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My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, My Dining Room, My Guest Room, My Seattle House

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My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

I‘ve always been torn between which house I love more. I have to admit, as much as I love decorating my fall and winter home, I’ve been especially enjoying working on our summer house lately.

Ahh…I can’t fool you. I only have one house. But I would love to have ALL THE HOUSES to decorate (can you imagine how fun that would be? or is that just me?).

I’ve discovered that this house comes to life this time of year, so why not have fun with summer style? I don’t have a real “summer house” but “love the home you have” is what I always say (yes, that’s the name of my first book LOL).

Top Photo Source: Annie Selke

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

Recently two of my favorite designers when it comes to summer home style, Annie Selke (Dash & Albert) and Mark Sikes, collaborated on a brand new collection. When they reached out to ask if I’d like to share some of my favorite pieces with you, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This is my kind of fun.

I have been wanting to add a new rug to my dining room for quite awhile. The seagrass rug I had in this room has been great, but I have really been wanting to punch up the color and pattern in this space.

Now that we’ve lived here for nearly four years I’m feeling more and more like I know this house and the style that feels right to me here.

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

One of Mark’s rug designs (Big Sur) was perfect for what I had in mind. I think it looks and feels even better in this room than I had imagined! I’m in love with it already.

Not only is the classic pattern one of my favorite styles (reminds me a bit of the fabric I’ve brought with me to use in several of my homes over the past 25 years!) but I think it’s going to hold up really well, too.

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

This is my guest room. You’ve seen this little room quite a bit, but it’s always evolving!

You might remember that I also designed two rugs for Annie Selke/Dash & Albert! Well, I recently brought one of my rug designs (Inspired Stripe) into the guest room. I thought it might be fun to push the envelope a little to bring even more pattern in this room for the summer.

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

I loved my rug in here and I have to say, I love it even more paired up with Mark’s wonderful floral reversible quilt and shams (Pasadena). The plaid sheets and matching Euro shams are amazing, too (Julian Cobalt).

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

Now our tiny guest room is all ready for summer. And the bed is made up for my parents, who will be here in a week for LUKE’S HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION!

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

I can’t believe our little baby boy (who is now taller than everyone in our family) is finished with high school. I don’t think I’ve fully let this all sink in yet (although I will admit to bursting into tears a time or two.) He was in kindergarten when I started this blog! That’s just unreal to me.

My Summer House | Mark Sikes + Annie Selke

I’ll share more on this time of transition in our life soon as well as more rooms in my ever evolving summer house. So stay tuned for all the summer happenings around our house. :)

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  1. Laura

    Beautiful bedroom. Where did you get the “Code of a naval officer” print?

    • Rebecca McNamee

      Thanks for all the tips! I am a very inspired decorator, but, you have ‘re-inspired’ me for some changes at my summer house. Getting rid of some ‘grey’. Although, I’ve had to put some ‘studies’ on hold as a result…but, I don’t think my ‘teacher’ would mind if he saw the cool transformations of my living room, bathroom, and laundry room . And my husband Dan is so pleased with all my efforts. Thanks Melissa. P.S. Your husband Jerry is an incredible teacher, I appreciate all his insights.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I got that at a flea market, we lived in a naval area for about six years so we picked up a few things while we were there!

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I love how you mentioned that your home comes alive in the summer. Mine is an Autumn house! It shines then in all its cozy, warm glory!

    I really like the blue bedding, and spent 20 minutes looking at his book on Amazon and reading Nancy Myers Introduction in the book!

  3. Cheryl Tracy

    I love all the blue you have in your house. It’s my favorite color, too! Not all of my rooms have blue, but they’re getting there!

  4. Jeanne

    Your rooms are so pretty! I love the blue bedding and your curtains. On another note, Can you tell me what the big leaf is in the glass bottle in your dining area? I need to add some simple greenery to my liv room and that looks so nice.

  5. Pat M.

    Your parents will love your “summer” guest room. You’ve done a beautiful job marrying all of the patterns together. That in itself is a talent most of us don’t have. Like another of the comments here, I too have an autumn home – in cool wall and furniture colors, curtains blowing at the open windows to catch the less humid air, and comfortable mornings on my small deck outside with my coffee and the changing leaves on the treeline behind my house. Summers in the Midwest are too closed up for me – air conditioning a must-have because of the humidity, when even my pups are happier inside (and underfoot). However, I appreciate all the seasons and am happy – I’m 77 and a cancer survivor – to see each and every one of them.

  6. Kim

    Your new rug and bedding are so pretty. Really brightened up the dining room. I have Mark Sikes book and really enjoy looking at his beautiful rooms. It’s stacked on top of one of your books on my chest in foyer! My go to books when I need some new ideas. Lol

  7. Debbie - MountainMama

    Your home is always lovely, Melissa, in every season!! I am an empty nester for the first time in my life at the ripe old age of 51, and it’s quite bizarre – this is the first time in my life I have lived on my own! Fortunately my daughter bought a house only a half hour from me, so we can still see each other frequently – that makes it much easier than when my older daughter left – she’s been 4 hours away for the past 10 years and now talking about moving even farther – wahhhhhh!!! Congrats to your son!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much, Debbie! I haven’t ever lived alone either, that must be quite an interesting new experience! I hope you discover many new adventures and pleasures in embracing this season of your life.

  8. Heather

    I’m curious, what is the size of this bedroom? I’m always nervous about putting a “normal” sized bed in a smaller room. The layout of this room (door, closet, window location/size) looks identical to my guest room, but I always feel my items are just crammed in the space. You’ve managed to arrange everything for a perfect fit! Very “Inspired” to copy this layout. Just Beautiful!

  9. Letichia Richardson

    Hi ,

    I also have a tiny guest room I’m currently decorating in Melbourne and I’m not sure what size bed to put in there for my guests. Do you mind telling me what dimensions your guest bed is ? They will probably be a bit different to Australian bed measurements I think. I absolutely love your room by the way and I’m also a fan of Mark Sikes.

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