How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season

If you want a simple, fool-proof way to decorate your coffee table this fall, here’s an easy formula I shared in my book The Inspired Room!

Tray + Books + Plant + Decorative Object

You can use it to personalize your coffee table in any season. Gather a variety of seasonal elements, textures and colors you love. Mix and match, swap out different items and just have fun with it.

Here’s a short video that may also inspire you!

What’s on your coffee table right now?

Click here to watch the video on YouTube!

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season

Find more simple ideas in my book, The Inspired Room!

How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season
How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season


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  1. Your post made me smile, Melissa … I do love a great place for everything from books to tired feet!

  2. Where does one find all the pretty blue colored books or even black ones they use just for displays or props?
    I keep your book handy Melissa but one of my dogs loves to chew book corners so I dare not put it on my table where she can reach it! I do like showing my friends so I keep it close by. I just run out of books that have good color to use for this. The round tray is a great change vs a plain rectangle. The video makes it look so simple.

  3. Earllyn Drake says

    Thanks for the tips. My questions is: what do you do with all those remotes on the coffee table? I have 4.

  4. Bonnie Stoltzfoos says

    We keep our coffee table pretty empty right now. Our daughters are 4 and 2 and the coffee table gets used for a lot of playing, play-doh, and drawing. :) It’s pretty fun! Usually, there is just a basket with our remotes. I am going to try decorating it like this every once in a while to see how it goes. ;) I love how much you use books in your decor! That combination of pretty and practical always speaks to me!

  5. Or one of those fake books that’s actually a box? :)

  6. I love using trays on coffee tables. They are easy to move when we want to put our dinner trays there if we watch a movie during the weekend. Pretty + practical = perfect!

  7. We have a very large ottoman that also serves as a coffee table. I have a large round wooden tray that holds a pretty carved box that holds our tv remotes, a set of marble coasters, a 3 wick Jar candle ( with a beautiful hammered copper lid) and a small potted plant. I usually just change up the scent of the candle seasonally. When we have guests, I can easily serve appetizers on the tray! Loving the Fall Nesting Series! So ready for Fall!

  8. wonderrful! You have made a difference even now. Waiting for the rest of your brilliant work.

  9. we have a mission style coffee table and I have a distressed red tray on it that holds a couple of my favorite coffee table books (Post Secret, Not So Big Remodeling). a fall scented candle, a small, fake succulent plant (because cats eat the real stuff), a couple coasters, and all the lil odds and ends, pens, post it notes, a cute tape measure, just a mix of a little bit of pretty and everyday living.

  10. What great ideas. Looks excellent with a few extra little goodies there! Just got myself a new coffee table and I’m a big indoor plant fan so might have to buy a few extras on top of that.

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