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Bloggers, Unite!

by | Jan 19, 2011 | blogging

Bloggers, Unite!

Blissdom Time!

Me (looking like I seriously needed a nap), Laurie Tip Junkie, Nester, Simplemom,
Emily Chatting at the Sky (this is her photo) at Blissdom

Leaps of Faith

This is now my fourth year as a “home blogger.” That is what they call bloggers who write about housey stuff. It was a spur of the moment decision on my part to sign up for a free blog template back in 2007, toss out a few words and hit “publish.” Off my words went into the vast unknown called the internet. Who knew that on the other end of those waves were the most amazing people who would become some of my best friends? At that point, I never imagined what that word PUBLISH was going to lead to! But I’m so glad I took that leap into the unknown!

Blissdom: our awkward social situations make us human, right?

Next week I’m once again going to Nashville to attend a blogging conference called Blissdom! I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a blogging conference, but they are quite the experience! You know those nightmares you have about accidentally showing up to the event in your undies, or wanting to introduce yourself to people you admire but the only words that come out of your mouth are something stupid like I like your teeth, or hoping you’ll be included in a conversation but no one even notices you are standing there? Or if you are expected to speak in public you worry that you’ll throw up on the podium or fall of the stage?

Yeah. I never worry about stuff like that. {that is a big lie, I worry about every single one of those things}.

I’ve put myself out there at Blissdom every year for the past three years and I have to admit SOME EMBARRASSING THINGS have happened there. Nester and I have a list a mile long of the most awkward things we’ve said and done and we hope and pray no one but us remembers. And who are we fooling, we do embarrassing things when we are not at Blissdom so we might as well go and be all awkward together.

So why do I keep going to Blissdom? Because I grow and learn new things, and I connect IN REAL LIFE with awesome people. I can give back to those who have supported me. It is worth it, in spite of the fears and risks of failure. We all have insecurities (as I’ve shared), but the only way to overcome them is to face it and risk rejection.

Bloggers, Unite!

What not to wear at Blissdom!

If you are going to Blissdom this year, like many of us you might be worrying or feeling awkward about what to wear. Simplemom wrote a great post on what to wear to Blissdom that will give you an idea of what to expect! Bloggers are just real women who feel the need to be accepted. So of course, we all worry about what we’ll wear. What about what not to wear? Brand new uncomfortable fancy high heels you brought to make you look taller and make you feel more fashionable than you needed to be. You’ll just end up wearing your fuzzy slippers anyway … the Opryland Hotel will give blisters.

If I could just say one thing about what to wear to Blissdom, some people do worry a lot about what to wear and if they will be the most photographed or remembered for their stylish accessories. But most of us don’t go for that purpose at all. If being the most stylish is not your goal, then you can relax with the rest of us, be yourself, and wear what you have, stylish or not. That is what I’ll be doing. Makes life much easier and less stressful if we don’t put that pressure on ourselves or each other!

You are invited to the (in)courage Beach House Party at Blissdom!

In spite of all the times we might feel and act awkward, at Blissdom we learn to grow as women online (from what I’ve heard, this year’s conference is going to be the best ever!) and we find new ways to support each other once we are back at home! And if you are at Blissdom feeling awkward at all and you want to join in somewhere where you will totally feel at home, make sure you go to the (in)courage Beach House party Thursday at 9:30PM!  Follow them on twitter @incourage. Everyone is welcome to come and it is a very supportive community. And they spoil us with so much goodness!

Bloggers, Unite!

Photo by Dawn Camp

The Home Blogger Tribe!

This is where Blissdom gets really exciting for us this year. Nester and I have the opportunity to connect with Home Bloggers as the “official Blissdom Home Tribe Leaders!” We know that neither of us would have made it through the past three years without the connections we’ve made and without the encouragement and support of others. And we want to do whatever we can to help other Home Bloggers connect to each other and find success and fulfillment in this crazy big world of blogging about our homes. We want to help you connect to other Home Bloggers throughout the entire conference, and we’ll be doing our best to help our tribe. Be sure to follow our twitter streams if you will be there so we can tweet from our phones and you can find our meet ups @theinspiredroom and @thenester. And we can tweet with the #home #blissdom hastag to follow conversations!

Home Blogger Niche Wisdom Workshops!

Not only are Nester and I the “Home Tribe Leaders” at Blissdom, but we will be hosting a small Wisdom Workshop on Wednesday for women who are in the “home niche.”  We are really excited about sharing some of the key things she and I have learned that help shape what we do (and don’t do) as well as tips from other bloggers we admire. Home blogging comes with some unique challenges and we want to address those issues with concrete ideas and suggestions for overcoming the issues we face. We will do our best to share and connect with whoever is there! Are you planning on coming to the workshop? Email me to let me know! theinspiredroom {at} gmail {dot} com

Home Bloggers, let’s introduce ourselves right now!

And this is where I just want to find out who among us today would consider themselves “home bloggers” (meaning, you blog about thing related to homes) and if you aren’t a blogger, I want you to know that I’m so glad you are in our circle because your comments and ideas and support is amazing. If you are here as a reader, you are a part of Home Blogging, whether you write a blog or not or whether you are coming to Blissdom or not.

Home bloggers, unite! {that link goes to a post I wrote about home bloggers last year)

You can leave a comment here with your name, a little bit about your blog or why you love Home Blogs, and let me know if you’ll be in Nashville next week! Even if you aren’t going to be there, I hope you’ll introduce yourself here. And if you are in Nashville, I’d love to meet you!

