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Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

by | Aug 27, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, My Backyard, My Seattle House

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Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds
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Winter, spring, summer or fall, where would you love to live year-round? If you’re like me, you’d live near the water any day of the year. That’s why decorating with a lakeside or seaside style always feels like home to me.

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

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Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds
Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

I think the weeks in between summer and fall are often some of the most beautiful in the little corner of the world by the water where we live. Our backyard overlooks the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest.

This time of year the mornings begin to feel cool and crisp, wispy clouds float across sunny afternoon skies and magical evening sunsets cast a pink glow across the water. I love living by the water.

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

I’ve lived near a lake or the sea here in the Northwest for most of my life, so it’s probably no surprise that the surroundings of where I live and grew up have influenced my style, too.

Perhaps like me as you are thinking of your favorite style, you envision a perfect late summer day at a lake house or relaxing in a comfortable vacation home by the sea.

A lakeside style can be achieved in YOUR home, even if you’ve always been land-locked! It’s all about setting the right mood.

We put together the two Lakeside Style mood boards featured in this post, using only pieces we found at Walmart!

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

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Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

Turns out, Walmart has SO many super cute and affordable lakeside style pieces. Even I was surprised how adorable they look all together in our inspiration board. (You’ll find even more things I liked listed at the bottom of this post.)

I was so inspired to decorate that I ordered some of the accessories in our mood board for my own home, including the white lanterns you see in this post and the adorable bench from Walmart. The cart in the top style board looks so much like the vintage one I have in my yard! Love that.

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

Let your own style be inspired by what you love. Pull together furniture and accessories that reflect a laid-back lake house atmosphere if that’s your favorite style! A few mood-setting statement pieces can get you started, or even take the current look of your home to the next level!

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

The two white lanterns I ordered from Walmart arrived at my house last week! They are the perfect “house by the water” accessory for the “in between” season in my backyard. I’m obsessed with the nautical rope handles!

But as much as I love them outside, I really can’t wait to style them inside this fall and winter! I especially like decorating with pieces (and styles) that can be used all year round in different ways.

Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds
Lakeside Style | Decorating with Walmart Finds

Speaking of my backyard and things we can use in all seasons, did you see the new outdoor shed I’m using to store my outdoor cushions? Check it out here!

How would you describe YOUR decorating style?

Shop more Lakeside Style Walmart Finds:

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  1. Maria

    I have learned so much from you over the years… but the thing I treasure most is the way you live simply, with intention and beauty. Thank you so much for the inspiration! I love the lanterns in your yard. We have a blank canvas in our yard and these vignettes give me so much inspiration for ways I can cozy it up, even just a little bit.

  2. beth

    Got your email today, I’ve wondered where you’ve been! :)

  3. Peg

    I was so happy to get your email this morning! I’ve missed them, but I still checked your website regularly so I wouldn’t miss out. And I follow you on Instagram. ? Glad things are up and running again! ?

  4. Pat M.

    WalMart has certainly stepped up their home decor. I may have to pay closer attention.

  5. Bonnie Scholes

    Just wanted you to know that I received your email. I have sooo missed you :-))

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you!!! I missed you too ???! It feels so good to have you back. ? It gets lonely talking to myself lol.

  6. Shelly

    Received your email, thanks. Alot of good things going on at Wal-Mart.

  7. Dawn

    Love this post, not so much do I love Walmart, though. They overtake local businesses. Can you and other bloggers you know do more features of local businesses,please? Got your email linking to this post

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It’s tricky since most people reading my blog are not local to me. But I always hope you find take away ideas and inspiration here! As a small business myself I appreciate your support and the support of loyal readers at The Inspired Room soo much! Without it I’d have to close the blog ? so I’m very grateful!

  8. Laura

    Yes! Nice to see the email today in my box. I figured I had passed over your blog by mistake. Glad to have you back in the groove. Nice ideas today too!

  9. Bessie

    Yes, I got your email and was wondering earlier this week, where the emails had gone! Glad to learn it was due to technical issues, not health issues or some major mishap! So many people around me hate the winter (-20C to -40C is pretty cold) that I am very glad to read your ‘excitement for the next season’ type of posts. We need to be thankful for everything! Also very glad you repurpose things you already own, am in the category myself of having limited finances available for new items!?

  10. Alice Adams

    I really missed you but glad you are back again! These lanterns are so cute! You could use them in the fall when it’s fire pit time! I cannot wait to get my fall decorations out this weekend! It’s my favorite time o& the year! Take care! Hugs to both you can Jack!

  11. Carole M Strom

    Hi There
    I enjoy your blog so much – ideas AND the pooches! Hope your summer is terrific! Carole in West Seattle

  12. Ann C

    I enjoy seeing photos of your home, including your yards. I lived on a lake for several years and when I had to leave it I left part of my heart. I do decorate in the summer with art reminiscent of beaches and boats. I have almost all of your books and enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for all you do.

  13. Deborah

    I received your email this afternoon. Thank you! I really love your photographs. I’m getting ready to put our big ‘ol family house on the market and so am decluttering, repainting, etc. I love to look at your photos as they give me ideas on how to freshen up our house without breaking the bank while getting ready to sell. Currently, it’s in the “lived in for years and raised a family with pets” style of decorating. Your decorating style is so happy – that’s how it makes me feel. When we put our home on the market, I don’t just want it to look “generic and staged” but happy and loved. Thank you for your lovely ideas!


    Got your email today. I wondered where you were and I’ve missed your posts! So happy you are back!

  15. Mrs. T

    Adorable lanterns! I love decor with a lakeside feel.

  16. Tami Tygart

    I enjoy reading your blog. We bought a house on the water last October & went through a massive remodeling. Moved into the lower level right before Christmas, and moved in totally about a week before Easter. I have found numerous nautical items at our local Walmart too. Our town (Grove, OK) is a “lake town” on a large lake in Oklahoma called Grand Lake. We are loving the water lifestyle!

  17. Betty Montgrain

    This is so awesome!

  18. Claire


  19. Carolyn

    Great post! Love this coastal style – and all from Walmart!

  20. Karen

    I enjoy your blog so much! I have all your books! I appreciate the decorating ideas from Walmart because they are available and affordable!

  21. Steph

    Have missed you.

  22. Melinda Young

    You have such a pretty yard and those Hydrangeas are gorgeous! Love the lantern idea, especially as our evenings are getting dark earlier too…
    Always appreciate your approach to decorating and that you share it with all of us.

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