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Love: White Cottage Kitchens

by | Jan 12, 2011 | blogging, Decorating Inspiration

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Love: White Cottage Kitchens

House Beautiful

This probably won’t be much of a surprise, but I’m a white cottage kitchen lover. My last kitchen was white, but my new one is natural wood. I very well might change my kitchen at some point, but what I will change it to remains a mystery to me. I know I love white, but I also love colored kitchens. I had one kitchen where I painted my cabinets green, and it was lovely.

Love: White Cottage Kitchens

Traditional Home

I’ve noticed I’m also inspired by black knobs in a kitchen. When I look at many people’s kitchens, I seem to noticed mostly nickel or silver pulls. I don’t know what it is about me and contrasts, but I just love the look of black and white. I have done quite a few posts on white kitchens, but I’ve even done posts on kitchens with personality.  I’ve done a post about striped rugs in white kitchens.

Finding Inspiration

Lots of things inspire me! That is what this blog is for, after all, right? I love sharing inspiration every day. But FINDING inspiration from the past posts can be tough if you don’t know where to look.

Say you wanted to find something you saw on my blog awhile back, how could you find it?

You can go to the archives, that is one option that might help. But I have added an even more detailed way to possibly pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. I thought I better tell you how since it could be easily overlooked!

I have a new Google search bar in my upper right sidebar (you’ll have to click over to The Inspired Room if you read this blog via RSS or email).

In the search box, just type the word or words that apply to what you are looking for.

Decorating with red, colored walls, bedrooms, Valentine’s Day, Decorating with Swine...whatever you might be looking for. I can’t promise you’ll find exactly what you need, but you just might find fun and inspiring things you didn’t even know you wanted to read!

Note: Sometimes the search pulls up reader comments that may not apply to the content of the post, so don’t get discouraged if you see the word “blue walls” in a search result and it was really just a commenter talking about her blue walls.

But a lot of times, if I’ve written about it or mentioned it, the search can find it. I’ve been playing with it and it is pretty fun to see what I’ve been talking about for three years of my life. Google is amazing like that. It remembers everything you ever say.

And to think I’ve only scratched the surface of things I WANT to talk about! I feel like I’m just getting started! I love blogging!

Let me know if the search bar works for you! I might need to tweak some posts so they’ll be more easily found.

What haven’t I written about yet that I could cover in 2011?

What are you inspired by that might be fun to talk about here?


  1. Jojo

    I too love a white kitchen but when we built our house they gave us very limited choices for cabinetry so I selected the lightest cabinets possible. I still keep thinking I want white cabinets and when I see pictures of kitchens I get the urge to paint.

  2. Estela

    I’m a sucker for white kitchens too! They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside :)

  3. se7en

    I am grabbing my cup of coffee, in a white mug and moving into that second kitchen… right now!!!

  4. Kristi

    I have white cabinets but they are plastic laminate flat (no molding, no pulls, no interest) and they open funny so I can’t just attach trim to them to make them more interesting :( I’m dying for something on them so that it isn’t just flat. The only thing I love about them is the color lol :) lovely pictures & Google IS amazing isn’t it? :)

  5. Lisa

    Melissa, this is so weird! I just started painting my cabinets white yesterday, and spent the evening looking at black hardware and images. You read my mind – thank you! I’m so glad you have a “search” feature….I will definitely use it!

  6. Irene

    I love white kitchen cabinets because it’s a nice crisp look. But combined with white walls, I think a kitchen can feel very cold (as exampled with that 2nd kitchen). The decor choices are very important in a white kitchen because they will need to balance out the white with warm accents.

    We are currently working on our kitchen: it has white cabinets and a beige floor, but it will have gray blue walls. It took us over 13 paint samples to find the right shade of blue that didn’t appear too childlike or too cool. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  7. Shannon

    I love to read your blog! What inspires me you ask? I think all can be inspired by linins and fabric. Whether it’s curtains or a tablecloth, pillows or a blanket…I get very inspired by the colors! But also it is one of the best way to add some texture to a room! I would love for you to inspire me with a post with LOTS of pics on this subject!!!

    • Melissa

      Good idea, I don’t know if I’ve specifically done a post like that but I should because I feel the same way!!

  8. Karen

    I love white kitchens—in fact I just scheduled (1/17/11) a post that I wrote about kitchen love. What is it about Kitchen’s? I believe they are the heart of a home. Thank you for all your inspiration-sharing. It’s contagious!

