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As Seasons Change

Hi friends! This is the week that Luke (our youngest!) graduates from high school! So, I guess you could say I’m both looking forward to summer officially starting and not wanting to rush on to the next season.

I’m trying to savor these last few days of Luke being in high school, knowing so much about our lives, and his, will change as our baby prepares to head off to college this fall. It’s an interesting season as a mom!

Having our daughters still a big part of our lives and remaining close after their high school (and college!) graduations has prepared me. I know that while this season with Luke (and as a parent with kids still at home) is coming to a close (tears!) and things will change (as they should!), we have a beautiful new season to look forward to as a family.

I’m sure there will be a lot of new emotions and special memories that will surface for me this week (especially since this is our baby who is graduating!). I’ll share more about this experience and be able to reflect more on all of the seasons of life as a mom in the upcoming days, weeks and months!

A few months ago I shared more thoughts on this season in a blog post that resonated with a lot of you! If you missed the post, you can go back to read it here: Dwelling: The Heart of the Home Maker.

As Seasons Change
From my recent post, Dwelling: The Heart of the Home Maker.

Are you in a season of change, too? Let’s chat!

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  1. Michelle

    I can SO relate friend! My youngest son just graduated as well! We are close to his older, post college brothers, but his being the last is a bittersweet moment. Cheers to our new season of life ❤️

  2. franki


  3. Deanna Rabe

    Changes are always happening, aren’t they? Our daughter will graduate from her Bible School in August and will likely be engaged, then married in the new year. Our youngest starts high school this coming year, too. A new granddaughter was born yesterday.

    Life is fluid and we hold on to Jesus and roll with the changes. Not always easy!

    God’s blessings on Luke as he moves into this next stage of his life! And to you too!

  4. Michele M.

    My children are grown – but my little sister has 4 – and this fall has 3 gone (one uni grad and 2 attending college) so it leaves her with her last sweet girl at home…and my sister is feeling it keenly. I feel for her – she sees an empty next and is going through a lot of emotion by it.

    Hang in there – once the tears stop life’s new change and step for parents is pretty awesome. Just gotta get there. Savor each second while you are able! : – )

    And then there could be grandchildren in the future and THAT is the world’s best thing EVER.

  5. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Praying for you that it is a really special season ahead <3 I have admired your commitment to be close to family so much. I'm on the opposite season, I guess you could say, my oldest just turned 5 and will start full day kindergarten in August. :) Also a new kinda mom experience for me… really makes me realize time IS passing! :)

  6. yasmara

    My 14yo is moving up from 8th grade and starting High School this year. It’s a cliche but I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed! My youngest is right behind him, starting 7th grade this year. In 6 years, we will have an empty nest.

  7. Diane Dickson

    No matter how old they get or what station in life they are in, you still feel like they are your babies. Mine have been away from home for a long time (44 and 38) but I still miss my babies. They both have children and now we are seeing their children start to be in high school and become seniors. Enjoy whatever station you are in, at least that is what I try to tell myself.

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