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14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Who has been puttering or fall nesting around their house? I started to and then had a couple of unexpected deadlines I had to attend to this week. Oh, and then the sun was SO WARM and inviting yesterday I got off track to spend some time outside! It’s nice to get in some good vitamin D when we can, right?

But I am back to it and can’t wait to show you a few results of the puttering next week!

In the meantime, I thought I’d pop in quick with some simple fall decorating inspiration from my home over the years.14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

1. Decorate fillable lamps

Did you know you can find fillable glass lamps? It’s a fun way to add a little seasonal decor.

Here are some similar fillable lamps, and here’s a post with ideas of things to display!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

2. Pair books & organic elements

I love decorating with books all year round, but you really can’t beat them for the fall and winter! Combine them with pumpkins, artichokes or other organic elements for a fun combo.

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

3. Fold a stack of cozy throw blankets

What could be cozier on a shelf?

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

4. Drape extra layers over your furniture!

Drape a blanket or fabric over the arm of a sofa, over the back, or even on the seat to change up the look!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

5. Use a ladder to display extra blankets.

A stylish and functional way to make your home feel warm and comfy.

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

6. Gather autumn branches.

Gather colorful fall branches from outside, or use faux.

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

7. Use wood accessories!

Wood will warm up any room, especially the kitchen!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

8. Display velvet pumpkins.

Line up pumpkins on your mantel, group them together in the center of a table, or on a stool, or in a basket on the coffee table (I got my velvet pumpkins here).

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

9. Go crazy for textures.

Bring out all the textures! Look for baskets, textiles, and trim like fringe and tassels!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

10. Bring in lanterns and candles.

Flickering candles set the mood (battery operated candles like these often come with timers so you can set them to come on automatically!).

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

11. Refresh your bookcases

I love to have cookbooks, lanterns, and bowls with pinecones!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

12. Add extra throw rugs and runners.

Throw rugs and runners are all really easy to update. Put soft rugs by your doors and runners to your hallways or kitchen (also if you missed where I get cute towels you can find some HERE).

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Runner source / Dutch Door FAQ

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Plaid Rug / My Favorite Jute RunnerDoormat Round Up / Rug Round Up / Tile Details

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

13. Use creative containers and hooks for fall accessories.

Get organized with your attractive fall tote bags, umbrellas, coats, scarves, etc. Hang them on hooks or place them in a unique container!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

14. Add autumn wreaths to windows doors and mirrors.

We just tacked this one behind the mirror!

14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas

Click HERE for my Cozy Fall Shop full of fall decor!

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Have you decorated for fall?


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14 Simple Fall Decorating Ideas


  1. Jenn

    Love the oversized tassels.

  2. Gwenny

    Hi Melissa! For some reason your Saturday Inspired Room did not appear in my e-mail until Sunday morning! Luckily I subscribe to another blogger and picked up your ideas on her page. I LOVE the simple ways for bringing fall into my home. Yesterday I stacked throws on an ottoman in the family room, put fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmer’s Market in a big wooden bowl and placed on kitchen table, hung a shopping bag and umbrella with similar colors to my decor on hooks in the back entryway, and placed colorful mums around the back yard. I also purchased two of your books in the last few weeks, and I have really been enjoying them. Your home philosophy is one to be admired. I posted a question for you one day this week, but maybe this isn’t a good place to ask questions? Is there a better way? Thanks and have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Debbie Keith

    Your simple fall ideas are perfection and so doable! Thanks for this lovely post. Happy nesting!

  4. Rachel

    I love to decorate with books and fabric pumpkins. So fun!

  5. Mercedes

    Also didn’t get the Saturday post until 8:07am east coast time today? But thanks for the link on the towels here, I love that leaf print one you have in the photo?

  6. Lorrie

    Lovely ideas. I am bringing out the cozy throws here as the rains are beginning and the house is cooling off.

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