Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

Whether you love decorating with ALL the pumpkins or not, fall is on its way. I know some people LOVE decorating their porches for every season and honestly, I love it when they do. It’s so fun to drive through a neighborhood and see the festive porches. It’s fun to come home to a porch (or even just a door!) with seasonal decor, too!

I totally get the idea of simplifying things and doing less, but sometimes I feel like it can be tempting to simplify too much and then we miss out on the joy that can come our way through decorating for the seasons. It’s one of those things that might seem unnecessary, but once you bring out the pumpkins, you’re more inspired!

Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

The front porch at our previous house

We used to live in a neighborhood where everyone decorated their homes for fall and Christmas. Seeing the festive porches was always the highlight for everyone in the neighborhood. I appreciated the time people took to decorate their homes as it gave my kids lifelong memories of such a special season.

But there’s no pumpkin shaming here. Go all out and decorate the porch for yourself, your family or your neighbors. Or keep it clean and simple, if that brings you the most joy.

Even if it’s just a new fall doormat or a wreath on the door, simple seasonal statements can be impactful and so fun this time of year!

Enjoy the little video above, or click here to watch on YouTube!
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Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch
Simple Ways to Create a Welcoming Fall Porch

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  1. I don’t have a porch but I have front stairs to the front door and I have a kitchen door, too. I always decorate these spaces. Wreaths, a few pumpkins, and a mum or two and its not too crowded, its just right!

    I like how you said that the seasonal decor is a gift to our neighbors. I agree!

  2. All anyone would need would be Jack at the door. No greater welcoming face!:)

  3. Our Front door stained stoop ( not quite a porch) has its fall wreath and welcome sign on the door right now and a huge yellow Mum in a large tall cement urn- like planter sits on one side of the garage and walkway. No pumpkins yet, but a few are coming! Our back porch had been cleaned off of summer fading potted flowers, but our very large potted Fern is going strong and looks nice during this transition into Fall. We’ve Wicker furniture out there and looks comfy and a bit tropical To enjoy gorgeous warm but cooler evenings now outside. Our Patio hasn’t changed yet. We will cover all the dining set of furniture and take down umbrella innOctober, most likely, but still using it right now….love being outside and enjoying Alfredo dining still! 😍

  4. Love the little video!

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