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Oh Happy Day! A New Dishwasher

by | Mar 18, 2011 | Decorating Inspiration, Domesticity, Kitchens

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Oh Happy Day! A New Dishwasher


Ok, I’m pretty excited about this.

You all know I like to keep my sink clean and unload my dishwasher every morning, right? (OK, let me confess here that lately it has been my husband who cooks and cleans more than I do. Yeah, it is true.) Although we try to keep up with our routines, neither of us are perfect at our housekeeping — things do get messy. Our dishwasher gets a daily workout just trying to keep up.

So imagine my SURPRISE when I got an email a couple of weeks ago asking if I’d like a BRAND NEW ELECTROLUX dishwasher! HOLLA! FOR ME? YES, PLEASE! My old one was very loud, leaked, difficult to load, the inside was stained with tomato sauce so it looked like a massacre occurred there at some point, and the lower rack fell out every time we pulled it out. It was recently recalled as being a fire hazard, but we did have it repaired on warranty. Not that I was complaining or anything, but you know, little annoyances.

I don’t particularly like any of our current appliances and am not in love with my kitchen in general (the style is just not ME, not that there is anything really wrong with my kitchen). But updating the kitchen is not at the top of my to do list.

So to get a brand new dishwasher right now was unexpected but super exciting for me!

It is like CHRISTMAS! And maybe, JUST MAYBE, my new dishwasher will even make me look forward to doing the dishes everyday!? You think? Maybe? I hate to admit it but I am thinking that might not be far from the truth. Because I can be an appliance snob.

And maybe one thing will lead to another and pretty soon I’ll be ripping out my counters, painting, and hanging new light fixtures. You never know what can happen when you get inspired by a new dishwasher. ANYTHING is possible.

Maybe I will get to remodel this kitchen sooner than I thought if I keep getting emails like this!

My new dishwasher was just installed, so I’ll tell you more about it soon! I am pretty sure I am in love. I think this also just might prompt me to make my video on how I unload my dishwasher in two minutes, because I know you are all in still suspense about that.

YIPPEEEEEE!!!! I get to go unload my brand new dishwasher now!!

So, do you think a new dishwasher will really make me more excited to clean my kitchen?

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This post is part of a series sponsored by Electrolux as part of Homebuzz.  I received an Electrolux appliance in exchange for my participation. The opinions stated in this post are my own. My old dishwasher is being donated to a worthy cause.


  1. Jade

    Lucky you! I am dreaming of a new dishwasher at the moment – we’re stuggling one that will fit in the space for it in our new house. There must be one out there – I have had enough of washing everything – although my boyfriend does a lot of the washing up to be honest.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Mareah

    How exciting! I love new appliances! I definitely think that this will make you more excited to clean your kitchen. Think of it as a new “accessory” — fun! Enjoy it! :)


    • Melissa

      Oh yes, it is like an accessory isn’t it? All shiny and pretty?!

  3. kelly

    How cool is that??!! You lucky girl (but I am not so sure it will make you want to clean…hmmm) Anyway, I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my 26 year old refrigerator to die so that we can replace it with something better, but it just keeps on going. How long are those things SUPPOSED to last?? (And my top load washer doesn’t want to die either!)

  4. Jess

    Your so lucky!! We have a dishwasher here (that is a must for me when looking at a new rental) but it is HORRIBLE. I have to clean half the stuff that we put in it! I would love to have a new one like that!

  5. Becky K.

    Congratulations on your new dishwasher! That is awesome!!

    I posted last Spring about yelling at mine while the windows were open and the neighbors, one a police officer, were right outside at the bus stop. Ooops! The frustrations these “helps” can cause. I understand your joy. Warren was able to fix what was making me crazy about ours but one day……there will be another dishwasher….one that does everything but load itself. I expect that will happen once the kids are grown and we eat out most of the time. lol

    • Melissa

      Ha!!!! Good thing you didn’t throw yours out the window with the policeman below.

      Now if they could just make a dishwasher that loaded itself, that would be something!

  6. jen campbell

    This is crazy! You are the second person to get something from them!!!! Kimba at A Soft Place to Land just got her new washer and dryer free for the Homebuzz participation. Where do I sign up???!!! I am dreaming of new pretty appliances now. And a huge thank you for your morning routine post awhile back, I have been unloading my dishwasher every morning since you posted it and it makes me so happy.

