31 Day Love Your Home Challenge

31 Day Love Your Home Challenge

If you read my  New York Times Bestselling book Love the Home You Have, you hopefully found my encouragement to jump start the love you feel for your home by taking a 31 day love your home challenge! Sometimes you just need a little nudge, right? Whenever I feel in a slump, tired, not feeling the love, I pick one activity to spark my creativity and reenergize me! It really works! Best of all, the challenges are not expensive or time consuming. They are simple things anyone can do to jump start the love for their home.

You can find all daily challenges I suggested at the back of the book (you can order your copy of the book here). Maybe they will inspire you!

You know what else can be inspiring? Being around other people who are creating beauty right where they are.

I would LOVE to connect you to others doing the Love Your Home Challenge and give you the opportunity to get creative along the way! So here is your mission as you do one or more of the challenges. Take snapshots of any of your 31 day challenges around the home and post on social media to inspire others and motivate yourself with your progress! Be sure to use the hashtag #loveyourhomechallenge and #lovethehomeyouhave in your posts and tag me @theinspiredroom so we can find each other and be inspired too!

You can also join The Inspired Room Community to share your home with others in our own private community! It’s like being surrounded by the neighbors you’ve always dreamed of having.

And if you haven’t seen my other home-related books yet, see what you’ve been missing here!