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Fall Nesting + Doormats
Homebody Doormat Source

Before we talk about Fall Nesting and doormats (YAY!), if you missed my recent posts when my email newsletter glitched (including my sponsored post Who Gives a Crap — lol, don’t worry, you’ll love this, click HERE to learn more and find my post HERE ….or if you missed my post called What Would You Do — I’d love your design input on something!) I wanted to be sure you could catch up and didn’t think I went MIA.

Now, let’s talk about something we love most of all….FALL, shall we? I know that talking about fall right now might feel way too soon for some and not early enough for others. But the fact is, fall is coming soon!

As much as I’m LOVING our NW summer weather (and am savoring every minute of it) you KNOW I’m a homebody and fall lover at heart so for me, it’s never too early to talk about such a magical season for home-making.

Fall Nesting + Doormats

My philosophy is that just like the seasons evolve slowly outside, so can we. There’s never any rush, but let’s savor each season slowly as it arrives, and embrace every moment with joy and intention!

Fall Nesting is my favorite series every year and always a favorite of my readers (I believe we’ve been enjoying Fall Nesting together for 11-12 years, ever since my early days of blogging).

This series is where we talk about all of our coziest fall topics including preparing your home for the season, incorporating your senses, enjoying creature comforts, taking your cues from nature to evolve your home for fall, all the fall favorites, special traditions and of course, exploring fresh ways to keep falling in love with the home we have with every new season.

Fall Nesting + Doormats

Fun side-fact for my true blog besties who are actually reading every word of this post :) I’m writing a brand new photo / coffee table book which will incorporate our love of this favorite season (and others!) ! I cannot wait to share more about it. I think my season-loving friends going to love it as much as I do.

OK, I’ll reveal this year’s Fall Nesting theme and the format for this series next week. BUT FIRST….I always suggest you get a jump start on fall by thinking about your front porch. That’s a great place to start! (Watch this video we made for inspiration!).

If you are going to be wishing you had a brand new fall doormat once we start Fall Nesting (come on, you know you will!), grab one now before they sell out!

You’ll see a few of my fall faves below but you can find even more fallish doormats HERE.

Fall Nesting + Doormats
Sources Below
  1. Flourished Welcome Doormat
  2. Ikat Doormat
  3. Stripe Doormat
  4. Floral Fox Doormat
  5. Three Stripe Natural Fiber Doormat
  6. Bunny Doormat
  7. Strawberries Doormat
  8. Oh My Gourd You’re Here Doormat
Fall Nesting + Doormats

Click to shop more fall doormats!


  1. Debbie Keith

    Eeeeep! This post just makes my heart sing! I can’t even tell you how much I look forward to your Fall Nesting feature every single year. And these door mats — they’re all perfection! A coffee-table book that includes everything fall?! Yes, I’m still enjoying summer but SO excited for the first few signs that autumn is on its way. This post is one of them! :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yay! Thanks Debbie!! I love sharing this season with my fall lovin’ friends!

  2. Chistine Keene

    Where did you get the Home Body doormat? I love Fall. It’s my favorite time of year even though where I live we don’t get much of it unless we go north to Payson, Flagstaff and other higher elevations. I have Fall scented candles and leaves and such and try to think cool thoughts while expecting 115-120 degree weather coming our way. Ugh. I prefer not to go outside. Anyways, I love your Fall nesting series a lot!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hi Christine! I’m so glad you love the series, it’s a fun one for me! The link below the image has the source for the doormat. ?

  3. Eve

    Love that you’re an autumnal gal at heart too. Can’t wait for this new book… love from the UK.

  4. Pat M.

    Can’t wait for the new book. I’m a Fall person and proud of it in a family full of Spring and Summer lovers. Give me the crisp, dry, clean air of Fall any day to the hot, humid, wet air that has been so prevalent this year since March in the Midwest. Maybe I’ll get some outside work done soon in my favorite season.

  5. Katie

    It is definetely not to early for me! I love fall, I was born on the firt day of fall so I think it’s just in my blood!

  6. Barbara at Mantel and Table

    Oh those are so cute! I might have to start giving doormats as gifts – there are a couple that are tailor-made for some of my friends! :) Thanks for the great selection1

  7. Sharon

    I am ready to get a new doormat! When you use a seasonal mat, do you throw it away when you’re ready for the new season? Seems like it would be a dirty item to store.

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