Simply Inspired Holidays: Opening Your Home

Simple Tablescape - The Inspired Room

I have always had so much fun opening my home for holiday parties. In my 4700 square foot house back in Portland, we had parties for over 100 people and there was plenty of room for everyone. We set up serving tables in many rooms and seating areas everywhere. In my little houses, we just squished together a bit more.

It’s not the size or shape of your house (or whatever else stands in your way) that will make your party a success, but the warmth you offer by opening your door.

Do you ever wish you were the ‘type of person’ who felt confident hosting little holiday get-togethers?

I’m not always feeling like that type of person, but I do try to make an effort to do it anyway. And it’s always fun (once I make the commitment!).

Fall Tablescape - Place Settings - The Inspired Roomphoto from our Thanksgiving tablescape last year

Do you ever let insecurities or imperfection prevent you from extending hospitality and hosting friends?

Sometimes I just get out of the habit of hospitality. I get tired or busy or distracted by other things. I often have a long list of fears and 101 reasons to not invite people over, but when I press through and do it anyway, I’m always glad I did.

I encourage you this season to worry less about making mistakes or imperfection or what anyone else will think, and open up your home for even one small get-together of friends or neighbors!

Practice makes it even easier to say yes the next time.

Are you hosting any holiday parties this year?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a favorite hosting tip and few of my suggestions for being better prepared for holiday events in your home.

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Simply Inspired Holidays: Decorating Your Front Door

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front DoorBallard Designs


Thanks to everyone who stopped by Saturday to see my exciting kitchen update! It’s been a great weekend, they even made progress on drywall! I’m starting to feel more optimistic that I’ll have more pretties to share with you soon. But even though remodeling is making a mess of my house, I’m really excited for Christmas and so I’m trying to enjoy that, too.

As you certainly know by now since I have been talking about this for a year (so sorry, ha!), we will have a new front door by Christmas and if I’m really lucky, we’ll have it before that. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too far since I’m getting used to things not happening on my timeline, but having my front door installed in the next few weeks would be a Christmas wish come true. It will even be installed already painted, so that means it will be all ready for a wreath! YES!

Even if the style of your door isn’t picture perfect like the ones in these inspiration photos, a bit of greenery can do wonders to usher in the season. I think you’ll be as inspired as I am by these photos!

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front DoorOn Sutton Place

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Door
DIY Christmas Garland via Nine and Sixteen

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front DoorHanging basket source / paint colors

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Door
Style Blueprint

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Door
Small Measure

Home Stories A to Z

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Door
Love Grows Wild

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front DoorIn the Fields

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Door
Talk of the House

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front Doororiginal source unknown, anyone know it?

Christmas Decorating Ideas - Decorating the Front DoorSouthern Living Idea House via Thistlewood Farms

I’m clearly so excited about my new door, but I’ll still decorate the one I have if the new one doesn’t arrive in time. It’s so fun to create a welcoming front entry. We even put up our icicle lights on the house already, can you believe it? I’m about to get on a roll here.

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