Oh, and actually, if you are going to Blissdom you can go over to Nester’s blog after you introduce yourself to me,  because she has a linky for anyone who will be in Nashville next week. We want to know you’ll be there so we can connect and get you the info you’ll need to know to be a part of the Home Tribe!!

Bloggers, Unite!
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  1. Lorie

    I sort of just want to stick myself right in the middle of that picture!!

    I blog about other people blogging about their house…so I am throwing myself in this group because there is no one that loves a good Home Blog more than I do!

    • Melissa

      You are one of us. ;-)

  2. TidyMom

    ME! ME! ME!!!! I’ll be there!!
    I get in too late for the workshop, but can’t wait to meet you in person finally Melissa!!

    • Melissa

      I KNOW! I cannot wait to meet you IRL either!!! :-)

  3. Stacy

    I am a “home blogger” who is fairly new to the blogging world – about 1 1/2 years. I blog about home decor, DIY projects and more. I have never attended a blog conference but they do look like fun!

    • Melissa

      Maybe next year!! Welcome to the Home Blogger club :-)

  4. Katie

    I’m going, Melissa!

    I’m usually in Berlin, Germany at this time of year. But now I’m back home in the ol’ USA, so Blissdom is totally do-able.

    We HAVE TO meet, Melissa. :) I’d love that.

    • Melissa

      Katie!!! I am SO GLAD you will be there!! What great news!!! Happy dancing :-) …

  5. Allison

    Hey everyone! I’ll be there and I’m nervous and excited and did I mention I’m nervous and terrified?!

    I’m so glad you wrote this post because now I know I’m not the only person who is so scared to meet all these fabulous bloggers face to face.

    I am a Home Blogger and do so from House of Hepworths. Oh, and my name is Allison.

    And when I meet any of you IRL I’ll probably say something totally asinine because I’ll be so star struck by all of you fabulous bloggers. Please just ignore whatever first comes out of my mouth when I meet you, because me and “first impressions” are always a total disaster.

    I once told a mother of triplets when I first met her, “Oh wow, you must be so embarrassed to tell people you have triplets.”

    WHAT?!! Seriously? Did I really just say that to her? Ya, I did. And it was my husbands co-workers wife. So double awesome.

    So anyway, I’m going and I’m thrilled to meet you!

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

    • Melissa

      Allison! So glad you are going to be there. Haaaaah, I will not judge you one bit. Like I said, I might say something awkward myself lol!!!

      I’m cracking up about the triplet comment. I can so relate. We’ll get along WONDERFULLY!!

      Thanks for introducing yourself here and I’ll see you there!!!

      • the nester

        Allison, I asked a mother of twins if she birthed her own babies. WHO says that? She just started at me and rightly so.

        We will get along swimmingly

        • Allison

          Melissa and Nester,

          Bawahahahaha you gals crack me up. “Birthed your own babies”? Hilarious. Wow, we will get along just fine. that is, if I can act normal around you two and not like a giddy 12 year old meeting NKOTB.

          Hey, maybe I should print a photo of each of you and bring it so you can autograph it for me. That would make me really cool.

          See you in a week!

          ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  6. Liz

    I’m really torn…I need to decide, home tribe or food tribe…I love them both :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you again Melissa!

    • Melissa

      You can totally be a part of more than one tribe. ;-)

  7. Kristi~The Slipcover Girl

    i am a home blogger and sooo looking forward to seeing you again! this is a really great idea…tribe leaders! it’s like you’re julie mccoy from The Love Boat! yay!

    • Melissa

      Oh yes, we are like Julie McCoy, we might even plan a shuffle board party!! I really miss the Love Boat.

  8. Cindy Rippe

    Wish I could attend Blissdom! Maybe another time. I write a blog that, I hope, inspires readers to add a little creativity to special events, meals at home or just one special touch to their home. I try to share a few trends and easy DIY projects. In the grand scheme of things I guess I’m a beginner blogger, but I love sharing my ideas and reading other inspiring blogs.

    • Melissa

      Thanks for introducing yourself Cindy! Nice to meet you here!

  9. Tara

    I have to fit this into our budget so that I can be there next year. :(

    what in the world kind of blogger am I?
    is there an eclectic group?

    • Melissa

      I think there is, actually…or a non niche niche group….you’ll fit in, don’t worry! hope to see you next year!

  10. laxsupermom

    I wish I was going – blogging conferences look like so much fun. I’m new to blogging. I only started just after the start of the school year, because my youngest started school and my day kindof stretched out in front of me. I blog about my home, DIY projects, recipes, and random other stuff.

    Have a great time at Blissdom, I hope to join you all there next year.

    • Melissa

      Welcome to the Home Tribe :-) And I must click on your link because I need chocolate peanut butter tassies right now.

  11. Jessica Engel

    I LOVE the blogging world… I have blogged about life, love, faith, decorating, etc for about 2.5 years at, but became more “into” it on a deeper level about a year ago while home on maternity leave with my adorable son, Jackson. Thank you for all of your incredible ideas on The Inspired Room!

    • Melissa

      Glad you are a part of the Home Tribe :-) Nice to meet you!

  12. Holly

    I am a home blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I wish I was going to Blissdom but this home blogging will be switching homes in 3 weeks and needs to get on the ball!!!