  7. Kristi

    There must be something in the water! (pun intended)
    My new dishwasher is sitting in it’s box, right in the middle of the kitchen, just waiting to be moved into it’s new home.
    Our old one broke last fall. Hand washing dishes is not a chore that I detest (like laundry) so I told my husband we could wait on purchasing another. Money was tight at that time.
    Well, I still don’t MIND handwashing, but I want it to be a choice…not a necessity! lol So last weekend we went shopping.
    It’s like Christmas in March!! Mine is a stainless Frigidaire….looks almost exactly like yours.
    Let’s give a cheer for clean dishes everywhere!!

    • Melissa

      Here here! Clean dishes and new dishwashers!! Congrats!

  8. Mary Beth

    How wonderful, Melissa! My dishwasher broke about 5 years ago ~ it is now a hold all additional cabinet in my kitchen ;P I understand your joy ~ new appliances always make me happy, too, no matter how big or small.

  9. Imperfect

    A new appliance! So fun! Can’t wait to hear how you like it. :)

  10. Monique

    Melissa, what a blessing! It’s such a nice surprise when one gets an unexpected gift. Enjoy.

    • Melissa

      Thank you, it really is a blessing.

  11. Amy

    Congratulations on your New dishwasher, I don’t want to jinx you (knocking on wood) but I wish I had a dishwasher. I hate doing dishes and my personal dishwashers (two oldest daughters) always complain too :(

  12. Denise

    I sooooooooo get this…..when we were building our kitchen from scratch, we went with out a kitchen basically for a year…I had a toddler still in bottles and sippy cups….when we installed my double drawer Fisher and Paykel dishwasher, I was in HEAVEN…I was SO THANKFUL every night when I cleared my sink of dishes….it is truly my sports car of my kitchen! I know how you feel! Enjoy my friend!

    • Melissa

      When we remodeled our last kitchen we had no kitchen for a year or more too….so maybe that is why I am so thankful for new kitchen appliances! I remember not having them!

  13. maggie

    :) Melissa, you’re such a hoot. I think your new dishwasher might make you more excited about cleaning your kitchen for about a week and then you’ll be back to normal.
    Any new appliance is great, though! Lucky you!

  14. Paula

    How COOL is that??? Congratulations!

    You are just SO hilarious – I can totally relate, but it would just never sound as funny… thanks for making me laugh!

    Do you think think this company has any connections with a fireplace company? Don’t ask!!

    Enjoy the new dishwasher!

    • Melissa

      Ha :-)


  15. Diane M.

    Yippee for YOU!!!!!!
    Based on personal experience something shiny & new can be just the thing to start a new habit and make it stick!

    P.S. If you get another e-mail like that…and aren’t sure that you REALLY NEED said item….you can always pass it on to moi. LOL!

    • Melissa

      I’ll remember that next time ;-)

  16. Shelia

    Yay! I love it! I’m very proud for you! I need one myself but i think it will have to completely die before my Mr. Precious will get me a new one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Charlotte

    Hi! Love your blog! Congrats on the dishwasher!

    Can you please tell me the name and brand of the paint color on the walls in your living room next to the fireplace mantle? I have been looking all over for THAT color. It’s gorgeous! thanks!

  18. Grace

    I recently got a new dishwasher too…though not near as nice as your Electrolux…still, it’s makes dish time so much easier…and I was excited too the first time I got to load it…but that wore off after a few times, haha! Enjoy your new appliance!


  19. Missy June

    I’m totally jealous – enjoy!

  20. Vintage Beach Girl

    Lucky, lucky girl! I know you will enjoy unloading and loading much more from experience! I recently won a new stainless steel Kenmore Elite Dishwasher, convection oven induction cooktop range and the Trio Elite Refrigerator in the Sears “Big Switch” contest! We have already hung new lights, the wood floor is in and are working on the cabinet redo! So watch out the remodeling bug may bite you too! So much Bling in my kitchen!! Good luck with your Electrolux, it’s a beauty!!

    • Melissa

      Whoa, congrats on that win!! That is amazing!!

  21. Mrs. C

    I DO think your new dishwasher will make you excited, mine makes me happy! When we moved here a new dishwasher was on the list of needs. I love being able to load and unload in a flash, it doesn’t take long, especially when everyone scrapes and rinses their dishes before stacking. I love having the counters clear. Congrats, it’s very pretty!

  22. Charlotte

    Nevermind my request for paint color, I just found it in your room tour section, thanks for posting that! It is sooooo helpful.

  23. teresa

    I say yes {about being excited to clean =} new appliances always help. I know when I get a new appliance I find myself going in the kitchen more to look at it =) hence when I’m in there….cleaning happens.
    Happy day for you!

