Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}
This post is in partnership with Homewerks.

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I was ready to paint my master bathroom. We’ve lived in this house for six and a half years and hadn’t painted our walls in the bathroom at all. They were still the same dried out flesh colored builder paint (a.k.a. swine) that was originally on every single wall in our entire house. It was not only a yucky color to begin with, but it was dinged up and dingy after years of family life. It was beyond ready for a refresh.

This bathroom is the very last room in our house to be rid of swine. Can you believe it? It’s like an era is ending. Ha. Anyway, the plan all along has been to update some of the features in the bathroom at some point down the road to make it a little more reflective of my style. While I decided against redoing this room in a more significant way, I certainly never imagined it would take us over six years to at least paint the walls! Sigh. I wasn’t in a hurry though because overall the room really was still in fine shape and served our needs well all these years.

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

I really wanted a spa-like bathroom. But now that we are moving, we decided we at least needed to paint the walls in order to freshen up the bathroom. So that was our goal, new paint for the walls, but we got a couple of little extras just for fun (including a pretty cool new wireless speaker and fan I’ll tell you about in a bit).

To save time and funds and to just focus on essentials as we are getting the house ready to sell, I decided to leave all the tile, cabinetry, lighting and mirror the same. (Funny how your dreams have to come down to reality sometimes, right?) But even though this makeover was going to be quick and easy, I thought I could still give it a little bit of a spa ambience with a few simple accessories.

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

Since we have a nice big soaking tub in the corner (located under a skylight which is perfect for nighttime soaks under the stars!), I surrounded it with some plants in pots, candles, fluffy white towels, pretty accessories and good smelling soaps to give the space a little more of a spa-like feeling. A little bench creates a comfy perch next to the tub.

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

I brought in a small glass and metal table that I thought would work great as a shelf for accessories on our counter. We hung our white robes on hooks and added a couple of mirrors to the wall. We found some new stone hand soap dispensers, too, to replace our disposable plastic ones :). We still might add a frame to our mirror to give it a little more style, but that will be in another phase (if we have time.)

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

What is a relaxing soak in a tub without soothing music? Now we have something pretty awesome to add to the ambience.

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}
Have you heard of these cool new bluetooth stereo speaker and bath fans by Homewerks? I’m super excited about this part of our update. See that round object on our ceiling? That’s our new wireless speaker and fan! Our previous bathroom fan wasn’t working very well and was getting kind of noisy so we decided to replace it with something a little more hi-tech.

Now we totally feel like we live in a ‘smart house.’ We love playing music wirelessly via our bluetooth enabled cell phones through the speaker in our bathroom as we are getting ready in the morning, or relaxing in the evenings. It is seriously the best thing ever! It has a fan and a built-in nightlight (which glows white or blue!) which is pretty neat, too. You can control it all via a wall switch as well as a handy remote!

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

We aren’t very handy and we were running out of time to finish our bathroom, so we had an electrician come out to install ours for us. It was pretty straightforward so if you are confident with a little DIY, it is a project you could tackle on your own. There’s a video here about the product and a video here for help with installation. Our electrician was so excited about our fan that he actually went straight over to Home Depot to get one for himself!

Jack the Goldendoodle – The Inspired Room from Jack Michaels on Vimeo.

Now Jack really thinks our bathroom IS a spa, check him out in this short video being all zen next to the tub listening to my music. Ha! He is never this relaxed.

If I manage to get more done in our bathroom before we move, I’ll be sure and post updates. But for now, I’m thrilled with how fresh and pretty my bathroom feels! I’m ready to take a long soak in the tub (with cool water, though, it is WAY TOO HOT around here this week!).

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}

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Thank you to Homewerks for the fan and partnership with this post! And thanks to Jack for his unexpected cooperation in the video.


Copper mirrors

Shelf on counter (a nesting table from Pottery Barn)

Terrarium on counter

Ceramic ‘Things’ Canister on shelf

Paint color: Dove White (Benjamin Moore)

Ceramic pots: Home Depot

Stone soap dispensers and canister

Master Bathroom: A Simple Refresh {update}


  1. It looks beautiful! That fan really is neat.. never heard of it, but I would love that. I think I have the same blue candles in my bathroom. I think the metal table on the counter is brilliant – really classy:)

  2. Margie Cooper says:

    I’d like to know where you got the glass and metal table you place on the counter top. It’s perfect!

  3. Madonna Phillips says:

    Great Job! Isn’t it amazing what paint can do! Even though the paint is a fairly minor change it makes such a huge impact in the space! The room now looks more open, clean, very spa like. The cabinets and tile now have a different look and feel even though they did not change. The addition of white brings such a modern, crisp, clean, spa feel to this space. BEAUTIFULLY DONE!