    I would love to meet all of yall because I swear I know most of you!!! I call a lot of yall “My friend so and so” my husband is like YOUR FRIEND you have never met…. but I feel like we have! So weird! I love this community it is one of the best communities I have ever been apart of! We are mothers, we are DIYers, we are decorators, thrifters, shoppers, and we fit so well together!! One big home blogging family! And I feel like everyone’s arms are always open so wide to accept me and that makes me open mine wide to accept everyone else. Just makes me happy to be apart of this group!

    Enough with the mushy stuff!!

    • Allison

      I do the same thing! I love my bloggy friends!

    • Melissa

      I totally do that too. I can’t even remember half the time who I’ve really met and who I just talk to in my computer ;-)

  13. liz

    Hi, Unfortunately, I won’t be there. My blog is only about 6 months old – so perhaps next year. I’ll be eagerly awaiting all the Blissdom feedback. Until then…

    • Melissa

      Thanks for introducing yourself and we are glad to have you a part of the awesomeness of the Home Tribe. We’ll DEFINITELY be sharing about the conference and the Home Tribe!!!

  14. Diane

    I’ve been dreaming of starting a blog since the beginning of September. If I get these seeds planted quickly….maybe I’ll actually have something growing next year….and then, just maybe….I can come play too!!
    Wishing you true bliss!!
    Can’t wait to hear all the details on your return :-)

    • Melissa

      Yes! If you do start a blog, come back and let me know!! Either way, thanks for leaving a comment and being so supportive!!

  15. Cori

    Hi,my name is Cori and I am addicted to Home Blogs. I am constantly trying to figure out the best way to arrange each room in my house, and my husband helped me to create a website,, so that I can join in to blog about it.
    I wish I was going to the conference, maybe next year!
    Thanks for your blog, Melissa, it’s my favorite!

    • Melissa

      Hi Cori! Nice to meet you and thanks for introducing us to your blog!! Hope to meet you IRL next year :-)

      And wow, your favorite? Thanks so much!!

      • Cori

        Yes, really, yours is my fave. So far, I have creatively concealed a thermostat, and taken two cabinet doors off in my kitchen to show off my dishes. Thanks for the tips!!

  16. Jaime Costiglio

    Hi Melissa –
    I’m new to the ‘Home Blogging’ world, only about 8 months really. I’m heavy on the DIY and frugal side of things but love making the best use out of what I have. Can’t wait to read all the great tips, highlights and latest blogging news from Blissdom. Have a great time for all of us. Jaime

    • Melissa

      Thanks Jaime!! Welcome to the Home Tribe and Blogging!!

  17. Traci Hutcherson

    Blissdom last year was surreal to me. I laugh at the picture of you and I together (on my blog) because I barely knew you then. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you better this past year. I could have never imagine that my blog would have given me such precious friendships! I didn’t know about the (in)courage party last year, so I am super excited about going this year!
    See you soon!!!

    • Melissa

      Hi Traci! I am so happy to have gotten to know you through our blogs and in person too through blogging conferences! Cannot wait to hang out this year!!!! See you next week girl!

  18. laurie

    Oh how I wish I was going, but this year I couldn’t swing it- But next year I will be there.

    My name is Laurie and I have a very small blog called Little Blue Chairs- I have been blogging officially for 1 year. Yay-me!

    I have always described myself as a frustrated decorator and now that I have my house I am putting all my ideas into action and making our house our home- on a very tight budget.

    • Melissa

      Hi Laurie!! Nice to meet you, thanks for leaving your blog link so we can get to know you better!! Congrats on one year of blogging!!

  19. Jess

    I also have a picture of you and me together last year!! It was so surreal as a brand spanking new blogger to get to meet all of you! It still blows my mind. I can’t wait to see everyone again this year.

    And my two cents on Blissdom is don’t worry about meeting people or feeling silly. We all revert back to our goofy insecure 7th grade self. But the cool part is – everyone is so unbelievably kind that it totally puts you at ease! So don’t be nervous or shy!

    • Melissa

      Oh, I need that pic! I need to gather up all these pictures of me with people because I never remember to take my own pics when I’m there. This time I’ll do better.

      I’m so glad you’ll be there again and you are SO RIGHT, we are all in the same boat and feel awkward so no need to be nervous or shy!!

  20. Theresa

    I am a blogger. I have three actually. One personal, one for my photography busness (, and ond on meals that families and kids like.

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Have fun in Nashville!

    • Melissa

      Thanks! :-)

  21. Theresa

    I am a blogger. I have three actually. One personal, one for my photography busness (, and ond on meals that families and kids like.

    I have really enjoyed your blog. Have fun in Nashville! I did not know about the conference. How fun.

  22. Erin

    Melissa, I love your blog and have been inspired by you. I’m a part-time blogger and maybe one day will have the courage to attend Blissdom – have a wonderful time!

    • Melissa

      I hope you will attend too someday!! Thanks so much Erin!

  23. Kim-HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs

    I’ve been blogging about my home and family since December 0f 2006.

    Sorry I won’t be in Nashville…

    • Melissa

      You are one of the founding home bloggers!!

  24. Denise Cosgrove

    I love to throw myself right in the middle of great home decor discussions and will often linger for hours looking at so many great blogs out there, yours one of my favorites. I share home decor ideas with women in their homes and conduct home design workshops with my business at Willow House. You may find me on facebook at Denise Cosgrove, Independent Willow House Design Consultant. Hope you visit soon!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Denise!

  25. Traci

    Cute pic! I would have loved to go :-)

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  26. Jenna, SAS Interiors


    What a great post! I recently started my home blog, SAS Interiors @ I just heard about Blissdom from another home blogger, and would love to attend next year. Do you go to any other blogging conferences or is this your #1 ~ just wondering if this is the best? You are such an inspiration and your blog is awesome! Have lots of fun and I look forward to seeing all your great ideas upon your return.

