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My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

by | May 27, 2020 | Decorating Inspiration, exteriors, feature, My Entry, My Seattle House

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My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

Who knew that having a little bunny holding a candle in a lantern by my front door could spark so much joy?!

Oh, well, let’s be honest. I did. Simple joys are my favorite thing. Now more than ever, I think, I’m appreciating the little things I can do to amuse myself :).

I got our lantern sconce this winter but we finally took a moment to hang it up! You can get the exact lantern I have here (***appears to be sold out right now, click here or here for similar ones that could be hung on a hook!) and the battery operated taper candle here.

It is all set up to hang easily, the holes on the back are pre-drilled! If we can do this ourselves as non-DIY’ers, any one can do it. We used our regular electric drill and this type of drill bit to drill the screws into our brick. Easy peasy!

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

We have a ceiling fixture in our porch but I always wished we had a charming lantern near the door. In order to have one we’d have to have electricity run to that spot. While that’s still an option for the future, when I saw this lantern I immediately thought about all the seasonal ways it could be decorated. We have such a tiny front porch there really isn’t much room for seasonal things, so a wall-hung non-electric lantern made perfect sense for so many reasons.

The lantern is pretty large but it makes a great statement and gives you plenty of room to add any seasonal decor.

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

So once we got it hung up I just set a little bunny candle holder in it (one I’ve had for years) with a battery operated taper candle and some faux and real greenery for spring. It’s so cute and welcoming. I just love it.

There are so many styling possibilities, I know I’ll have fun coming up with new ideas for what to put in it all year round! It reminds me of the fun of fillable glass lamps I have (similar to these).

I’ll share some ideas and inspiration for lanterns below, as well as sources to get a similar look!

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas
Non-electric wall lantern with string lights

A few ideas for decorating lanterns:

  • copper string lights
  • battery operated pillar candles
  • mini pumpkins
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • pinecones
  • a little potted plant
  • shells
  • moss and greenery
  • battery operated taper candle in a candleholder

Enjoy the inspiration in this post!

Get the exact lantern I got here (***appears to be sold out right now, click here or here for similar ones that could be hung on a hook!).

Show me your lantern styling!

If you get a lantern and style it, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see it! Tag me on social @theinspiredroom and/or post it in The Inspired Room Community Facebook group (it’s free!). I’d love to see your lanterns, ideas and inspiration all year round.

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas
Wall lantern with seasonal greenery

You can also hang the lantern on a hook like this or this! Mine has that same handle on the top, I just noticed you can’t see it in my photos.

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas
Wall lanterns with fall decor

You know I’m going to fall-nestify my lantern.

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas
Wall lantern sconces with battery operated candles

I am definitely going to do this look! I have the perfect little footed bowl. I love the look of two lanterns, but our little porch has no room for a second one!

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

I’ll share my lantern whenever I change it up again! And I’ll try to get a nighttime shot, too. It feels so welcoming!

You can get the exact lantern I have here, and the battery operated taper candle here.

*UPDATE 2021* We’ve since styled our lantern more ways in different seasons!

Click HERE for our Summer Bouquet lantern styling

Click HERE for our Fall Pumpkin lantern styling

Click HERE for a simple spring flower lantern styling

Click HERE for summer lantern styling with our new painted blue Dutch door

Click HERE for a post with our lantern decorated at Christmas

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

Click the thumbnails below to shop!

My New Outdoor Wall Lantern + Styling Ideas

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  1. Lisa

    That looks so whimsical! I absolutely love that and I can’t wait to see all the ways you style it.

  2. Kristyn

    LOVE this lantern and bunny and all things seasonal! Great idea : )

  3. Linda Grubbs

    Very sweet! Will be fun to see how you change it up. I love the bunny!

  4. franki parde

    I put seashells in ours ( with battery candle) for summer, Evergreens & gold sparkle pinecone (redcandle) , etc. feanki

  5. Deanna Rabe

    These would be so cute inside the house as well!

  6. Cathy

    What a nice addition to your porch. I think solar lights would also work in a lot of spots. They would probably be less expensive and less upkeep than the battery candles.

  7. Tina Campbell

    So cute and such a great idea!!!!

  8. Ana

    I love the idea.. I have 4 large lanterns that I purchased approximately 5 years a go. I used them in the patio or inside with luminara candles and during Christmas time I decorated as well. But this idea is awesome gave me a little sense of the gas lantern that I had seen in so many restaurants.

  9. Michele M

    LOVE this! Ooooh you are going to have so much fun with that stunning lantern!

    I *highly* recommend you purchase an outdoor Luminara pillar candle with a remote!

    That’s what I use in my covered porch area and it won’t melt (it gets super hot here in summer) and the remote makes it so stinkin easy to use you will use it often. Worth the money and the flickering flame looks so real.

    Luminara is my very favorite kind of faux candle – esp the wax ones – but I can’t use those outdoors because of the heat. No one can ever believe they’re not real.

  10. Tanya K. Peshovich

    Meslissa, I have used a large lantern like that on my front porch, but every faux candle I have used actually melts in the heat of summer. Have you found any nice, outdoor faux candles to use with your lantern? Thank you for all of your ideas and creativity!

  11. Bristol

    I absolutely love this look. Especially the one with the string lights! I’ll have to save this post to reference when it comes time to redo my porch light fixture.

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