personal as decorating your home, but this lil’ community feels like a neighborhood of besties. You get me and you’ve always been so gracious in your comments! Thank you for that. I’ll put together a follow up post soon!


  1. franki

    My eye went directly to that gorgeous piece of art when your photo came into view!! It is spectacular…especially when I gravitate to teal, aqua, true blue!! I have “that” little elephant, too. ? PERFECT GETAWAY!!franki

  2. Kim

    Just love all of this but please tell me where to find those adorable tassel curtains??!! I NEED THOSE IN MY LIFE!!!

    • Jennifer Morris

      YESSS!! I’m right there with you Kim! Adorable!!

    • Jen Morris

      FOUND THEM!! Melissa had them linked on her “Shop my home” page-they are from Anthropologie-a bit pricey, the 96” length panels are $98 each!! I’m thinking I may make my own with navy ticking fabric and Pom tassels!

  3. Kim

    And the beaded hanging light pretty please!!! SO GORGEOUS!!!!

    • Shelley

      Yes. Light source for the beaded light please!

  4. Sarah | Homenourish

    I am really inspired by your decorating ideas and it’s really helpful. Thank you for the share and waiting for more helpful tips.

  5. Karlene

    Love your room! Looks like the doodles think it makes a pretty good get away too! The drapes caught my eye, any idea where you picked those up?
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with fireplace!

  6. Jennifer Morris

    LOVE your guest room and new art! I am also in love with those awesome striped curtains!! Can you please let me know where you found them? So adorable! Just what I need for my coastal cottage themed home!!


    Jen Morris

  7. Jenifer

    I love the blue quilt on the bed, it’s such a pretty color.

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