    ~Jenna, SAS Interiors

    • Melissa

      Thanks Jenna!! Blissdom and Relevant last fall are the only two blogging conferences I’ve been to. Blissdom is definitely the more blog/business oriented one! It is a great conference!

      Nice to have you a part of the tribe!!

  27. Leanne

    Oh, I wish I were going. I’ve been dreaming about it since last year, but the finances won’t allow it. Hopefully next year (if I’m not too nervous). You all are like Rock Stars. I’ll have to live vicariously through all of you right now. Have a great time and share lots of stories so I can pretend I’m there.

    • Melissa

      I’m sorry you cannot be there Leanne, we will definitely share all we can when we return!!! I’d love to meet you next year!

  28. Andrea Howe

    I am so, so sad that I can’t attend this year. 2012 will be my year I can guarantee it! Blissdom just happens to occur this year the same time I will be in NYC for work. At least I can be somewhere fun I guess, while you and some of my other bloggers are having a great time! Thank you for your always inspiring and encouraging words. You are a positive and creative voice in this blogosphere and I hope to meet you one day at Blissdom!

    • Melissa

      Thanks Andrea!! Enjoy NYC :-) Hope to meet you IRL too someday!

  29. Nouveau Stitch

    I will be attending my first blogging get-together in NYC and I am so excited/nervous/scared/you name it. I’m reading your tips and realize that they apply to wherever we happen to go that’s new and different. We don’t need Botox, to lose 30 lbs and have a makeover to fit in. Just be the best you that there is and the details will take care of themselves. Enjoy Nashville!


  30. Sandy

    Can’t wait to see you girls … yay! xoxox

  31. Brooke Phillips

    Okay ladies…I don’t have a blog yet (I’d never really read one till a month ago) and I am attending Blissdom!!! This is the most out of character thing I have ever done but so many things have been renewed in me since I have started reading your posts (Nester and Inspired Room). I am so excited about what God has for me and really can’t wait to meet you!

  32. shelbi

    I too blog about all things ‘home and homey’…. :) my goodness, i wish i was going. oh well, one of these years i will finally get to meet all you wonderful mentors :)

  33. QuatroMama

    I’m just a admirer of “The Homies”. Wish I could call myself one, but I just take pride in knowing some of them. Can’t WAIT to see you!

  34. Lindsey

    i would love to go to blissdom one year! i just don’t think i’m “there” yet, i’d feel like such a wanna be. :)

    i love home blogs, it’s a much nicer way to peek into people’s lives than becoming a peeping tom!

  35. Joy

    I’m Joy and I’m a home blogger and do so from Thrifty Parsonage Living. I’m pretty new to blogging – about nine months. Before that point I didn’t even know blogs existed. You can imagine how excited I was to find out about blogging.

    I blog about home decor, DIY, and thrifty and money saving ideas.

    I’d love to attend a conference sometime, as I have so much to learn and I’d love to see everyone in person. someday. Have fun in Nashville!

  36. Sophie

    Interesting post. I’ve never been to a blogging conference, although there is one here in Sydney in March and I am dithering about whether to go or not. To be quite honest, the thought fills me with paralysing fright! I don’t know if I will get up the courage to go or not this year! I wish I had a real life friend who was also a blogger (and actually lived in the same country), I could pluck up the courage to go with.

    Little gumnut is about a little bit of everything in a SAHM’s life, so I guess falls in the home category as any SAHM ends up doing housey things at some point or another!

    You made me smile, you don’t look the kind of person to be at all nervous at those conferences!!

  37. Sharon

    I’m so new to all this, I didn’t even know I was a “home blogger” or that there was a conference called Blissdom. I love my home and creating a warm and comfortable space for my family. I especially love thrifting, painting furnitue and great vintage goods. I team up with some friends for occasional vintage tag sales. I started writing my blog to chronicle our little adventure. I am so inspired and encouraged by the blogging community. Can’t wait to hear all about Blissdom. Maybe one day, I’ll be there too. Have a great trip!

  38. Centsational Girl

    Hey, can I be in your club? You gals are the coolest kids on the block!

    Still on the fence about coming, might have to shorten my trip at a minimum, but can’t wait to hug you gals!


  39. susan

    I’m not a blogger (yet) and not gonna be in NashV for anything (sigh) but WOW would I love to meet you all-not just the poor bloggers I comment with (yapper, wudja shaddup?) but the ones I lurk because phoneweb is so overloaded it takes me to the wrong bookmarks, and the ones I haven’t even been able to get to cuz phone won’t do the links right! Argh. I don’t even know if i’m a homie…an e-pal that I met via Emily@”chatting” told me i’m my own niche! That sounds scary. :D I just adore u all & would love to meet you. I was lucky enough to meet several e-pals when I was a moderator&then a listowner for SLE lists,and it was sheer joy! Still gotta get to Montreal…somehow. One pact not kept. Yet. And means more than so many things… :( so all of you, enjoy, love every “sweaty armpit blur”(Nester quote,loved it,phone freakd &i cudnt comment there sry) moment, and I am just gonna pray I can a) get my puter re-netted b) get a useful, legit blog going & c) GO SEE U IN ’12. Lotsa hugz, safe flights, comfy tennies& baffrobes to you all! -s-

  40. Marie B

    Hello wonderful ladies,
    Iaam not a blogger but I love coming to your sites for great ideas. You ladies teach old Mimi’s new tricks and inspire us all.

