7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The HolidaysMy Forest & Sea Christmas House Tour

Tiptoeing in to say … it’s less than 8 weeks until Christmas. I know! I can’t believe it. But I do not like to rush the holidays so I’ve already started planning. Mentioning Christmas on Halloween might sound like I’m suggesting we rush through Thanksgiving right on to Christmas. But the opposite is actually true. I don’t like to rush Thanksgiving or Christmas. I don’t care much about Halloween so I’ll happily move right past it :).

But, I do think the whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season deserves more than just a few weeks of rushed preparations and celebrating. I prefer to savor it all slowly.

There are always things one can do to get inspired and prepared in advance.

Today I’m sharing seven inspiring things you can do right now!

1. Start listening to Christmas tunes.

This is by far one of the most inspiring things one can do to get yourself into the festive holiday spirit, don’t you think?

2. Start your holiday crafts or DIY gifts!

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

Find mini galvanized buckets here. Image via Country Living / Nora Murphy

It’s hard to fit in time for those holiday crafts or DIY gifts if you don’t start early! Some of you probably have been working on your projects for a year now. ;) But even with less than eight weekends between now and Christmas, we can probably fit in a couple of fun holiday projects. In fact, you still have time to make an Advent calendar! How adorable is this galvanized bucket advent idea?

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

3. Simplify your decor.

Who needs extra chaos and clutter during the holidays? Not me! If you want to savor more and stress less, start simplifying now. Remove as much non-Christmas decor as you can before you add any holiday touches. That way each item you choose to add later will stand out all the more when it isn’t fighting for attention.

4. Pare down your calendar.

Our calendars tend to get filled up from Thanksgiving through New Years. Sometimes we get so busy we run out of time for what we really want to do! Why not pick three holiday experiences that will mean the most to you this year and put them on the calendar right now? Maybe you want to enjoy a Christmas Eve candlelight service or visit your local light festival with your kids. Once your most treasured experiences are on the calendar, you’ll feel relieved to know you already made time for what mattered most to you.

5. Pull out the flannel and plaids.

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

Plaid Flannel Bedding

This one should go without saying.

What is more inspiring this time of year than the plaid and flannel combo to cozy up your bed?

I rest my case.

6. Put up your Christmas lights. 

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

Why wait until it’s absolutely freezing to put your lights up? I don’t know about you, but if it gets too cold I start to lose my interest in outdoor holiday decorating. So while the weather is still decent, get those lights out of storage and make sure all of the bulbs are working. Then get your twinkling lights hung up ASAP! (or is it already snowing where you are?).

7 Ways to Get Inspired For The Holidays

My Forest & Sea Christmas House Tour

7. Pick your Christmas theme.

I’m not actually much of a theme-decor gal, but I do think it is really neat to have some sort of a theme for your home at Christmas. Christmas is the time of year when we should feel like a kid again, so pick a theme that inspires you to make it a more magical holiday. The process of selecting your theme (if you don’t have one yet) can be so fun, too.

We’ll of course have lots of Christmas inspiration and ideas here on the blog!

For the past few years at our own house we’ve had a Forest & Sea Christmas theme because those elements reflect our family’s story. Those elements make us feel at home wherever we live. I’ve had so much fun decorating with ornaments that help us relive memories, too.  We can’t wait to bring our refreshed theme back again this year!

If you can’t think of a theme, maybe consider a color scheme instead.

Happy Holiday Dreaming and Planning! I’d love to hear your holiday plans!

A Home That Tells Your Story

A Home That Tells Your StoryAlexandra Angle Interior Design
via House Beautiful November 2017

We all long to make our house a home. This time of year, I feel like we especially crave a sense of “belonging” in our home. Ya’ know what I mean? As we are getting all cozy and nestled into our home for the season and the holidays, I believe we are (maybe even subconsciously) creating the life we want, too. We’re hopefully designing an ambience and mood to facilitate an experience.

If you’re a regular here, you’ve heard me say it before but the creation of a home and life are quite intertwined. Our home can inspire us and be inspired by us. This incredible room (above) from this month’s House Beautiful (Alexandra Angle Interior Design) so beautifully conjures up a mood that reflects the life of the people who live there. I bet the owners truly feel as though they belong in that space. (I’d happily belong there, too, hahah!).

When our home reflects our heart, our soul, our life, our family, we can’t help but feel warm fuzzy feelings about the place we live. How we design our home tells our story in so many ways! And how we design our home can write our story, too.

A Home That Tells Your Story

You might remember that I shared some of my thoughts on this in Love the Home You Have, but today I’d love to hear your thoughts! Let’s chat.

Are you mindful of the life you want to live as you design your home?

Do you consider a sense of “belonging” in your home?

Have you started thinking about the upcoming holidays? What mood and experience do you want to create in your home?

PS. I’m SO excited about the upcoming holidays! YAY! Stay tuned, friends. We’ll be sharing aaaall the inspiration.

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