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Happy Corners + Home Sweet Home

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, My Living Room, My Seattle House

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Happy Corners + Home Sweet Home

I mentioned the other day that we have decided to stay here in this house and continue to put down more roots. We feel at peace with this decision. Of course, life circumstances, needs and desires can always change so it’s impossible to say with absolutely certainty what will happen in the future! And that’s OK. I feel at peace with that, too.

But just knowing that it is our current intention to stay here (as we enter a season where we will become empty nesters in September–I shared more about that here) makes dreaming about our home and next projects more fun, you know what I mean?

I think because I get emotionally invested in my sense of “home” knowing any changes we make or projects we decide to work on going forward will be serving our family makes me extra excited. That’s what nesting is all about for me. It’s not all about design or styling for photo-shoots, it’s really about creating a home that serves us well.

My husband and I got inspired this weekend and did a little furniture rearranging. Our antique Chinoiserie cabinet has been moved in and out of the living room over the past few years, but it’s back again! We ordered some new art for above it that is on its way here. I’ll share more about how we’ll use this cabinet and how it all comes together in the room after the art arrives.

Happy Corners + Home Sweet Home

As we were puttering around the living room, my mind starting whirling with so many new ideas! In fact, we came up with an idea for how we may want to use this underutilized corner.

The idea is simple, budget friendly and will be easy to complete. Best of all, it will make our family very happy!

Stay tuned tomorrow for what we have in mind!


  1. Francesca Gunn

    Where was the cabinet before you moved it back to the living room? I was wondering if you you store decor items temporarily so that you can switch things out periodically ( not just seasonally)? If so, what way has worked best for you?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      For awhile that black chest was in the guest room closet, then more recently it was sitting against the wall right where the globe is shown in the photo. I do store decorative items that I like to trade out sometimes. II feel like works best for me is I have a shallow dresser in my living room near the fireplace where I have lots of “non seasonal” items like small trays, vases, candlesticks or other objects. I always look there first if I need something! If it’s too big for that I have shelves in the garage (currently that system is not very organized, but at least I know where to look! :)

  2. Kathleen of Woodstock, GA

    Melissa…..Love following your blog…I LOVE that you decorate for you and your family…So important…We are in ministry and have been for years…I have a tendency to worry what our visitors will think of my home….I just want them to be comfortable….BUT…It is all about my family as you. have said…Thank you for your influence on me and others….

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you, Kathleen! Your comment and support means a lot to me, I’m so grateful you stopped by!! xo

  3. Gloria Weller

    I was excited to see your standing globe again. You had it in your other home and since then I’ve tried to find one, but haven’t been able to. Do you remember where you got it?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes it is still here, we’ve thought of letting it go but we really like it so for now it’s staying! I got it at an estate sale maybe 15 years ago. Maybe look on ebay!

  4. Amy

    I saw one of my favorite words in your post…. NESTING! Is it too early to be dreaming about fall nesting?! I would like to know if you plan to do another series like you have done in the past. It is always fun to follow along with the seasonal challenges or when we can show our homes as well, such as a link up or on homelovestories. Hoping for an interactive fall nesting series in 2019!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      YEAH FOR NESTING! Fall nesting will indeed return this year!!!! I will definitely incorporate challenges AND think of a way we can do a link up or share in a community this fall. It all sounds so fun, it’s my favorite time of year!! xoxo

  5. Elaine Corbett

    ALWAYS love forward to your emails! I love everything!! :)

  6. franki

    When you just know. franki

  7. Sandy Sayers

    I have been wondering where that glob was! it’s one of my favorite things! Also wondering if you still have the patio fountain.

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