  41. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I’m a blogger, but not a home blogger (technically), but I would love to meet you next week!

    Is there a Hodgepodge Tribe?

    A Run-on Sentence Tribe?

  42. Christina

    I WISH I was coming to Blissdom!!! I would love to meet you, Nester, Sarah, Allison, Layla and all the other home bloggers whose blogs I drool over! :) You have all inspired me to take my home to a new level. So much so, last year, I started blogging about my home on my coupon/frugal blog in my Décor on a Dime series

    I am planning to develop just a home blog and am hoping I feel a little more worthy to attend a blogging conference next year. :) I can’t wait to read your posts afterwards about Blissdom (with a twinge of regret for not being there myself :(

  43. Sarah

    Melissa, my home homie, I can’t wait to see you!!! I’ll butt dial you when I get there. :)

  44. Andrea

    I’m a relatively new home blogger, and am lovin it so far! So many great ideas out there, so many new ‘friends’. Wish I was going to Blissdom, but perhaps next year. Have fun, and I will have fun hearing all about it when you all return =)

  45. Vikki

    I am an old blog reader — obsessed with all of these beautiful and inspiring blogs out there — but a new blog creator. I would love to go to Blissdom!! Maybe next year!! I love my journal writing (blog) and love this wonderful close knit community of home bloggers.

  46. The Cottage Chick

    Well as you know I am going. I am nervous and excited and nervous all over again. Feeling jittery, trying to think of everything to do before I leave my family, but mostly hoping I can connect with people there. I feel like such a newbie, but I will make it. I am so happy we get to fly together from our little corner of the world here. You don’t know how blessed I feel to have a companion for the day. That in itself puts my mind at a bit more ease.

    I am looking forward to meeting the Home Tribe, and happy you and The Nester are my Tribe leader. Sweet!

    Talk soon, see ya soon,

  47. Valarie

    So awesome that you are doing this right now! I don’t have a home blog now, but will in a few days! We are moving into a new house over the weekend and I am planning a blog that will detail the process of making that house a home. I would not consider myself a decorator by any stretch, but over the past couple of years I have become so inspired by your blog and others…you’ve sparked a passion in me for creating a wonderful place for my family and friends, and I thank you! I’ll send you a link to my new site as soon as I am up and running!

  48. Tracy

    I wont be in Nashville although I have heard its an exciting town. I find a whole new world when I began my blog(JAnuary 1st 2011) Thats right I am a Newbie and still have a lot to learn.I love reading other blogs and will try to visit some of th ones above.What an interesting community of women.
    I am English living in Canada.Winters ar elong so I wanted to keep myself busy and decided to try Blogging.I love trying my hand at repurposing furniture and crafting in general.This site gives me inspriation and has a genuine feel to it thats why I like it.I dont feel “intimidated” and by the comments above I reckon there will be a lot of inspiration abound. My blog spot
    MAgpiesoup because I collect all things and hairpins because I am a hair stylist and will eventually bring a little of my industry to my blog.Its a fascinating world.Happy blogging peeps.

  49. Shannon

    I’ve been blogging now for…I think…five years. I love it! It is my way to share things about myself, family, and mostly Jesus with others. Although I won’t be in TN, I hope one day to come. Thanks for all the great information. I’m sure it will come in handy when I do arrive to Blissdom!

  50. Tracy O

    Hello! I am a new home blogger (sort of). I have been blogging since 2008, but my blog started as a scrapping blog and has since evolved into a bit everything. About 6 months or so ago I discovered the wonderful world of home bloggers and have been converted (although I through in a scrappy project and family post here and there). I love getting fabulous ideas from everyone and after being in my home for 6 years and it just not feeling right I am making 2011 the year to make my house a home. I will be using my blog to showcase these changes (and of course other blogs for inspriation!) I love how without even knowing any of you IRL, I feel like we are that group of girls that get together for coffee every week (I would so love that!)

    Thank you for your inspiration as you are among one of my favorite home bloggers. I won’t be attending Blissdom (just heard of it the other day) this year but would love to some time in the future.

  51. Trish

    Hi, Im Trish an aussie girl blogging about the things that inspire me & give me fabulous ideas while Im designing my dream home, which will hopefully be built sometime this year. I only began blogging mid 2010 & Im so glad I did, its been fantastic meeting so many wonderful people. Wish I could attend Blissdom, sounds like HEAPS of fun!!!

  52. Candace

    I am a blogger! I feel like I am still newer, not been a blogger a year yet, so still alot to learn. Its been a blast, meeting people, building my following, upgrading my look, and changing my mind! I have really enjoyed everything about it, and it has opened up some new doors, and different directions that I didn’t think I could do! I wish I was at the point to visit a convention, one day ; )

    I blog about my loves, event, interior design, color, crafting, pretty things, you know life ; )

  53. AlexisAnne

    I’ve been blogging privately about my family for years, but just a few months ago I decided to share my passions for interior design and home organizing by creating a public blog about those topics. I’m having so much fun with it so far, and I’ve only just begun!

  54. Stacy

    i suppose i am a home blogger. i converted from “mommy/special needs blogger” last year sometime when i was seeking a respite from parenting a child with special needs and wanting incentive to focus on some of my other passions.

    i’m not terribly consistent, don’t take great photographs, and almost never have original ideas but i sure do enjoy it! :) right now, it’s a fun way for me to document how we are making changes to our 1650 sq. ft cottage to make it work for our family of 5. would love to make it to blissdom one day!!

