How to Order Young Living Oils and Products

How to Order Young Living Oils and Products

**How do I order Young Living oils and products?

Young Living is best known for its top quality essential oils. Becoming a member of Young Living is like becoming a member at Costco to get warehouse prices, except you don’t pay a separate membership fee. Your wholesale membership is automatic and is offered free with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit, which includes an amazing deal on a set of oils and a diffuser. Membership offers you 24% off retail prices on any future orders. You never have to sell any products.

If you want to read my story and get more info, you can start here. I’m always happy to answer any questions at all, so let me know how I can help ([email protected]).

1. Click here to begin the enrollment process and order your products. It’s super easy! If I can help you or if you’d like to talk about the membership before or after you sign up, please email me at [email protected] I’d be happy to walk you through the process or answer any questions.

To make this even easier during the holiday season, I’m offering $25 cash back on your Premium Starter Kit and a packet of resources as a special incentive for new wholesale member sign ups between November 25 – through January 15th. Reimbursement is offered after the 30 day return period via PayPal or Amazon gift card or Visa Gift Card (you choose!), offer good for U.S. distributors, only. Young Living is also offering a FREE Christmas Spirit in the month of December, so it’s a great month to get started!

2. I highly recommend the Wholesale Membership. There are NO strings attached to being a wholesale member. You aren’t required to order monthly or sell anything. It is wonderful! You can also select “Retail Customer” to place an order, but keep in mind you will not receive wholesale pricing, you won’t have access to starter kits and you will pay retail cost (24% more than wholesale). Note that only wholesale members are eligible to potentially receive commissions on orders placed by their referrals/ team members,but there is NO obligation to sell or build a team. See Young Living disclosures and information when you sign up for more details.

3. Double check to make sure my member number {3731456} is in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots.

4. Fill out all the pertinent information. Be sure to include your email address so I can invite you to our Facebook group and offer support with your membership. This support is vital for empowering you to use the oils to the fullest!

5. For the “tax information” slot, your information is safe and secure and only used to pay your commissions or bonuses if you ever decide to share Young Living with a friend or family member. Most will select “individual.”

6. Choose the starter kit you want. Then proceed to check out. You can skip the Essential Rewards for now, or get started with it right away! I do recommend signing up for it, it’s a loyalty program for Wholesale Members that will earn you cash back and discounts. You can read about the benefits and details here.

7. That’s it! Your oils will be on their way to your doorstep!

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email that will give you instructions for logging into your dashboard to place any future orders. 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you become a wholesale member with Young Living, I’d love to add you to our Facebook support groups for education and support. Joining the Facebook group will help you learn how to use your oils and offer you the chance to be in a like-minded community. 

There is no obligation or pressure to share or sell Young Living products as a wholesale member. Ever. But if you decide to tell friends about the YL products you love, I am offering a brand new FREE mentorship/support group in January 2017 for business builders on my team. Once you sign up as a wholesale member, I’ll email you information about how to join our group should you be interested.

Let me know if I can help ([email protected])


PS. If you want more info, check out my information page here.