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Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Decorating Inspiration, My Dining Room, My Kitchen, My Seattle House

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Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Fall home refresh –  sponsored by World Market

I couldn’t be more excited about the beginning of fall! The weather was gorgeous in Seattle yesterday, so it was fun to be outside and see the leaves already turning! But home is where my heart is, so here are five of my favorite fall home refresh tips to bring new life to a space:

1. Design a welcoming area for people to gather.

It’s so important to have a dining table refreshed and ready for fall. The more welcoming your dining area is, the more your home will come alive with what matters most, your friends and family!

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!
Simply adding a runner or placements plus a bowl or a lantern as a centerpiece can make your table feel extra inviting.

I got my table runner from World Market last spring and the lanterns just a couple of weeks ago. They have so many great items for setting a table and making it welcoming, I always find the best stuff there (you can find fall items I love at the end of this post).

2. Invite in warmth with lamps and lanterns.

On a chilly fall night, you’ll want to have candles, lamps and lanterns you can light or turn on to warm up the room, even when it’s getting dark outside!

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!

Round Tassel Pillow / Embroidered Pillow / Similar Stool / Similar DaybedBamboo Shades

3. Soften every space with layers.

I don’t think you can have enough layers in fall spaces.

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Blue and White Rug

You can use an area rug or runner to soften a hard floor, or even layer one over another rug to define a space and add color. Jack is a real fan of rugs because he can get cozy, nap or watch for funny business in comfort around the house.

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Runners

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Left Pillow / Right Pillow

Pillows are an invitation to relax and get comfortable, so pile those plump and cozy pillows everywhere. Add extras to your sofa, daybed, chairs and bed.

Everyone in your home, including your furry members, will thank you for thinking of their comfort.

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Baskets

4. Multiply textures and function with baskets.

So, how many baskets are too many? Honestly, I’m not sure you can have too many. Organic elements bring life to a room!

Baskets not only add texture, but they are a stylish decorative element as well as bring organization to any room. I love pieces that serve more than one purpose!

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!Macrame Basket

Hang some baskets on the wall, set a few on shelves to store and display your cozy blankets, tuck a couple here and there to stash all the unsightly things, and use them to cover up plastic plant pots which can elevate a plant to be a statement piece in a room.

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!

Basket / Similar Rug / Navy Pillows / Macrame Pillow

5. Bring in your favorite little touches.

It’s the little things that bring a home to life, so make them more personal to show off your unique style. What do you love? A fun new dish towel doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen, but can add so much personality, style and a seasonal touch to your home.

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!
What are the elements that speak to you this time of year? Add more of those. It’s your home, make it your own.

Your home will come to life as you fill it with fall comforts, your stories and own unique style (and of course, your favorite people and furry friends.)

What are your favorite ways to refresh your home in the fall?

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!

Fall Home Refresh: 5 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life!



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  1. Merlin Parde

    Just luv your home…it is so…”together!!” That beaded chandy is “da bomb!!” franki

  2. maria

    can i ask a stupid question about pillows? i have a leather sofa and any pillows i put on it never stand up nicely- they always slide and end up laying flat. is there some secret leather-furniture-pillow-trick i need to be aware of? thanks!

    ps- RE post #1- i second that emotion. the baskets are killing it. if i had more floor space…….

    • Joanna

      I have a leather sofa and my pillows stay upright, nicely puffed. They are feather filled and not a slippery fabric. Hope this helps!

  3. Jo Jo

    You added so much interesting natural textures in your spaces! Love the baskets, the fringe on some and on your pillows! It just says “Come on in and get cozy!” Just beautiful! My Fall refresh is bringing in soft textural things, blankets, pillows and of course warm cozy lighting with real and flameless candles and accent lighting with small lamps and floor up lights behind floor plants. Just creates the cozy vibe I long for in this season of Fall AND winter. ❤️

  4. Wendy Cruttenden

    Loved the World Market baskets but didn’t see where you purchased your eucalyptus garland on the dining table.

  5. Sharon

    All of this looks so cozy! We just moved states and are in a rental house with minimal furniture and zero coziness. Can’t wait to find our next home. With that said, I have a question about your flat weave rugs. How do you keep them straight with dogs?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      With furniture they seem to stay put! But sometimes I will use a flat rug pad, they don’t show and help grip!

  6. Ashley and Shannon

    We love candles, cozy throws, and pops of Fall colors this time of year. So ready for cooler Fall weather here in Tennessee!!

  7. Mandy

    Hello. Love your house. Is the rug from World Market a true blue or more of a teal color? Thx!

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