  55. Lisa

    Oh how I wish I was going to Blissdom! I don’t know what I am – mostly a home home blogger, a bit of a food blogger, and a little bit of everything else thrown in too! Melissa, The Inspired Room was the very first blog I ever subscribed to and I would love to meet you in person! Have a wonderful time and come back and tell us all about so I can live vicariously through you!

  56. Dawn Camp

    I love this and I can’t wait to see you there. :)

  57. karen

    In the past, I had a different kind of blog; but now, it is definitely a home blog. I blog about our recent move to the central coast of california and renovating our new (old) house. I get so inspired by other projects around the world wide web, that I thought maybe just maybe our project would be inspiring, too. : )

  58. Kitty

    Melissa, I LOVE your blog! I a little home blog, and I have SO much to learn. I wish I was going to Blissdom but the timing just isn’t right for me this year. Have a great trip – post everything. Maybe I’ll get to meet you there next year?

  59. Rebekah

    I live about 30 miles outside of Nashville. I SO wish I had the guts to go lurk at the Opryland Hotel during Blissdom. I’d love the chance to meet some of my favorite bloggers face to face.

    I’m in my 4th year now and I’m still not sure exactly what kind of blog I have. It’s part mommy blog, part home blog, part craft blog. I guess that’s me, though: Mommy-Homemaker-Crafter, so it maybe it works!

  60. Kristen

    I am an avid blog reader but not a blogger. I haven’t made that leap yet. BUT I so enjoy reading you and Nester and so many other great blogs. As a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader I just soak in the encouragement all of these blogs offer to moms and women in general. You are a light! I am enjoying the comments on this post as well because we are building a house and I need all the “Home Ideas” I can get! Ha ha!
    I don’t live too far away from Nashville – wish I could come and visit with you all. I know you’ll have a blast!

  61. Cindy B

    I adore reading home blogs and am an aspiring home blogger. My husband and I have a cottage on a lake that we are passionate about…it is our haven. I would like to share my haven, projects decorating and life with my new blog.

    I will be attending Blissdom next week and am incredibly excited to be able to connect with people that have the same passion!

    Thanks for reaching out to all of the “newbies”!

  62. Emily

    I will sure miss seeing you again this year. Have fun!

  63. Karen Mary

    I’m a full-time freelance writer. I don’t blog, but I visit your blog (and other blogs you alert me to!) daily when I’m ready to take a little break. Writing is my work, how I help support our family, but homemaking and mothering is my profession. I love that I can find like-minded women in an instant via their blogs! I wonder how many of us there are out here relying upon your work for inspiration. Thanks very much!

  64. Brooke

    I am new to the blogging community but I love it! I have already gotten a ton of support! I wish I had known about Blissdom… I totally would have gone! Maybe next year! Since I am a new blogger I don’t exactly know what to consider it? I do a little bit of everything. Talk about life, crafts, and home decor projects. Mainly just the life of a newlywed 20 something… Thank you for having a blog we can all look up to!

  65. Shannon

    I’m definitely a home blogger! We just started our little blog last summer…and we have grown! AND, more importantly we LOVE it! We love the interaction with everyone. I so wish I was going to Blissdom or one of the other blogging conferences…but alas they are too far for now. (We are near Toronto, Ontario). Love getting your posts via email, btw!

  66. Lisa~

    I’m a home blogger and going to Blissdom for the first time this year! I’ve followed The Inspired Room for a while and always love it. I am so excited to attend your workshop and meet you. Thanks for the encouragement! Lisa~

  67. ColleenwithMurals&More

    I consider my blogs ‘Home’ blogs, although some might think Mural Maker is a craft blog. It’s a DIY blog. I offer painting tutorials, but with the hopes that people decorate their homes with paint.

    My 2nd blog is Feng Shui Savvy. This was a huge leap of faith. Would there be any people in blogland interested in feng shui, something I’ve studied for nearly 20 years? Yes! Feng Shui Savvy is all about making our homes balanced and harmonious. (It’s really just good interior design ;)

  68. Abby

    Hi name is Abby a.k.a. (Prairie Mama) I blog thru my love of photography about life in wyoming as a mama to 3 girls under the age of 6.

    I am not a “Home Blogger,” but I am starting to decorate and blog about our home we built ourselves 18 months ago. So I’m here to get all of your great tips on Decorating, furnishing and so on. Love this site. I wish I could go to Blissdom, maybe next year. It sounds amazing. Have fun, keep safe and make memories there for me.

  69. Glenda Childers

    I have just added to my blogging goals for next year – attend a blogging conference. Would you recommned Blissdom for a first time experience? Enjoy your time there . . . you will be a wonderful encouragement. Have fun.


  70. Shauntelle

    Reading this post made me realize that I’ve officially been blogging about budget decorating for three years now!(I can’t believe it’s been that long…)

    My blog is http://www.abeautifulabode and Melissa was one of the first “blogging” friends I made when I first started. I’ve met so many wonderful people through my blog and because of it, have started a new profession as a freelance writer.

    I wish I was going to Blissdom, I didn’t think about it until too late to work out travel plans, but I hope to go next year since Nashville is in driving distance from Atlanta. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all the details…

  71. Fiona's Mosaic

    I have been blogging less than a year. It’s sort of a inspiration, home, recipe, life blog which began as a way to help all my college girls that I am an extra “mama” to.

