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Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed – DIY and Done!

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, Gardens & Outdoor Rooms, My Backyard, My Seattle House

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Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!
Today I’m excited to show you our small outdoor storage shed
and how we are using it to get organized.
This post is in partnership with Walmart

Fall is on its way! While there is gratefully no rush to break out the rain boots just yet (although we actually DID have a rainstorm in the wee hours of the morning the other day), it’s never too early to prepare the yard for when rain boots will once again become our wardrobe staple.

The inevitable return of water proof boots to our feet means our patio cushions will eventually need to return to dry shelter. Womp womp womp, but it’s just a fact of life. Rain happens! We might as well prepare for the change of seasons.

So many of you ask what we do with our patio cushions in off seasons. For the past few years we’ve tossed outdoor cushions, pillows and rugs in our storage shed for the winter.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

But this spring as we took our patio cushions out my husband said my collection had grown to such epic numbers that we either needed to pare down (unthinkable!! LOL!) before next winter, or come up a creative solution or two. He wanted to free up some room in our main shed for garden tools and our new lawn mower.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

We thought about all kinds of options, but we landed on an idea that I have always used inside our home. Of course! It made sense. Why not add a new small storage shed to our backyard? Much like we use multiple indoor cabinets for designated organizational purposes, we could do something similar outside!

But first, we had a few qualifications and limitations to work though.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

One, we obviously didn’t want to spend a fortune for a little more storage. It had to be cost effective. Why spend $10,000 for a beautiful new shed to protect a few relatively inexpensive cushions, you know what I mean?

Two, it had to be fairly small. We didn’t want to add another large structure that was going to take up a ton of room (unless it was something amazing, like a beautiful new She Shed. LOL!)

Three, it needed to be reasonably attractive, but also something we could build or put together ourselves in an afternoon.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

So, basically, that ruled out a custom She-Shed at this time (although I am holding out hope for one in the future). :)

We are admittedly not terribly skilled or patient with DIY projects. But whenever possible, we will attempt projects that are well within our skill set. Not only can we save money this way, but we do find some joy in DIY. Mostly though we find joy in completed projects.

My husband is gratefully an especially willing participant when it comes to outdoor home improvement projects, so I started looking for little sheds we could put together (we meaning, him) as a weekend project.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

This lil’ shed from Walmart met all of our expectations! It’s cute, affordable, was easy to put together (my husband assembled it himself), and was small enough to be tucked back into this corner (but large enough to be useful). Happily, it fits all of our white cushions! It would also work great for other storage needs. Now we’ll have more room in our main shed (and can feel more organized, too.)

Walmart had lots of options to choose from, you can see more here and our favorites we considered at the bottom of this post.

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

Mission Fall DIY and Done, complete!

My small outdoor storage shed

More sheds and outdoor storage solutions from Walmart

I found lots of other sheds from Walmart online in their DIY and Done section! Where and how could you use a new outdoor shed? Add more storage to your patio, side yard or backyard this fall to keep your outdoor cushions dry or gardening supplies better organized!

Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

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Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!
Outdoor Cushion Storage Shed - DIY and Done!

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. Liz

    Do you have a good recipe for using essential oils as a spray to keep spiders and bugs away? I’m not sure if you have lots of bugs in the Seattle area, but I sure see a lot of spiders and wasps in OK!

    I have a small storage unit which I use for storing items for my small business. The unit was sprayed by the company before I moved anything in there and it worked for about a year. Now, some webs are appearing in the space. The internet has lots of recipes, almost too many to figure out what would be the best combo of liquid and oils. I like the idea of using peppermint oil to put in the doorway and on the floors to repel the little things!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’d for sure try peppermint! You could make it into a spray with water to cover more area! Young Living has an amazing insect repellent cream, you could mix a squirt of it in if you wanted to, but for this situation and spiders I think peppermint would do the trick!

      • Liz

        Thanks! There are so many articles and they seem to conflict at times. I found one recipe for 1/2 c white vinegar and 1/2 c water with 20 drops of peppermint oil as a spray. And then there is one for equal amounts of peppermint and eucalyptus oil to soak on cotton balls to spread around. The peppermint works on ants & their trails and the eucalyptus works to block a molting hormone on spiders.

        So. I’ll be making up some solutions this weekend. I have a few woolen dryer balls that I might use for the storage unit instead of cotton balls. I can always refresh the bigger balls each time I need to go to the unit.

        And – there seems to be other oils that work, so I might just change up the mix every now and then to keep the unit and my house smelling nice!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Right? They are so cute. I love all the size and shape options for smaller spaces, too.

  2. Lani

    I want to thank you for you inspiring me once again! Our Ethan Allen maple stereo cabinet still houses our stereo system well. Even in our new home. The bookcase that sits on top has for the past 35 years driven me crazy because it is backed with picture wood paneling. My solution has been to fill it with lots of vintage books, platters etc. to hide the backing. Well, i ordered natural grass cloth which I darkened a bit with strong brewed tea water. Prepared the ugly backing and covered it with the grass cloth. As a result I have an updated and beautiful bookcase. The crowing glory is the picture light I purchased after you shared on your blog. I no longer need to fill it with the goal of covering the ugly backing. I shopped our house and had a whole new decorating project . I am a very happy woman! Thank You! Lani

  3. Sharon

    Those sheds are fabulous. I have the small, tall one (maybe your #:7). It was easy to put together and holds all my rakes, brooms and gardening tools; pots, a large compost bag, etc. I anchored it to the fence and added a shelf for fertilizer, etc. Was great for winter storage (a Canadian winter!!) no snow or little critters were able to get in. Also it has a great appearance. Was a good addition to the garden.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Awesome, thanks! Mine seems pretty snugly designed as well, so I’m hopeful it will keep whatever we ultimately store there safe and dry! I think it will be a great addition to our storage spaces and keep us more organized!!

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