  4. patricia says:

    The refresh looks great. And framing the mirror is the frosting on the cake. I did it in my master bath and that brought it out of the 80s into this millennium. And it was pretty easy to do. I used manufactured boards, they’re lighter and straighter (and they MUST be straight in order to lay flat against the glass). Be sure and paint part of the underside of your boards (they show in the reflection) and caulk afterwards for that finishing touch. As I had wood finish cabinets and moulding in the room, I matched the almond colored tiles instead. Love it!

  5. Great job! I love those hanging mirrors. They are super chic! A spa bathroom would be amazing. I would use that bath tub all the time. :)

  6. I really like those copper mirrors. Better than art!

  7. That looks amazing! I thought as I was looking through about adding a frame to the mirror and then you mentioned it! Ha! Great minds think alike ;) I love your blog and always look forward to your posts.

  8. Christine says:

    I had to read the sentence three times that you were getting the house ready to sell to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. The bathroom looks beautiful. But you’ve done all this hard work and now you are going to sell it?? I’m stunned. So I went to a back issue that I never received and read about the move. Sigh. Such a lovely house. It will be hard to leave it. But best wishes to you and your family and many blessings to come.

  9. What white did you use? I’m getting ready to paint white and there are so many whites!

  10. Cyn Tut says:

    beautiful bathroom…also love the copper mirrors. Will you share the source to find them? I have a tiny bathroom in an old cottage and they are the perfect size. Thank you

  11. Love this! May I ask where the bench is from? I am in love with the fabric!

  12. Just curious.. Have you found a new home …

  13. Just beautiful and always inspiring how the simplest of things can make such a huge difference. Your style natural and lovely and impeccable as always. Thanks for sharing this time of transition and change with us. God Bless

  14. I’m so glad to know I am not the only one that put off painting the bathroom. We have been in our house for 9 years and are finally able to build our farmhouse. So in order to get it ready to sell I had to paint it. Once it was done I was kicking myself for waiting so long. I actually enjoy going in there now. Yours looks so lovely! I think I need to add some fresh greenery to mine after seeing yours. It adds such a calming feel to the space.

    • Isn’t that the truth, now I walk in every day and think why on earth didn’t I do this right away? Well, except for being busy with other rooms. But it is true, paint makes such a difference that even if you want to wait for your dream space I think a fresh coat of paint as soon as you are able to will make the wait so much more pleasant. That’s what I’m telling myself for the next house. And YAY for building a new farmhouse? What a dream!!

  15. The tub looks wonderfully inviting, and I just love the mirrors and the table you are using as a shelf. Great job! :-)

  16. Melissa, I’ve never been keen on two sinks in a bathroom (not romantic to be brushing and flossing side by side!), so I love the way you’ve divided them with that perfect little table! Looks lovely. And reading your book has inspired me to make a few simple refreshes around here.

    • Ha! That’s so funny about it not being romantic. This is the first bathroom we’ve ever had with double sinks so I was happy because I didn’t like his SPIT in my SINK. Ha! Ah, married life. I love that we have a little separate potty room, too…some things you just don’t need to share, right? Anyway, I wish I had thought of that little shelf sooner, it really did make that space feel a little more divided and more useful. Thanks, I’m glad you are inspired with a few simple refreshes. They sure do make a difference! <3

  17. I’m just south in Bothell and we must have the same builder, that looks like my bathroom vanity and tub. (But worse tile) I never thought to go up in the middle of the sinks!!! Now I will be searching for the perfect shelf-ie thingy.

  18. The bathroom looks lovely. I love all the little spa-like touches. Those two mirrors hanging on your wall have given me an idea for my own though! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Some of my best design ideas have been implemented as we’ve readied for moves–funny how that works! Your simple master bath update is full of great ideas! I especially like the vanity shelf between the sinks. It’s the perfect way to break up the expanse of mirror and countertop. And all the little touches add to the spa feel–like the robes, bench and fluffy white towels. Oh, and not to mention the ingenious speaker/fan combo. Brilliant!

  20. I love how much brighter the room looks! The details and accessories around the tub are wonderful as well. I could spend hours in there!! Wait…is that creepy? Oh well…I still love it :) Liz

  21. I love your style!

  22. I have your book…and I love it!!! Two questions….will you be continuing your blog after you move again? And where did you get those fabulous wooden candle holders on the window sill??? I love to mix natural elements into my home design whenever possible and those are simple and elegant!!! (I apologize if I overlooked them in the sources you provided). Thank you for your ministry!

  23. Christine Double says:

    Wow, must be nice to have a bathroom that big. Mine is the size of a closet and there’s only one. It looks great without the swine.

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