    But also I thought it a good way to document what we are doing to this dear old farmhouse.

    I will be at Blissdom someday……

    Melissa have a great time. And if you could hug Holley, Ann, and the nester for me, I’d appreciate it! Thanks hun!

  72. Kara from Kara's Korner

    Hi there! I’m a home blogger, but unfortunately am not going to be able to attend Blissdom. I have the generic excuse that most of us do that can’t make it — too much to do, not enough time.

    I’ve been blogging for a year now. My blog started out as a way to keep my huge circle of family and friends up to date with my husband and I’s musings, and turned into a home blog. I’ve been remodeling / crafting / DIYing things since I graduated college (6 years ago), so it was the only natural way for my blog to go.

    About me personally…let’s see. I’m an Electrical Engineer for my ‘real job’ that pays the bills (so is my handsome hubby). I’m a tomboy who occasionally likes to get dressed up fancy. I have three older sisters, and by the time my Dad reached me, he decided I was just going to be his boy that he didn’t get. I like power tools, building, creating, and transforming anything. I’m a huge football fan, even bigger Florida Gator Football fan, have a great love for playing volleyball (both indoor and beach), and love to run.

    I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant with our first child…a girl! My due date is a few days before our 5 year wedding anniversary. I have an amazing marriage, and a furry son already. Those two are the light of my life.

    I’m a realist, optimist, and patience is probably my worst quality, but not when it comes to people. I love to listen to people.

    I love all of yalls blogs (I’m a little bit southern I guess), I love the inspiration, beauty, and laughs that I get from reading them.

    Ha, and I like to write…hmmm…can you tell?! Thanks for allowing me to introduce myself!!

  73. Michelle

    Thanks for the chance to say hello! I have just been blogging since July and love it! I love being inspired by others and I love those moments where maybe I inspired someone else to get creative or organized or maybe just to laugh. I so wish I were coming to Blissdom but maybe next time!

  74. Sandy Toe

    I have never been but OH, how I would love to go!

    sandy toe

  75. teresa

    Wish, wish I was going….but feel a little bit worried about going by myself and not having a friend to hand on to…you know so you don’t feel like a old shoe…. none of my friend blog =(
    I guess my blog is about “home” stuff…but mainly just my life….as a grammer, mom and wife.
    I can’t wait to hear how everything goes.
    You will be awesome I’m sure of it!
    Happy Day

  76. Jessica

    Hi Melissa and Inspired Readers,

    Thanks for giving us the chance to share. Although I’m not going to Blissdom I hope to continue to meet other bloggers online and be inspired by all of the creativity out there.

    My home blog is It gives me a creative outlet from my professional day job and has been fun getting to show readers and other bloggers, even virtually.

    I’m always up for new friends. Hope to meet some of you soon!

  77. Mary Joy


    You sure know how to make a girl, who is usually super tongue tied and very nervous when meeting girls in person, feel so much more comfortable!!!

    I can’t attend this year…but would love to as soon as our finances allow…

    My problem is that I’m really not sure which tribe I fit into? LOL Can you help figure it out? :D

    I’m Mary Joy from Seeds of Encouragement Sewn with Grace. Started blogging in August 2009 as a guest writer on my husband’s blog but then started out on my own in March 2010…so I’m a newbie! My blog has evolved into what it is today over that time…still not completely sure where it fits though…thanks for the help! :D

    You were the very first blog…other than my hubby’s…that I ever read! Didn’t know what blogging was until 2009. LOL…Couldn’t imagine my life without it or all of you now!!!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

    • Mary Joy

      LOL I figured it out! I’m a Titus 2 Blogger with a blended family! :D

      Have a great time next week, Melissa!!!

  78. The Lazy Dazy

    Howdy. I’m Carrie and I write a bit inconsistently at The Lazy Dazy. I’m a procrastinating blogger and I LOVE anything home-y-ish and all things coastal.

    Home blogs are where I almost always land when I sit down with my coffee to relax.

    The Inspired Room is my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to be. I will be sad when I have finished reading all the archives and am left with only the current posts…I will likely begin rereading the archives. I just can’t get enough INSPIRED!

    I do not know what kind of blog I have. I still don’t really admit that I have a blog…it’s completely done by me on WordPress. It just doesn’t really seem like a legitimate blog, but it’s what I have for now. Maybe someday…

    …and maybe, just maybe, I will get to realize the dream of going to Blissdom!!! It would be a dream come true, it would scare me to death, and I know I would LOVE it!

    Try to have fun without me! ;0)

  79. Karen

    I’m a home blogger—nice to know my niche. :-) I work full time and blog about my garden, my home and the entertaining I do. It’s so fun, don’t have many comments but still enjoy the process and hearing from the few who do visit and speak!

    Have fun, wish I was going.

  80. Heidi Milton

    Hey there, everyone– I’m a blogger, blogging in the home niche since March 2010. I write about things I love, fresh (hopefully) ideas, interesting trends I see, and my on-going redecorating projects at home. I love it! And it’s led me to so many fascinating and wonderful home-focused blogs! I’ll look forward to everyone’s posts and tweets about Blissdom and hope to jump in next year myself!

  81. Terrie

    I’ve been blogging about home decor for the last 1.5 yrs and offering free decorating advice on my blog. It’s fun, frustrating, challenging, time consuming, fun and rewarding. I can only aspire to a convention (which I do) and hope to attend next year. Reading about it all over the web sure makes it sound appealing.
    Hope all you attendees have a fab time and come back and share lots of what you learn and teach.

