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Fall Puttering

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Fall Nesting 2018, putter + nest

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Fall Puttering

Hey friends! This week I’m making time for something I love to do. (I hope you will, too.) I call it puttering, perhaps you call it something else?

Puttering is to occupy yourself in an unhurried pleasant manner on a number of small tasks, while not concentrating on anything particular.

Fall Puttering

Rug |  green botanical towel   | other kitchen sources

I mean, is puttering not the best fall nesting activity ever?

It’s relaxing, but still feels rewarding and productive.

As you slow down to enjoy or tend to little thing around the house, life there will become more comfortable or pleasant.

Puttering could involve some fall nesting, or a little cozifying of a room, a bit of cleaning, a little tidying or organizing, or all of the above. It could begin in one room and end up in every room…or even result in shopping. You just never know.

Fall PutteringMy mug

Often I will make myself a hot drink, turn on some tunes and then just follow my whims to see what inspires and transpires.

Want to join me in some fall puttering this week?

I’d love to hear what you’re up to and if you are enjoying a little puttering, too. I’ll be back to share the results of my puttering around the house!

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Fall Puttering

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  1. Carolyn L Maves

    I just love the windows in your house. I live in a small passive solar home, with most of the southern wall being glass, it is wonderful. Thank you for all the years of creative, encouraging content you have put out there, on your blog and in your books. God bless!

  2. Becky

    Hi Melissa! Random question – do you use pads under your rugs? Like the rug in your dining room? If so, do you have any good ones you recommend? We just switched out some rugs in our home and the pad underneath one was completely disintegrating! Such a mess. So we got rid of it and I’m wondering if I even need to replace it. Thanks for your time!

    • Cassie

      I’m curious for her reply as well! However, I recently saw someone post (I cannot remember who!) they use carpet padding instead of an actual rug pad. I thought this was pretty interesting and I might try it out in my dining room.

  3. peggy

    Love puttering! It’s such a great combination of relaxation and productivity. I’ve been doing a good bit of that recently while I wait on contractors to show up or call. ? But I digress. . . looking forward to seeing the fruits of your puttering!

  4. Margo Morgan

    I think your dogs should be in every photo from now on! ?????? Love seeing their crazy personalities and cute puppy butts! ?? This is also inspiring and good advice. Thanks as always!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Jack LOVES being the center of attention so he’s always up for a little photo bomb or photo shoot! :)

  5. Diane Amick

    My fall puttering includes removing most items from my DR corner cabinet and rearranging for a more pleasing view of items displaced during the past months of use, changing up my LR gallery wall that includes our main TV and blocking three needlepoint projects I’ve been working on for Christmas gifts.

  6. Terri

    Love… Love fall puttering!!!! :)

  7. Jill

    Would like to know where you purchased your dining chair slip covers?

  8. Jewels

    My fall puttering includes not only decorating for fall, but also starting to get ready for the holidays. Last weekend I cleaned out and rearranged my DR china hutch. I took everything out, cleaned all shelves, polished silver, and rearranged when putting everything back in. My goal is to have all my deep cleaning done for Christmas by Halloween! I’ll let you know how I do on this…

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Sounds amazing and so helpful as the holidays come up so soon! That’s definitely my goal for October, too! Let me know how it goes!

  9. Robin Kiser

    “Puttering” is awesome!! Love that you do the same…its brings such joy to the soul to nest and create a beautiful environment.

  10. Merlin Parde

    Yup…I’m a putterer, too… “Think” I’m going to “spray paint” faded hydrangea blossoms..deep eggplant, burgundy merlot, rusty coral orange…couple of burnished 24kt gold, hmmm…pick some beauty berries to put in…yup, ready to putter…franki

    • Joanna

      You can spray paint hydrangeas? Who knew? Tell me more?

  11. Leslie Blair

    Puttering is the best!!! <3 My favorite activity. :)

  12. Debbie - MountainMama

    That’s what I did this weekend…fall puttering! Swapping out pillow covers, bringing in fall touches, laying the fire so it’s ready when needed, bringing in wood, laundry…..puttering!

  13. Jo Jo

    I love puttering too! This week I am slowly changing up the decor and arranging our bookshelves in our small library room. Bringing in some Fall touches in there and also filling in with new photos in some existing frames I have. You are so right about being gratifying and bringing joy to the soul! Also, I love seeing my things in a new light when displayed differently or even eliminated for awhile for a season. ?

  14. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

    I love that you have chosen the word puttering – and I’ve found I’ve latched on to that term as well. It is so fun and perhaps my favorite hobby!

  15. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Fall puttering sounds wonderful! :) I’ve been working on some changes in our living room… really looking forward to getting that kinda settled so we can just enjoy the space in these cooler months coming up. :) Puttering is such a great word! Really creates a fun picture!

  16. lani

    I have been puttering since Friday! We had just returned from a road trip with friends in our vintage travel trailer exploring Central and Eastern Washington. Absolutely breathtaking. Dry Fall, Sun Lake,and Grand Coulee State Parks. So I was in the mood to nest. I have given myself 3 more days of what I consider total bliss. I turn on Frank, Ella, or Louie and as room is being given some organization, cleaning, and decor adjustments. Oh, and shopping too! Online only because I do not want to leave the house and ruin my rhythm. You are responsible for several of my purchases. A rug, throw, new wall chalkboards, and wooden trays. Thanks to you I seem to think any throw. pillow. or blanket has to have pom poms or tassels. Even made an apple pie! Joy and gratitude is in full swing. Can’t wait to see your puttering results.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love this, Lani! Three days of total bliss sounds right up my alley right now. You made me smile. Love that you are finding the joy in little things like pom poms and tassels. This all sounds like a dream day (wow, and a dream road trip, sounds amazing)!

  17. Laura

    Love puttering! I’ve been travelling so much lately that haven’t had a chance to do much of anything that feels productive at home and am so looking forward to things quieting down a bit so that I can get my putter on.


    Nothing like Fall guests in early October to motivate me to putter a bit–simplifying, substracting decor so that ‘the cosy’ shines and welcomes. Love your cup–I read the reviews for your cup and one reviewer is buying them for Christmas gifts and I’m assuming will fill them with surprises. Nice idea for a gorgeous cup!

  19. Yvette

    I love Fall!! ?????
    ~ Caramel apples
    ~ Candy corn
    ~ Beautiful leaves
    ~ Mums
    ~ Pumpkins
    ~ Scarecrows
    ~ Cooler weather
    ~ Sweaters
    ~ Boots
    ~ Fuzzy socks
    ~ Scarves
    ~ Snuggling
    ~ Halloween
    ~ Kids in costumes
    ~ Candles
    ~ Oil lamps
    ~ Fires
    ~ Cinnamon
    ~ Hot chocolate
    ~ Fog

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