Friday Link Love: Ideas from Blogland

Friday Link Love: Ideas from Blogland

Hey friends! Wow, it has been a busy week for me! In addition to starting my two weeks at HomeGoods (thanks to ALL of you who went and left me a comment on my first post!!) and getting going on my new position as Editor of the Home and Garden channel of Blissfully Domestic, I am out of town as I am writing to you! Yes, we are in our new city checking things out and starting our house hunt.

Phew, I haven’t had much time for holiday post hunting so my list is short and sweet. But that is where you come in, dear friends…I am adding Mr. Linky to this post so if you have a holiday post you’d like to share, link on up!

I’ve included a link to my second HomeGoods post and I hope you will all come on over today and share your ideas in the comments! You can see the new chargers and holiday napkins I found! You guys are the best!

Friday Link Love: Ideas from Blogland

Traditions: Telling your family story

Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Frugal & Festive Holiday Tips

We are THAT Family

I Can Make That!

Just a Girl

Festive Tables

The Inspired Room @ HomeGoods

Blissfully Domestic

Creative ideas for Wreaths
Decorating Naturally

Now, it is your turn!

What holiday ideas have you shared lately?

Rules for Mr. Linky:

  • Please link up HOLIDAY posts only. It doesn’t matter if they are decorating related or not, as long as they are holiday related.
  • Link up to a specific post, all links to home pages will be deleted. Sorry!
  • Please link back here from your post to this Link Love post, so others can find inspiration too.

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  1. I just linked to a post on thanks and blessings although I also have just done one on my Santa collection too.
    On your rules for Mr. Linky, how do I link back to this post from my post? Do I just post the link at the end of my post?
    Good luck in your new city!

    Darcys inspiring blog post..Here Comes Santa Claus!

  2. g’day

    I just added two, though I do have three holiday posts this week but wasn’t sure if I would be allowed more than one, please delete one if I’m not

    happy days, love this idea, I am coming back later for a real long look around the links


    sarah @ a beach cottages inspiring blog post..Vintage Shabby Old Chair

  3. I posted earlier this week about a little fun I’ve been having with twinkle lights!

    I am really enjoying cruising around blogland & seeing all the great ideas!

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..Yes, Virginia, There Is A Thanksgiving Tree

  4. I’ve just added my post going from having a Shabby Chic to being a bit more glamorous with my Christmas Tree. Thanks for doing a Holiday Mr Linky :)

    Liz@VioletPosys inspiring blog post..Puppies from Heaven

  5. ooo- Im so excited – I just decorated my fireplace yesterday- Im sending TWO links- one for the craft and the other the fireplace

  6. Hi Melissa, I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is still two weeks away so my post today was about “The Art of Gratitude” with a song by Nichole Nordeman! I’m struggling with wanting to decorate for Christmas around my Thanksgiving decorations and I’m really not sure if that works or not. I’m hoping that somehow I can find a happy balance between the two holidays that works. God Bless!


    Charlotte at Simply Divine Christmass inspiring blog post..Gratitude

  7. Love your blog and all the great pictures!! It looks like one of my old idea books (the cut and paste kind…with scissors, glue and paper ;-) !!

    Hope I’m finally getting the hang of Mr.Linky (I’m new at blogging and responding…so please forgive any faux pas). I think I got it right this time!
    Keep up the good work and congratulations on the great editing jobs etc.

    Tracey McBrides inspiring blog post..…A Few More Illustrations of Nature’s Bounty.

  8. Thank you for hosting this event, Melissa! I look forward to reading every one of the ideas people are sharing, so thank you. I thought I’d share a holiday item from earlier this week in Germany: St. Martin’s Day.