  82. Just B

    I began my blog, Love Where You Live, a little over a year ago at the urging of my little sister, who already had a very successful blog of her own. I had my doubts that I would have that much to write about or share that others might find inspiring or interesting. But I like a new challenge, so I jumped in and am so glad I did. It’s definitely been a learning experience, but a very plesant one I’ve found. So many talented, creating, caring, unique gals out there, generously sharing their time and talents with each other. My blog may one day soon be a precurser to my business, so I focus mainly on home and home interiors. With a little bit of my personality thrown in here and there. The Inspired Room has most definitly been an inspiration for me, it’s just wonderful! Keep up all your good work and feel free to visit any time. :)

  83. Arlene

    I have been blogging a little over three years. I am a home blogger. I like to share what is going on at my house which includes crafts, cooking and grandkids! I also like to read so I put a little about that as well. I would like to attend Blissdom sometime…sounds like fun and it is not too far from where I live. Have a wonderful time with all the bloggers.

  84. Jadyn

    I guess I’m a home blogger too, I didn’t know that category but I like it a lot! I’ve been writing my blog for a little less than a year. I just found your blog yesterday and spent a while going through some posts in your archives, very inspiring! I really love your philosophy on decorating and it’s one that feels close to my heart. I’m not as good as expressing it though, but I hope that will come as I work on it. :) I wish Nashville wasn’t so far away, Blissdom sounds like a lot of fun! I look forward to reading about your experiences!

  85. Condo Blues

    My name is Lisa. I blog about Home, DIY, Green Living, and Money Saving Tips on Condo Blues I won’t lecture you on eco living. I’m the Funny Green Blogger. Sometime my projects are like Lucille Ball with power tools. I hope to meet all of you at Blissdom!

  86. debbie bailey

    Hi Melissa,

    I love being home! It’s the hub of our family wheel. I’m always puzzled and feel sad for the speaker when I hear someone say that they’d go crazy if they stayed home all the time.

    I have the most flexible job on earth. I can do what I want when I want; mostly. I have the time to pursue my passions, have friends over for tea, provide help to anyone who needs it, and make our home as cozy and comfy as it possibly can be. I have the perfect job!

    So a homey blog was a natural outflow of what I love best. It’s also about family and the search for beauty. It’s about my personal journey to be the best person God wants me to be.

    I won’t be at the meeting in Nashville this year. But who’s to say about the future?

  87. Amy Kinser

    Hi Melissa. I have been blogging a little over a year now and absolutely love it. I mainly love all of the wonderful ladies I have met and have formed friendships with. I love the like mindedness of this group of ladies.

    I will not be at Blissdom, but would love to. I actually live about an hour away from Nashville, so it would be very easy. I may just come and stand outside the hotel and watch all of you beautiful ladies go in and out. I am happy for all of you who get to go and get to know each other better.

    Have a wonderful time in our beautiful state. God bless you.

  88. Richella at Imparting Grace

    Hi Melissa! I can scarcely believe it, but I’m going! This will be my first trip to Blissdom (or any blogging conference), so I really appreciate your advice! I’m really looking forward to meeting you.

    I don’t know if I fit in your tribe or in Sandy’s tribe. But I surely hope to get to spend some time with both of you!

  89. Melissah

    I just discovered your great blog & loved it. I’m just new into blogging & have just finished off my own blog on fashion & interior design.
    I had a lot of fun putting it together. I would love your feedback on it if you’ve got a spare minute.

  90. Kristen

    Hi Melissa! This is not only my first time at Blissdom, it’s my first time at any blogging conference. I appreciate your advice. I’m excited to meet other home bloggers and am ready to learn a ton! I’m so looking forward to meeting you! :)

  91. Mandy Gehman

    Hi, My name is Mandy and I have a blog, 126 North East Street. It is about our adventures as we totally redo our Victorian farmhouse. Unfortunately, since I have 7 children and homeschool, I am really slow to get around to posting about our projects, but I do enjoy it when I do. I didn’t really know anything about Blissdom until last week, but maybe next year I will make it. I really enjoy your blog!

  92. lorrie

    i hope you have a great time at blissdom this year

  93. lisa

    i will be there…i even get to speak at my own wisdom workshop about selling on etsy and online!

    so looking forward to it!

  94. Megan

    I have a fairly new blog that I would call a home blog. I blog about life, family, and living in a little apartment. And thank you to all the other home bloggers out there, I love all the inspiration and ideas that come as I read your blogs!

  95. oneshabbychick

    Hi Melissa! oneshabbychick here….. I’m just getting started with this home bloggin’ thing… and I’m having a blast! I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the last year or so. Thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Myra

    i’m SO there! :) can’t wait to see you!!!! oh, and it looks like it’s going to work out for me to be at the WW! can’t wait!

  97. stephany

    Well, hopefully you can tell by the name of my blog that I am, indeed, a “home blogger”. I am also a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, interior designer, perpetual student of life, and dream of being and doing many other things. I write about it all on my blog.
    I will not be at Blissdom, but hope to eventually attend a blogging conference.
    Have fun!

  98. Rene'

    Hi, Hope you have fun in Blissdom!
    My name is Rene’ and I blog at Bargain Hoot. I have been blogging for just about a year now. IT started as a way to get out information to some local church and facebook friends and family on how to save money in all different ways. It has been a learning journey :)I’m glad I didn’t quit…even though I felt like it several times.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog over this past year, you’ve shared some amazing ideas! Hope you have a blessed and happy blogging year in 2011.


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