  24. Loribeth

    I am soooooooooo jealous!!! I don’t even have a dishwasher, unless you count the one named Jim that I sleep with every night! haha!

    This makes two of my blog friends who have been blessed by Eletrolux! I’m so happy for you!

    • Melissa

      Haaa! That comment about your dishwasher made me laugh out loud.

  25. Debra

    We just got a new dishwasher a few weeks ago and I am loving it! Our old one was 12 years old and on it’s very last leg. It’s so nice to have a new one that works fabulously! Enjoy yours!!

  26. Jessi

    Wow! AWESOME!!! You and Kimba both are lucky girls today!! I’m trying desperately to figure out how to get Electrolux (or heck, ANYBODY!!) to want me to be a ‘test person’ for them! I’ll do it! I’ll be great at it! I PROMISE!!! PICK ME, PICK ME!!! LOL :D

  27. bungalowbliss

    Love the new dishwasher!

    As someone who once despised laundry but now, with her spiffy new laundry space actually gets excited about the chore, I can say YES–you may very well enjoy doing the dishes now. Strange but true…it makes a big difference!

  28. Lacy

    Yay for your new dishwasher! You are gonna LOVE every minute of that unloading. Our house is 121 years old. So let’s just say some areas need a little work. Filtration being one of them. I got tired of crawling in that thing with a tooth pick to dig out all of that maganese build up…so gross and I can’t believe I just shared that. So we wash by hand. So you enjoy that loading and unloading. And heck every once in a while take a look at yourself in the reflection of that gorgeous thing!

  29. paige whitley

    I recently got a new dishwasher after not even having one for almost a year. I am now praying for a new refrigerator and being as patient as I can as I wait.

  30. teresa

    Congrats Melissa!
    That is the SHINIEST dishwasher I ever did see!
    And I totally want to see HOW you unload the dishwasher so FAST!
    Happy day!
    Congrats to you!

  31. Marla

    Don’t you love unexpected blessings Melissa?!

    We are preparing to swap our current d/w for the one that is in the next house we recently purchased. My DH said he would ‘spring’ for a plumber to do the job as, yes, I admit I am emotionally attached to my d/w.

    Once you find the ‘right one’ it is hard to let go. And after researching those suckers for 3 months before buying one you better believe I am in love with ours!

    If anyone is nattering about their d/w not working/looking great…just go ‘outback camping’ for a week without one…you’ll come back in lurv!LOL (And a few other overlooked amenities will be lookin’ pretty lux too! i.e. cleaning up after boys ain’t so bad after all.)

  32. Sara

    I’ll take one too…please? ;)

  33. Faith

    Exciting!!! I feel your pains. Our dw is a disaster. It fails to clean anything anymore. If it does get the dishes clean then it doesn’t clean the cleaner off. It’s a hot mess and I’ve tried everything short of buying a new one (just not in the budget right now). I’ve heard great things about Electrolux appliances so I’ll be interested to hear how you like yours.

  34. Karen

    It’s the little things! Congratulations.

  35. Vee

    Blessed you! I can feel the waves of joy all the way over here. It looks pretty spiffy and I’m sure that it does a wonderful job. What it might inspire you to can only be imagined. I imagine that your family may be getting nervous about that. ☺

  36. Natalie

    Love the chrome! It’s timeless! Have fun dishwashing. :)

  37. Kelley

    Sweeet! please let us know how you like it, i have been researching new dishwashers all week and all the reviews are making me crazy…

  38. Fiona's Mosaic

    Yay Melissa!!! I’m so happy for you! What a wonderful blessing!

    Never underestimate the help of a good dishwasher! Worth their weight in gold!

    Enjoy girlie!! Wash on! lol
    Hugs and God bless!

  39. Ila Jeanne

    Melissa, you should do a commercial for your new Electrolux like ….(Kelly Rippa) except for the dishwasher! You know….throw the bright clean dishes around and they land in perfect place for your family table!….that would be a winner video!

    Glad you are enjoying your newest inspiration!

  40. Becky Douglas

    Yes, I do think it will add to the excitement of cleaning your kitchen… The same “shiny new dishwasher syndrome” was was got me back on track to a clean kitchen just a couple of months ago, and I still enjoy loading and unloading it (did I just say that???)

