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Easter is coming! Do you like to decorate for Easter? My philosophy on how to decorate for holidays is…do whatever makes you happy! If you like a more “themed” approach with bunnies or Easter eggs, you should do it! If you prefer a more subtle look inspired by the season, do that!

Admittedly I usually let my home evolve with the seasons in subtle ways, rather than incorporating a lot of themed decor (mostly because I just don’t have room to store things that are too specific for a certain holiday!), but…I have to admit, I’m definitely a sucker for bunnies. They just make me happy, so any excuse to get more bunnies is a good one. My husband gave me the sweetest blue floral bunnies one Easter. I’m definitely using them on my table this year!

I have fond memories of my childhood home and my mom decorating our home every spring with traditional Easter decor on the table. Her tables are always so darling, pretty tablecloths, Easter eggs, bunnies and spring flowers. Once I had my own family, we continued fun traditions like the Easter table and setting up fun egg decorating parties and egg hunts for the kids.

Themed decor and traditions definitely turn any holiday into an even more memorable event. A couple years ago we had family in town and we all decorated Easter eggs with a paper egg decorating kit. It was so simple and fun but everyone enjoyed it, it made a fun holiday memory.

Why not bring childlike joy to your home? Sometimes life feels far too serious, but our homes don’t have to feel that way. Bring out the bunny napkin holders and plates, the bunny towels, and the Easter baskets. Make bunny pancakes! Remember my quirky Easter centerpiece last year?

Scroll down for some sweet ideas for memorable decor for your own spring home and traditions (+ fun Easter gifts!). I’ll share some other more subtly inspired Easter / spring decor ideas this week, too!

Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas


  1. Bunny Easter Basket
  2. Stone Bunny
  3. Embroidered Rabbit Blue Kitchen Towel
  4. Sherpa Bunny Throw Pillow
  5. Floral Bunny Easter Spring Salad Plates
  6. Easter Bunny Spatula
  7. Bunny Embroidered Cotton Tea Towel
  8. Baby Bunny Embroidered Tea Towel
  9. Wood Bunny Napkin Ring
  10. Mini Bunny Waffle Maker
  11. White Ceramic Garden Bunny Vase
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
My Entry Lantern with a Bunny Candle Holder! I plan to create a similar look this year. See more here.
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
My simple bunny Easter centerpiece last year
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
Marshmallow Chicks … oh my goodness, how cute would these be in your morning coffee?
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
How about an Easter Egg Tree?
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
I love this Easter flower arrangement! Painted eggs in a wire basket surrounding a vase of flowers – via Country Living
Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas
Cute simple centerpiece idea! Tray with moss, votives, Easter eggs, bunnies, and candy bowl – via Better Homes and Gardens

More Easter Decor (click the images below for details!):

Adorable Easter Decorating + Gift Ideas


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