    Katies inspiring blog post..A Greener Christmas Guide

  9. wonderful idea for links…great ideas from creative people..happy holidays!

    sue@solsticehomes inspiring blog post..Vintage Oil and Vinegar Gemco Snowflake Design White and Blue

  10. I’m off to go Christmas shopping today- can’t wait to get back and get “Inspired” by all this Holiday Goodness! How totally Fun!
    Good luck on the House hunting- I love looking at homes- dreaming of what will be our next adventure- Hope you find the perfect one! Are you looking for old or new? Fun-

    teresas inspiring blog post..sneak preview

  11. I’ve started my Christmas list for my kids and started a little shopping online. It’s coming up and I don’t want to delay it like I usually do. This yr. I will try to be the early shopper.

    katys inspiring blog post..Vintage Victorian’s and a cool Black/White Store

  12. Hi friends! Darcy to answer your question about linking back, all you need to do is just put on the post at your blog somewhere something along the lines of “If you’d like more holiday ideas, visit….” (and link back to my post) or whatever. It is just more fun for people when they can come see what every one else shared too.

    If anyone needs help figuring out Mr. Linky, feel free to ask or ask another blogger (since I am out of town I might not see your email until tonight)…I am sure someone would help you!

    Yes, you can add as many as you’d like!

    Looking forward to all the inspiration! :-)

  13. Oh my goodness, Melissa! So much going on! Have been the same, so am sadly behind on my blog reading. How exciting about Home Goods! Was invited as well, think it was quite a while ago though {seriously behind on e-mail}, but will definitely check out your posts there. And a new city?! Definitely lots to catch up on :)


  14. I linked to a fun craft I found – it looks easy enough even for me. I wonder how long something like these will keep?

    Eileens inspiring blog post..Green Snowflakes

  15. I’ve been decorating with pine cones and I need more!!!

    jens inspiring blog post..Christmas in the Bathroom

  16. Such a great idea!! I’m going to add more ideas to your Linky next week! :)


    Stacey @ The Blessed Nests inspiring blog post..Decisions, Decisions!

  17. Laurel Plum says

    Hey! I have bookmarked the HomeGoods site. Looks like there is a LOT to see! I already love Blissfully Domestic – who doesn’t? The article I left is not so much about decorating and I actually wrote it a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it may help a few people over the holidays. P.S. Good luck with the house hunt! I hope you find a ‘Home’.

    Laurel Plums inspiring blog post..Needing Some Time and More Thanksgiving

  18. Thanks so much for the shout out, Melissa. I can’t wait to go check out your articles at the Home Goods site. :)

    Jen@Balancing Beauty and Bedlams inspiring blog post..Thanksgiving Traditions – Ideas to instill gratitude

  19. Hi Melissa,
    The others were posting about Thsnksgiving and Christmas – I haven’t got around to thinking about Christmas yet and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving like in America – but I had a great time finding lovely pumpkin decorations for Halloween so I hope it’s ok that I look backwards a few days?

    The Deco Detectives inspiring blog post..:: OPENING DAY ::

  20. What a great roundup! I heard the first of the Christmas music in a local shop today. I’m starting to smell the turkey already! :)

    Brandie @ Joy of the Kitchens inspiring blog post..Persimmon Cookies, Our Holiday Family Tradition

  21. Your blog is so inspiring! I read it every night, and afternoon, morning too for that matter. Sometimes I try to do my daily post before reading yours so I don’t get inspired to copy your thoughts. They are such good thoughts! Very proud of you for all your latest gigs at Blissfully domestic and Home Goods. Any good designer knows that Home Goods rocks! Keep up the good work little lady!

    Misti Englands inspiring blog post..Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

  22. So fun to see Christmas start early with such wonderful posts! Thanks!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideasss inspiring blog post..Wheat Cross Decor

  23. YAY! More awesome Holiday Inspiration! :)

    Also, I am having a giveaway over at my blog, I would love for you to come check it out! :)

    Nikkis inspiring blog post..{Christmas come early!}

  24. So many great ideas! Just found your site tonight…I’m saving it to my favorites. I’ll be back.

    Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuits inspiring blog post..Plan for a Stress Free Christmas

  25. I just added a little Australian inspired Chrsitmas wreath to the merriment! :)

    Another quick one about decorating your home for Christmas!