    I was so happy the day that my old dinosaur d/w poured gallons of water all over my kitchen floor. It was the only non-white appliance in my kitchen, so when it died, that was my ticket to ALL MATCHING APPLIANCES!!! After putting out gobs of towels out to soak up the water, I literally RAN, happily, to the computer to shop for my new WHITE dishwasher. Hubbie thought I had lost my mind.

    Congrats, and enjoy!!!
    (I’m a new reader, btw…and am loving your site! – I’ve been a Flylady follower for many years now, and I love the way you have even simplified her ideas to make them work more efficiently! It’s finally clicking for me!!!)

    – Becky

  41. jen

    Ohhhh, it’s SO pretty Melissa!!! I really want to go to a flat panel dishwasher someday. I love that clean look. I bet it’s so quiet too!!!

    I am so excited for you!


  42. Jen

    Wow! If you ever get another e-mail offering a new dishwasher– call me up! I DEFINITELY think it would help improve the state of my kitchen! :)

  43. Jo

    Lucky you! I hope it’s the dishwasher of your dreams!

  44. Renae

    I recognized your “baby” the minute I saw it. It’s my baby too! I LOOOOVE my new dishwasher. It’s so blessed quiet! And oh my, the settings! And how beautiful it is inside and out. And how the buttons are hidden away from little fingers making it look more like a piece of art than an appliance. Sigh. Plus it matches my fridge. I can’t wait to pick my new oven/range soon. Hoping it will make the kitchen. And the pretty blue inside…it makes me happy. :) ENJOY!

  45. Heathahlee

    I told Kimba my laundry was going to live vicariously through her blog, and now I’ll tell you my dishes will live vicariously through yours! :)

    Congratulations on the new dishwasher!

    • Melissa

      Thanks!! :-) I’m digging her new red washer and dryer! Good thing I already had a new W&D so I don’t have to be too jealous. ;-)

  46. Dana

    Wow! How seriously cool!
    Between you and Kimba we have our Electrolux feedback under control!

    I’m so excited for you.
    A dishwasher is the one appliance I would really like to have. Well, I’d also like a garbage disposal. That’s not so much an appliance, though.

    *Swoon* Congrats!

    Hey folks – We’re hosting a Fine Art Giveaway!
    Stop by if you’d like to win or get a BOGO deal.

  47. the cottage child

    How cool! – yes, I definitely think something that works well and looks nice contributes to one’s motivation. Our dishwasher is exclusively a dishrinser. We wash everything immediately with a soapy cloth and put it in the rack, and run a hot rinse after dinner. It’s so sad and old, there’s no soap that can help it do it’s job.

  48. Carly

    Wow, it sure is pretty!

  49. Courtney Milam

    Hubby and I got similarly excited about a new dishwasher. We put a new one in each of the two houses we’ve owned since we’ve been married and BOTH times they elicited a similar euphoric feeling described by this post – LOL! Not to mention they were both Appliance Direct dishwashers so we saved $$$ – sah-weet!

    Enjoy it!

  50. courtney

    First of all, congrats! So awesome. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

    When we gutted and remodel our kitchen, I was so into loading and unloading the new dishwasher. Um now, not so much :-) Still appreciate the remodeled kitchen with new appliances, but not the finger prints!

  51. Glenda Childers

    I say, YES. You will love doing the dishes now. :)


  52. Karen Mary

    It doesn’t take much! I recently bought an adorable little bed pillow for my daughter’s room. Long story short: because of this new little addition to the room, I washed and ironed all of the bedding (including the dust ruffle)and the curtains, washed the woodwork and floors, dusted, cleaned out the three closets in the room, painted a nightstand, and put it all back together. Talk about inspiration! :)

  53. Susan

    Congratulations on your new dishwasher!

  54. Liz

    She’s a beauty!! Congrats!

  55. Deb Martell

    No doubt you will be more excited to unload your dishwasher…and to load it! I get that! I have a whole kitchen full of appliances that need replacing…and it’s not my bottom but my top rack that likes to come loose at the most inopportune times. I need to load the heavy glasses in the back and the light stuff in the front, hoping that will keep it in place :) My microwave handle is held on with black electrical tape and the clock has gone all wonky and the fridge is humming with a new tune lately??? And so it goes…

  56. Amy

    Yay for you! I just got a new dishwasher and HATE IT! Hope you like yours.

  57. Mary Jean

    I got a new dishwasher too, although mine was not free…boo hoo, but I’m glad yours was. what a blessing! I gotta say it does make doing dishes a little bit more enjoyable. Is it just the newness high? maybe. I know it will wear off.


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