  9. Lila

    Your blog is an inspirational treat!! I could (and do) get lost in it . . . in the best way.

    Yes, the google look-up tool works great! I’m a professional organizer and interior designer, so I looked up organization.. wow!

  10. Kathleen

    I love your new Google Search button. I searched Subway Art and the post about your subway sign came up…. great addition to the blog! It make it so much easier. xoxo

  11. Carrie

    I love white kitchens…and my cabinets have black knobs which i adore! The contrast is lovely. I agree most white kitchens have nickel knobs and I did second guess my decision on black knobs….but i stayed true to how i wanted my kitchen to look…and i love it!!

    Thanks for all of your inspiration!!!

  12. Courtney

    Love the Google search button! This will make finding your great posts super easy! :)

  13. Erin

    I love white too! Of course, I’m equally intrigued by all these gray kitchens as well. The open shelving often really makes these kitchens! It’d sure make me be more organized. Wonderful site, by the way!!

  14. Mandy Ford

    I’m a sucker for a white cottage kitchen as well! We renovated the kitchen in our first home and did white cabinets and a black counter. It was so lovely and cozy.

  15. Kathy

    I’m a white cabinet lover too! We are currently remodeling our kitchen and dining room and have painted the walls a beautiful red to match my red Fiesta Ware plates. My plan is to add a built in china cabinet/server on the dining room wall and use white cabinets in the kitchen. I’m with you on the black/dark hardware. I think it gives the room more personality. I’m still trying to decide on counter tops, but I’m thinking about using some butcher block and some granite or granite substitute.
    I would love the have the kitchen in the first picture, except with my red walls and all white cabinets and shelves.
    You continue to provide me with great inspiration. I’m looking forward to Spring so I can really get back into my decorating groove!

  16. Mrs. C

    I too am in love with white kitchens, and am in that turmoil stage of trying to figure out if I can pull it off or not in this house. New countertops are not an option right now, and they are white tile. The backsplash has white and blue tile, a good blue that works w/ the current blues that are popular right now. I hadn’t intended to keep the backsplash, I’ve come up with several options, but haven’t done a thing yet. I went ahead and painted the cabinets an olive green, and a year later I’m not happy. I picked that color with the intention of getting rid of the blue. Hindsight is always 20/20, I’m really regretting that I didn’t work w/ the blue instead of thinking I would need to get rid of it. Agggh!

    You shouldn’t have posted about white kitchens if you didn’t want to hear me vent about my kitchen woes!ha ha Just kidding, I love, love, love white kitchens and wish so much I had done better homework before making decisions that I regret. I ask myself daily, ‘…am I only a can of paint away from a white kitchen???”

  17. Cheryl

    I love that first kitchen! I love white too but I have stained wood. I agree with the darker pulls. I really like oiled bronze. We are slowly changing out the hardware in our home to oiled bronze. All the door knobs are done. Now we need to do switch plates and plumbing. I can’t wait.

  18. Laryssa

    That top kitchen is so beautiful and full of light…lovely!

  19. Vee

    Don’t you worry, I’ll be putting that search bar to good use. I have often been frustrated by searches here so a very big thank you!

    I, too, love white kitchens and just found one that I’ll be featuring one day soon. The ones you’ve found are very sweet. I think I’ll go try finding your “pretend” farmhouse sink in your former kitchen just for good practice.

  20. Vee

    Oh that was great! February 16, 2009! Thanks again…

  21. Fieldstone Hill Design

    I always love black knobs and white kitchens too! and I am a sucker antique knobs made of glass.
    hmmmm. new posts? I love your linky parties. and I love hearing about your life and how you balance your love for decor.

  22. Sally

    I love white kitchens too. They are so bright & cheerful – no matter what the weather outside! My husband, on the other hand, loves wood. I don’t know if we will ever agree on what to do w/ our kitchen. BTW – I LOVE the open shelving in that first shot. Awesome effect!

  23. Bella Michelle

    I love my white kitchen but I think I am going to eventually change the hardware (it is brass…yep, shiny brass) to a oil rubbed bronze – needs to be darker!!!

  24. karen

    Hmmm… so you mean that I might find something under “magnetic paint”??? Since I spent ALL DAY trying to find manetic painting inspiration (for kids rooms) yesterday?!