  27. oh! fun melissa! i love link sharing! i am all over this! so i linked to my recipe of autumn loveliness…my ‘home made granola recipe’, with pumpkin and flax….! i make it every fall :) i also have one for Christmas too…but i will only tease you all with it at present…hehe, and when the time is just sooo right, i will pull out all the stops and share it with you!

    hope you are having a wonderful time! and i love twitter! thanks for the nudge melissa! i just can’t stop tweeting is the only problem!


    shelbis inspiring blog post..sneak { peek }

  28. Hi everyone!
    I am an Interior Designer form Southern California..this last week I spoke to Mops mommies and a wonderful group of women in Big Bear Mountains:)
    You can take a look at some of the table top holiday decorating pictures I have on my blog!

    Thank you Melissa for connecting us all!

    kayellens inspiring blog post..Many Blessings

  29. Now that is a gorgeous vignette!
    Sandra Evertson

  30. I love these!!! Nothing better than finding a way to continually improve your holidays:) I have a post about making glamor looking message boards and of course there are those fabulous Santa Letters by North Pole Secretary! Countdown clock is tick’n I’ve got to get shopping!

  31. You are the sweetest to gather these lovely links for us! I loved the photos of your first cottage home in the earlier post. What a gorgeous little thing it was… I would love to have one now just about that size. I am seriously in the market to downsize and that one would be perfect. Maybe I’ll find one around here somewhere (if our house ever sells… lol.)


  32. Great idea! I will be back to go through all of these!

    Bugzmommys inspiring blog post..Show and Tell Friday…

  33. My Dear BFF,

    I just entered a giveaway in which the “bloggess” asked what site we would want to have on a deserted island. After thinking about it, I had to choose yours because coming here makes me happy. Lorrie’s site is “Our Name is Mud”, and she is such a fun, creative blogger who owns a pottery company that most everyone knows without realizing they know it! She is listed in my “favorite places to visit” list, so you will be able to check her out if you want to.

    I do hope that your search is going well! What state are you moving to, by the way?

    Love and big hugs,

    Debbie/Four Angel’s Mommas inspiring blog post..Learning to be Open

  34. Melissa, I have been crazy busy, but I wanted to stop in to say hello and that I have been thinking of you. I wish you all the best on your family’s new venture in life. I know God will guide you in all of your decisions. You are a constant inspiration for all that is good in life.

    Beverlys inspiring blog post..Turn Your Radio On

  35. I’m new to your site, but thought I would join in the fun. This link is to my advent calendar, but there will be tons of other holiday stuff, soon!

    Kendras inspiring blog post..Counting Down Christmas–An Advent Calendar

  36. I was thinking that my make ahead Thanksgiving Planner blog might be interesting or helpful to some. I hope that fits Melissa :-)

    Mavens inspiring blog post..My Bucket List

  37. Last year I started a new tradition. I put a cream colored tablecloth on the table and a cup of permanent markers. Whenever anyone had an idea of what they were thankful for they just wrote it on the tablecloth. The year had to be included but the name was optional. We read these one evening and let everyone expand on what they had written and why. It was great. I’ll get out the tablecloth again this year and we’ll add to it.

    My daughter also had a great idea for family gift giving. It worked well because we have several who are on limited budgets. We set a limit of $5, I know that is ridiculously low but it worked well, and everyone was to give a gift that was something they liked or was especially meaningful to them. Each person gave identical gifts to each family member so that made it even easier. We set a few rules such as the gift had to be usable by either men or women. One son burned CDs of his favorite music for everyone, another gave each person a pair of great socks (might I add they are fabulously warm and comfy!!), another found movies for $5, etc. The person who found it the hardest was the one who had the most money, he had to really put his heart into coming up with a gift rather than just buying stuff. Since our family is spread out all over the country and getting everyone together doesn’t happen often we all got to know a little more about each other, current activities, likes and dislikes. We’ll be doing that again too.

    kathys inspiring blog post..GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  38. These Mr Linkys are so fun!

    Janets inspiring blog post..Thanksgiving Table


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