    Well, not all day. But a lot of time…

    I gonna go try it. Thanks!

    • Melissa

      Oh, shoot, that is so frustrating! I don’t think I’ve ever written about magnetic painting inspiration. I tried magnetic paint in my old kitchen and it didn’t work. But I’m sure it was user error!

  25. Carolyn

    When we built our little house, we had white bead board cabinets put in throughout. We love them! The neat thing about them is that they make a great backdrop for any color scheme.

  26. The Cottage Chick


    Well you know me…I love a white kitchen and am getting ready to repaint all my cabinets and work on a huge white redo. And you said the words that ring in my ears “cottage kitchen.” I LOVE it.

    I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

    • Anna O'Leary

      Carol hello,
      I wanted to find your ‘using dressers in every….’ and only got ‘related links’ at your link. Please help me find it.

  27. Carol

    I love white kitchens as well. We built our home in 2003 and forever I had had natural wood cabinetry, so I had every molding and all cabinetry painted white!! Kitchens, baths, everywhere, just love it, summer and winter!!
    Come see me at

    Carol in snowy GA

  28. Laura

    Yay for the search bar – I love blogs where I can search for things. :) Thanks!!

  29. Angie

    Melissa, I love white cottage kitchens too! I often decorate my ‘imaginary cottage’ when I am in HomeSense {HomeGoods}. Happy New Year! Angie xo

  30. Heather E Transue

    Hey – I am so glad that you asked for requests…. I am really interested in seeing some garden tub nooks decorated. I need some inspiration! My garden tub is closed in on 3 sides. There is a wall at the head and the foot and a large window down one side! Those two walls are screaming for me to decorate, and the windows need drapes (not for privacy, it faces a side yard and has blinds) for interest.
    Thank you!
    Heather @

  31. Mrs. C

    Thought I’d share this link with you, this gal in Norway has one beautiful white kitchen, (and a very lovely home as well). She is so talented, I love her simple yet elegant decorating style.

    And yes, I’m sorry I forgot to mention,(in the midst of pining way over a white kitchen), I do love your new search tool from Google!

    • Melissa

      Thanks for the link! I added it to my tumblr, what a gorgeous kitchen!! Good eye, thanks for sharing the link with me!!


  32. Fiona's Mosaic

    I have always loved white kitchens!! Because when you clean them they really look CLEAN. White is so classic too, you can pair it with anything, and you can change colors easily.

    Love love love WHITE!

  33. teresa

    I search your blog all the time =) always fun.
    Thanks for all the goodness here.

  34. Melissa :: A Beautiful Mission

    Oh… no no no NO!!
    I’ve been WHINING about my kitchen a lot lately. It’s beyond awful. Oh, how I would love to GUT the whole thing and start over. But, alas, the husband (and the finances) say NOT NOW. :(

    I love the open shelves in the first picture. I have a thing about that. I think it’s lovely to display your pretty everyday items like that.

  35. Marie

    I love contrasts too! Black & white are my favorite. This white cottage kitchen is going on my dream board for the day when we actually get around to re-doing our disaster of a kitchen. Your blog looks wonderful and the search box is very handy.

  36. Sheri

    I LOVE white cabinets too! So timeless. Same with carrera marble. Thanks for the lovely pics!

  37. Annie

    Rubbed bronze knobs are on my list to change in my creme cabinet kitchen.

  38. susan

    I noticed the search bar right away,Melissa, and I have successfully used it several times already! As i’ve said before, I *love* the new layout! And as much as I love to [email protected] kitchens, mine won’t be in the near future. I am dying for bold colors and easy-everywhere. I must admit, in my first real “house”, which was in a lakeside community in the original cottage area before all the McMansions went up, I spent two weekends&every night in between doing the back hall, eat-in galley kitchen, inside hall, and bathroom in the most gorgeous shade of winter white. Oil-based semi gloss, BenjMoore, top to bottom, orignl glass knobs, old lath&plaster-it was gorgeous. Pride is a sin isn’t? Ohhh,but I was proud. ;)And then got busy with a trowel&joint compound& “venetian plastered” the living room ceiling looong b4 it was called that. Same oil semigloss. Beeyootiful! It just occurred to me-i’v been in this house 17yrs, and both were built by finish carpenters with original woodwork&hardwood floors,2 huge BR’s,enclosed front porches,rose gardens…hmm. Love cottages! :)

    • susan

      Mea Culpa again. I checkd 3 to 4 times before I tried to recomment,and stoopidphone kept locking up. So-i promise if phone doesn’t act right, I will give it up&not say anything. I am *done* messing up the comments, Melissa. I apologize to all -s-

  39. susan

    Melissa, not only do I love the new layout, love the search bar, noticed right away&_used_right away! :) I had a white kitchen-once. I painted it in oil-base winter white by Ben (Moore) on the rec of a successful designer in the ex-family, and who also taught me how to do venetian plaster on the living rm ceiling-long before anybody knew what that was! :D Just a good trowel for the design you want,mix the best possible paint or pigment you can afford in with joint compound, and take lotsa ibuprofen. :-/. But even tho being prideful is a sin, I sinned BIGtime ;) on the kitchen (top to bottom,saved the old glass knobs), two halls, and bath. And the LR ceiling. And tho it was gorgeous,this ol’body won’t ever do it again. Because I am *dying* for bold, campy *color*. With some industrial thrown in the kitchen-sheetmetal the whole backsplash wall. :) but I still think white kitchens are pretty! I just hurt lookin’ at ’em. :-/ -s-

  40. Liz

    I have just been painting my cupboards white and it makes such a difference!

  41. Ann

    Oh I agree with you…I love white kitchens too but I also go for colored ones. Right now, I’m thinking of putting some red cabinets in mine…If only I can remodel every quarter of the year…

  42. Mary

    Love the kitchen inspiration!

    I would love to put a search bar on my blog but don’t know how to do it. Would that be something that you would show us how to do in one of your blog entries?

    BTW I finally had lunch with my friend and gave her the pretty Lisa Leonard necklace I had won. She loved it! I blogged about it in my last blog entry –

    bee blessed

  43. Tiffany

    Ooh I love white cottage kitchens as well. So inspiring and fresh and lovely.

  44. pilgrimscottage

    Me, too! I love white kitchens and the natural wood. In fact, it’s what I’m doing now in my new cottage and which I posted on in my last post. The photos of the kitchens on your post are lovely.

  45. Heather

    Thankyou for that first pic. We have a full wooden kitchen (floor, cupboards and benchtops) and it looks like a huge honeypot taking up 1/4 of our living area. I’m trying to convince my husband that we should paint them but I’ve always worried about the timber benchtops with white cupboards might look a bit too 80’s. That first picture has proved me wrong. I’ve added it to my Tumblr for future reference.

  46. Alexandra

    I really like your blog… but I have a complaint about recent changes :( I feel like the new layout is really crowded!! The blog column seems swamped with adds and buttons on either side. Just my 2 cents…

  47. Bobbie

    I linked to you today!!

  48. shelbi

    so very funny, this weekend we are finishing up the painting project in our kitchen…all white cabinets ! :) love this inspiration, i am so ready to get it done!

  49. Jody

    I have natural wood kitchen cabinets and I am considering doing a little work in my kitchen. I like the look of some of the cabinets painted and some left in the natural wood color. The trim in our home is all natural pine and very beautiful. We also have wood panel doors which I love, so trying to combine paints with wood is what I’m trying to do. I hope you might share some of the ideas you are thinking of for your own kitchen.


  50. Kim

    I was looking into re-doing my kitchen with beadboard and no upper cabinets and came upon this picture – showed it to my husband – this is my dream kitchen!!

  51. irma kentie

    I love white kitchen cupboards because it is easier to see when they need to be cleaned. The thing I dont like about them is that when the paint gets worn or chipped, it is not attractive. Which mine are starting to look like after 3 yrs. I have put natural wood wainscoting in my bathroom. I have often toyed with the idea of painting the beadboard white. The thing that holds me back? That I may have to paint again in 3 yrs. and I really don’t want to have to do that. It would involve taking my toilet off to get back there and disconnecting the drain on my pedestal tub to get the beadboard painted behind it. So I am stuck. We have beautiful hardwood trim, med.brown in color, every where. It was refinished just before we moved in. And as much as i would love to paint it all, I have too much respect for the wood. I know for alot of people its not a big deal. But as an antique furniture collector, we will never see wood used like this again.Walnut and oak furniture is a thing of the past. And as our forests deplete, walnut and oak furniture,house trim, will become very desirable. So part of me says, how could I cover it up with paint,as if it were fibre board?


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